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A Toronto product photographer that will take pictures that do your products justice – and help you sell them like hotcakes.


With Latent Productions, you get everything you need to start your marketing campaign and create your product listing. Our product photographer will capture the perfect image of your products, allowing for direct upload to your listings.

  • Each photo comes as a Hero Image.
  • We offer free return shipping of your products (within reason).
  • Free global usage rights on your product photos.
  • Professional touchups included.

Introduction to product photography in Toronto – and the importance of commerce and product photography in Toronto.

Commerce is the lifeblood of every economy. If people and corporations stopped engaging in commerce based activities (or stopped commerce altogether) – making, buying and selling products, services, software and all other tangible (and intangible) things – the advancement of mankind will come to a standstill. Modern civilization (as one whole) and societies will not be in the same position if commerce did not exist. Commerce created the conducive environment that bred innovation (and the advancement of mankind) through competition. People and brands since the beginning of modern (post-agrarian) civilization (in pretty much all countries) have always competed for customers and sales. It is the lay of the land. This competitive quality (and ingrained nature) of commerce has been exacerbated by the increase in the globalization of world economics and major markets. To compete in today’s world, you need to stand out from others (competitors). You need to convey to potential customers that you are the best option for them – and/or that you are a way better alternative to their current solution (especially if it is produced by a competitor). The best way to do this for consumer goods (and pretty much any good) is with product photography. Product photography (in Toronto – and in other markets) is the best tool to use to persuade and sell potential customers. Amazing product photography in Toronto allows you to showcase the awesomeness of your product in its realest and most desirable form – or, if you are super creative (or your product photographer is super awesome), it allows you to transcend this and utilize photography to create fantasy-like connections with your product (or products). Product photography is bar none the best way to depict your product, package it, and showcase it to the world – that is one of the main reasons why you need to develop a great relationship with a skilled and marketing-inclined product photographer in Toronto.

But, why product photography in Toronto?

The importance of product photography in Toronto (and the world) has been made greater by the proliferation of ecommerce. Electronic commerce (on the internet, mobile apps and other platforms) – across all industries has permeated popular culture and economics (transactions and activities) in today’s world. Consumers make a significant chunk of their purchases on mobile apps and the internet (through websites, online stores and web platforms). The comfort and security that ecommerce offers is just too awesome to pass up. It has made the lives of consumers and business operators easy in that regard. But, ecommerce has a fundamental problem that is hard to ignore – that it poses. The lack of tangibility and realness. You cannot wear the clothes, feel the materials that make up the product, touch the products, wear the shoes, see things on your body, imagine yourself at an event with the product on, see how a product solves your problems, smell and/or taste the food – and ultimately experience any type of product fully. This makes online shopping hard. However, overtime a viable solution to this issue developed and proved itself extremely valuable and capable. You see, photos of products help solve these experiential issues – that ecommerce poses. Photos are the gateway to these experiences. Photos help you imagine these items on your body, smell and taste the food, and do just about anything else to experience the products by providing a tangible representation of the product.

Photos ignite your senses and help you attach a sense of tangibility to a product. Photos also help you gage quality when shopping online (or electronically). These are the reasons why product photography (in Toronto) matter. The world is almost entirely online now – and ecommerce is only growing. If you have an ecommerce or offline business and engage in some type of commerce, you are definitely online (and have a website). So, if you want to grow this business, you must make sure quality photos of your offerings are available to potential or current customers. Essentially, you must account for awesome product photography in Toronto.

Why you definitely have to find and hire a top Toronto product photographer today.

Conversions, from what we have found with clients and seen in internal case studies, is correlated to product photography quality. The higher the quality of your product photos, the higher your website (overall) and product pages will convert. Photos matter – but, the quality of your photos matters more because it instinctively makes consumers trust your brand and products more. And, when it comes to ecommerce, how your product looks in the photos on your website (or on other websites) and the overall experience (and story) the photos you put out creates are the number one and two top reasons why a potential consumer will buy your product. Whilst searching for products in your market, and, in a competitive plane, they will be the biggest reason why consumers choose your product (or products) over the products of your competitors.

