Video Marketing

A Great Video Has No Utility or Impact If It Is Not Seen, That Is Why Video Marketing Is Crucial For Success. 

Great, you rightfully decided to invest in video production and a great video….now what? Well your awesome video – regardless of how inherently amazing it is will not get seen by your target audience without proper promotion and marketing. So, what should you do as a calculated business person or proprietor? You have to enlist the help of expert video marketers.

That is where we come in. After producing and marketing video content across multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and more, we have learned a thing or two about marketing videos. On the production side, we know what will attract various types of target audiences and what will lock them in. We also know how to make sure the target audience is enticed by your offer and enjoys your video.

On the marketing side – we know the techniques and tricks that work across multiple channels. We also know the golden nuggets that are unique to certain channels (YouTube, Facebook or Instagram). At the core of our video marketing operation is our ad targeting expertise. We know how to make sure your ads are profitable and a hit for your brand’s development.

On the organic side, we know how to develop a video content strategy whose results will rival – if not dominate – any of your current strategies. We know how to market videos so they have the intended impact and so they are successful for your business. Unlike other production companies that leave you hung and dry – we help you make sure your video content earns valuable viewers.


Are you a digital marketing professional? Do you use video marketing in your strategy? If not, you’re leaving money on the table. Regardless of your industry, video marketing can help you reach a wider audience with your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.

When done right, video marketing can send you a stream of qualified leads and send your conversion rate through the roof. Sounds good?

There was a time when you could get away with leaving video marketing out of your campaign. Back in 2015, video marketing was still an obscure form of media, and marketers weren’t sure how to leverage the platform to get an ROI worth using the medium.

The last seven years saw all that change. The introduction of 4G wireless and fiber technology changed bandwidth and speed capabilities, allowing us to get an immersive online experience using mobile devices.

Now, we can stream video on our phones without waiting a minute for it to load and enduring buffering while watching the stream. Marketers are slowly starting to wake up to the importance of using video in their campaigns.

Video marketing needs to be the center of your marketing strategy. Those brands, companies, and influencers that understand the importance of including video marketing in their campaigns are the ones that set themselves up for success.


Digital marketing is a complex animal with many moving parts. When it comes to capturing attention from your audience, you need a solid content strategy. Content piques interest about your brand, company, product, or service in the market. It’s how you convey your brand message to the market and how consumers see you compared to your competitors.

Look at the best online marketing campaigns and analyze their content mix. You’ll find the top performers all rely on video as the backbone of their campaigns. Video marketing offers prospects the most immersive marketing experience you can offer. It engages more senses than images and text alone and stimulates the imagination.

A great video production teleports the prospect into the video, allowing them to use their imagination to place themselves in the video and the audiovisual experience it offers. Did you know that using video content on your landing pages can increase your conversion rate by as much as 80%?

That statistic shows the importance of using video marketing in your strategy. The reality is that you can’t afford to be without it if you want to remain competitive in your market. Latent Productions will take your company or brand by your hand and walk you through everything you need in a video marketing strategy to help you achieve your business directives and goals.


When you hire Latent Productions, you’re getting a team of video marketing experts working on your strategy. We can handle all your video marketing needs or integrate with your existing marketing team to fill your resources and strategy gaps.

Latent Productions is a team of video marketing professionals, and we’re the best in the business at what we do. We take control of the video marketing. We’ll handle all aspects of planning, production, and post-production, delivering high-quality videos for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.

Our goal is to remove the stress and hassle of your video marketing yourself. If you don’t have the skills and technology to create videos, leave them to professionals. The time and effort you have to spend learning the skillset of video marketing requires years of practice.

We realize you don’t have the time for that; you have a business to run or a marketing strategy to drive. Latent Productions aims to add value to your business or marketing department with our services.

Reach out to our production team, and we’ll discuss how we can add value to your strategy with our world-class video marketing.


Video marketing offers brands, companies, eCommerce specialists, small business owners, and influencers the chance to connect with their market on an emotional level. In the digital age, millions of marketing companies are trying to catch the attention of prospects around the globe.

Video is becoming the preferred media people use to engage with content they like online. In a digitally-overloaded society, those content strategies that stand out are the ones that offer as an immersive experience as possible.

Video marketing offers you the pinnacle of content marketing, ensuring you get maximum engagement from your strategy. Data showed that video marketing leap past image and text-based marketing in 2017, and it’s not slowing down.

Strategic video marketing looks at your goals and metrics and the structure of your sales funnel. Your video needs careful planning. Your video content needs to answer the following questions to create the best viewer experience.

  • What is your motivation to do what you do?
  • How do you do what you do differently from the rest of the market?
  • What is your unique offer?
  • What market or niche do you operate in?
  • What problems are you solving for the viewer?
  • How can you help your viewer reach their goals?
  • What is the next step for the viewer?

