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Often Times, For Targeted Leads and Potential Clients & Customers, Seeing Is Believing.

Corporate video production is very different from other forms of video production.

Although it is easy to assume that corporate video production is the same as other forms of video production because it follows the same general fulfillment procedure (planning, filming/production, and editing) – it is not in any way the same as other forms of video production (for other types of videos). It requires a team that knows how to make a corporation and everything it stands for – STAND OUT. Moreover, you require the help (and talents) of specialized corporate video production experts – or a video production company to produce awesome video content.

An experienced corporate video production company like ours can help you make many videos that tell your story and showcase every part of your corporation in the best light possible. For effective branding across all channels and mediums, you need the best. Corporate video production is no exception. You can now effectively utilize our expertise in corporate video production and tap into our powers – to develop amazing branding and marketing video content for your brand. Moreover, since we are not just a corporate video production company (we are a full-service video production company), you will be able to tap into our creative engines across all types of video production. We will partner with you to develop a breadth of video content that will leave your clients (or potential buyers) satiated and thirsting for more. Let Latent Productions be in charge of your (corporate) video production and content production so your employees (or you) can manage and work on the things that matter most to your business. Your brand’s success is riding on this important decision. Choose us for your corporate video production needs today.

With our lively and extremely results-oriented (and motivated) team of amazing producers, videographers, scriptwriters, marketers, camera operators and other creatives, you will be able to get your hands on amazing product, event, and/or corporate videos. We go over and beyond the status quo and industry standards to deliver content that will make your marketing, branding or promo push a massive success. To us, content is prince, awesome corporate video content is KING. That is why we do awesome corporate video production.

Work With One Of The Best Corporate Video Production Companies Around.

Take Your Brand & Marketing To Another Level.

We genuinely love our clients and everyone we work with, this is why we have had a lot of success. We put our heart and soul into making sure people see your brand, company, products, and/or services in the best light possible. The level of effort and heart that will go into your training materials, demos, product videos, and other corporate videos alone will energize you. We will stand by you to make sure your campaigns are a hit and you get the most out of your videos – and the pieces of corporate video content we deliver to you. Our corporate video production and videos are not meant to match your desires, they are meant to surpass your wildest expectations. That is what we do – WORLD CLASS CORPORATE VIDEO PRODUCTION. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

We Will Tell Your Corporations’ Stories In The Most Captivating, Persuasive & Effective Ways Possible – So You Can See The Impact A Great Video & Awesome Video Marketing Can Have On A Campaign – And The True Power Of Corporate Video Production & Marketing

Corporate Video Production In Today’s World

There used to be an extremely simple time when corporate (or business) videos were unheard of. Practically nonexistent because they were seen as a luxury marketing tool that only the biggest corporations in the world (at the time) had the money and resources to execute. That is not the case in today’s marketing world and arena. Videos are not only important – but, every serious corporation and business now utilizes videos to market at some capacity. That means that as a marketing manager (or business proprietor), if you are not currently using videos to communicate to and engage your customers – you are seriously missing out. It doesn’t matter if you are a massive multinational conglomerate or a small business, video is an important part of your overall marketing strategy. You can not ignore video marketing and corporate video production anymore.

5 huge benefits of corporate video production

  • Corporate video production allows for the creation of videos that will generate views and real human traffic. Videos of higher quality attract attention and usually command enough interest to make viewers want to explore a brand or product more. Driving more traffic to other web properties of the brand.

  • Corporate video production will create the situation for brand awareness about your business and company to skyrocket. Awesome corporate videos ignite strong emotions in viewers. And, sparking these powerful emotions (happiness, laughter, shock, confusion, etc.) will only work wonders for your brand because it will make remembering you easier.

  • Corporate video production will help you sell more products and services by helping convert more (if not all) of your confused or indecisive leads (maybes) into happy and excited clients (and resounding YESES).

