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First of all, welcome to Latent Productions. Just a little bit about us here at Latent Productions before we move on. We are a full-service video production and videography company that offers video production services to businesses and individuals all over Ottawa. Our elite teams of videographers, editors, directors, writers, and producers will help you turn your imagination and visual dreams into real (tangible) videos and visual experiences (for your target audiences to enjoy and/or engage with). You may think your video idea and plans are grandiose and near impossible – but we can make something happen. Our video production skills and experience allow us to transcend what you think is possible for video production (in Ottawa).

We do video production in Ottawa a bit differently. Whilst video production (in Ottawa) at its core is just the process of creating awesome brand and personal videos – it can go a bit deeper if you choose to understand it deeply. We have done the work to understand it at a deeper level. And, we truly believe that this deeper understanding of Ottawa video production allows us to unleash the highest levels of creativity (beyond the capabilities of the best video producers and production companies in Ottawa) and unlock what some people think is impossible. This does not mean we throw out the traditional steps that are involved in the process. We always follow the traditional pre-production, production, and post-production process. But, outside of those planning confines, we like to experiment and try different (new) things.

3-Step Video Production System

Just to make sure that you know what each part of the process of video production in Ottawa is (and involves) before we dive into our creative process, here we go. Pre-production in Ottawa involves you (as the client) sitting down (or getting on a conference call) with us to discuss what you need, the goal of your project, and the quality of work you are looking for. We will then present you with project fulfilment options and a plan that we think is reasonable (and executable) for the project’s needs. The goal of pre-production in Ottawa is setting the stage for the next – and some would say the most important – phase of video production in Ottawa.

The second and most labour (energy) intensive part of video production in Ottawa is the actual production phase – where some people say “all the magic happens”. In the production phase in Ottawa, videographers, actors, technicians, directors, producers and other members of the production crew will come together to create your video. This is a meaty section of the video production process in Ottawa because it involves lots of different parties working together towards a common goal. Although the video production team (director, videographer, producer) is the nucleus of the overall team, they need actors and other parties involved in your project to be on their A-game in order to ensure the success of your project.

Final to the overall process is editing and post-production. Post-production is where we think the real magic of Ottawa video production happens. You can have an awesome Ottawa videographer (or Ottawa videography team), but, if your editing team is subpar, your video will fall flat. Editing and post-production is amazing and involves the producer and director working with either the videographer or an editor to pick the best pieces of footage and put them together in an order and manner that makes sense.

The Intricacies Of Video Production In Ottawa.

Video production in Ottawa is extremely hard to execute internally because it involves (and requires) many moving parts and a lot of creativity – but the world today demands a high level of professionalism and quality – so, you can not afford to be thrifty (or go the free DIY route). You need a team of Ottawa video production experts (videographer, producer, director, sound engineer, etc.) that knows what it is doing when it comes to video production in Ottawa. You also need a team that either has experience – or that you think will be capable of – handling all types of video production projects in Ottawa.

Video production in Ottawa permeates all industries and markets (in Ottawa) because videos are arguable the best branding and marketing tools. They help businesses and people communicate with each other and with connected parties. And, communication is key to human interaction, business development, and innovation. Thus, as a result of the need for videos for human to human communication, different types of videos (and video production processes) have been developed to satisfy the needs of various types of parties. Here are some of the most popular ones in Ottawa:

Corporate Video Production In Ottawa

Corporate video production (or producing corporate videos) in Ottawa involves us helping brands and companies tell powerful and real stories of their products, services, and ideas. As corporate video production experts in Ottawa, we know the stories that move people – and how to tell stories in a way that will move people. We will help you (as a business proprietor, executive and/or business person) tell the story of your brand – with a beautiful library of videos. Corporate video production in Ottawa is known to accelerate and power branding and marketing efforts. If you are a business or person in need of corporate video production in Ottawa for branding or marketing purposes, reach out – we may be able to help.

Music Video Production Ottawa

Music is a huge part and section of general (and popular) culture today. To be honest, music has always been at the forefront of entertainment and media (in the global landscape) because music has always been an important part of society. Music videos are more or slightly less the same. Music videos are a huge part of entertainment today in Ottawa. Consumers love consuming music video content in Ottawa. So, music video production in Ottawa is massive – in the Ottawa video production scene. Also, music hits many other aspects of life – through concerts and live events. Anyways, it does not matter if you need music video production or videography work for a music video, a concert, or a live event, we can be there to help you out. Just reach out to our team today.