Video marketing is much more than just video production. Creating the perfect video for your campaign is only the beginning. Video marketing includes several tactics designed to get your videos in front of your target market.

Having the best video production you’ve ever seen is pointless if no one ever watches it. The purpose of video marketing is to give your video a wider reach to your target audience.

It creates awareness of your brand and the authority you bring to your industry, sending qualified leads to your lead magnets and sales funnel. Video marketing done right can send your conversion rate to the moon and build your reputation in your target market.

You need a holistic approach to video marketing. Latent productions offer you a team that covers every aspect of your video marketing strategy. Over 50% of consumers want to engage with their favorite companies and brands through video media.

People value video more than any other media format. Just mentioning the word “video” in the subject line of your email increases open rates by nearly 20%. More than 90% of consumers say they actively use video content during the buying process.

Video is changing the way people shop online, and it’s shaping how salespeople, customer service teams, and organizations interact with their prospects. Video allows you to take your customer experience to the next level of engagement.

Using backend video analytics in your marketing campaigns can also prove very profitable in capturing customers you thought were dead leads. Retargeting social media prospects with video campaigns leads to nearly a 48% increase in visitor value across your website.

More than 90% of companies using video marketing in their strategy report receiving new customers through their social media campaigns. Video assists with onboarding, knowledge, support calls, and customer testimonials or case studies for customer service.

45% of marketers say that they plan to introduce video marketing to their strategy. If you’re not using video, then you’re falling behind the curve. Latent Productions can help transition your marketing strategy into the new era of video.

We’ll give you a competitive edge that sends your conversion rate through the roof.


Digital marketing is becoming more competitive by the day. Changes in the Google algorithm, the resources available to you, and trends in content consumption are always shifting. So, those marketers that get ahead in this competitive environment are those that are flexible to change.

What was working in 2015 isn’t working as well today. You need a marketing strategy that stays at the forefront of your industry. Latent Productions aims to bring you a video marketing strategy that adds value to your branding and marketing campaigns. We’ll help you build awareness, generate leads, and convert your prospects with proven video marketing techniques.

Over 60% of businesses rely on some form of video marketing in their content strategy. Some depend on it more heavily than others. Still, more than 80% of companies say video marketing is a critical component of their strategy, offering the best ROI from any other marketing tactic they use.

So, what are the specific benefits you can expect from working with the Latent Productions video marketing team?

Attract Qualified Traffic and Increase Conversion

Digital marketers all understand the value of generating leads. When inbound marketing strategies became a thing in 2014, marketers flocked to them to help them enhance their lead generation.

Inbound marketing is a process where digital marketers use content to attract attention in the market. If your content is good and your content stirs interest, prospects will seek you out and enter the sales process through your automated sales funnel.

This model revolutionized the marketing process. When done right, inbound marketing can bring any business a steady stream of qualified traffic to their landing pages and lead magnets. You get a huge increase in qualified prospects seeking you out. That means no more cold calling and the optimization of your sales process.

However, the crux of inbound marketing is your content strategy. The better your content, the more attention you receive from the market. It’s the same as watching TV shows. There are thousands of shows and franchises. However, only a select percentage of them ever experience a wide viewership.,

The quality of the content suffers from the same effect. If you don’t have top-quality content in your strategy, it won’t get the eyeballs it deserves. One of the easiest ways to increase the quality and engagement you receive from your target market is to use video marketing in your content strategy.

Video changes everything. Research shows 74% of prospects watching explainer-videos about a product or service went on to purchase it. Latent Productions can help you send your conversion rate to the moon with a professional video content strategy that generates qualified leads and drives conversion.

Get Huge ROI on Your Marketing Budget

Marketers are concerned with their budget and the return-on-investment they receive from that budget. According to surveys, more than 80% of businesses using video in their content strategy say it provides a good ROI on their marketing spend.

Video production might be the more time-consuming and expensive option for your marketing budget, but the results pay off big time. Video marketing offers you a way to maximize every dollar you spend on promoting your company, brand, products, or services.

Build Trust and Authority with the Market

Trust is one of the foundational elements of the buyer’s journey and experience. If people think that there is potential for your strategy to be a scam, they won’t engage with any of your content or CTAs. There is a reason why websites using trust badges get a better conversion rate than those that don’t.

Trust plays a huge role in whether customers decide to deal with you. Latent Productions provides you with video content that touches the emotions of your viewers.

This tactic creates a connection between the viewer and your content, offering them a solution.

Video content creates a bigger impact on your viewers. However, the effective marketing of these videos is what spreads your reputation in the market. When you have great content, it’s easy to push it through more channels, increasing your reach.

The more people that engage with your content, the greater your industry reputation and reputation. With Latent Productions, we’ll position your video marketing campaign at the top of market awareness.

A Mobile Video Experience

The advent of the smartphone changed communications. By 2011, we had a handheld device connected to the internet using 3G technology. The introduction of 4G changed the game again, and social media started taking off as more people started using mobile devices.

