Our Mission With Video.

Our mission with video is to push brands and people to their limits. We want to help you and your creation (idea, company, brand, non-profit, life’s work, etc.) make its way into peoples lives (hearts, homes, places of work, study areas, play places, etc.) – to create change (make peoples lives easier, better, more comfortable – palatable).

Essentially, we want to help your company scale to unimaginably massive proportions – WITH VIDEO. We create videos based on the digital marketing needs and strategy of your company. We create videos that we know you and your audience will love and connect with.

Latent Productions is a video production company that believes in the power of video. This is because videos are powerful tools for communicating messages. It can be used to tell stories, convey information, educate and entertain people.

Video has become an integral part of our lives with the advancement of technology. We can access videos on all our devices and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Videos can be used for many purposes such as marketing, advertising or just for entertainment purposes.

The use of video in marketing has increased significantly over the years due to its ability to captivate people’s attention and increase conversion rates when compared to other forms of content such as images or text-based content.

Video also provides a more personal touch which makes it more persuasive.

Deeper look

Video has become an integral part of the marketing mix. The question is not if you should use video, but how much time should be spent on it.

Latent Productions is a video production company that specializes in content marketing and business storytelling. We believe that video is the most powerful way to tell your story. Video can help you to establish credibility with your customers, grow your brand, or sell products and services more effectively.


Latent Productions believes in the power of video because it can be used to tell a story. It can also be used to educate, inform, and persuade audiences. Video is an excellent medium for advertisers because they can use it to connect with their audience on a variety of levels.

Video ads are more likely to be watched by consumers than other forms of advertising. They are also more likely to result in purchases or other actions from consumers.

What else do you need to convince you?