  • Corporate video production is a super fun and creative way for your company to show some personality. Are you a trendy company – or a fun and quirky team of foodie quants in your past corporate life? You can show this or anything about your company’s awesome personality and nature with videos (and corporate video production).

  • Corporate video production gives you the opportunity to really spread your ideas, story and offerings to the masses. Awesome and high quality videos get shared everywhere on social media and the internet. If you take the time to create quality videos that provide value (with corporate video production), internet users and your customers will reward you with boatloads of shares across and on all video platforms. Spreading your message to everyone that needs and wants to see it – near infinitely.

STOP! We Know You Might Be Thinking:

  • Corporate video production is way too expensive and is sometimes overpriced
  • Corporate video production is extremely hard to execute and can be extremely complicated (for our internal team) to oversee
  • Corporate video production is too easy to get wrong and way too hard to get right
  • And finally, corporate video production may not provide a lot of value to customers
All of these misconceptions about corporate video production could not be farther from the truth. The thing is, if you utilize the services of (or seek help from) a top corporate video production company, you will always end up with a ridiculously amazing video that helps your customers (and potential customers) engage with your products and/or services at a whole other dimension – for a great rate that is directly proportional to the value you will get. A great corporate video production company can ease all of the worries above and more. One can also help you take advantage of videos as tools to sell your products and/or services.


Are you a corporate in need of world-class video production for your business? Latent Productions can add value to your corporate communications and marketing with our range of professional services designed to your unique corporate philosophy and vision.

We work with corporates in Canada, America, the UK, and Europe. You can expect a video content partner that delivers on your expectations. We’ll help you enhance your image in the market and capture more business.

Our corporate videographer and post-production team offer you the best video production experience, with in-house production from planning to execution. Latent productions bring you a team of professionals ready to elevate your corporate brand into the stratosphere.

Contact our corporate video production studio at (204) 805-3188. We’ll discuss how we can bring value to your business strategy.


Latent Productions is your corporate video production company of choice. We specialize in creating video content that gets your message into the market, bringing you a range of services to suit your objectives.

Our team uses the latest video technology to film and edit video content that pops. Latent Productions utilizes HDR camera tech shot in 4K and 8K to produce life-like videos that capture eyeballs and boost engagement. We’re a full-house service, with everything you need from planning to filming and post-production.

From 2-minute sizzle reels to full-length documentaries, the team at Latent Productions can handle any video content request. Time lapses, three-camera shoots, hiring talent, and specialty video services – Latent Productions takes care of every aspect of video content production for corporates.

We’ll work with your vision and budget to package you the best video production in the game. Our team will bring your vision to life in a Hollywood-level production that grabs attention, creating curiosity around your company and brand.

We pride ourselves on being the best video production company in the corporate arena. We work with you to understand your vision and what you want out of your video campaign.

Our team understands the nuances of the production process, and we walk you through everything, giving you a hands-off experience to creating video content that fast-tracks your company’s success. We create a roadmap to success for your video content strategy.

Contact our production company, and we’ll arrange a meeting to discuss what you have in mind.

Latent productions bring you a start-to-finish corporate films production team. Check out our list of value-added services available for your company.


  • Concept discussion and development
  • Pre-production assessment
  • Script creation and supervision
  • Storyboarding
  • Set design and execution
  • set and production design
  • Costume and wardrobe styling
  • Hair and makeup
  • Prop sourcing
  • Pre-visualization and masterful execution
  • Art direction


  • Sound stage design ad composition
  • Video encoding and color grading
  • Scoring and soundtrack development
  • Voiceovers and sound effects
  • Delivery of your video content in any format
  • Subtitles and captions
  • Storage and backup facilities
  • Time-lapse recording
  • Multi-camera specialized shoots
  • Live event coverage
  • DIT service and BTS production
  • Remote shoots


  • Location sourcing and permit applications
  • Casting direction
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • The production crew and equipment rental
  • Craft services and catering
  • Full insurance cover

Latent Productions produces video content that gives your company a competitive edge in the marketplace. From sourcing locations and talent to managing shoots and completing post-production work, we have an expert hand in every phase of the production process.