This is mainly due to the fact that – photos (and videos) are the only tools that you can use to communicate the quality of your product effective. They are the only visual representations of your product (or products). Sure, copy (features listings and product details) is awesome and will help persuade and sell a customer. But, no engaged, active and reasonable consumer will make a product purchase on the internet without product photos. You can have the best copy in the world – but, without awesome photos, you will find it impossible (or at the least ridiculously difficult) to sell the product. Think about it logically, would you ever make a purchase on the internet without seeing a picture or visual representation of the product you want to purchase on the website? Probably not. Or, if you are like us and you potentially would (in a very rare case), it would probably be due to a lot of trust in the party (business or individual) that you are engaging in the transaction with. Chances are, you do not command that level of trust. Or, even if you do, your competitors are outdoing you currently by providing awesome photos of their products. So, if you want to go above and beyond and make sure you secure more sales, you should hire a top Toronto product photographer to help you grab awesome product photos.

The difference a top Toronto product photographer can make.

To be honest, from what we gather from our data on people that reach out to us through a page like this – you most likely do not have the internal bandwidth and capability to perfectly capture and effectively edit awesome photos that showcase your products in the best light (photography joke haha). If you do, you will probably hit a wall (creatively) very soon. Or, you have already hit a wall. This is why you need (and are looking) to hire a Toronto photographer with expertise and proven abilities to do amazing product photography in Toronto today.

A top Toronto product photographer can do amazing things for your brand and business – and liberate you and/or your employees from the shackles of product photography in Toronto. Primarily, hiring a top Toronto product photographer saves you time and resources. By outsourcing product photography in Toronto to the right Toronto product photographer, you will free up a significant amount of time and resources (both are extremely valuable resources that you can allocate elsewhere). Moreover, outsourcing product photography in Toronto to a company like ours will ensure a high level of work and quality. Most product photographers (especially a product photographer from our team) take pictures of products all day – every day. This means that they are extremely skilled and talented at styling and capturing images of products for whatever purpose you may have. It does not matter if you need a product page photo or a photo for an ad, they have the eye, talent and skill to capture and edit the perfect images of the product. This will help your efforts significantly. Advertising, marketing and branding your products online and through the internet (and internet media platforms) will be a breeze if you employ the right Toronto product photographer (one that understands your brand and cares about the quality of the photos that they take). Investing in product photography in Toronto and working with a top product photographer in Toronto will yield amazing returns (ROI on ad spend and have a huge impact of sales and conversions) – we know it will.


Are you an eCommerce entrepreneur? Selling products online is a great way to make money in the digital economy. With eCommerce sales continuing to grow year on year, more retailers are moving out of the traditional brick-and-mortar model to online stores.

An online store gives you more reach and a wider target market. However, chances are there are plenty of people selling the same products as you on Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and other online stores. So, how do you stand out above the competition with your listings and attract more sales?

The secret is in your product photography. Speak to any salesperson that knows what they are doing, and they’ll tell you that placing the product in the prospect’s hands is critical if you want to increase your chances of closing the sale.

However, that’s challenging to do in the online world. In traditional stores, the salesperson would just hand the prospect the product, and they do the rest. However, with selling online, you don’t have this physical; engagement between the prospect and the product.

As a result, your product photos become the single-most-important part of your listing. Sure, having a great description is crucial, but the images draw the prospect’s attention to your listing. Your product photos provide the visual content to the listing that pushes your prospect to buy.

We’re sure you’ve had the experience of visiting a listing on a site to find a grainy product photo that’s unappealing. How did that make you feel towards the listing? Did you buy the product? Chances are you bounced back to the search results and found another listing with a better product photo, right?

If you want your listings to stand out in a busy retail environment, you need product photos that sell.

Latent Productions Toronto is the team you need to make your listings shine. Our range of professional product photography services is available across Canada and the United States. Let us take vivid visuals of your products for your catalogs and listings.

Let Latent Productions boost your inquiries and sales with product photos that coerce your prospects into taking action.

Latent Productions is the leader in product photography for eCommerce. We specialize in shooting professional productions of all products, including jewelry, clothing, toys, electronics, beauty products, home goods, and more. If you sell it on your website, we’ll shoot it.

Our in-house team of professional photographers and post-production experts Will assist you with building a product photo portfolio that increases conversion on your listings. We’ll keep or shoot in line with your brand image and styling, with our photos accepted by all leading eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, and others.

