For those unaware, explainer videos consist of usually short marketing animations aimed at explaining to the general public or target audience what a product or service is and what it does, all in the hopes of garnering sales.

Writing an explainer video script can seem easy at first due to its relatively short length. Still, several variables need to be taken into account in order to produce an effective explainer video that’s capable of accomplishing a business’ marketing goals.

To write a good explainer video script, you might want to follow these tips

1. The beginning should be enticing

Owing to the gargantuan amount of annoying advertising material invading the internet, you should expect people to get very defensive and wary about what they’re being shown. 

Hence, you’d want to make sure that the people watching the clip can relate immediately to the content you’re presenting them with from the very start. This will ensure that they will at least know what your value proposition is about.

To put it another way, you’d want to have viewers thinking that the video was basically catered to them and is meant to solve their specific problems.

2. The message must be consistent and precise

Once you’ve grabbed their attention from the beginning, you’d want to be consistent with the message so as not to dissuade them. For this purpose, the solution should flow naturally from the initial premise. 

In an explainer video, you are essentially telling your potential customers how you’ll be able to solve their issues through your goods or services, For this, you ought to focus on a specific problem or set of problems, regardless of the number of different needs that your value proposition aims to satisfy.

Be sure to appear relatable and friendly when making your point. You’ll be able to use satire or humor to accomplish this task, depending on the nature of your offering, but without disrupting the general tone and flow of your video. 

3. Ascertain the need

This requires doing a thorough market analysis so as to get to know your target audience or ideal customer, as well as what distinguishes you from the competition. Perhaps there is a specific feature that your product or service has that other similar offerings lack. Thus, you can direct the audience to this feature and how it could satisfy their needs in a more compelling way.

Also, concentrate on that specific difficulty that your product or service is capable of solving and set it up in 15 seconds or less. Be concise, for internauts are not known to be very patient with ads or marketing material. 

4. Propose your solution

Just as the exposition of the problem or need ought to be specific and concise, your proposal should be just as much, Saying “we can help you” is not enough. 

State clearly what kind of good or service you deliver to ease their concerns and fulfill their demands.

5. Explain how and why

We go back to those features that make you different. Exploit them! Convince your audience that, by taking advantage of them, they can work out their problems in a more fulfilling manner than by whatever the competition can offer. 

Additionally, show them how your value proposition works, and elucidate all the gains and improvements they will receive when using your product or service, making sure that at least the most basic questions that could arise are answered satisfactorily in the video.

6. Call to action

This is the most “cathartic” moment in the entire video but, in order to generate traffic and sales, you should have engaged your potential clients from step 1. 

If arrived at this point, there’s a high probability that the viewer will. at the very least, become a lead. Try to deliver your best punch line and emphasize the need to perform a specific task immediately to take advantage of a specific promotion, or simply to start enjoying or reaping the benefits of what you’re offering them. 


Hopefully, we’ve outlined the most basic tips to make a killer explainer video for your business, taking into account all the possible variables that can make or break its efficacy.

Do not forget that we are willing and able to script your explainer video for you, all you have to do is ask and request that we help you 🙂

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