Reach out to the team at the Latent Productions studio, and we’ll unpack your content strategy in alignment with your corporate values. Book your consultation over the phone, or complete the contact form on this site, and we’ll have someone get right back to you.

Latent Productions is a leading corporate video production company, and we value our reputation as a company you can trust to deliver high-quality, professional videography services. We bring your vision to life on film, giving you a “WOW” experience for your campaign.

A sizable chunk of our business comes from existing clients and referrals. They understand the value we bring to their business and how they can capitalize on the era of video content to supercharge results with their marketing and awareness campaigns.

We work with corporates in every niche and industry, regardless of the size of your company. If you’re a family office or a company with thousands of employees, Latent Productions can add value to your business.



We specialize in enhancing your corporate communications through elegant, world-class video production that positions you at the top of your industry. Our team has the skills and expertise to shoot video content that brings your brand values to life on-screen.

With Latent videos working on your video marketing campaign, you get a team at the top of their field. You can expect nothing but the best results from our team. Whether you need a small video crew or a multi-camera shoot, we have the skillset and the talent to make your vision a reality.



Our team works closely with small to medium-sized corporate entities, creating production packages that suit your marketing goals and budget. Regardless of the scale or genre, each corporate video we produce comes geared to engage the viewer and spur them into action.

 Our in-house video production team covers every aspect of the production process, from planning to post-shoot editing. We work with respected institutions and brands, and they trust us to deliver video content that takes their marketing and awareness campaigns to the next level.



Latent Productions understands the needs of startups. We’ll help you plan a video content campaign that achieves your goals of finding investment without chewing up your runway. Our team works with you to understand your vision and what you want from the exercise without draining your budget.

We get that startups are in a phase of the business cycle where every dollar they spend counts toward their future success. Latent Productions brings you a host of video content creation services that fit within your company’s budget and goals.



Latent Productions specializes in producing video content for medical and pharmaceutical companies. We have the experience and qualifications necessary to work in cleanroom environments, allowing us to bring your production process to life in a way that enhances your industry reputation.

Our team complies with all the requirements for filming at your production facility or in the boardroom. Our videos can help you capture safety procedures, corporate responsibility, and industry compliance. Our portfolio of services will help your company shine in a competitive marketplace.


When you work with Latent Productions, you’re accessing the premier video content production service on the planet. Our corporate videos production helps bring your company and its brand values to life in the eyes of your target market.

We’ll create an audio-visual story of your company, allowing you to build real relationships and trigger emotions through the power of video content. It’s a simple formula to success with any campaign we take on. 

Video drives emotions, emotions drive engagement, and engagement helps your customers and clients finalize their decision-making process. Simply put, our video content enables you to connect with your market.

Creative videos guarantee your business social authority. We design videos that are easy to share across your social channels, giving your company the chance to make more connections through the power of video content.

Sure, your corporate blog is important. We get that. However, the vast majority of content consumed online comes in video format. Do you want to stay ahead of the pack? Latent Productions is your professional video content partner that makes your company shine online.


When you hire Latent Productions to manage your video content campaigns, you get a professional team ready to take your business marketing strategy to the moon. We cover every category of video content creation for any marketing strategy. Here are some of our award-winning corporate video services.



Latent Productions has studios in major cities across Canada, the United States, and the UK. Our team has experience working in any corporate environment, from multinational conglomerates to family offices.

We offer you a range of services to suit your campaigns, from training to marketing. We specialize in instructional videos, video pitches, case studies, and more. There is nothing we can’t do to bring your company’s values to life on film.

With Latent Productions, you get purposeful structuring and development of your video content. It’s our goal to deliver your brand message to your clients and your company values to your employees. With Latent Productions, you get a team that amplifies your customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX).

