The higher the resolution, the better.

We should always shoot in a high resolution because it is worth it. It will take up more storage space on your camera and hard drive, but you will have a much clearer and crisper image to work with and show off to others.

The benefits of shooting in high resolution are many, from the ability to crop and zoom in on a specific frame, to the ability to create high-quality prints.

Shooting at 12K or 8K gives you a lot more flexibility for post-production and editing. You can crop in closer on your subject, change the focus point, or make all kinds of changes without any loss of quality. Shooting at higher resolutions also means you can create high-quality prints without having to worry about pixelation or distortion.

The benefits of shooting in high resolution are that the image is more detailed and the quality is better. The camera can capture more information and details with a higher resolution.

We should shoot in high resolution so that our images will be of better quality. With a high resolution, we will be able to capture more detail and information about the scene.

Capturing high resolution images is a great way to improve the quality of your productions. It gives you more latitude for color correction and post-production work, and it can also help you get better exposure in the marketplace.


Many people ask the question, “why shoot in 12K or 8K?”

And, the answer is a resounding YES!

A high resolution image can be used for many purposes. For example, it can be used to print an image with a large canvas size or to create an animation with a high frame rate and quality. It also enables you to zoom into an image without losing any detail.

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