Today, most website traffic comes from mobile devices. As a result, the search engines promote mobile-friendly content through their algorithm. As bandwidth and download speed improved, people started migrating toward streaming video, and video marketing took a huge leap forward.

By 2019, video marketing was firmly ahead of every other marketing tactic in terms of results. Platforms like YouTube say content consumption has increased by more than 100% for the last three years running.

Google says smartphone users are twice as likely to connect to brands using mobile-friendly video on their devices than TV or desktop viewers. Latent Productions produces mobile-friendly video content to help you connect with your audience through their chosen device.

Unpack Complex Concepts in a User-Friendly Format

Video marketing can help you explain complex topics in a user-friendly way. If you’re launching a product or service, video can help you unpack the specifics of how it works and the benefits it offers the viewer.

98% of consumers state they watched a video to better understand a product or service. As a result, more than 45% of marketers say they use video explainers incorporated into their web pages. Of that 45%, more than 80% claim they see better conversion due to the video.

If you’re trying to explain complex subjects, Latent Productions can assist you with animated video production, such as whiteboard videos. This video format gives you a simple method of unpacking complex information while keeping the viewer engaged with the content.

Engage Lazy Buyers

Video content is the choice medium for the market because it’s so easy to consume. Consumers don’t have the attention span to read content anymore; they demand you present it to them in the easiest manner possible.

Over the last five to seven years, we’ve seen consumers take control of the content they want to see. Today, if consumers don’t like your video, they turn it to another one they find engaging. So, marketers need to build the content experience around the viewer experience.

When you give prospects what they want to see in an engaging manner, they are more likely to buy than sending them endless emails of text-based or image content.

Boost Your Social Marketing Results

Social media changed a lot over the last decade. Facebook and Twitter dominated until 2015. Instagram suddenly burst onto the scene, trumping both platforms in user growth and engagement.

The secret to “The Grams” success was simple; it made it easy for users to share their life experiences through a visual format like images. In 2018, TikTok launched in the US market and took social media by storm.

In the last three years, we’ve seen TikTok catch up to and exceed Instagram’s user base. It’s the most successful social media platform in history, and it’s all due to its model. TikTok’s short-form video content is far more engaging than reading people’s tweets or viewing their photos on IG.

Latent Productions knows how to integrate video content into all your social platforms. We’ll create campaigns that drive click-throughs to your landing pages and offers.

Get More Click-Throughs to Your Landing Pages and Website

The average click-through rate for video ads is 1.84%, giving it much better results than any other media format in driving conversion. Most ads under 15-seconds receive a 92% completion rate from viewers, and you achieve 74% of total Ad Recall in the first 10-seconds.

That’s astounding improvements over traditional content strategy models that barely drive half of those results. Latent Productions understands the production process for effective video content creation. We also know the tactics required to promote your videos and drive better engagement with your viewers.

Get Better Results from Email Campaigns

Email marketing is still the most effective form of digital marketing available. Introducing video into your email campaigns can improve your open rates by over 19% and increase click-through rates by as much as 95%. You’ll find that video changes everything for your email marketing strategy, getting you better results and ROI from your strategy.



























Video marketing is much more than just world-class video production. Latent Productions will create your video production and then market it using our proven strategy. We get our clients the success they deserve because we use a system that delivers consistent results.

Latent Productions offers you a full-house video marketing team ready to send your campaign to the moon. Reach out to our company and speak with one of our consultants. We want to show you what’s possible for your campaigns when you work with the industry leader in video marketing.

Free Video Marketing Consultations with Our Team of Experts

We offer corporates, companies, small businesses, eCommerce specialists, and influencers a free video marketing consultation. We’ll get to know your business and what you’re currently doing for your marketing strategy.

We can work with your existing marketing team, adding value to your department. Or we can work independently, allowing you to outsource all your digital and video marketing requirements to us. We’re confident we have the team, the tools, and the talent to take your business results to the moon!

Our consulting session with you involves unpacking your goals and business directives. We’ll talk about your vision for your marketing strategy and recommend ways to enhance its efficacy with video marketing.

We Help You Define Your Video Marketing Goals

We’ll help you define the goals you want to achieve with your video marketing strategy during our consultation with you. Latent Productions works with you to understand the following about your business, your strategy, and your market.

  • Who Is the Target Audience?
  • What are Your Video Marketing Goals?
  • Where Will You Host the Video?
  • When Is Your Deadline?
  • What Is Your Budget?
  • What are Your Creative Requirements?
  • What are Your Expectations?

While understanding your goals is critical to the success of your campaign, the metrics are how we track its progress. We measure the success of your campaigns through tangible metrics like conversion and click-through rates, video views, or the percentage of viewers that act on your CTAs.