Real Estate Videography And Video Production In Ottawa

Real estate photography in Ottawa helps Ottawa real estate agents sell more properties. In fact, most agents will agree that without real estate photography in Ottawa, they will be unable to sell their listings. This is because potential home buyers are on the internet and they need something to see – to convince them to come to experience a house (or property) in person. Real estate photography in Ottawa is the tool these agents use to help potential buyers see the properties they offer online. However, if you are an agent and want to kick things up a notch and provide a bit more. Think about using real estate videography in Ottawa to show potential buyers your properties – and give them a more unique and rich experience online. You can also use an Ottawa real estate videography service like ours to brand your operation better. Stand out today with our real estate video production work and services – call us.

Personal And Individual

Are you trying to build your personal brand? Do you understand that now, more than ever, it is extremely important to focus on your personal brand – and pay attention to the content you put out? If you want to excel in your career and excel in the corporate sector, you need to put out great content. You need professional video production and videography to promote your services and skills, spread your ideas, and win people (and clients). Asides from this, you need professional videos and video content of important milestones like your wedding or graduation. If you are a serious individual that takes pride in what you put out and know you need video production services and help in Ottawa, give us a call today.

You may be confused as to the potential cost of your project because every video production company (in Ottawa) is giving you a different quote. Do not sweat this – or be worried. This is common – and there is a reason for this. Video production in Ottawa is an art form. Therefore, different artists (Ottawa video production companies and experts) will charge different prices based on their belief in the quality of work they provide, their experience creating videos, and expertise in creating effective videos.

To ease your mind and help with the stress of it all, here are some findings we have discovered about pricing (and quoting) for video production work in Ottawa. On average, a video production entity (individual freelancer and expert or company) will charge anywhere from $1000 – $50000+ for video production work, depending on the complexity of the project. At the end of the day, you will always receive a quote based on how well the production company thinks they can execute for you and how hard it is to do what it is that you want to do – exactly. We would try an break down the cost of each type of video, but, that will get convoluted and too complex. If you have an idea of what you want and want to know how much it will cost, it is best to give us a shout or email us (as soon as possible).

Do you want to work with the best video production company in Ottawa? Of course, you do. Why would you not? Well, if you want to work with the best video production team in Ottawa, you are sitting pretty – in the right place. Do not go anywhere. Take this chance seriously. This has the chance to completely change your business.

By choosing us to assist you with video production work in Ottawa, you are getting a team of storytellers that will make your project a smash hit that is extremely well received. At the end of the day, we think we are special and different because we are storytellers that tell authentic stories. We do not create or make videos, we tell real stories – in real ways. We know a lot of Ottawa video production companies say this, but we really live this. Come try out our one of a kind video production process today.

It may not make a lot of sense to you right now, but once your project is underway with us, you will feel the difference in the way we do video production in Ottawa. We have unmatched attention to detail and a strict level of discipline – and high-level adherence to our process.

So, you do not think that you need (or you know that without a doubt in your mind you do not need) a full video production team or company in Ottawa? Awesome, we still have you covered. Our video production experts love simple videography work in Ottawa. So, if you are just looking for an Ottawa videographer to come in and professionally capture something on video for you (or content for a video – or many videos) – and deliver professional pieces of footage captured with professional gear to you – give us a call today.

Ottawa videography work is a bit different from Ottawa video production work.

Videography in Ottawa involves capturing footage of a subject of focus (a person, product, house, service, item, or a mixture of things) or an event (corporate event, personal event, school event, professional event, career event, and just about any celebration or gathering). But, since, in Ottawa, videography is soo expansive, it can be hard to understand and take advantage of.

Anyways, to keep things simple, videography in Ottawa can be broken down into three types. In Ottawa, videography work broken down into three types: event videography (in Ottawa), corporate videography (in Ottawa), and specialized videography in Ottawa (drone videography, wedding videography, etc). And, we have a videography team that can handle any type of videography work that you may need in Ottawa. If you need an awesome Ottawa videographer today, call Latent Productions.

Are you a start-up company looking to jumpstart and advertise your business in your field? Or are you an individual who has some unique story to tell through visual storytelling? Or perhaps, you might be a blogger or an influencer who wishes to get your big break as soon as possible?