You don’t need any photography experience when you work with Latent Productions. Our team has decades of combined experience and training to take the best product photos possible. We operate fully-equipped photography studios at our premises, with everything we need to create the best images for your listings.

We also offer a mobile studio service. Call our service desk for more information about live shoots at your premises if you’re close to Toronto. We have a full range of equipment and consultants that can manage off-site product photography in any environment.

When you hire the team at Latent Productions, we aim to give you a world-class product photography experience. We provide everything you need for the shoot, including professional photographers, an editing team, product stylists, and an account manager to handle all communications for a smooth shoot.

We offer the best range of product photography services, from white background shoots to model shoots and more. You can leave the process to us, and we’ll give you the results you expect. Our post-production editing team will retouch photos, add color correction, resize and reformat to your specifications for use on any eCommerce platform.

Let our professional product photography service drive more traffic to your listings and increase your conversions. Contact our service desk at (204) 805-3188 to find out how we can turn your product shoot into a roaring success.

Latent Productions offers you a full-house product photography service in Toronto. Our product photographers have decades of combined experience in shooting products in all categories.

We use professional-grade equipment for top-class results for your product shoot. Our post-production editing team will leave your products popping from the screen, getting the best representation for any eCommerce platform.

When you hire Latent Productions for your product shoot, you can expect the following from our team.


Our photographers and post-production team take white background photography to another level. Our lighting techniques and touchup service will give your products the best representation possible in the virtual world.


With Latent Productions, you get a talented, experienced, and qualified team working on your product photoshoot. Having the best equipment is essential, but the talent behind the lens makes our team great.


As the leading method for product photography, single-product shoots offer you the best way of displaying all the aspects of the features and benefits of your product.

We shoot your product from multiple angles, including top, bottom, front, rear, side, and angled shots, to get every viewing angle of your product. Add colors to backgrounds or other images to make your products pop.


This style of photography is ideal for eCommerce thanks to its stylish aesthetic and amazing overall visual impact with viewers.

We can add tools like model shots, room settings, and lifestyle requirements into your shoot. Our product stylists, directors, and photographers work in unison to create a product shoot that exemplifies the aspects of your product range.


If you’re selling fashion or jewelry, placing it on a model is the best way to attract attention from your prospects. With a model wearing your products, the prospect gets to imagine how it will look on themselves. It’s another excellent tactic to boost conversions.

A model shoot is ideal for photographing clothing, jewelry, and shoes. Lighting is critical on set during these shoots, and our product photographers know how to accentuate light to amplify the visual effect on your products.


White Background product photography continues to be the leading listing style for eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs selling online. White background photography is a staple for placing your products into catalogs, magazines, and many online retail platforms.

If you’re selling on Amazon, you’re going to need white backgrounds for your product shoot. Take a moment to scroll through Amazon product listings, and you’ll start to see the value in a white background product shoot. All the top listings use this method for their product photography, and smart sellers adopt the same strategy for their listings.

White backgrounds for your product images create a clean and neat appearance, amplifying the lines and details in your product. A white background might seem boring, but it produces less distraction to the prospect, allowing them to focus solely on the product and its features. As a result, your prospect gets a well-rounded impression of your product.

Since the background is white, no designs or images distract the attention of the prospect. As a result, there is less noise interfering with the purchase decision. At Latent Productions, we have a professional product photography team, stylists, and post-production team that brings your products to life.

When you hire Latent Productions, you get a team of professional product photographers that understand all the elements of setting up a shoot.



We can produce green screen images or backdrops for your product photos, creating a unique vision for your listing.

Colors, textures, and background imagery all affect the way the prospect views the product, creating different emotions depending on the styling of the product listing and image.


How often have you clicked on a listing to find that the seller didn’t include the product’s top or bottom view? How did that influence your buying decision?

Chances are you tried to find another listing with all the viewing angles, and you probably finalized your purchase with that seller, right?

Latent Productions covers all angles during your product shoot, giving you every angle your prospect needs to finalize their purchase decision.


The reflection effect in product photos is a great choice for high-quality and expensive items like jewelry.