You get monthly reporting on your campaign and recommendations for any adjustments we need to make to enhance your results. With Latent Productions, you get a team of marketing professionals that know how to interpret the data, (and we’ll talk about your metrics and KPIs a little later).

We Guide Your Prospects Through Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

Latent Productions not only produces amazing video content for your campaigns, but we also manage your campaign strategy and marketing. The goal of any video marketing campaign is to increase awareness of your offer and the signups you get to your lead magnets from qualified traffic.

More leads mean more prospects stacking up in the sales funnel where your content strategy converts them into a customer. Video marketing can assist you with improving the results you receive at all three stages of the sales funnel.

At the top of the sales funnel, the prospect is just starting their journey with your company or brand. Prospects at the top of the funnel rely more on the emotional connection they receive through viewing your content than the technicalities behind the product or service.

As the prospect moves through the sales funnel, they start to change their mind, depending on the content you feed them throughout the campaign. By the time they finish with the decision phase of the sales funnel, you have a new, loyal customer.

Latent Productions gives you video content that pushes the prospect through the sales funnel. We’ll get your prospects to click on your CTAs at the right moments and engagement with your requests.

We’ll Develop Your Buyer Persona

If your company or brand already has a marketing strategy, then you probably have a buyer persona mapped out for your strategy. However, if you don’t have any marketing strategy in place, that’s fine too. Latent Productions will develop your buyer persona from the ground up.

After mapping your buyer persona, we know your target market and demographic. It gives us a framework for your marketing strategy to know who needs your product or service. The purpose of the video translates to where the buyer ends up in your sales funnel and where your target market chooses to view their video content.


So, why can’t you just pick up your phone and start producing video content to market to your target audience? The reality is that there are many working parts to successful video marketing. Shooting a video is only the basic foundation of the strategy.

Why You Need Professional Video Marketing

Even if you manage to shoot an amazing video you’re sure meets your marketing goals, there’s no guarantee anyone will ever watch it. Visit any successful YouTube channel, and look at the first five or so videos they produced.

Compare those views to what they get on their current videos, and you’ll see there’s a huge gap. The reality is it takes a lot of time to develop a successful video marketing strategy. Even if you have the best content in the world, it’s no guarantee of success.

With Latent Productions, you get a team of expert video marketers working on your strategy. You get to leverage our decade of experience in working with video for online campaigns. We fast-track your learning curve, getting your videos the most amount of attention possible from the jump-off.

We use proven strategies to market your content across multiple channels using various tactics to get more eyeballs on your videos. More views mean more click-throughs and more qualified leads entering your sales funnel, resulting in a better conversion rate.

With Latent Productions, you’re getting the best video production and marketing service available.

A Hands-Off Video Marketing Experience

Latent Productions takes care of the entire video production and marketing campaign in-house. We remove the responsibility of your video marketing from your plate completely. We coordinate our resources to ensure we get the best results for you without outsourcing any step.

Latent Productions promises you a hands-off video marketing process. The only thing we’ll ask you is if you’re happy with your results. When you hire Latent Productions, you get more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

We know that your business has as many working parts as our video marketing strategy. By hiring Latent Productions, you get a partner that removes the responsibility of your marketing from your to-do list. Simultaneously, you get a high-quality video production and a team with the experience they need to get your content out in front of your audience.

You get all of this without the need to hire permanent employees or a marketing department. Latent Productions works completely independently of your business. You can think of us as another plug-in for your website. Let us plug into your business, and we’ll enhance its value to your target market and your bottom line.


Every digital marketer understands the importance of a comprehensive, well-planned SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization is one of the foundations of an inbound marketing strategy. The higher you rank on Google, the more likely your prospects will click your link in the search results.

The Google algorithm considers many factors when indexing and ranking content. One of them is the value the content adds to the search request. Video is becoming one of the most sought after ways to look for information online. YouTube is already the second most-used search engine after Google.

According to research, Google is 53-times more likely to include your content on the front page of search results if it includes a high-quality video with the right SEO optimization. When ranking your content, Google looks at its value to the search by the amount of watch time the user spends on your video.

Latent Productions gives you relevant, high-quality content that engages the viewer, driving higher watch time retention and engagement with your video. Google also looks at likes, shares, and comments due to you providing high-quality content it should be recommending in search results.

YouTube is owned by Google, so much of what you do in your SEO campaigns work on both platforms. Latent Productions are specialists in Google and YouTube SEO. We use tactics like optimizing your channel set up, thumbnails, end screens, and video cards.

We’ll create compelling, keyword-rich titles for your videos and descriptions that give the search engines what they want to see to recommend your videos. We’re masters at creating a network of backlinks to your videos, linking your content strategy to success.

Adding high-quality video content to your web pages makes a huge difference in your Google ranking. According to recent studies, 55% of Google search results contain web pages with videos. Video also changes the way search results appear for the user.

When a webpage has a relevant video, it introduces a thumbnail to the search result. This effect makes it appear larger and more appealing to the user, creating a higher chance of clicking on the result. The user will also see your result before interacting with the other results further down the page.

