Constructive feedback is a form of feedback that focuses on what the person did well and how they can improve. It’s important to keep in mind that constructive feedback is not the same as criticism. Constructive feedback tends to be more positive, while criticism is more negative.

When providing constructive feedback, it’s important to keep in mind what the goal of your message is. If you’re trying to help someone improve, then you should focus on what they did well and how they can do better in the future. If you’re trying to get them to change their behavior, then you should focus on what needs improvement and why it needs improvement.

There are three things that make a good constructive feedback:

1) Specificity – Be specific about your praise or criticism so that people can understand what you mean 2) Kindness – Be kind when giving your message; people are much more likely to listen when they know you care


Constructive feedback is the key to improving your video edits and final product. You can provide constructive feedback by giving specific examples of what you liked and didn’t like about a video edit.

Some things to keep in mind when providing constructive feedback are:

– What was your overall impression?

– Did the edit meet your expectations?

– Were there any parts of the edit that were confusing or hard to follow?

– Did you like the music choice and how it was used throughout the video?


It is difficult to provide constructive feedback on a video edit. The editor may not be looking for feedback or there may not be enough time to provide it. It is important that the editor and the person providing feedback are on the same page with what they want to achieve in order to get the best possible result.

The two most common types of constructive feedback are:

– Feedback that focuses on the specific details of a video edit

– Feedback that provides suggestions for improvement in a video edit

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