Fashion accessories like watches also do well with this technique, as do products with shiny surfaces. We understand what works and how to position the product to catch the right amount of light to make your product pop.


Most eCommerce sites require you to have a front view of the product for your listing. The side view requires you to capture both sides of the product.

For instance, if you’re photographing shoes, you need a side shot from the in-step of the shoe and one from the exterior side. A rearview image is also critical and required by many eCommerce sites.


Typically, these views are not compulsory for many sites as they are not always necessary. For example, a top and bottom view of a shoe are worthwhile displaying.

However, you can’t do that with a t-shirt. Latent Productions works with you to plan your shoot in accordance with our recommendations and experience.


Detailed shots are a great way to show the prospect details of the product up-close. You can show the prospect textures, stitching, materials, and more to enhance their buying decision.


If your product has a function, such as a backpack, we can take photos of the bag compartments when open. This strategy gives the prospect an idea of what to expect from the pockets inside the bag.

Functional photos help your prospect understand how the product works, reducing their confusion and anxiety around the listing while improving your chances of conversion.


While the white product background is the industry standard, some products look fantastic against a black background.

Our talented product photography team understands what colors work with what products and the lighting in the room. Black backgrounds are ideal for showcasing your products with a reflective finish.


If you’re selling clothing, we can position your products on invisible mannequins to enhance the look and feel of the listing.

This technique allows the prospect to make a value judgment based on how they think the product would look in them in relation to the mannequin. It’s a powerful selling technique used by the top-selling retail clothing brands online, and we make it available to you.


We can set up a customized background for your product shoot. For instance, if you’re selling an outdoor product like a knife, we can set it up with a scene showing the woods or a landscape.

This background exemplifies where the prospect will use the product, reminding them of its value and why they need to purchase it.

If you’re in the eCommerce industry, you know the importance of creating a world-class listing for your products.

The listing is how your business interacts with your prospects and target market. While the copy for the description is important, the images are vital.

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying, “A picture speaks a thousand words.” The reality is that this is true; if you want your listings to sell, you need photos of the product for your prospects to view.

The better the image quality and the more images you have on the listing, the more interest you get in the listing, and your sales start to grow.

Latent Productions has the photography team and expertise you need to take your eCommerce business to the next level of sales.


Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and eBay have millions of listings. In fact, there are probably over a dozen sellers selling the exact same product as you on these platforms.

If you want to beat the competition to the sale, you need a listing that catches the prospect’s attention and pushes them to make the purchase.

Adding high-quality images to your listings is the best way to improve your chances of prospects choosing your products over others from your competitors. High-quality photos help the buyer with settling on their purchase decision.


All of our product photography comes in file formats suitable for use on any eCommerce platform. We’ll work with you to understand your needs and where you want to display your products.

Our images are accepted by flash sale sites, giving you more platforms to sell your products. Sell more with more partners online using Latent Productions professional product photography service.


Social media is the ideal platform for releasing creative product shoots. Social Media requires frequent posting to capture the attention of your audience. You will need to focus on lifestyle shoots for this medium, and Latent Productions can assist you with planning your shoot.

Social media offers you the best source of traffic for your online marketing campaigns., More than half of all Amazon traffic comes from Facebook through mobile devices.

Therefore, you need an attractive social media feed with plenty of interesting product photos to get prospects to click through to your listings.

Our social media creative photoshoots get your products and images more shares, likes, and click-throughs on your sales links.


If you’re selling jewelry and clothing, lifestyle product shoots are the best option for attracting attention to your listings.

They work well on social media feeds, and they introduce the prospect to what they can expect to feel when purchasing your product and using it in the real world.

A lifestyle shoot captures your product in its working environment. Models can use the product in the shoot, showing your prospects how easy it is to use the products or what it will feel like using the product.

Clothing is a great example. A model wearing your hoodie shows the prospect the fit of the garment, and a background image could show them what they would look like in a certain social setting. Latent Productions can get as creative as you want with your lifestyle product shoots.


Our production team has decades of combined experience in photography. We’re masters of using light and manipulating set dynamics to get the best shots of your products, and we’re also open to working with your ideas.

While we have plenty of experience, we’re always looking to collaborate with eCommerce entrepreneurs on their projects. The more direction you give us, the better the shoot and the final result for your product portfolio.