Our in-house team takes care of every stage of the production process. We don’t outsource work, and this model gives us full control over every production phase to ensure you get nothing but the highest quality videos for your campaigns. We’ll keep the production schedule on track, ensuring you meet your publishing deadlines.

Latent Productions has a track record of working with top corporates in every industry. We deliver results tailored to your needs, goals, and brand values. We invite you to take a look; our portfolio speaks for itself. Let us show you what’s possible with our video production team handling your content strategy.



We specialize in producing promotional videos for products and services. Whether you’re a multinational private equity firm, a hedge fund, a tax specialist, or a retail chain, Latent Productions will produce promotional videos that grab the market’s attention, positioning you as the industry leader.



Latent Productions video content acts as your mouthpiece to the market. We can produce tasteful videos that align with your company values and objectives, conveying those ideas to the market in a way that connects to their needs. You can rely on our team to project your company into the market with video content that enhances your brand image in the eyes of your target market.



Latent Productions offers a range of corporate interviews video services. We can work with you to create a script that you feel best represents your corporate structure and leadership. We’ll arrange interviews with your thought leaders, executive committee, and CEO. Our videos project your corporate ethos into an audio-visual format that helps prospects and clients connect with your company on a fundamental level.



Latent Productions specializes in capturing the essence of your live and online events. Whether you’re hosting a trade show or a specialty seminar for clients, our team will capture every moment. We can broadcast events in real-time, create highlight reels and PSAs from the event, and build video content that bolsters your marketing campaigns for post-event follow-up.



Latent Productions has the team you need to help you get the full marketing potential out of your conferences and trade shows. With our team creating your video content, you can carry the day’s events into the future, emphasizing the best parts of the conference for use in your marketing campaigns.



Latent Productions are the industry leaders in video content production for corporates. Our team of experts understands every aspect of the process, and our consulting services suit any industry. We know what makes great campaigns tick and how to increase engagement on your video content. You can rely on Latent Productions for the expertise you need to make your campaigns sparkle with excitement.



Choose Latent Productions to create video content around your corporate culture. We can show the world the unique aspects of your culture and what separates you from other company’s on your market. Teach your employees your company and brand values, improving the employee experience and commitment to your company.



Latent Productions can assist corporates with business-to-business video content promoting your company to your partners. We’ll help you strengthen your relationships and optimize your brand positioning to get you to the top of the pack in your market. Latent Productions will kickstart your business initiatives and corporate communications.



Latent Productions will help you sell your ideas using comprehensive pitch videos designed to capture attention, engage the prospect, and push them to take action. We are experts in defining the sales process of any pitch. It’s our goal to help your close the deal and deliver on your client’s expectations. We use a storytelling process to draw the viewer into your idea while emphasizing the need to choose your company over the competition with your unique USP.



As a corporate, you understand the importance of promoting your company’s success. Latent Productions can assist you with filming and editing your award ceremonies, capturing the best moments from the event, and compiling them into short-form videos that promote the success of your business. We’re an award-winning company ourselves, and we know what it takes to champion success.



Latent Productions produces video sizzle reels that create visual appeal for your company initiative, brand, products, services, and infrastructure. We incorporate demo reels, branding, and social media videos as vital components of your brand awareness campaigns. Video sells, and you’ll find you get more views than page views when using sizzle reels to promote your business.



Architectural firms, accountants, and legal practices use case studies to showcase their success and train new hires. Moving your case studies into an audio-visual format offers a new dynamic to this exercise. Challenge potential candidates, and pique your client interest with video case studies designed to capture project portfolios and client engagements with prospects and employees.



Marketing your firm is challenging. It’s a noisy market out there, and you need content that stacks your firm ahead of the competition.

Latent Productions gives you the edge you need to separate your company from competitors, giving you a platform to convey your key identity components to your target market, helping them finalize their decision-making process.

We aim to build your brand in the eyes of the target market and your clients. Our video production services position you as the authority in your niche and market, making you the go-to choice for prospects looking for what you have to offer. Hire Latent Productions; we’ll help your clients and prospects pull the buying trigger.



