We live in a world where video is king. Platforms like YouTube and Instagram have been built on the power of video, and users are increasingly consuming more video content than ever before. As a result, businesses and brands need to make video a central part of their marketing plans. Here’s why:


Video is Engaging


When done well, video is an incredibly engaging format that captures and holds attention for long periods. This is no small feat in an age where the average attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish.


A well-produced video can tell a story, create an emotional connection, and even educate viewers about your product or service-all in a way that static images or text cannot match.


Video is Shareable


Another key advantage of video is its shareability. People love sharing videos they find entertaining, informative, or both. This gives brands a unique opportunity to reach new audiences through word-of-mouth marketing. When done right, a single video can quickly snowball into a viral sensation, exposing your brand to millions of potential customers.


Video is Memorable


Think about the last time you saw a commercial on TV or an ad in a magazine. Chances are, you don’t remember much about it-if anything at all.


Now think about the last time you watched a video online. You likely recognize at least some of what you saw. This is because our brains process video 60,000 times faster than text, making it far more likely to leave a lasting impression.


Video Increases ROI


Not only is video more engaging than other types of content, but it also drives better results. Video content has been shown to improve website conversion, click-through, and time spent on the site.


In addition, including video in email marketing campaigns can lead to increased open and click-through rates. And last but not least, videos are shared on social media more often than any other content, which helps increase brand awareness and reach.


Video Drives Organic Search Traffic


Organic search traffic-traffic that comes to your website without you having to pay for it-is the holy grail of digital marketing. This is because organic traffic is generally high-quality traffic more likely to convert into paying customers.


And guess what? Videos are one of the best ways to drive organic search traffic to your website. This is because Google’s algorithm favors websites that host videos; in fact, websites with videos are more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results.




There’s no doubt that video should be a central part of your brand’s marketing plan. From its ability to engage viewers to its potential to drive organic search traffic, video provides many advantages that other types of content cannot match. Investing in quality video production can set your brand up for success both now and in the future.


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