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Hi there friend,

We are Latent Productions, a professional video production company (in Montreal) that is always at your service – and always ready to help you with any video production project (or work) you have. Let us tell you a bit more about what we do, before diving deeper into some more technical and specific things that you are looking for. If you are here to figure out what video production in Montreal is, some of the challenges Montreal video production poses and/or how much it costs (or can cost), scroll down. If you need a bit more information, scroll down even further to the FAQ’s and Knowledge Centre section below.

Anyways, as was promised, here is a little snippet of what we do as a full-service video production team that offers our services to clients in Montreal. As you may (or may not) know already, video production in Montreal is arguably one of the hardest branding (or marketing) tasks that a company or individual will ever have to do. In fact, since you will always need visual content that is engaging and captivating to satisfy your clients and potential consumers of your products and/or services (and investors, do not forget them now), you will always need videos. This means you will have to deal with many video production projects over time (or multiple projects at once). Do not worry, we get it.

To be honest, that is one of the reasons why we created Latent Productions. We understand how hard video production in Montreal is. We fully get it as humans and business people ourselves. It requires a lot of effort and you need to figure out a lot of things – to execute properly. Back to the subject at hand, we do not want you to ever have to stress over a video production project again. That is why we provide amazing video production services to corporate and non-corporate clients. We do everything needed to make sure you have a final product and video that you can be proud of – and that you can share with customers, investors and shareholders, and just about any other stakeholder. This means your part is easy. You tell us what you need – and we go out and get it done. Simple, right? Yes. But, how exactly do we do this – you ask?

Here is how we do video production in Montreal (or elsewhere). We want to tell you that it is as simple as pointing a camera at a subject and shooting – then quickly editing a video together – but, it really is not that simple. At least if we want to do things the right way and make sure your video is a hit. And, that is what we want to do. We want to create as awesome a video as we can for you so that you are happy with our video production work – and hopefully recommend us to friends and partners. Back to it, video production in Montreal is multilateral and requires following a process, but we always get it done perfectly. If we say so ourselves. If you do not believe us, check out our work.

Our Montreal Video Production Process And A Teaser Of The Video Production Services We Offer.

We begin video production in Montreal (or elsewhere) with concept development and figuring out how to achieve your goals. After our initial and/or final onboard meeting, we will sit down as a team to plan out exactly how to execute the ideas you have. Without a great concept that is easy to understand and that will help us achieve your goals, your project may not be as successful as you want it to be. This is why we focus a lot on concept development and planning for our video production projects in Montreal.

Next, after developing a visually appealing and focused concept, we move on to storyboarding and scripting. Apart from concept development, certain things have to be done before the drone is put in the air or the camera rolls. These things are called (and know as) storyboarding and scripting – in the video production industry (in Montreal). A storyboard is essentially the visual plan that your video will follow. It will guide how we execute on shoot day or shoot days. Without storyboarding, people will be all over the place and important shots and pieces of footage may not get captured. Likewise, scripting allows actors and video participants (you) to know what needs to be said and done on shoot day (or days). You may think it is not necessary to write (or follow) a script, but, it is. Scripting is super important – especially if you have a certain message you want to get across. A script can make (or break) your project – that is why we treat the script and the scripting process with care and respect.

The next (some would say most important) phase of video production in Montreal (or anywhere else in Canada – or the rest of the world) is the filming and production phase. This is essentially where we try everything we know to get the best shots and pieces of footage possible – for the project. This is easier said than done, but, we will utilize our camera (or many cameras), different angles, (potentially) drone (drones), and some project-specific tools (created with some engineering ingenuity) to capture great pieces of footage that we can edit into an awesome final video for you. This leads to the final phase of video production in Montreal – the editing phase.

We take time to look at, analyze, and put together different pieces of footage into one awesome video (perfect video production in Montreal – if you ask us). We put a lot of effort and channel all of our working focus into editing your video because we want to give you the best video. A video that will make your life easier and help you with branding and marketing. We devote more time than we think is necessary sometimes into the editing phase because we don’t want to miss anything – and we want to maximize the effect of the video on viewers of it. We pay a lot of attention to editing a video project (all video projects) – if not the most attention (to be honest).

Come With A Huge Bang, Let Us Create A Video That Will Wow Your Audience For You….Today.

In Montreal, video production and/or a video can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars ($200) to $100000+. The variables that control the price of a video and video production (in Montreal) are extensive. Too many to list – and count – to be honest. The duration of the video, the expertise of the team and personnel you hire, location of the shoot (or locations and/or sets for shoots), editing needs, type of video, level of the desired quality, and many more – dictate the amount (and price) you will pay.

If you want to know our prices – and get a quote for a video (or project) – call us. It is the best and fastest way to get an answer to this question.