Don’t waste your time shouting into the wind. No one wants to hear it. In today’s marketing environment, you need to tell a story that captures the market’s attention, making your firm relatable to its current situation.

Latent Productions offers a streamlined and relatable method of bringing your company story and objectives to life in video format. The value of the storytelling process becomes more apparent as we move further into the digital era of communications.

Let our storytelling videos educate your clients and prospects, promote your services and products, and build brand awareness.

Storytelling is the oldest form of human communication. Latent Productions understands this principle and applies it to your video content creation process.

Let us capture the visuals and emotions around your vision, brand identity, and heritage.



Testimonial videos give your firm a powerful form of social proof that speaks to the market. Anyone can fake a written testimonial, but video testimonials add authenticity to your client testimonials in a way that’s only possible through audio-visual format.

When you have real clients singing praises about your company through video testimonials, you create an environment where the prospective client places themselves in the client’s shoes.

They find it easier to imagine the success they can achieve using your products and services when they have someone telling them they are making the right decision.

Our testimonial videos sell, giving you a medium to project your success into the market, showing the prospect what’s possible if they choose to work with you. With Latent Productions, you get a team that’s ready to take you to the top of the market.



In the digital era of communications, the video content creation process is undergoing significant changes. Latent Productions stays on top of the latest video production techniques to bring you videos that are worthy of your prospect’s attention and your brand image.

Our corporate videographer services extend from the traditional single and three camera setups into specialist videography services like action cameras for POV shots, drone footage, green screens, and much more.

We have a selection of specialist video content creation methods that make your videos stand out from the rest of the pack in your industry.



Drone technology changed corporate films production methods and what’s possible with video production on a budget.

Hiring a helicopter for an aerial shot of your building was a hassle back in the day. The flight cost, the licenses required to shoot, and the equipment hire were insane, leaving many corporates priced out on using this production technique.

With drone tech development, Latent Productions can give you beautiful aerial shots that make your videos look like a Hollywood production. Our drone corporate videos production services feature qualified and trained drone pilots with all the licenses required to operate in any city.

Whether you need a shot of the New York skyline or an aerial view of your premises, our in-house drone videographers create mesmerizing aerial content in any environment. We shoot in 4K, ensuring that your aerial shots look breathtaking.



We shoot with action cameras to give your videos a POV feel. Show your clients what it’s like to walk around inside your firm and meet the team.

Give the viewer a seat at the boardroom or a tour of your facilities. Show them an interview with the CEO from a personal angle that drives engagement with your content.

We shoot in 4K, with clean, clear videos that enhance the personal nature of POV filming, placing your client or prospect in the driver’s seat of the experience.



You might think that animation video content isn’t the right fit for your corporate company’s brand and values. 

The reality is that animations are incredibly effective at promoting anything to do with your companies marketing strategy. Animations give you the chance to create tasteful videos making simple work of explaining complex topics.

Latent Productions has a team of in-house animators who bring your projects to life. Our team can make any content concept a reality, from whiteboard videos to animation enhancements and live videos.

We specialize in any format of animated content. From advanced CGI and FX to simple stop-motion graphics or Pixar-level productions, the Latent Productions team can handle anything you need. 

Latent Productions can add animated effects to real-world video content, introducing titles, CTAs, and visual effects that boost the storytelling ability of your corporate video productions.

Speak to our animation team, and we’ll develop a customized animated concept to integrate into your video content campaigns.



Using time-lapse videography in your shoots allows us to unpack every stage of advanced products. If you’re a developer looking to showcase your company’s work, we can run time-lapses of construction projects. We’ll give your viewer a complete understanding of the project from start to finish in a matter of minutes.

Growth time-lapses and skyline time-lapses are effective, elegant methods for showing progress and growth, giving your clients an idea of what to expect and a timeline they can use to plan their projects. With Latent Productions, you get a team with the tech and talent to bring your firm’s story to reality.