If you’re in the Toronto area, call our number to arrange a live, off-site photoshoot for your products. Our team has mobile equipment, and we can set up a production stage in any environment, at any location. Contact our service team, and we’ll take note of your requests.

We can bring the entire set to your location, including equipment, models, and photographers. Contact our service team, and we’ll arrange your shoot down to the smallest detail.


Our photography team in Toronto has everything you need for the perfect product shoot. We invested in professional-grade equipment for the best results with your product shoot. We also invest in scenes for sets.

We can set up your product in a variety of environments. We can bring your product to life in its working environment, from kitchens to lounges, patios, and garages. Our scene photography looks native and natural, ensuring you get the best results from the photoshoot.

So, why should you choose Latent Productions for your product photoshoot? What makes us different from the dozens of other (Toronto) photography services available to eCommerce entrepreneurs?


With product photos from Latent Productions, you get high-quality images displaying every angle of your product. As a result, you create the best first impression possible with your prospects.,

According to sales experts, you have less than two seconds to create a visual impression with your prospect. If you fail to catch their attention in this brief window of opportunity, chances are you’re going to lose the sale.

With Latent Productions, you get a team that has years of experience creating product listings that sell. We know what works, and we have tons of clients that choose us for their marketing photography needs.


Your brand is your identity in the market. We can create product images incorporating your branding into the picture. As a result, your product photos get a unique edge over the competition, allowing the prospect to position your brand in their mind as the industry leader.

Think about it for a minute. How often have you been shopping on Amazon only to find the same product listed at multiple sellers? If you open two listings with the same photos, but one of them has branding, which are you more likely to purchase?

Statistics show that it’s the branded picture that draws the most attention from prospects. Branding adds to the credibility of the listing, giving your company a professional image in front of the prospect.


Fashion is one of the biggest niches online. It’s also the most challenging for sellers, with plenty of competition. There are so many aspects to a good clothing photoshoot. The idea behind it is to give your prospects the product’s design and how it would fit on them.

Using techniques like invisible mannequins helps your prospect identify how the garment will look on them after purchase. Incorporating these strategies into your product images helps to reduce product returns because the prospect has a better idea of how the garment will look on them.


Some photoshoots may require the use of models to get the message across to your prospect. Latent Productions can take care of every aspect of your professional model shoot.

We work with a modeling company providing any model with any ethnicity, look, or body type you need for your shoot.

Professional models showcasing your products give the prospect a feeling that they are purchasing from a reliable and trustworthy vendor.

Using models increases the credibility of your listing, and it also gives the prospect a chance to imagine themselves in the model’s shoes, testing your product.


We’ll take care of everything if you want us to organize a model shoot for your products. You don’t need to lift a finger; we’ll sort everything out for you. We assign you a project manager for the shoot, acting as your communications touchpoint for the process.

The coordinator considers your instructions, working with you to give you the production you have in mind. We have a dedicated team of professional product photographers, HMUA (Hair and Makeup Artists), product stylists, stylists, and set designers that bring your artistic vision to life.

With the Latent Productions team working on your shoot, you have the best chance of getting the product shoots you want with the right models to suit your market.


With Latent Productions, you’re dealing with a team that combines all the elements of a successful model shoot in harmony.

Working with models is challenging, and there are many components to this dynamic. Fortunately, we have the experience to navigate a model photoshoot and get you the results you desire.


Lighting is critical to the success of your model shoot. Model photography combines the techniques of portrait and product photography to produce a mesmerizing effect.


Makeup artists and stylists are the secret weapons for any model shoot. Our stylists will spruce up the models and your products to get them looking their best.


We create textured and colorful backgrounds that make your models pop on film. We have a large selection of backgrounds to suit any product shoot, with plain color backgrounds or detailed imagery to suit your needs.

Why should eCommerce entrepreneurs care about using model shoots in their marketing campaigns? There are several advantages of using live models in your advertising and product photo strategy.


With a model displaying your product, the prospect gets to see what it’s like when they use the product in real life. As mentioned, the key ingredient to closing the sale is putting the product in your prospects’ hands.

You can’t do that online, not yet anyway, so you’re going to need another strategy. A model shoot gives you the closest representation of placing the product in your prospects’ hands.

