In the world of television and video production, a person’s appearance is key. You want to look professional, but also comfortable. So what should you wear?

If you’re interviewing on camera, then your outfit should be:

– Comfortable,

– Clean,

– Not too formal (i.e. no suits or ties), and

– Appropriate for the weather.

If you’re shooting on location (outside), then your outfit should be:

– Comfortable and appropriate for the weather. If it’s cold out, dress in layers that can be taken off when necessary so you don’t get overheated. If it’s hot out, wear clothing that breathes well and doesn’t trap heat around your body (i.e., cotton).

What to Wear for a TV Interview

Dressing for a video production shoot is not as simple as it sounds. The type of clothing you wear can make or break the final product. It is important to think about what the audience will see on screen, and how they will perceive the interviewee.

How To Dress For A Video Production Shoot

Video production shoots are usually shorter than TV interviews, but they require more preparation. There are many factors to consider when deciding what to wear for a video shoot including weather, time of day, and location.

TV Interview:

The dress code for TV interviews is typically business attire. You want to look professional and polished on camera. For women, a skirt or dress with matching heels is a good choice. Men should wear a suit and tie, or at least a shirt and tie.

Video Production Shoot:

The dress code for video production shoots depends on the type of shoot you are doing. For example, if you are shooting in an office environment, you would wear more formal clothing such as slacks and a button-down shirt. If you are shooting outside, then jeans would be appropriate with some sort of outerwear such as a jacket or sweater depending on the weather.


When you are going to be interviewed on a TV show, there are certain things that you should wear. It is important to dress professionally, but not overdressed.

For video production shoots, it is important to dress in clothes that can be easily seen on camera. It is also important to wear clothes that are comfortable and not too tight or too loose.

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