There are many types of videos that you can use to get your message across – to consumers, employees and shareholders.

You can use interview videos, testimonial videos, training videos, research videos, documentaries, event recap videos, informational videos, commercials, product videos, demos, brand videos, music videos and unique video content – or a mixture – to tell stories, spread ideas, sell and educate.

There are also industry-specific video production styles and processes. Corporate video production, music video production, real estate video production and personal brand (or influencer) video production have their own demands, challenges, and unique processes (that facilitate the production).

If you do not know the type of video production work you want for your endeavor, or the type of video you need to achieve your goals, we can (and will) help you decide. We will make sure you select the right video type (or mix of video types) that will be most effective for your project. We are experienced in video marketing – so, we know what will work best (depending on the purpose and what you are trying to achieve).

We do video production (for companies and individuals) the best – in Montreal. There is not much to it than that. We want to keep this section as simple as possible – and do not want to brag too much. We are confident in our abilities and know we can do awesome work with you. If you need a video production company (in Montreal) for advice – or any project – call us. If you have any doubts about our skills and abilities – check out our work. That is all we have to say on that.

We Do Video Production In Montreal – The Right Way.


Are you searching for video production in Montréal? Latent Productions is the partner you need for world-class video production in Quebec’s largest city. We work with corporates, small businesses, brands, and influencers, anywhere in the city and surrounding area.

Latent Productions is a full-service production firm with a great team anyone can access in the city. Our fully-equipped and extremely knowledgeable team is ready to take on any project, with the latest HDR camera technology and professional videographers. Whether you need a product shoot or an animated video, we’ll make it happen.

Latent Productions also offers live-action shoots out in the city. Capture the essence of Montreal in your videos and bring it to life in your creative vision on video. We have expert knowledge of the best shooting locations when the best lighting is available in the city and all the permits to shoot legally anywhere in Montreal.

From boardrooms in the skyscrapers around downtown Westmount to water shoots out on the St. Lawrence River, Latent Productions can handle any video production request from our partners. Latent Productions brings you the following suit of production services for your project.


Concept discussion and development

Pre-production assessment

Script creation and supervision


Set design and execution

Set and production design

Costume and wardrobe styling

Hair and makeup

Prop sourcing

Pre-visualization and masterful execution

Art direction


Sound stage design ad composition

Video encoding and color grading

Scoring and soundtrack development

Voiceovers and sound effects


Delivery of your video content in any format

Subtitles and captions

Storage and backup facilities


Time-lapse recording

Multi-camera specialized shoots

Live event coverage

DIT service and BTS production

Remote shoots


Location sourcing and permit applications

Casting direction

Scheduling and logistics

The production crew and equipment rental

Craft services and catering

Full insurance cover


Latent Productions is more than a video production studio. We understand you’re going to need a partner for your video content strategy. There’s no such thing as a one-off hit-and-run campaign for any industry. Whether you’re an influencer trying to grow your audience, or a corporate trying to train staff and attract clients, you need an ongoing video content strategy for your business.

Latent Productions wants to be there for your video content requirements. We’re a team that understands the needs of all industries and what they expect from each piece of video content they create. Our purposefully shot videos enhance the reach and awareness of your brand in your target audience, giving your company or brand better results with your marketing strategy.

Research shows that consumers are moving to video media as their preferred communication method with people and the market. Marketers that embrace video content in their strategy see better results than those that don’t – it’s as simple as that.

While video content has so much utility in marketing, it’s not only suited to this aspect of a business strategy. Video marketing is useful in HR processes for onboarding new employees and training videos involving the processes in your company.

From commercials to educational videos and even full-length documentaries, Latent Productions handles every category of video content production. If you’re a nonprofit or a small business, we can help you create professional video content to promote your business, promotions, and fundraisers.

Latent Products has a full range of in-house video production services. Contact our studio at (204) 805-3188 and speak with our team about how we can add value to your business or career.


As Quebec’s largest and most productive city, Montreal is home to thousands of corporates. Latent Productions offers corporates a video production partner for all their in-house and external video content requirements.

Whether you need a CEO interview in your boardroom or outbound production in the city for your CSI campaign, we’re ready to assist you with anything you need.



Latent Productions works with nonprofits to help them spread awareness of their initiatives and build their brand.

We can handle projects for business associations, philanthropical organizations, or healthcare providers. Let Latent Productions produce your video content for your fundraisers, donations and awareness campaigns, and much more.



Latent Productions brings you a full range of video marketing and outreach video strategies for your video content marketing campaigns.

We’ll assist legal and accounting firms with promotional and outreach videos and real estate agents with videos for their listings.

Whether you’re a talent scout or an HR provider, we’re here to assist you with promotional videos to drive awareness and educational video content for training staff.



