The Gaffer/Lighting person is the one that sets the mood for the video.

A Gaffer is someone who has technical knowledge of lighting equipment and rigging

A Lighting person is someone who has technical knowledge of lighting equipment and rigging

Gaffers are experts in wiring lights, installing fixtures, mounting heads. They know what kind of light would best suit your needs.

Lighting people are experts in setting up lights to make them work together, using their creativity to design an aesthetically pleasing image.

Gaffers can be found on set or on location while Lighting people will work with a studio or house rigger to prepare all of the equipment for filming.

A gaffer is an individual who prepares and executes the lighting plan for a production. The term is also used by some in the television news industry to refer to an individual who works in their electronic news gathering (ENG) truck, controlling the feed of live video either from a studio or remote location.

A lighting person or gaffer is someone who helps with lighting in videos, marketing campaigns, and photography shoots. They are responsible for helping with setting up lights to help create a desired look, feel, and tone.

The main duties of a gaffer are:

-Planning the lighting for shoots

-Managing their crew

-Hiring additional professionals when needed

-Organizing equipment on set

-Setting up lights

A Gaffer/Lighting Person has a variety of responsibilities, but they primarily focus on the lighting and rigging for a production. Lighting is an essential element of cinematography, and the gaffer’s responsibility is to make sure that an image looks as good as possible under one or more sources of light.

In this section, I will be discussing the responsibilities of a Gaffer/Lighting Person. The first responsibility is setting up equipment to capture great images. The second responsibility is to make sure that all necessary equipment is available. Third, the Gaffer should have a good understanding of how different types of lighting can affect a scene or environment in order to create a desired tone or mood. Fourth, they should know how to choose the right size and type of light fixtures for what the production needs.

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