A search result with a video thumbnail will also stand out against any advertised links above you in the paid search results. When users scroll down past the ads, they will run into your video thumbnail, or they might see it just below the ads on the first page if there is less competition in your niche.

Latent Productions creates keyword-dense YouTube video descriptions for your videos, ensuring that the YouTube algorithm picks up your content ahead of others. Combining this knowledge with our Google SEO knowledge, we get the combination for success that we need to get your video content to the top of search results on all platforms.


Latent Productions brings you high-quality video content for marketing on any video platform. We create native video content in various formats to suit any platform you want us to host your videos. We can set up hosting on any of the following video-sharing sites.

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Wistia
  • Vidyard
  • Vimeo
  • SproutVideo
  • Cincopa
  • Brightcove

The more distribution platforms you have for your video content, the more comprehensive and broad your strategy. However, it’s no good having the same videos in the same format across all hosting platforms.

For instance, the requirements for posting successful, engaging, native content on YouTube are different from TikTok and other platforms. Latent Productions understands the difference between these platform formats, and we ensure we upload your videos the right way to get you maximum views and engagement for your campaigns.

We offer a wide range of video services that cover content requirements in any format. Our production team can create videos for the following projects.

  • Facebook cover videos.
  • YouTube intro videos.
  • YouTube channel trailers.
  • Personalized Messages.
  • Video banner ads.
  • Pre, mid, or post-roll video ads.
  • Sales videos.

Regardless of the platform’s demands, or the native content required to set up your account and post, Latent Productions has you covered.

We’re your one-stop solution for posting your video content anywhere on the internet. While our coverage of distribution platforms is great, it’s our marketing that makes the difference.

We draw eyeballs to your videos with our SEO and marketing strategies that deliver real results for your campaigns.

Paid and Organic Video Marketing Strategies

Latent Productions uses a combination of organic and paid marketing strategies to promote your content across all platforms. Some channels allow us to market and get a good reach for free, while others require ad spend to get results moving.

We understand how to leverage each platform with organic and paid strategies to deliver the results we need for your campaigns. We also know which platforms provide the best value and ROI for your ad spend and where you can expect to get the best results with your budget.

With Latent Productions, you get a team that spent years of testing to gain the experience we need to understand where to place your budget more the best results with your ad spend. We know which distribution channels hold the best value for your video content strategy, depending on your industry and content topics.

Social Media Video Marketing

Social media changed how we receive and send information and communicate with the world. Social media connects us to the world and gives us a voice. Whether you’re a business, corporate, eCommerce entrepreneur or an influencer, social media is a stomping ground offering you the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

According to studies, video generates a staggering 1,200% more shares than using images and links combined. So, if you’re not using video in your strategy, you’re missing out on a huge amount of engagement with your followers.

Latent Productions specializes in social media video marketing. We work to distribute your content across all relevant industry social media networks. We’ll help you get your brand story and message across to your audience.

Outreach Video Marketing Strategies

The key to building a successful video content SEO strategy is link building. Building high-quality links with other sites is the best way of securing your position as an authority in your industry. The more links you have pointing to your content, the higher it ranks with Google.

Marketers are also aware of this, and many of them are looking to use video content on their sites. When you approach an authority site in your niche and offer them video content for their site, they are likely to jump at the chance.

They may be receiving plenty of blog submissions, but video content is a rarity. These editors and marketers also understand the value of publishing high-quality video content on their sites. As a result, you’re more likely to get link partners out of offering video content in your outreach campaigns.

The more links you have pointing to your website and your content, the better, and video gives you a medium that blows blogs out of the water in terms of results.

Website Video Marketing

Latent Productions will help you with masterful video content production for your website. We’ll create videos for your homepage, contact pages, eCommerce webpages, and landing pages. Videos drive better engagement with your viewers, and they make an impact on your prospects, influencing their buying decision.

We know how to add video content to your site and compress and optimize it to ensure it doesn’t affect your website loading times or performance. Over the last few years, the changes in technology mean that most sites can host high-quality video content that loads fast and doesn’t degrade under viewing.

Blog / Vlog Video Marketing

Latent Productions offers you video content production for your blog or vlog. Look at any top vlogger today, and you’ll see that they use studio-level cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. Latent Productions can help you produce content on this level without going to the expense of purchasing it yourself.

We’ll help you create an informative, high-value blog and vlog content that drives user engagement and increases your subscriber count. When you have a blog or vlog offering visitors a high-value experience, they keep coming back for more, growing, and retaining your audience.

Email Video Marketing

Latent Productions brings you video marketing for your email campaigns. As mentioned, using “video” in the email title increases open rates by nearly 20%. Latent Productions will design and execute a video email marketing campaign for your business.

