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If you are serious about your music career (and serious about your aspirations of becoming a global star), you need to deliver to your fans and potential fans (music lovers and lovers of the genre of music you do) – awesome and high-quality visual content. The music matters a lot, but amazing visuals take you to the next level.

Just think about viral hits like “Gangnam Style”, “Drip Too Hard”, “Bad and Boujee”, “Despacito”, “Gods Plan”, “Gucci Gang”, and “Hotline Bling”. What did all of these hits have in common? They all had music videos that some would say outdid the songs. The music videos for these songs were not only visually stimulating – they did the songs justice. Some say these songs were already hits before the music videos to them come out – and, this is true because the numbers do not lie. However, it cannot be denied that these songs all shot up in popularity and streams after the visuals to them were released. So, here, we see the chicken before the egg dilemma. Did the song make the music video, or did the music video make the song?

Regardless of your opinion on this, the millions (hundred of millions – and even billions) of views on the music videos of these songs adds validity to the importance of a great music video for a song. People love watching music videos on YouTube and social media music video snippets on Instagram. They are cool, they tell stories, they show a lifestyle that people aspire to live, they are sensational and they stimulate our senses. Although there is not a lot of scientific studies that have been done as to why music videos have such a powerful effect on us, their effect is seen in popular culture. The clothes we wear, the cars we choose to drive, the types of homes we aspire to live in – are all subconsciously influenced by music videos. This is why top brands are always trying hard to place their products and services inside music videos. Because music videos are near perfect (and undetectable to the naked eye) marketing tools.

Most parties involved in music video production recognize the sheer marketing power of a music video that is well done. Labels and important personalities in the industry know that a great music video can put an artist in the spotlight – and allow them to skyrocket their reach, career and industry influence. That is why top labels and executives provide massive budgets for music video production (in Toronto and the world). Brands place their products in music videos to advertise and market them. Usually, they provide their product and some extra funds for the production of the music video to get their brand or product featured. If you are a great music video producer, director, or an artist, you can take advantage of this information. Reach out to brands that you are interested in promoting to see if they want to be involved in your music video production project. Obviously, the results of this will be dependent on your power, reach and sway as an artist right now.

Music video production companies, producers, videographers, directors, models, and actors know their involvement in your music video production can accelerate their career or help them maintain their industry significance and power. So, they will treat your project with respect and make sure it is as awesome as it can be – within your budget. Finally, artists (like yourself) know the power of a great music, as was previously stated – so, they always come with a lot of energy and great ideas – to a shoot. The fact that all parties involved in music video production recognize the power of executing to the highest level creates a conducive environment for creating (and putting out) the best work possible.

Now that you understand the power of music videos – and the effect a well produced and directed video can have on your career, on a labels bottom-line, and for a brand – lets look at the role that awesome music video production plays in the whole process and journey.

Toronto Music Video Production.

Music video production (in Toronto) is not easy. Actually, we would say that music video production is hard. But, we love it. And, that is why we do it. The process is extremely complicated and stressful the deeper you dive into the major steps involved and the logistics behind production. But the overall music video production process boils down to three steps and sections of work: pre-production, production, and post-production. During pre-production, you have to drum up a great concept that you believe (and wholeheartedly know) that you can (or at least should) be able to execute fully. During this phase, you create what is called – a treatment plan. After, you execute. This is the production phase – and some would say is the most important section and step in music video production (in Toronto). During the production phase (of a music video), you congregate with actors (and/or models) and production personnel (videographers and technicians) – and you shoot the video (you grab pieces of raw footage at the location or locations you set during the pre-production phase). Last but definitely not least, your music video team (videographer, editor, director, and producer) sit down (potentially with you) to produce the final product. They will choose pieces of footage that will make it into the final music video based on the treatment plan and how awesome they are. They then edit together a final piece – and deliver it to you. It is that easy. At least from the top (birds-eye) view of it (music video production that is).