With a model displaying your product, the prospect can imagine themselves in place of the model and how the product will influence their lifestyle.


Models give your seller brand more credibility and reputation in the market. Models act as a form of social proof, showing your prospect that real people are using the product. This form of social proof elevates your listings above the competition that decide against using models for their product shoot.

Using models in your product listings also gets you more exposure on homepages of eCommerce websites, such as Amazon.


With a model showcasing your products, you get a different dynamic to presenting your products, allowing a new perspective to the listing that catches the attention of prospects.

Think about it. If you see a listing for a t-shirt, and it’s just a bare product, and then you see the same product worn by a model in the listing, which one carries more impact on your purchase decision?

We thought so.

When you hire Latent Productions, you get access to a fully comprehensive product photography experience. Some of the product photography services we offer include the following.

  • Any virtual perspective.
  • Customized backgrounds.
  • Reflection management.
  • Detailed closeups.
  • Accurate color matching.
  • Creative and model shots.

We give you full usage rights for your photos. You can use them for any of the following functions.

  • Selling online.
  • Company web design
  • Promotional printing
  • Sales conferences and events
  • Public relations campaigns.
  • In-store displays.

Our creative product photoshoots give you all of the following advantages for your listings.

  • High-impact visuals.
  • Improvement in click-through rates.
  • Enhanced conversions rates.
  • Suitable for flash sale sites.
  • Create a unique product identity.
  • Build your brand image.
  • Create lasting impressions.
  • Ideal for banner photos.

Latent Productions brings you a full-house product photo service. Contact our service desk and speak with a consultant about your requirements, we’ll take care of the rest.

We can shoot any product, from supplements to socks. Regardless of the product’s size, shape, or color, we’ll give you the best presentation possible with our professional services and expert product photographers.

Some of our specialist eCommerce photography services include the following.

  • Amazon Product Photography
  • Clothing Photography
  • Jewelry Photography
  • Ecommerce Photography
  • Amazon Photography


Latent Productions operates out of fully equipped premises in Toronto. We understand that most eCommerce entrepreneurs won’t live anywhere near our premises.

If you live a distance from the Latent Productions studios, don’t worry. You can ship us your products and email us your shoot instructions. We’ll take care of the shoot, issue your images, and complete touchups to your request.

You can order your product shoot online through our client portal. It’s a simple seven-step process to getting the best out of your product shoot with Latent Productions.









We guarantee your satisfaction with your product shoot. We work with you to understand your needs before diving into the shoot.

Some clients have more complex requirements than others, so give us your instructions before we start shooting. We’re always open to reshooting if you’re not happy with the results.


With Latent Productions, you’re dealing with the top-rated production firm in Canada. We value our client’s business, and we want to give you the best results possible with your product shoot.

Our product photographer works with you to collaborate on your shoot and get a complete understanding of what you want from the project.

There are no automated responses, and you can talk to a real person about your project concerns at any stage of the process.


We understand that the product shoot is a significant project for your business. We pride ourselves on our communication with our clients.

We’ll keep you informed of the progress on the shoot, getting your photos to you in the shortest time possible, without compromising quality.


All your product photos come with unlimited global usage rights. We do not retain copyright on your work, and we won’t sell it to anyone else. Your usage rights last forever, and you can use the images any way you see fit.


With Latent Productions, you’re getting a professional service at an affordable price. We believe in offering our clients the best value deal for their product photography.

If you have a big project, contact our service center and speak to our team. We’ll calculate a custom quote for your project that beats the competition’s pricing.

There are no hidden fees included with our invoices, and what we quote you is what you pay – guaranteed.

So, why hire Latent Productions as your product photography partner? When we take your project, we have a single focus on building your brand, business, or eCommerce store in the eyes of your target audience.

We use proven production processes and strategies to make your product photos as appealing as possible. Let Latent Productions draw more eyeballs to your listings and improve conversions with our professional product photography services.

With Latent Productions, you get a team that delivers on our promises to you. Sure, you have plenty of options for choosing a production company for your product shoot.

However, when you hire Latent Productions, you get a hands-off approach to shooting your products, with proven results and a professional finish to your product portfolio.