We know how to compress the video to ensure it doesn’t clutter your prospect’s inbox and ruin your reputation. Our video email campaigns add a new edge to traditional email marketing, boosting your results.

Native Advertising Video Marketing

Latent Productions spent years developing our network of outreach partners. We work with authority sites in all niches. You can rely on us to give your video content more impact with search engines when ranking your site. We use native advertising strategies to get more attention on your videos and better results with the search bots.

Native video advertising naturally embeds content onto third-party websites that won’t interrupt the user experience when visiting the web page. While this tactic is expensive and reserved for deep budgets, it provides a high ROI for your campaigns.

Product Review Video Marketing

If you’re an eCommerce specialist or you sell anything through your website, you can benefit from including video production and marketing into your strategy. Latent Production can partner with other content creators to review your products and services on their podcasts and channels.

We’ll use link-building strategies to promote your videos and web pages using review marketing tactics. Latent Productions can also create interview videos with your customers for social proof videos that generate more trust in your offer in your target market while spreading brand awareness.

Sponsored Content Video Marketing

Latent Productions uses sponsored content strategies to get immediate results from your video marketing campaigns. While the crux of our effort relies on organic SEO to drive traffic to your videos and landing pages, sometimes you need a hybrid of paid and organic strategies.

This content appears on websites as similar to an ad, but it’s not an ad. By clicking the video, the viewer gets a piece of content related to the original post they were looking at. You pay for the clicks on your content.

While this paid strategy can eat your budget, it provides a fantastic ROI for your video marketing campaigns. Typically, sponsored posts get shared more across social networks and greater reach through all distribution channels – at a price.

Influencer Video Marketing

Latent Productions works with influencers across the globe. We can help you get more from your influencer video marketing campaigns. We can help you with video production for special video content like compilation and highlight packages. We can also assist you with the marketing of your influencer account.

We realize the most challenging aspect of being an inspiring influencer is waiting for your breakout moment. What 9if that moment never comes? Partnering with Latent Productions gives you the best way of ensuring you do everything you can to get the attention you deserve.

We’ll use proven video marketing strategies to market your content across all platforms. We work with hundreds of influencers, helping them build their reputation, reach, and influence across any social media platform.

PR Video Marketing

PR is becoming more vital in today’s marketing environment. Public Relations is the practice of managing your reputation with your market. Releasing a press statement through your blog is a great way to introduce your market to new products, services, or innovations you intend to offer.

The purpose of PR is to drum up engagement with your content in your target market and spread awareness of your company’s activities. Most marketers understand the power of PR marketing, but they have no idea how to integrate video into their PR strategy.

Latent Productions has plenty of experience creating video content for your PR marketing campaigns and reputation-building strategy. We can generate PR videos to help you market your upcoming stock IPO or to help you create hype in the market for a new product release.

PR videos are also an excellent tool for reputation management. We can create video content that bolsters your brand image, providing your viewers with an experience that shows your brand values and message.

Latent Productions brings you premium video content production. We also have the skills to manage your video marketing and SEO campaigns. While we make huge claims, we bring the data to back them up. When you hire a video marketing service, you need to know that your ROI is worth the expense of hiring the firm.

Many video marketing companies offer you the world, and they don’t ever deliver the results. It’s a common understanding that video SEO strategies can take anywhere from three to six months to start showing results to your marketing campaigns. While you’re waiting for this inflection point in your strategy, many marketers take advantage of your ignorance of video marketing.

They sit around and do nothing and collect your monthly maintenance checks. Six months later, when you ask them hats going on, that’s when the stories and excuses start. Eventually, you give up, and it’s money down the drain.

When you hire Latent Productions, we aim to give you a better experience. We offer you monthly reporting to remain completely transparent on our work on your campaign. We use metrics and KPIs that show you the success of our marketing strategy and how it’s growing your audience, your influence, and your business.


Data-Dependent Video Marketing

Latent Productions doesn’t take an unplanned approach to anything we do. We rely on the data to drive our direction with your video marketing campaign. We rely on the numbers to guide us in the right direction and show us where we need to adjust our strategy.

It’s rare that things ever go to plan. The best marketers in the world can start with a plan, but they are only as successful as the adjustments they make to the strategy as they interpret the data from the market. We remain flexible to the data we receive from the market to formulate our adjustments to the video marketing strategy.



Latent Productions tracks the success of your video marketing campaign by interpreting the data relating to specific areas of your video marketing goals.

We focus on four KPIs to ensure everything is running on the track to success. When one KPI starts lagging behind the other, it shows us where we need to look to improve the video content strategy.

Our monthly reporting to you breaks down these four areas to show you the performance of the video marketing campaign in plain language you can understand.

You’ll know exactly where your budget is going and how much runway you have left to work with. We’ll interpret the data for you, making suggestions to alter anything we feel might improve the campaign’s success.

We use the four KPI categories when evaluating and steering your video marketing campaign.


