A good story can grab anyone’s attention – and help you influence them.

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Your story is the most important element and piece – that is why we focus on unearthing your brands’ story and the story behind whatever you are looking to sell. 

Ever since the beginning of time, humans have loved, shared, and connected with stories. That is why (and how) stories and ideas get passed down generations – because stories are told about them – their discovery or account.

Anyways, back to video production and why your story is the most important element of whatever type of video you are looking to produce and promote – commercial, product, explainer, brand, marketing, ad, etc.

Your customers and target audience are bored of brands and companies selling them all the time. Be new and refreshing – tell them a story. Stories are effective mainly because customers are sick and tired of being shamelessly and sleazily sold and bombarded by brands all day long.

Storytelling is an art. Oftentimes, creatives and producers are either not telling stories about their clients’ offerings (products, services, work, etc.) and with their work – or are telling the wrong stories. If you utilize a story correctly and cleverly, you will achieve success with your next project.

When producing any type of video – either in-house or with the expertise of a video production outlet like us – make sure a story (or strongly intertwined concurrent storylines) is the central and guiding element.

If you start doing this with all of your projects, you will achieve better results, communicate more effectively and enjoy your video projects more.

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