With Latent Productions, you get a partner that understands your eCommerce needs. Take action right now and book your product photoshoot through our online bookings platform, or reach out to our team at (204) 805-3188.

We’ll work with you to discover your vision for your shoot, and then we get busy making it a reality for your listings.

Why choose a professional photography team for your product shoot? Can’t you create the same thing at home with a decent camera and some white paper? The reality is that a DIY approach to your product shoot will end up costing you in the long run.

Consumers can tell when something doesn’t look right, and it starts posting red flags in their minds that they could be dealing with a scammer. With professional photography, you rise to the top of the sellers in your niche.


High-quality images and product photos sell more products; it’s just a fact. With so much competition online, the prospect will likely go with the seller with the best listing and product photos. With Latent Productions handling your product photos, you position yourself to dominate your niche.


How many times have you found yourself staring at a product photo, wondering if you should purchase it? If the product photos look weak, you’ll probably look for another listing where you can see a clear representation of the item.


Boost your brand image in the eyes of your target market with product photos that sell. When you have clear, concise, and accurate shots on your listings, you’ll attract more eyeballs and boost your conversion rate while building your brand into the market leader.


We have in-house product stylists to make your products pop in your photos.


We can capture the dynamic use of your products in our shots, bringing attention to the functionality of your products.


Our product photos come with the perfect sizing for posting on social media channels.

Latent Productions is an established production firm based in Toronto, Canada. We are a fully comprehensive production service catering to all aspects of photo and video production.

We have expert teams to help you with your photoshoot, ensuring you get the best results from your budget. When we issue you with your project photos, you’ll know you’re dealing with the best in the business.

Let us take care of the hassle of planning and shooting your products. Doing it yourself will produce lackluster results that damage your marketing campaign and the image of your business with your target market.

With Latent Productions handling your product shoot, you position yourself to lead the market.


We understand that you might need to talk to someone about the specifics involving your product photoshoot. If you feel that the order form on our site isn’t comprehensive enough to give us your project details, call our service center at (204) 805-3188.

We have a team of professional product photographers at your disposal. We can discuss your project needs and develop a solution that suits your marketing campaign and your budget.


Latent Productions understands what works in the world of product photography. We have the team and experience you need to make your listings shine. To build an epic product photo portfolio, you need more than just the right equipment and stage.

The talent behind the lends is what makes a product listing great. Latent Productions gives you a service that amplifies your marketing strategy. Our team understands how to incorporate marketing principles into your product shoot.

We’ll help you sell your story, your brand, your products, and your message. We pull eyeballs to your listings, getting the maximum attention possible on your products, increasing your conversion rate.

Our professional photo direction gives your eCommerce business, company, organization, or brand the visual component it needs to sell more products. We create psychological drivers in your photoshoot that build momentum in your prospects, inspiring action.


Are you ready for the best product photography experience in Canada? With Latent Productions, you get a team that understands the needs of eCommerce entrepreneurs. Our team has years of experience in product photoshoots, and we know how to set up lighting and other photography elements to give you the best results possible.

Why try to photograph your products yourself when you can have the Latent Productions team do a professional job for you? Your product images are a critical component of your listing. Without photos, your customers will skip to listings with photos.

Poorly shot photos won’t do you any favors, and your prospects might think you’re trying to scam them. Professionally shot product photos give your listing credibility, increasing the buying temperature in your prospect and the chances of conversion.

Latent Productions is ready to help you with the entire product photo production process. Our skilled photographers will capture professional images of your products, and our post-production services will have your listings looking like they are from a leading retailer.

With Latent Productions, you get a team of experts working on your project for an affordable price. We believe in offering our clients high-quality services without breaking their budget. Contact our studio and speak with our team about your project needs.

We’ll take your details and arrange a custom quote for your product shoot.


If you’re looking for the best product photographer in the game, reach out to the team at Latent Productions.

Our product photographers have years of experience shooting all types of products, from clothing to electronics, lifestyle goods, and more.

Our team has the expertise you need to get the best product photos possible.


Latent Productions is ready to assist you with your project needs. If you have any questions about our service, read through the FAQ below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in the FAQ, call our operation at (204) 805-3188. Our friendly consultants will walk you through our services and match them to your requirements.