Video production (as an art form) is tough on its own – but music video production is even tougher because of many reasons. You have to juggle many ideas, people, styles, opinions, items, locations and things – and manage to distill all of the hard work and preparation into a quick and eye-popping music video (final product). As you can imagine, that is tough. That is why the key to high-level music video production execution is creating an awesome treatment plan that will do your song justice. The treatment plan will define the concept for the music video and how you plan on executing on the concept with a summary of visuals and ideas you will use to execute on this concept. Since music videos are extremely visual, you need to knock the visuals out of the park. To do this, you have to make sure you account for providing awesome visuals – to viewers. At the end of the day, you will be extremely successful with your music video project if you make sure that the your vision, ideas, concept and overall treatment plan is clear – and easy to work through (or around).

Like a lot of art forms and services, the cost of a music video and music video production (in Toronto) varies greatly. The only thing that we have found to be the same across all levels of music video production (in Toronto) is – you get what you pay for. There is a reason why music videos need good budgets and are not cheap – despite what your local videographer offering you a music video for $500 is telling you. They require a lot of work to properly put together and they are visually demanding pieces of production.

Anyways, on the lower end, if you are looking for something simple with one location, one videographer, and some simple edits after a four to six hour shoot, you can get away with a $1200-$2500 budget. If you want something spicier, and with some sauce, be prepared to spend anywhere from $5000-$40000 for a full team and cast. Finally, if you want to come into the industry with a bang, push a song, or produce a big picture video, be prepared to spend $40000 (or more). The cost of a music video can get into the upper six figures (or seven figure mark) very easily for a major artist that is pushing a hit song. Drakes music videos cost more than your local artists – but to be honest, if your team knows what they are doing, your videos can have the same effect on viewers and fans (at a lower budget).

A basic budget breakdown will feature a unique mix of the following listed individuals and items – and is as follows:

  • A director (one will realistically charge anywhere from $500 – $4000)
  • Music video producer (about $600 – $800 easily)
  • Art director ($400 – $800)
  • Hair and makeup artist ($400 – $800+)
  • Sound engineer ($300 – $700+)
  • Location ($0 – $X) – You can use a free public space, your home – or somewhere where you do not have to rent
  • Props ($0 – $X) – You can get companies to provide cool props for free – or use props you have
  • Wardrobe ($0 – $X) – You can get designer brands and clothing brands to give you these items – or wear your own clothes
  • Camera operator or videographer ($400+)

The budget breakdown above does not account for assistants, technicians and special equipment that is needed for a big production. It is a basic breakdown that is meant to show you how to think about music video production budgeting.

*Please note that if you choose to just hire a videographer to shoot you in a few different locations (alongside one or two models), the cost breakdown will be a bit different. You will need to pay the music videographer a half-day (4-6 hours) rate or full-day (8-12 hours) rate for his (or her) services – and his (or her) equipment. For a half-day shoot, this will cost you about $1000 – and for a full-day shoot, over $1500. This is on the low end. If it is a multi-location or multi-day shoot, you will have to talk to your videographer and negotiate with him (or her). But, typically, multi-day and multi-location shoots are over $2500.

Finally, If you want other production services and materials like drone videography and editing, it will cost you. Typically, over $200 for drone videography, over $500 for editing services, and $200 for promo materials.

We are the best video production company in Toronto (and Canada). And, through the years, have developed an aptitude and expertise at creating awesome music videos for artists (all over Toronto and Canada). Why go through the stress of directing and producing your own music videos – you already have a lot to do as an artist (or aspiring artist). You have to handle the day to day tasks of being an artist – and promoting yourself. Why do you want to handle music video production too? Leave that to us, and just focus on making awesome music and doing other things that will help your brand and promote your music. We will handle this important step in promoting your music for you. We will deliver an awesome music video and various pieces of promo material to you.

Although we are located in Toronto, we are willing and ready to travel anywhere in Canada (or the world) to make sure we make you the best music video possible (for your song). We understand that sometimes you do not want to compromise on your vision as an artist – and that is why we are willing to go anywhere you need us. We are artists too – at the end of the day.

We are the best music video production team in Toronto (and Canada) for sure, call us today for help producing your next (or first) music video.

Make an investment in yourself (your music, music career, or that song that’s blown up – or that you think will blow up) or your artist (or artists) today! We will make sure your (or their) music, song, and brand are treated right.