There are many benefits to using user-generated video. It is more personal, more authentic and it allows the viewer to see the product OR SERVICE in their own environment. However, there are many drawbacks as well. It is not high quality, it can be difficult to edit and it can be hard for people to find on social media.

Professional video has its own benefits and drawbacks as well. Professional videos are higher quality, they have a better chance of going viral and they typically have a lower cost than sponsored user-generated videos and influencer generated brand videos. However, professional videos can be expensive for brands that do not have a lot of money or do not want to take on debt by borrowing money from banks or venture capitalists.

When you combine these two different types of videos together – you get the best of both worlds! User-generated video provides authenticity while professional video provides higher quality visuals and production value that is often necessary for companies who want their content to go viral on social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

User-generated videos are becoming more and more popular in advertising. It is a more personal and effective way for companies to get their message across. However, to make the video more professional, companies will hire a professional videographer to create a video that is on par with the high production video.

This combination of user generated and professional videos is what makes it so effective for businesses. The user generated video provides the authenticity of the message that is being delivered while the professional video provides credibility and polish.


User-generated videos are the best way to capture authentic moments, but they can sometimes lack in the production quality. Professional video, on the other hand, is great for high quality and polished content.

The best combination of these two types of videos is to start with a user-generated video and then overlay professional footage on top of it.

Professional video provides a polished look that is not achievable with user-generated videos. On the other hand, user-generated videos provide authenticity that professional videos don’t provide.

When these two types of videos are combined together, it gives you an authentic and professional looking video that can be used for your business needs.

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