There was a time when green screen technology was only for the top-rated Hollywood studios. N0ow, Latent Productions brings this tech into your corporate videos, allowing you to add any design element you want o the filming process.

Our green screen technicians have all the experience required to shoot life-like green screen video productions that look authentic and effective. You won’t notice and green splash in the video. Our team has years of working with green screens, and we understand how to set up the shoot to optimizer the visual aesthetic.

We create seamless green screen experiences that look like the real thing. We’ll incorporate CGI and VFX, not your videos, to make them pop, with a massive range of stock video footage to enhance the visual impact of your videos.

The Latent Productions post-production team adds amazing effects to your green screen videos. We can create an action scene, landscape, or background, incorporating it seamlessly into your videos to enhance the viewing experience.


Latent Productions corporate video production services offer you a comprehensive production partner with a professional process delivering the results you need for your campaigns. Our team will walk you through the production process to give you a complete understanding of the roadmap for your project.

When you hire us, we break down every component of the production process in a planning meeting to bring you up to speed with the project rollout. Our comprehensive methodology is easy to follow, and we’ll unpack everything for you to give you a full understanding of where your budget is going.

With Latent Productions, you get a hands-off production process. After wrapping up the initial consultation and understanding your vision, you won’t hear from us until we deliver the project. We let you get on with the business of doing business while we handle your video content strategy.

From consultation to shooting and post-production, we’ll only reach out to you when we need your input. Otherwise, we aim to deliver you your video content with as little hassle and involvement from your side, removing the stress involved with your video content production.

You can rely on Latent Productions to deliver your project on time and in the right format to upload to your website and social media channels. When you hire us, you get a professionally-packed video that aligns with your corporate values and branding, ready for viewing by your target market.

Every step of the production process serves a purpose for bringing your video content to life. Here’s how we create your video content and what you can expect from our award-winning process.


Creative Concepting

The corporate films production process starts with designing the concept for your videos. We work closely with you during this stage to understand exactly what you want from your project. We’ll take a deep dive into your ideas and expectations to formulate video content that meets your requirements.

We want to know what you have in mind, and there’s nothing we can’t do with video. Give us your wildest ideas, and let us bring them to life.

Our team of talented producers understands that your project is unique to anything we’ve done before, and we’ll give you an original video that’s unlike anything your competitors have to offer the market.

We’ll work with you to enhance your ideas. Our team understands what works on film, and we’ll introduce concepts that will work to bolster your vision.


Production Crew

The Latent Productions crew is ready to shoot at the drop of a hat. After we finish the consulting process and have your idea in mind, we get to work scouting the right locations for your shoot.

From your boardroom to the roof of your building, we can work in any environment to realize your vision on film. We arrange the licenses and permits required to film in cities and urban environments.

We ensure we remain compliant with local bylaws when shooting your project. We have an extensive list of locations to shoot in any city in the US, Canada, and the UK.


Actors and Background Extras

If your project needs actors or extras, we can arrange that for your shoot. We work with leading talent agencies, ensuring we get actors that exemplify your company values and diversity requirements.

Give your production more impact with real people in the video; we’ll search for candidates that meet your requirements.

We only work with professionals that are experts at taking creative direction on set. Our team knows how to handle the talent to ensure we get the best results on-screen.


Stock Footage

B-roll and stock footage can enhance your video, allowing us to reduce the costs of a live shoot for your company. 

We don’t use stock footage that’s available online. We have a huge archive of B-roll and stock footage taken by our team over our years working on top-rated projects in locations like NYC, LA, Toronto, London, Paris, and more.

If you have an idea in mind, speak to our team, and we’ll run you through the best options from our stock archive. Some of our clients find that our stock footage is so impressive there’s no need for a live shoot.


Scripting and Voiceovers

Latent Productions works with voiceover actors to bring you professionally scripted video content. The voice adds to the viewer experience, and we’re well aware of the difference in voice tones and how they set the overall impression for the video.