Suppose you’re looking for the best means of reaching out to your target audiences in Ottawa with your amazing stories. In that case, video production services might just be for you. After all, videos are the best means that your brand can utilize to communicate your ideas and goals with everyone.

And with the existence of the internet, it’s become an effortless task to connect with people from all corners of the world. With just a few clicks and tinkering with various social media platforms, you can quickly and publicly post content that can be viewed by many people anytime and anywhere through their devices.

So, without a doubt, excellent content such as videos will help you get the boost you need to get your brand known out there. However, finding the right company that will let you successfully bring these ideas to life might be challenging.

But you don’t have to worry about that because here at Latent Productions, we can ensure that your stories are well-told and brought to life.

Choosing the Right Video Production Team in Ottawa

Budget – Of course, your total budget is the first thing you should consider in creating your videos. The total cost of your service may depend on the type of video you want for your brand, how big your project will be, and the like.

Previous Projects – You must also find the perfect video production team in Ottawa that best aligns with your ideas and goals. Looking at a video production company’s reel can give you the opportunity to know them better and see if their style suits your preferences.

With us, we will ensure that your money gets its worth. After all, we pride ourselves in creating professional and high-quality content that allows you to effectively communicate your stories with your target audiences, all for a reasonable price.

No matter what the project may be, our team of professionals will ensure that the final product will exceed your expectations. After all, we have worked on several projects of all kinds. In addition, our expertise in the field of video production won’t disappoint you since we are open to experimenting with new ideas and techniques.

Creating Awesome Videos of All Kinds

Here at Latent Productions, we are capable of doing all kinds of video productions in Ottawa for all your video production needs. So whether you need a video that will help you express your company’s story, a fun and creative output for your much-anticipated music video where you can freely express yourself, or if you simply need a professional team to help you build your personal brand, then we got it all for you!

In addition, we’re also here to cater to your personal and individual video service needs. Whether it’s immortalizing significant events in your life such as weddings, birthdays, and other vital events in your life, we’re here to record these precious memories of yours for you to look back and reminisce on through a well-put video.

How We Get Things Done

As an established and growing company, Latent Productions prides itself in creating quality videos that aim to make even the most impossible ideas you can think of into a reality. To us, there is no such thing as an idea too out-of-this-world. But that doesn’t mean ditching all the necessary processes in making your visions into reality.

So, here’s how we get things done for your video production in Ottawa:

Brainstorming and Planning: Before anything else, our professional team will meet up with you (the client) to discuss what you want to include in your video. So, in this video production phase in Ottawa, we will listen to your ideas, get to know your preferences, the things to include in the video setup of your desired output, and the like. After the brainstorming process, we will create a reasonable timeline to keep things on schedule.

Production Period: After carefully planning and brainstorming through several ideas, it’s now time to execute the plan. From here, we will be shooting the footage to include in your video with the aid of our professional video production team in Ottawa, comprising producers, actors, and videographers.

Wrapping It Up: This is the part where we finally put together everything we’ve filmed during the production process. We edit the content according to your guidelines and preferences for this process and ensure that we finish everything as scheduled. Additionally, this is also the stage where you can ask for edits and other revisions to ensure that everything is well-polished and to your liking.

Working With Latent Productions

In the marketing world, where people are doing their best to make themselves known, finding the opportunity to shine is like finding a needle in a haystack. Furthermore, it might seem easy to produce content on your own with your own camera and equipment. Still, without prior knowledge and the necessary skills, your output will end up being mediocre and not to your liking at all.

With our help, we can ensure you that your brand will receive the engagement that it needs. This can be achieved by producing high-quality videos filled with good substance, allowing your audience to relate to you on a personal level.

After all, well-made videos are the key to better engagement with your audiences. And with remarkable and high-quality content, your brand will skyrocket to fame and encourage traffic to your websites and other digital platforms.

Bring Your Video Content Ideas to Life Today

We deeply understand how hard it is to get your big break there, no matter what field you’re trying to excel in. With so many names trying to make themselves known out there, your own narrative might end up being buried and overshadowed by others. With this in consideration, allow us to tell and visualize your stories uniquely that will get people to genuinely relate and connect with your brand.

So, if you’re looking for a video production in Ottawa that will ensure that your stories and ideas are well-told, then we are here to help you. Contact Latent Productions now to turn your imaginations into a reality!

Bring Your Video Content Ideas To Life Today, Call Us!