Social media has quickly become a powerful platform for businesses to both reach and engage consumers. As an increasingly visual medium, social media is especially suited to fashion brands who have a tendency to heavily rely on visual communication to communicate their brand and product.

When it comes to fashion social media advertising, there are a variety of different ad formats and campaign objectives to choose from. Each of these ad formats and objectives offer unique advantages and should be considered carefully when creating any fashion social media ad campaign.

### Ad Formats

The most common ad formats for fashion social media advertising are static images, videos, carousels, and stories.

Static images are the most basic ad format and allow brands to showcase a single product or lifestyle image. Unlike other ad formats, static images are limited to one image, meaning that the image needs to be eye-catching and engaging in order to make a lasting impression.

Videos are a great way for fashion brands to show off the latest collections and runway shows. Videos are also an excellent way to get more personal with customers, allowing them to get to know the brands and their products in a more intimate way.

Carousels are a great way to showcase multiple products at once. They offer brands increased flexibility and allow customers to see all products in one place, rather than having to click through individual images.

Finally, stories offer brands a unique way to engage with customers. Stories allow fashion brands to give customers an “in the moment” look at the brand, giving them a glimpse behind the scenes.

### Campaign Objectives

Once the ad format has been decided upon, the next step is to decide on a campaign objective. Depending on what the fashion brand’s goals are, there are a variety of campaign objectives to choose from, including brand awareness, website clicks, app installs, conversions, and video views.

Brand awareness campaigns are designed to increase the visibility of the fashion brand and can be used to build a connection with the target audience.

Website clicks campaigns are designed to send customers to a particular website, such as a product page or store.

App installs campaigns are designed to drive downloads of a particular app, such as a fashion e-commerce platform.

Conversions campaigns are designed to encourage customers to complete an action.


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