Our voiceover artists have a complete command of the language, and they know when to insert tones of curiosity, excitement, and professionalism, depending on the content at hand. We’ll script your voiceovers and ensure that we receive approval for all scripts before moving forward with the shoot.



Unlike other production studios, Latent Production has an in-house team of animators and VFX specialists ready to put their skills to work on your project. Our animators have the skills, training, and experience you need to bring any concept to life on screen.

Our team can handle anything you want in your video content, from CGI, VFX, green screens, and stop-motion graphics. By the time we finish with your video, you’ll think it comes from a top Hollywood animation studio.



The storyboarding process is the heart of our production technique. It’s where we sit down with you to understand your vision and content marketing goals. 

We take that information and put it together to form the roadmap for your video production.



The post-production phase is where the magic happens for your video content. Our talented team can integrate CTAs, visual effects, music, sounds, and animations to make your video pop on-screen. 

Our team of in-house post-production experts knows how to turn a plain video into an exciting visual experience for the viewer.

Studio and Set Locations

As mentioned, we have a long list of approved shooting locations in top cities around the globe. From New York to London, we know where to shoot to get the most out of your video content.

We’re comfortable with setting up shoots in your building without getting in the way of your operations. Let us interview the CEO and Ex-co in the boardroom or their offices, and we’ll take footage of your building to add to your project.



Latent Productions is the top-rated corporate video production team for a reason. We use a proven production process that delivers results for your video content – guaranteed.

If you need a corporate videographer that understands the importance of procedures, systems, and processes, then Latent Productions is your go-to video content partner.

We use a simple but effective four-step production process for approaching any project. As a result, we get consistent results that exceed our client’s expectations every time.


STEP 1 – Pre-Production Storyboarding

We start the production process by storyboarding our ideas obtained in the pre-production planning meeting with you. Our team works out every frame, ensuring that we cover every aspect of your concerns and ideas.

The storyboard forms the project’s backbone, giving us direction for the shoot while developing the roadmap we need for the project. Once we have a clear picture of the project, we’ll get to work on the next phase.


STEP 2 – Pre-Production Planning

After completing the storyboarding phase, we assess the resources we need to bring it to life on film.

We’ll iron out the fine details of the production, ensuring that we meet your expectations in terms of your budget and your publishing details. We want to bring you a project that’s in line with your costs and your expectations, squeezing every dollar for ultimate value when costing it out.

We’ll arrange the models and actors and discuss the right animations for the shoot to add visual value to the project. Finally, we apply for and acquire any permits and licenses required for the shoot. We stay compliant, and you don’t have to worry about us stepping on bylaws that might have repercussions for your firm.


STEP 3 – Shooting Your Video

After the planning is over, it’s time to make the magic happen. The shoot is where the rubber meets the road, and we aim to provide you with the Lamborghini of corporate videos designed to enhance your video marketing content strategy.

We’ll select the locations suitable for filming your project. We’ll book your boardroom and make appointments with the CEO and ex-co for any interviews required for the video. We realize time is money for any corporate, and we won’t waste either of them.

You can rely on our team to arrive on time and spend as little time as we need to get the right shot. We bring all the equipment we need to the location, ensuring we have the right lighting and sound recording equipment to match the environment.

Shooting is where our passion shines, and we ensure you get a Hollywood-level production when working with us. We finish off by selecting the right B-roll stock footage for your videos to fill the gaps and finalize the raw footage, ready for editing and post-production.


STEP 4 – Editing and Post-Production

After we compile the raw footage, it’s time for the post-production team to get to work. Unlike other studios, we keep everything in-house, ensuring you get the best results possible in a timeous manner. We won’t take weeks editing and touching up your videos. We have the project ready to roll in a matter of days.

Our post-production team can make airbrush adjustments to color, texture, and lighting. We use the latest post-production software technology to ensure you get a crisp, clear, and visually rewarding final product for your project.

