If you are looking for the best location for your video, there are a few things that you should take into consideration from a technical standpoint.

First, you want to make sure that the location is visually appealing. You want to find something that is aesthetically pleasing and not cluttered with unnecessary objects.

Second, you need to think about the lighting. It is important that the light reflects off of your subject in a way that makes them look their best. If you are filming outside, it is important to wait until dusk so that there are more shadows being cast by the sun on your subject.

Third, think about what kind of background noise will be present in this location. If you are filming inside of a busy coffee shop or another noisy location, then it may be best to find a quieter spot unless that place is crucial for production. You can also work around this with a pro crew if need be.

Ok, let us dive deeper into the stuff that you actually care about/need….

Start with your goal and your purpose

The best location for your video depends on the goal you are trying to achieve. If you want to create a video that will be shared widely, then you should create it in an interesting location. If you want to create a video with high production value, then you should create it in a professional studio or setting.

Once the goal is clear, discover the purpose behind or for the video…

We all know that videos are a great way to engage with your audience and build connections with people. And while you may think that it doesn’t really matter where you film your video, it actually does. The location where you film your video can have an impact on how well it performs and how many views it gets.

The best location for your video can be the most difficult part of the process. So, It is important to consider the purpose of your video, who you are targeting, and what you want them to do.

What mood are you trying to convey – based on goal and purpose

The next thing you want to do is find a location that matches the mood you want to create with your video. The atmosphere created by a certain location can have an impact on the viewer’s perception of your content. For example, if you are shooting a horror film, it would make sense to shoot in an abandoned building or at night when there is less light pollution from other sources.

Work with a pro team to create the perfect atmosphere, mood, and scene.

Finally, consider what is needed for the type of video you want – objectively

The final thing to consider is the type of video you are making. If you’re shooting a commercial, you may want to film in an office or store front where your product can be seen. If you’re doing a documentary, you may want to film in a natural environment like the woods or beach.

If filming on location is not possible, then there are many other options available to create the perfect setting for your video. You can use green screens or chroma key technology to change the background of your computer screen so it looks like you’re outside when really it

Hopefully, you learned a thing or two; and good luck with picking the perfect location for your video, setting it up, and crushing it.

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