Manufacturers and distributors can benefit from working with Latent Productions. Let us create compliance videos for your training programs and educational videos for your shareholders.

We’ll tell the story of your manufacturing brand and enhance your industry authority with our video content.



We help consumer-facing businesses get more reach with their marketing campaigns, close more deals, and sell more products.

Research shows video content has over six times the impact of any other visual communication medium. When it comes to marketing campaign strategy, you’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using video content.



Ecommerce continues to evolve, and the ever-changing landscape gets more competitive every month. Video content marketing strategies are essential for eCommerce retailers that want to stand out from the competition.



Boost foot traffic and inquiries into your business through the use of local video content marketing strategies. We’ll shoot promotional and awareness videos for your business, building your brand in the community.



Startups can use Latent Productions for video content designed to attract investors and explain their concept in a straight-up manner.



Restaurants, bars, Airbnb owners, and hotels can use video content marketing to give their guests a virtual experience of what it’s like to stay at their establishment or enjoy some entertainment at a venue.



Latent Productions can assist with videography for online learning courses. Let us help you with building on-demand learning courses for any educational requirement. We can assist companies and corporates with training videos, private learning institutions with modular learning systems, and fitness and yoga instructors with online structured training courses.



Let Latent Productions turn your brand story into a video. Branding is essential for influencers and companies, and it’s a critical component of any marketing strategy. Latent Productions specializes in placing your brand message on film, showing the world your values and mission through a visual medium.



Influencers need to think of themselves as brands if they want to succeed in the competitive world of social media. Video content marketing on social media platforms can be as simple as a 1-minute viral video for Tik Tok or a 30-minute documentary-style video for YouTube.



Latent Productions offers real estate agents the chance to film walkthroughs, virtual tours, and flyovers of your properties under management or mandate. We can supercharge your listings, making you the top agent in your area.



Latent Productions has years of experience in creating TV-style ads for social media and traditional media marketing strategies. We’ll ensure you get the right video production for your broadcast or YouTube video.



Latent Productions handles the streaming and filming of any virtual or live broadcast. We’ll capture the essence of your event and transfer it to video, with “behind-the-scenes edits and special scenes for attendees and people that miss your live event.



We’ll interview your employees or your customers in videos designed to promote your brand and company. Latent Productions can set up the right interview environment for CEOs, executives, investors, or clients, enhancing the connection between the interviewee and audience.


Latent Productions realizes that social media is the marketing platform of the future. With thousands of hours of video content uploaded to the top social sites – every second. Marketers and social media influencer personalities need a way to separate their content for the rest of the noise in their niche.

Latent Productions works with you to understand the creative vision you have for your social media marketing strategy. Latent Productions can help you grow your audience, get more sponsors, and covert more sales from product videos to promotional teasers.



Social media provides marketers with one of the biggest platforms for reaching their target market. Latent Productions understands that you will be placing your content on Instagram and Facebook to attract more traffic to your landing pages and social feeds.

We design purposeful content that fits your brand image on your platform. You’ll find that using professional production strategies in your video content will gain you more followers, likes, shares, and conversions.

We work with any social media platform, and our content comes ready for immediate upload to your account.


Short-form content for gaining attention, followers, likes, and shares.


Mid-length content promoting local businesses or brands. Gain leads and engagement with your CTAs.


Longer-form content positioning you as an industry authority or expert.


Mid to long-form content designed to promote your sponsors, channel, and reputation.



We have everything you need in our Montreal studio to film your product category. We’ll create a product video catalog, and we have talented product stylists on set to handle the effective staging of your product range.



We’ll film your products and transform them into adverts for your social media accounts. We can place CTAs in your videos, inspiring your viewers to take action at the most emotional points of your video.



A 360-degree product video is the closest thing you can do to pacing the product directly in the consumer’s hands. Latent Production specializes in 360-degree product shoots that give the prospect a first-person perspective.



Corporates. Legal forms and architects make use of case studies for HR and marketing purposes. Latent Productions can help you create functional video case studies for your employees and clients. Let us bring a new visual dynamic to the presentation of your case studies, boosting engagement and results with amazing video content.



Marketing gets more competitive each year, and those firms, agencies, and businesses utilizing video marketing content are the pones gaining market share. Sperate your brand from the competition and sell more products and services with video content strategies designed to get your prospects to pull the buying trigger on your offers.



Brands can benefit from storytelling strategies to build awareness and authority in the market. Latent Productions video production offers you a streamlined and seamless way of expanding your reach and engagement with your target market.



Social proof videos are a must for online marketers. If you’re looking to sell products online, social proof videos increase consumers’ trust in your brand and products. When people want to buy something, they look for evidence that it’s a good buy online.