New Viewer Attraction KPIs

The key to getting more conversions is attracting more qualified leads to your lead magnets, and sales funnel. This top-of-funnel goal is easiest to measure, and it gives an overall view of the traffic volume and quality by clicking on your CTAs and completing your lead magnets.

In most cases, it’s the first time your brand or company is interacting with the market – so your first impression counts. The view count in this category is the most important metric to assert the campaign’s efficacy.

The five KPIs in this category we use to define success are the following.

  • Views.
  • Impressions.
  • Unique Users.
  • Awareness Lift.
  • Ad Recall Lift.


Engagement KPIs

While views are important, engagement is where the money is at in your video marketing campaign. Engagement is everything to video marketers, and it shows that the market is receiving and interacting with your video content and brand.

The engagement with your video shows you the quality of your content. Likes and shares mean you’re producing content that people feel is so good they have to share it with their friends. Your video content needs to captivate the viewer in the first few seconds and hold their attention throughout the duration of the video.

Higher engagement levels increase conversion and help with SEO and ranking. When Google and YouTube see that your audience is engaging with your content, the algorithms start promoting more of your content to related search requests from other users.

The following are some of the important KPIs we use to measure engagement with your video content.

  • View-Through Rates.
  • Watch Times.
  • Favorability-Lift.
  • Consideration-Lift.
  • Brand Interest-Lift.


Conversion KPIs

After your video does the job of drawing your prospects into the sales funnel, you need to know where and why they are dropping out. You also need to track the prospects converting into customers. Latent Productions follows the entire customer journey, letting you know where we need to improve the process.

Conversion is what really matters to your business; it’s the sound of money. Without conversion, there’s no point in marketing in the first place. Latent Productions will show you your conversion KPIs and where we need to adjust your strategy to see results.

There are several conversion tactics and strategies. Whether you want to increase engagement or generate leads, Latent productions can help you achieve these objectives. We provide you with transparent, accurate reporting on the following KPIs to show you your improvement in conversions.

  • Click-through-rate.
  • Calls.
  • Signups.
  • Sales.
  • Purchase Intent-Lift


Customer Satisfaction KPIs

After the customer completes their first purchase, they have a new appreciation and trust in your brand. The next job for Latent Productions is to retain that customer for as long as possible. We can assist you with retargeting campaigns to get more out of your customers.

Our satisfaction KPIs include the following.

  • Return Visits
  • Social Engagement
  • Favorability Lift


While we’re totally transparent with our reporting, your KPIs don’t translate directly to money in your bank account. We help you interpret the numbers, showing you how our strategy works for your business. We’ll chart the future and show you what you can expect in growth as we continue with the process.

While there are the occasional overnight successes in video marketing, it’s usually a rarity. In most cases, it can take months for companies and brands to start seeing results from the groundwork made on their video marketing campaign.

We watch your view count, impressions, and unique users, to get an accurate view of the user growth and engagement with your video content. We create formulas that let us know how many users entering the top of the funnel end up converting and where the others drop out.

We use cost-per-view calculator software to determine how many views we need to turn the video profitable. Our behavioral tracking gives you a better picture of how many people watch your video content, click the link to your site or landing pages, and convert to a qualified lead or paying customer.

Latent Productions offers you a team with experience in marketing at every stage of the sales funnel. We know that the engagement side of the KPI strategy is the most challenging to lift and manage. At this stage of the funnel, many prospects are only interested in learning things about your products and services, and they may leave and never return.

Latent Productions knows how to leverage detailed tracking information to give us a big-picture overview of your user behavior. We drop cookies and retrieve relevant path information for every viewer watching your video content.

With our tracking and data-dependent strategy, you’ll have an easy time identifying the percentage of visitors that end up converting. We’ll measure the KPIs tracking user interactions with your lead magnets and CTAs, showing you which CTAs are more effective at causing the viewer to take action.

With Latent Productions, you get a video marketing service that delivers value to your business and your budget. With our monthly reporting, you can clearly see how we’re making a difference in your conversion rate and business directives and goals.

Contact the Latent Productions super team right now. We’ll have someone call you right back to discuss how we can add value to your video marketing strategy.


Latent Productions are masters in video production. We work with the best talent in the video production industry, with world-class videographers, directors, and post-production specialists. While we’re experts in marketing your video content, we also understand all the elements of successful video production.

Our team knows how to plan and set up a shoot. We’ll arrange and coordinate assets to ensure you get a great video at a reasonable cost. We can do anything with video production. From three-camera shoots to drone videography and POV action sequences.

We know what your audience wants to see, and our team has plenty of expertise in providing high-quality content that drives engagement with your target market. Regardless of your business, the size of your budget or your industry, Latent Production will ensure that your video marketing outshines the competition.

Contact our company right now and connect with one of our video marketing consultants. We’ll arrange an appointment to discuss your video marketing strategy and how we can take your business to the next level of success.


