The Kensington Market is a popular destination for filming and photography in Toronto. With its vibrant street art, colorful buildings, and diverse community, it offers a unique and versatile setting for any type of production. Here are a few reasons why the Kensington Market is a great video shooting location in Toronto.

First, the Kensington Market is a culturally diverse neighborhood, with a mix of different cultures and backgrounds. This diversity is reflected in the architecture, the food, and the people, making it a great location for productions that want to showcase the melting pot of cultures that makes Toronto unique. The market is also known for its street art and murals, which are always evolving, providing a unique and colorful backdrop for any production.

Next, the Kensington Market offers a variety of architectural styles and settings, from the historic Victorian houses, to the colorful storefronts, to the bustling market streets. The market’s narrow streets and alleys, provide a great backdrop for period films, music videos, and commercials.

Another reason to consider filming in the Kensington Market is the accessibility and convenience. The market is located in the heart of downtown Toronto and is easily accessible by public transportation, making it easy to transport equipment and personnel to and from the location. The market also offers several parking garages and lots nearby, making it easy to move around the location.

The Kensington Market also offers a variety of indoor and outdoor locations for filming. The market features several indoor locations such as the Kensington Hall, the Sneaky Dee’s and the Social Capital Theatre, all of which can be used for filming or as a base of operations. The market also offers several outdoor locations such as the streets, alleys, and parks which can be used for filming or as a backdrop.

In addition to its great locations, the Kensington Market also offers a variety of activities and services that can be used to support a film production. The market features several food vendors, restaurants, and shops, which can be used to provide extras, performers, or other production support. The market is also home to several music venues, which can be used to provide live music and entertainment during a production.

Lastly, the Kensington Market is close to several major attractions and landmarks, such as the University of Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and the CN Tower, making it a perfect place to shoot (amongst others)

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