They’ll check their social media accounts and look for helpful videos of other people explaining their experience using your product or service. A social proof video does more for your marketing campaign than a simple review.

It’s a powerful way of confirming customer satisfaction. If you have client or customer reviews on your site and social channels, prospects are more likely to buy from you than the competition. Latent Productions assist you with masterful social proof videos designed to qualify and close your traffic, getting more conversions.



Latent Productions brings you a full range of specialty video production services in Montreal. We can assist content creators with enhancing the effects of their videos through specialist filming and post=-production techniques.

Let us help you capture your moments that matter using drones or GoPro tech, and our animation and green screen services will produce amazing results for your videos. Reach out to our studio and find out how we can help bump up the quality of your video content strategy.



Drone technology changed everything when it comes to capturing aerial shots for video productions. The drone makes it easy to get cost-effective footage of any outdoor scene from a height. Our drone pilots have the latent and licenses to operate anywhere in the city of Montreal.

We use the latest drone technology, shooting footage in 4K. We give you breathtaking aerial videos that mesmerize your audience and boost engagement with your video content.



Action sports and extreme sports are exciting, providing the viewer with a thrilling experience. Whether you need onboard camera footage for an FMX rider or paintball team, Latent Productions has the equipment you need to make any live-action shot as engaging as possible.

We’ll film your event and then edit it to capture the best moments of your POV video experience. We utilize the latest GoPro technology, shooting in 4K. There’s no grainy video, and you get nothing but high-quality POV additions to your video content.



Podcasts are becoming the new newsradio, and there are thousands of new podcasts popping up every month. Latent Productions can assist you with podcast stage management and portable podcast studio setups for filming out of town, anywhere in Montreal.

Whether you’re a corporate or an influencer looking to start a podcast, turn to Latent Productions for assistance with rolling out your strategy. We have talented teams and directors that can capture multi-angle shots during your podcast for a TV-like feel to the set and production.

We work with top-level podcasters across Canada and the United States, and we can make your podcast production value on the same level as the industry greats.



Latent Productions brings you a full-house animation service. Our talented animations team can do anything to your videos. We offer you something as small as adding a virtual CTA to complete CGI environments and VFX for your video production.

The use of animation in your video content opens up a whole new world for marketers. It gives them the chance to explain or demonstrate far-off concepts in a medium that’s easy to understand. Animation is critical to target the younger generation, and our team knows what works in any age demographic.

Latent Productions brings you everything from stop motion graphics, CGI, 2D, and 3D animation or modeling, to Visual FX enhancements and much more for your animated video content. We’ll add CTAs, titles, and effects, boosting the storytelling capability of your video production.



A time-lapse offers you a powerful visual communications tool. You can wrap up the energy and effort of any process using time-lapse. From a seedling blossoming to a flower or a building going from a bare site into a completed structure, or time-lapse videos bring you the best video of warping time and space to your artistic vision.



The green screen is one of the technological wonders of the modern age of videography. We can do anything with a green screen, placing you in any environment, at any location.

We have thousands of green screen backgrounds to enhance the look of your videos and improve the quality of your content.

Green screens allow us to include a vast array of special effects in post-production, giving your video studio-quality results previously only available to the largest productions with the biggest budgets.


Latent Productions brings you a straightforward step-by-step production process. We make it easy for you to get your ideas out with professional storyboarding of your vision with our creative team.

We use professional filming equipment, with a fully-equipped team of experts excited to take care of your video content production requirements. We can source locations and stage sets for any outdoor shoot in the city, and our post-production team will blow you away with the effects and enhancements they add to your videos.

Our five-step production process.

STEP 1 – Pre-Production and Storyboarding

STEP 2 – Pre-Production Planning

STEP 4 – Shooting Your Video

STEP 5 – Editing and Post-Production

Contact our team, and we’ll unpack your vision, turning it into video content that achieves your objectives.


Why should you choose Latent Productions as your video content partner in Montreal? We offer the best range of value-added video production services in Montreal. We have a talented team of awesome Montreal videographers that create video magic everywhere they go.

Our partner product stylists will make your products shine, and our post-production teams will make your videos pop. Our proven videography processes allow us to work in any environment and any niche, in any industry. Whether you’re an influencer or an eCommerce entrepreneur, Latent Productions is Montreal’s preferred video production partner.

Latent Productions helps you build your brand awareness in the market and boost your engagement with your target audience. Enhance the effect and results of your marketing campaigns, increase traffic to your social accounts, website, and landing pages, and supercharge lead generation with purposeful video content from Latent Productions.

Latent Productions gives you the video content partner you need for your marketing and brand-building campaigns. We’re reliable and consistent, and we’ll always deliver your project on time. We understand this won’t be your last request for video content, and we want to form a relationship with you that lasts into the future.