Since feet are responsible for supporting the body, foot wellness critically influences an individual’s general well-being. Podiatrists are subject matter specialists in this field, and they provide assistance for patients’ feet as well as their ankles. They are able to offer advice on how to avoid problems and care for any condition that has already advanced to a more serious stage.


It is strongly suggested that you visit a podiatrist if you experience any pain or discomfort in your feet and arches. After that, you can visit a good video production and headshot photography company or studio nearby to capture an enduring time. A professional podiatrist will help to diagnose the condition and provide treatment options. We created an awesome read of the best podiatrist locations for you to attend in the said area.


  1. Toronto Foot Care

Location: 206-1448 Lawrence Avenue East North York, ON M4A 2V6


What to Expect:

  • Well-equipped facility.
  • Online reservation provided.
  • Clean and comfortable environment.
  • Modern, cutting-edge facilities.
  • Expertly trained professionals.
  • Greater than 25 years of expertise.


James Fitzpatrick DCh, who previously had been serving people of all ages for foot ailments, founded Toronto Care. He remained committed to giving superior care and information to his clients. James decided to step down from the business in 2022, and now, Jeffrey Kwan D.Ch. owns Toronto Foot Care. They wish to continue providing excellent service to their dedicated clients in the style of James.


They are client-centered since they seek to provide the most effective care by using the most current healthcare options and will work with you to design a treatment plan by giving the critical data. You can be treated with respect and courtesy since they will ensure you have nothing to worry about in regards to their tests and treatments, as they’ll always be accessible to answer any concerns or resolve any issues.


  1. Eagle Foot Care Clinic

Location: 605 Royal York Road, Unit 201, Etobicoke, ON, M8Y 4G5


What to Expect:

  • Well-equipped facility.
  • Digital reservation allowed.
  • Eight and still continuous years of experience.
  • Clean and cozy environment.
  • Modern, cutting-edge facilities.
  • Expertly trained and qualified.


Adna Egal is the Certified Chiropodist and Foot Expert at Eagle Nail Care Clinic. She possesses the most knowledge of treating patients who have specific medical problems, such as arthritis, hypertension, and pediatrics, which is the principal cause why you should choose them over the other organizations. As a highly regarded foot care in Etobicoke, they are among the few facilities with cutting-edge equipment. Adna is capable of managing a wide range of ankle and foot disorders.


Big toes, flat foot, ankle injuries, athlete’s foot, abcess toenails, infected toenails, heel discomfort, and surgical wound are a few examples. In addition to these services, their clinic offers gait scanning, shockwave treatment, 3D scans, and laser treatment. However, what distinguishes them from adversaries is their orthopaedic devices. They provide the opportunity even to have made-to-order orthotics.


  1. Podiatry on Yonge

Location: 69 Yonge St. Suite #1402 Toronto ON M5E 1K3


What to Expect:

  • Thorough analysis
  • Extensive variety of therapies
  • A competent group of specialists
  • Numerous years of expertise


Successful treatment in healthcare is frequently one that is supported by comprehensive medical assessments. In light of this, Podiatry on Yonge attempts to continue providing efficient, lengthy podiatric therapies via their thorough patient evaluations. Their initial analysis is comprehensive since they spend the time to comprehend not just their patient’s conditions through practice but also the medical records.


After that, the feet themselves, from of the epidermis to the neural system, in addition to its other physiologic components like blood, are examined in depth. And meanwhile, they provide a wide range of therapy choices. They offer simple treatments, such as manicures, as well as advanced services, such as surgical intervention and foot pain treatment, for even more severe instances.


  1. Step Right Foot Clinic

Location: 204-1920 Ellesmere Road

Scarborough, ON M1H 2V6


What to Expect:

  • A vast array of services.
  • Expert chiropodists.
  • Evening consultations are offered.
  • No physician’s referral is required.
  • Open nights and weekends.
  • Online reservations are allowed.


Step Right Foot Facility is the only clinic that ought to be considered for comprehensive podiatric treatment. They offer a vast selection of services, including foot care, bespoke orthotics, and more. Rachel Kim & Jessamine Leung, both qualified chiropodists and acknowledged experts in the area, compose their chiropodist group.


There really is no question that they’ll be able to assist any client who contacts them with ability and knowledge, despite their small size. Accompanying their skilled chiropodists is a center that employs the most advanced, scientific, and safe chiropody technologies. Together, they result in complete solutions that may handle foot issues.


  1. Arnold Goldman DPM

Location: 547 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M5N 1B5, Canada


  • A competent group of specialists
  • Thorough analysis
  • Clean and cozy environment.


Arnold Goldman is among the few Toronto-based podiatrists who specialize in pediatric counseling. He interacts with individuals of all ages, but primarily youngsters with podiatric issues such as fractures, warts, foot discomfort, and ingrown nails. If your kid has just been crying frequently about foot pain, schedule an appointment to see him as early as practicable.


He has approximately twenty years of expertise as a youth counselor, so he understands how to interact with children. Arnold’s feet facility is probably smaller compared to our other recommendations, yet he offers a comprehensive selection of therapies. Whirlpool baths, cortisone injections, ultrasonic therapy, wax therapy, and special orthopedic footwear are among the treatments he provides.


  1. Robert Chelin DPM

Location: 2189 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4S 2B2, Canada


What to Expect:

  • One of Toronto’s most distinguished podiatrists.
  • Over 37 years of professional experience.
  • Complete medical treatment.
  • With services for pedicures.


We were especially pleased in this clinic as they have an excellent clinic introduction video and headshot photography displayed along their lobby. Aesthetics in Podiatry’s clinic supervisor and a senior podiatrist is Robert Chelin. In 2017, he was named among the most prominent podiatrists in the United States, thus, he is hardly your average foot doctor. Robert served as the chairman of the Canadian as well as Ontario Orthopaedic Professional Associations, in addition to becoming the first Canadian to lead the World Federation of Podiatrists. We must acknowledge that his resume is extremely remarkable.


Regarding experience, Robert has already served Toronto and Ontario citizens with podiatry services for over 37 years. Robert may be the podiatry you’re searching for if you’re a client seeking an outstanding record and numerous honors. His skill in the designer foot boutique, which would be regarded as the next tier of pedicure treatments, is unquestionably what sets him apart. It is a podiatry service aimed for persons who wish to enhance the look of their feet.


  1. Sheldon Nadal DPM

Location: 586 Eglinton Avenue E. Suite 501, Toronto, ON, M4P1P2, US


What to Expect:

  • Forty years of expertise.
  • Simple scheduling of appointments.
  • The clinic is located in an accessible area.
  • Comprehensive facilities.


Sheldon Nadal is indeed a professional podiatrist with almost four decades of experience who specializes in biomechanics, sports medicine, and small surgical procedures. He has worked as a leader of numerous Canadian podiatry groups, thus, he is hardly your everyday podiatrist. It is reasonable to believe that he is one of the nation’s most notable podiatrists.


However, he is much more than his great qualifications. Sheldon is competent in all aspects of podiatry, from medical advisory to medical procedures. Clearly, Sheldon can treat various ailments, including foot problems, athlete’s foot, blisters, ankle sprains, ulcerated nails, and hammertoes. Additionally, a couple of other diabetic individuals have been under his care.

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