Architectural Photography

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Architectural photography is the art of capturing a building from an architectural perspective.

A good architectural photographer will be able to capture the essence of a building and it’s surroundings. They will also make sure that the lighting is perfect, so that their photos are not too dark or too bright.

Architectural photography has been around for a long time but it has only recently become popular thanks to social media. Nowadays, people want to document their buildings and creations with photos and share them with friends and family and clients (and potential clients) online.

In A Nutshell…architectural photography is the art and science of creating images of buildings and other structures.

Architectural photography is a form of commercial art, often commissioned by architects, builders, developers, and heritage agencies. The purpose is to promote the project or property through an appealing image that attracts public attention.

It is also used in architecture schools as an educational tool to illustrate architectural principles such as scale, proportion, texture and spatial relationships.

The first step in architectural photography is to plan the shoot by identifying what’s required for the final image. This includes drawing a sketch of the building or structure from different angles and deciding on the best vantage point for shooting it.

The second step would be to set up a tripod at that vantage point and take several photos from different angles with a high-resolution camera on a tripod. These photos are then stitched together using computer software into one panoramic image called “equirectangular format”.

Why You Need Architectural Photography In Canada

Architectural photography is a type of photography that captures the architecture and design of buildings, bridges, and other structures. It is an important part of architectural history because it provides visual documentation of what has been built.

There are many uses for architectural photography. For example, it can be used to sell a property or to create a virtual tour. It can also be used in the design process as inspiration for future projects.

Architectural photography is an important part of marketing, especially in real estate and architectural design. Marketing teams use this type of photography to showcase the building’s features and create an emotional connection with potential buyers and clients.

There are many reasons why you need architectural photography for your marketing needs, but here are just a few:

1) It can be used as an effective marketing tool

2) It can help you sell your property and design services faster

3) It can help you get more qualified leads

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Latent Productions is a professional architectural photography company that offers high quality, client-focused services.

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Our team of photographers and videographers are highly skilled in architectural photography, as well as other types of commercial and industrial photography.

We work with architects, developers, builders and property managers to create stunning images for marketing purposes or for use in publications such as brochures or websites.

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