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Hi there friend,

We are Latent Productions, a professional video production company (in Montreal) that is always at your service – and always ready to help you with any video production project (or work) you have. Let us tell you a bit more about what we do, before diving deeper into some more technical and specific things that you are looking for. If you are here to figure out what video production in Montreal is, some of the challenges Montreal video production poses and/or how much it costs (or can cost), scroll down. If you need a bit more information, scroll down even further to the FAQ’s and Knowledge Centre section below.

Anyways, as was promised, here is a little snippet of what we do as a full-service video production team that offers our services to clients in Montreal. As you may (or may not) know already, video production in Montreal is arguably one of the hardest branding (or marketing) tasks that a company or individual will ever have to do. In fact, since you will always need visual content that is engaging and captivating to satisfy your clients and potential consumers of your products and/or services (and investors, do not forget them now), you will always need videos. This means you will have to deal with many video production projects over time (or multiple projects at once). Do not worry, we get it.

To be honest, that is one of the reasons why we created Latent Productions. We understand how hard video production in Montreal is. We fully get it as humans and business people ourselves. It requires a lot of effort and you need to figure out a lot of things – to execute properly. Back to the subject at hand, we do not want you to ever have to stress over a video production project again. That is why we provide amazing video production services to corporate and non-corporate clients. We do everything needed to make sure you have a final product and video that you can be proud of – and that you can share with customers, investors and shareholders, and just about any other stakeholder. This means your part is easy. You tell us what you need – and we go out and get it done. Simple, right? Yes. But, how exactly do we do this – you ask?

Here is how we do video production in Montreal (or elsewhere). We want to tell you that it is as simple as pointing a camera at a subject and shooting – then quickly editing a video together – but, it really is not that simple. At least if we want to do things the right way and make sure your video is a hit. And, that is what we want to do. We want to create as awesome a video as we can for you so that you are happy with our video production work – and hopefully recommend us to friends and partners. Back to it, video production in Montreal is multilateral and requires following a process, but we always get it done perfectly. If we say so ourselves. If you do not believe us, check out our work.

Our Montreal Video Production Process And A Teaser Of The Video Production Services We Offer.

We begin video production in Montreal (or elsewhere) with concept development and figuring out how to achieve your goals. After our initial and/or final onboard meeting, we will sit down as a team to plan out exactly how to execute the ideas you have. Without a great concept that is easy to understand and that will help us achieve your goals, your project may not be as successful as you want it to be. This is why we focus a lot on concept development and planning for our video production projects in Montreal.

Next, after developing a visually appealing and focused concept, we move on to storyboarding and scripting. Apart from concept development, certain things have to be done before the drone is put in the air or the camera rolls. These things are called (and know as) storyboarding and scripting – in the video production industry (in Montreal). A storyboard is essentially the visual plan that your video will follow. It will guide how we execute on shoot day or shoot days. Without storyboarding, people will be all over the place and important shots and pieces of footage may not get captured. Likewise, scripting allows actors and video participants (you) to know what needs to be said and done on shoot day (or days). You may think it is not necessary to write (or follow) a script, but, it is. Scripting is super important – especially if you have a certain message you want to get across. A script can make (or break) your project – that is why we treat the script and the scripting process with care and respect.

The next (some would say most important) phase of video production in Montreal (or anywhere else in Canada – or the rest of the world) is the filming and production phase. This is essentially where we try everything we know to get the best shots and pieces of footage possible – for the project. This is easier said than done, but, we will utilize our camera (or many cameras), different angles, (potentially) drone (drones), and some project-specific tools (created with some engineering ingenuity) to capture great pieces of footage that we can edit into an awesome final video for you. This leads to the final phase of video production in Montreal – the editing phase.

We take time to look at, analyze, and put together different pieces of footage into one awesome video (perfect video production in Montreal – if you ask us). We put a lot of effort and channel all of our working focus into editing your video because we want to give you the best video. A video that will make your life easier and help you with branding and marketing. We devote more time than we think is necessary sometimes into the editing phase because we don’t want to miss anything – and we want to maximize the effect of the video on viewers of it. We pay a lot of attention to editing a video project (all video projects) – if not the most attention (to be honest).

Come With A Huge Bang, Let Us Create A Video That Will Wow Your Audience For You….Today.

In Montreal, video production and/or a video can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars ($200) to $100000+. The variables that control the price of a video and video production (in Montreal) are extensive. Too many to list – and count – to be honest. The duration of the video, the expertise of the team and personnel you hire, location of the shoot (or locations and/or sets for shoots), editing needs, type of video, level of the desired quality, and many more – dictate the amount (and price) you will pay.

If you want to know our prices – and get a quote for a video (or project) – call us. It is the best and fastest way to get an answer to this question.

There are many types of videos that you can use to get your message across – to consumers, employees and shareholders.

You can use interview videos, testimonial videos, training videos, research videos, documentaries, event recap videos, informational videos, commercials, product videos, demos, brand videos, music videos and unique video content – or a mixture – to tell stories, spread ideas, sell and educate.

There are also industry-specific video production styles and processes. Corporate video production, music video production, real estate video production and personal brand (or influencer) video production have their own demands, challenges, and unique processes (that facilitate the production).

If you do not know the type of video production work you want for your endeavor, or the type of video you need to achieve your goals, we can (and will) help you decide. We will make sure you select the right video type (or mix of video types) that will be most effective for your project. We are experienced in video marketing – so, we know what will work best (depending on the purpose and what you are trying to achieve).

We do video production (for companies and individuals) the best – in Montreal. There is not much to it than that. We want to keep this section as simple as possible – and do not want to brag too much. We are confident in our abilities and know we can do awesome work with you. If you need a video production company (in Montreal) for advice – or any project – call us. If you have any doubts about our skills and abilities – check out our work. That is all we have to say on that.

We Do Video Production In Montreal – The Right Way.