Aerial photography and videography

There is something about aerial photography or videography that is simply captivating – and that takes the breath of viewers away. We can help you capture some of this magic for your next marketing or advertising video. Let us know if aerial photography or videography is something you are interested in for your next marketing or ad video project.

Aerial Photography Explained

Aerial photography is a type of photography taken from a high altitude. It typically uses an unmanned aircraft called a drone.

Aerial photography is not just about taking pictures of the landscape, but it is also about capturing the beauty and uniqueness of the world in a different way.

Aerial photography has been around for centuries. But it was only in the last decade that drones have become readily available to use for aerial photography.

Aerial Photography History (Historically)

Aerial photography is a type of photography that involves taking pictures of the world from the air. It is most often done by plane, helicopter, hot air balloon, or unmanned aerial vehicle.

Aerial photography has been around for a long time. However, it was not until the advent of digital cameras that people started to take aerial photographs in large numbers.

Aerial photography – changing the world

Aerial photography has changed the way people see their world and it is becoming more accessible to everyone. It allows for a unique perspective on things you can’t see from the ground, giving you an idea of what is going on in a place even before you visit it.

Aerial photography also helps with mapping and planning – it’s perfect for surveying, reconnaissance, and mapping natural resource extraction sites. It’s also used in commercial applications like agriculture, construction, property management, infrastructure development and engineering.

Choose Latent Productions For Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a type of photography that captures images of the world from a high altitude. The photographer is usually not on the ground, but instead in an aircraft or a hot air balloon. There are many uses for this type of photography, such as surveying land use and mapping natural resources. It has also been used in military applications, such as reconnaissance and surveillance.

Latent Productions provides aerial photography services to customers who need it for their projects and needs. We offer drone services, which range from aerial photo shoots to video shoots. We also provide 3D modeling services that range from building models to creating virtual tours for websites and apps.

Hire Competent Aerial Photographers

Latent Productions is a professional aerial photography company that specializes in film, video and photography. We have been providing aerial services since inception. Our services include drone filming, drone photography, drone cinematography and aerial advertising content creation.

Latent Productions is a company that specializes in aerial photography. We provide aerial photography services to various industries such as real estate, construction, engineering, and tourism. Call us for easy access to top aerial content producers and photographers.