After completing the post-production work, we convert the files to several formats for easy upload to your website and social media accounts. We ensure that we stick to our promised delivery deadline, keeping your publishing schedule.


So, why settle on Latent Productions as your corporate video production company of choice? Our corporate video production services make us your preferred partner in video content for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. We know what works to capture the attention of your viewers.

Our content creators understand what viewers want to see. We insert emotional triggers in your videos to get your audience to take action on your CTAs right when you want them to. With Latent Productions video content, you get a carefully planned and designed video that engages your audience.

We take your input seriously, and we aim to deliver world-class results with every project. With Latent Productions, you get personalized attention that you won’t receive with other firms. We get that every corporate entity competes in the market using its unique corporate identity.

We produce videos that align with your branding and your corporate values, ensuring you get a seamless and consistent transition between your video content and your website and blog.

With us working as your video content partner, you capture more eyeballs and hold attention. Build brand awareness for your marketing campaigns, increase traffic to your site, pump up your lead generation, and get more conversions for your business.

With Latent Productions, you get a video content partner offering your reliable and consistent results. Our proven production process delivers for our clients, every time.


We Stay on Budget and Meet Your Publishing Deadline

We understand that you have a budget in mind, and we know that there is no chance that you will increase that budget if your video runs over costs. We give you a comprehensive breakdown of expenses in your budget, with complete transparency. We won’t overrun, and you get value for your money when you see the finished product.


We Offer You a Hands Off Video Content Production Process

With Latent Productions running your video content strategy, you can get back to the business of doing business. We handle everything to do with the shoot, editing, and post-production. Sure, we’ll contact you during the process, but only to get your opinion and approval for scripts and other related content. Other than that, it’s a hands-off process. You tell us what you want, and we make it happen.


We Work with Your Vision

Latent Productions works with your vision and ideas. Sure, we have experience working with hundreds of corporate clients, but we understand that you are unique and want something completely authentic. Your ideas form the backbone of the creative process, and we value your input. We create videos that represent your vision, not ours.


We Work with Any Size Corporate Firm

We work with corporates of all sizes, from small family offices to the largest multinational conglomerates. We’ll tailor your video content to meet your needs, regardless of the size of your company. We can help large corporates cement their reputation in the market, and we can assist smaller firms with promoting a personal touch to their services and products.


We Offer You Guaranteed Results

At Latent Productions, we’re ready to stake our reputation that our videos will add value to your business. We’re confident that you’ll find our services nothing short of spectacular. Reach out to the team at our studio, and we’ll talk about how we can take your video marketing strategy to the next level of success.


Choose Latent Productions for your corporate films production partner, and let us handle your video content strategy. We have thousands of satisfied clients across the US, Canada, the UK, and the EU that trust us with their video production requirements.

We value our reputation as the premier video content production service available, and we want you to be our next success story. Let us show you what masterful video content production can do for your business. We’re ready to walk you through the untapped potential you have hidden in your marketing strategy.

  • What is world-class video content production worth to your firm?
  • How could it change the way you do business and communicate with your market?
  • How could it propel you into the top-of-mind awareness in your target market?

The answer to these questions lies in choosing the right partner for your video productions. We’ve seen our clients turn their marketing strategy around to get the results they want using our services, and your firm is next.

Whether you’re a family office of a listed Fortune 500 company, you have a video content partner in Latent Productions. We’ll deliver your unique brand values to your audience with every piece of video content you publish.

Are you ready to produce the best corporate video content online? Contact the Latent Productions studio at (204) 805-3188.

We’ll put you in touch with a consultant to arrange a time and place where we can unpack your vision. Alternatively, complete the contact request form on this site, and we’ll have someone call you right back to talk about your ideas.

The only thing we can’t do for you is to get you to take action on achieving your goals. The next step is up to you. Reach out to our team, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get you the best video content available. We’re ready to take your call right now. Try us, and you’ll never look back.