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Everything You Need to Know About Animated Music Video Production

Animated music videos have been around for a very long time. One of the very first was Disney’s Silly Symphonies way back in September of 1929! Of course, the animated music videos most of us know today were made much more recently. For example, there’s 1979’s music video Accidents Will Happen, by Elvis Costello and the Attractions. It’s considered to be the very first fully animated music video and started the major boom in the trend. Many more followed, including one of the best of all time, Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel.

But what, exactly, constitutes an animated music video. More importantly, especially if you’re an artist, singer, or composer, what is animated music video production? We’ll answer that question in this deep dive into the world of animated music videos and how they’re produced! If you have questions about how, why, or who to see to have an animated music video produced, read on for all the answers you seek!

What, Exactly, is an Animated Music Video?

Music videos have been a popular medium for several decades, at least. Musical artists of every stripe have been making them, starting back in the day when MTV was still popular. In fact, TV producers actually created MTV for the booming music video genre!

An animated music video is more or less the same as a traditional music video except for one key factor; it’s animated either partially or fully. That means, instead of living musicians and actors, almost everyone (and everything) in the video is animated. Like cartoons, animated music videos can be incredibly creative since there’s no way anyone in the video will be hurt. (Think Wile E Coyote getting clobbered by a boulder.) Plus, with an animated music video, anything can (and usually does) happen.

For example, if you or your band want to be shown playing on Mars, you can make that happen! Want to be a band of singing and dancing flowers? It’s no problem if you have a top animated music video production company like ours on your team! Just one look at the animated music videos that have come out recently is proof of that!

For example, Billie Eilish’s My Future features a talking frog and Billie (in animated form) being lifted high into the sky on a giant plant! Snowchild by The Weekend is just as colorful and fancy (if more grounded in reality). And then there’s Dua Lipa’s animated music video Hallucinate, which has to be seen to be believed! (It’s wildly fantastical!)

In short, an animated music video is a music video that’s mostly, or entirely, animated. The band, the settings, and the characters are animated, allowing for a wide variety of fantastic and fun situations that, in the end, make this type of video one of the most exciting to create!

If you’re an artist, a singer, or you’re in a band, there are many excellent reasons to have an animated music video created for your songs! Below we’ll take a look at some of the best!

Animated Music Videos Allow You to Express Your Creativity

One of the best reasons to have an animated music video created is that it allows you, as an artist, to stretch your creative boundaries and bust through any creative limits you might be having. With an animated music video, the sky isn’t the limit because there are almost no limits! Indeed, the only limit is your creativity (but you can overcome that if you work with an excellent animated music video production company).

Mike Anderson, the director of Ashnikko’s Cry video, had this to say about animated music videos; “You can push the stylistic envelope much, much further.” He added that “When things get tough, people dive into fantasy. It happens over and over. Now that we’ve got more interest in animation, it’s an even deeper dive into fantasy.”

What Anderson is saying is that, in terms of creative and artistic expression, animated music videos offer a much larger, wilder, and bolder palette, if you will than traditional music videos. Since many singers and bands are creative in other ways, animated music videos fit very well into their creative realm.

Animated Music Videos are an Excellent way to Promote Yourself or Your Band

Earlier, we talked about some of the hottest singers on the planet right now, including Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, and The Weekend. While these exceptional artists make animated music videos, the fact is that they’re already famous. They’ve arrived, so to speak, and create what they want because of the clout they’ve earned.

If, however, you’re new on the music scene and relatively unknown, you need to find methods that will help listeners and fans find you. For that, an animated music video works like a charm! People all over the world love watching animated music videos. (Dua Lipa’s Hallucinate video, to date, has over 52 million views on YouTube!) The truth is, today, an animated music video can be more critical for promotion than the song itself! Even a not-so-great piece can be lifted to prominence by a well-made and enjoyable animated music video!

Animated Music Videos Help Showcase Your Musical Talent(s)

If you’re a fantastic singer or the world’s next great guitar player, here’s a question; how will people all over the world know that and start listening to your music? The answer, especially if you’re alone in your room rocking out, is that they won’t. Even if you’ve had some local success in Toronto, they still won’t because you’ll still be unknown outside the city.

If, though, you have a masterful, engaging, and mind-blowing animated video created, you can shoot to fame almost overnight! For proof, all you need to do is look at the animated music video Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz. In 2001, when it was released, they were complete unknowns. Today, 20 years later, they’re still hailed as one of the greats (and ˆClint Eastwood has almost 470 million YouTube views!).

In-Person Shoots aren’t Necessary with an Animated Music Video

One drawback to making a music video is that dozens, if not hundreds, of people, need to get together to make them. The band or artists, of course, as well as directors, producers, gaffers, extras, and many more. The cost for all of these crewmembers and industry professionals can be, in a word, excessive (expensive). In fact, if you’re just starting out and don’t have any real pull in the industry yet, (or with fans), making a traditional music video is practically impossible.