Q: Which areas does Latent Productions cover with their product photography service?

A: Our premises are in Toronto. If you’re local to the area, come through to our studio to discuss your project. However, we service all eCommerce entrepreneurs across Canada and the United States. Just mail us your products, and we’ll shoot them before shipping them back to you.

Q: How can I get a quote from Latent Productions for my product shoot?

A: Call our Toronto product photography company on (204) 805-3188 or send us an email with your instructions. We’ll get back to you with a quote in 24-hours. If you’re close to our studio in Toronto, you can book an appointment with our team to discuss your project needs.

Q: How can I view my product images after the shoot?

A: We give you an online viewing gallery for your product images. If you’re nearby our studio in Toronto, you can drop in for live viewings.

Q: How can I inquire into Latent Productions product photography?

A: Visit our contact page and get in touch with us. You can reach out to us via email or call our team at (204) 805-3188 to discuss your project requirements.

Q: What type of product photography is available with Latent Productions?

A: We offer a full-house service for product shoots. We can provide you with single-product shoots, creative shoots, model shoots, and more., If it involves photographing products, we can make it happen. Contact our team for more information on the type of photography we do and how we can help you with your product shoot.

Q: What are the booking requirements for the product shoot with Latent Productions, and how much lead time do you need to prep for the shoot?

A: We recommend booking your product shoot at least two to three weeks before your publishing deadline. Contact our service team and speak with them about your requirements and deadline.

Q: What kind of turnaround time can I expect with Latent Productions product shoots?

A: Typically, we return your products and images to you within a week of the shoot. It also depends on the size of the project and the post-production work you want to do on the project. If you’re working with a deadline, contact our team, and we’ll accommodate you into our schedule. All our production processes take place in-house, giving you the fastest turnaround times possible.

Q: What does it cost to hire Latent Productions for a product shoot?

A: Pricing can vary depending on the number of products you need us to shoot and the set requirements. Contact our service desk and speak to one of our consultants about your needs. We’ll help you put together a custom product shoot to your specifications and quote you on the work.

Q: Who gets the copyright for the product images?

A: We retain the copyright for your images, but we issue you with a full-use license. You have full usage for any product listing or requirement you need.

Q: What file formats does Latent Productions offer for my product images?

A: We take all our product images in the RAW file format, and we’ll issue them to you in a jpeg file format. You also have the option of requesting custom file formats from our team. Contact our service desk for more information on file formats for your product photos.

Q: What do I do if I need to cancel or reschedule my product shoot with Latent Productions?

A: We understand that life can get in the way of your plans. We’ll do our best to accommodate you for another time slot in the day or at a later date if we’re fully booked at the time. Please review our terms and conditions for cancellations.

Q: I like the photo, but can I crop it before making my purchase?

A: Yes, after viewing your product photos, you can get back to the Latent Productions team with any requests for cropping and post-production editing of your images.

Q: Does Latent Productions work with green screens for my photoshoot?

A: Yes, we offer green screen productions for your product shoot. Contact our service desk and speak with a team member about your production needs.

Q: Can Latent Productions bring their photography studio to my location?

A: Yes, we’re available for remote shoots within traveling distance from our studio. We have professional-grade equipment and talented photographers that are experts at shooting on any location or set.

Q: Where do I have to send my products for the photoshoot?

A: We can arrange the photography for your products at our studio or your location if you are a reasonable distance from our studio. If you are within striking distance of our offices, we recommend you stick around for the shoot to get a clear understanding of the process. You’ll also have the opportunity to direct the shoot in real-time to your goals.

Q: Can Latent Productions edit or add touchups to my product photos?

A: Of course. Latent Productions has a full after-effects team for your post-production needs. Our skilled post-production artists can work with your special requirements.


Latent Productions are the leading production company in Canada. We specialize in video and photo content production for any online or offline business. We operate from premises in Toronto, with a fully-equipped team and slew of talent (and tech) to handle any product shoot.

We have professional Toronto product photographers working with professional-grade camera equipment and custom sets designed to your requirements. Your products will come out looking fantastic after we’re through with them.

We keep every aspect of the production process in-house, from shooting to editing. Our product photography team has a passion for producing creative excellence with every project we shoot.