Creating an animated music video, however, is much less of a production. Extras, for example, aren’t needed at all because all (or at least most) of the characters in your video will be animated. Gaffers, sound personnel, riggers, and lighting experts? You don’t need them either, because your video will (mainly) be produced on a computer screen or in an artist’s studio. In today’s digital era, animated music videos have suddenly become the “go-to” for many artists and bands.

Many of the things we’ve talked about already have shown the benefits an animated music video provides. Below is a list of those benefits and several others, including:

  • Animated music videos are much cheaper to create. Some of the top animated music videos ever made were made on a shoestring budget.
  • Practically any concept or idea you might have for your video can be realized with an animated music video. Singing dogs and dancing cats? No problem. A setting under the sea or on top of Mount Everest? Done! Furniture that comes to life and rearranges itself for fun? Yes, even that is in the realm of possibilities with an animated music video!
  • An animated video that “goes viral” can shoot you and your band to fame almost overnight.
  • The music-loving public loves animated videos! Indeed, animated videos are more popular today than they’ve ever been, and that popularity keeps growing!
  • You can let your creativity go wild with an animated music video. (Within reason. See below.)

Now, truth be told, there is one minor drawback to animated videos; some animation techniques are crazy expensive. For example, if you want incredibly complex animation and tiny details, the cost is going to go up substantially. Remember, animated music videos are created from scratch. Every scene, character, and setting are fully realized from a blank slate, and the more there are, the more the cost will increase.

However, all of that being said, the cost of an animated video is still less expensive, by far, than the cost of most live music videos with live actors and musicians.

Here’s the thing; not all animated videos are created equally. Some will go viral and get millions of views, propelling the artist into the spotlight (or keeping them there). Others, unfortunately, will get far fewer views and even fewer rave reviews. The question is, what qualities make for the best, most popular, and most-viewed animated music videos? Let’s take a look!

They Must be Visually Impactful

Animated music videos, as we’ve seen, give the artist a lot more creative freedom. Those who use that freedom to produce visually stunning and memorable videos usually see the most success. Indeed, viewers today expect that a new animated music video will blow their minds. If it doesn’t, you’ll find that they’re disappointed, and the video’s popularity won’t exactly make headlines.

A great example of an impactful and completely wild animated music video is Fell in Love With a Girl by The White Stripes. It’s low-budget, to be sure, but still mind-blowing, as it’s made with Lego bricks that have been “brought to life” by stop-motion animation.

They Must Be High Quality

When you think of animated music videos, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For most, it’s either one of two things; 1- A video that was so incredible and so well made that you had to watch it again immediately. 2- An animated music video that was so poorly done that you clicked away before it even finished.

The thing is, as with everything in life, consumers demand excellence. If they’re going to give you their time, energy, and attention (and buy your songs), they want a product that they can tell has been made with quality in mind, not one that’s been thrown together like it was made by frat boys on a weekend bender.

They Need to Provoke an Emotional Response in the Viewer

Humans are emotional animals; there’s no doubt about that. Knowing this, the best artists create animated music videos that tap into these emotions, including joy, sorrow, happiness, pain, and many more. One of the earliest and best examples of an animated video capturing emotions is Take On Me by Norwegian pop group a-ha. The video, a combination of live-action, sketch art, and animation, is almost solely responsible for the surge in animated music videos on MTV in the 1980s! That’s probably why it has over 1 BILLION views on YouTube!

An animated music video can cost anywhere from $1000 if you employ a cheaper artist or team to $25000+ for a serious animated music video production. Honestly, if we give you a number here, it will not be reflective of your case because what your animated music video will cost will depend on your vision and how grand it is. As well as a host of other factors that are project-specific. The best thing to do is to call or email us to communicate project requirements and get a custom quote. 

If an animated music video is what you want for yourself, your band, or your group, we are the team and project partners you have been searching for! Below are a few of the best reasons why you should call us to help you create your video vision:

  • Years of Experience in the Industry. We’ve been producing animated music videos for several years.
  • A Talented Crew of Artists and Animators. We’ve brought together top artists and animators to work with you.
  • Several budget-friendly options for creating your video. If you imagine it, we can make it happen on film.
  • A staff and team that genuinely listens to what you’re saying and puts a high value on your ideas, opinions, and wants.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and that you now have a better idea of why animated music videos are so popular and a fantastic idea for you and your fellow musicians and artists. If you have questions, need help, or want to get started, please leave your name and contact info below. One of our friendly peeps will get back to you within 24 hours to get things started!