Latent Productions can help you plan your entire video marketing strategy. We’re an end-to-end video marketing solution for your business. We’ll create your video for you in line with your vision and expectations. We’ll also market it for you to get the best reach and engagement possible through the right channels.

With Latent Productions handling your video marketing, you get more time to focus on other areas of your digital strategy. We aim to take the mystery and hassle out of video production and marketing. Our goal is to add value to your business as your preferred video production and marketing partner.


The Latest Camera, Lighting, and Audio Equipment

Latent Productions works with the latest innovations in videography technology for your video productions. We can shoot in 4K and 8K, using professional videography equipment that captures the perfect light, angle, and composition.

Our lighting and sound teams know how to capture the right sound elements of the surrounding environments during your shoot. Whether we’re at your boardroom downtown or on location in New York City, we’ll shoot a video with great sight, light, and sound. We keep the production value as high as possible to ensure high user engagement and retention.


Professional Set Creation and Management

Latent Productions specializes in creating the right set for your video marketing objectives. If you’re an eCommerce specialist, we’ll set up your product shoots using professional stylists to display your products in the best way possible.

We’re masters of the production process and conduct quick, efficient, cost-effective shoots. We don’t waste your time or money, keeping more resources available for your projects. We know how to set up and shoot to give us the best production value for your marketing campaigns.


In-House Post-Production

At Latent Productions, we keep the entire video production and marketing process in-house. You can rely on us for every step of the process, and we don’t outsource any work to third parties. You don’t have to source multiple partners to handle production and marketing by keeping everything in-house.

You get a one-stop solution to all your video marketing needs with us. We’re always available to speak to you about your campaign, and you get a clear line of communication with the people working on your project, wherever you are in the world.



Latent Productions is a team of talented video production and marketing professionals. We work with corporates, companies, small businesses, agencies, eCommerce marketers, influencers, and more. Our goal is to provide you with a plug-in solution for video marketing for your business. We offer a holistic range of video marketing services to cover any industry.

From masterful video production to effective video marketing, Latent Productions has everything you need on-hand for successful campaigns. We only work with professionals that have qualifications and experience in their fields. Our videographers and drone pilots are some of the best in the business, with huge portfolios of successful projects under their belts.

Our post-production team consists of a team that is specialists in graphics and animations. We have all the latest software available for editing and enhancing your video content. We can add b-roll footage to your transitions, voiceovers, and narrations and insert anything from simple video card CTAs to advanced CGI.

Finally, our digital marketing team is experts in placing your video content in the right places to attract as many eyeballs as possible. We understand that your video is only as good as the number of people that view it. We aim to extend your reach by optimizing your distribution and SEO.

Latent Productions offers you the preferred solution for video marketing. Reach out to our company and book a call with our team. We can’t wait to hear about your business model and what you want to achieve with video marketing.


Latent Productions is your online video marketing partner. Our team is ready to work with you remotely from any location to achieve your goals.

Over the last five years, the leaps in communications technology are another example of how video is taking over as our preferred communication medium. Remember how FaceTime changed how we called people?

We’re available to help you achieve your goals for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. Latent Productions specializes in getting your content recognition online driving more qualified traffic to your landing pages and lead magnets.


Video Marketing Near Me

Stop searching for video marketing online. You’ve landed on the best partner for your next video marketing campaign. We’ll work with you regardless of your location. Whether you’re in the US, Canada, UK, EU, Australasia, or Africa, you can rely on Latent Productions as your preferred video production and marketing partner.

We offer local video marketing campaigns for small businesses and local events. We’ll let your attendees know what to expect from your event or using your business with our strategies. We’ll help you target local communities in your demographic and establish buying personas for your prospects.


Our Online Portal

Latent Productions brings you a fully online video marketing portal. We can work with you without ever needing to visit your offices. We don’t care if you work from home or corporate offices; we can make a difference to your business without ever showing our faces at your premises.

Latent Productions brings you on-demand video marketing services for your business or influencer career. Whether you need a series of 3-minute clips for TikTok or a full-length documentary, we’re ready to assist you with the right video production to meet your campaign goals.

We’ll help you put your videos in front of more people. Even if you handle your content creation yourself, we can add value to your strategy. Our team of video marketing specialists ensures that your content gets the best reach in the market.

You get all of this working on autopilot. There’s no need to go to the hassle and expense of investing more into the HR of your business and your staff complement. Outsource your video marketing to Latent Productions and take advantage of our online portal.


Full Transparency and On-Demand Communications

Latent Productions gives you complete command of your online marketing strategy. Our transparency with your campaign and detailed monthly (if you choose a monthly set-up) reporting give you a clear view of where we stand with your campaign. We show you what’s working and where we need to improve.

With Latent Productions watching the analytics and metrics, we can focus on which KPIs need attention. This data gives us the information to bolster your budget to drive results. You’ll know where every penny of your ad spend goes when you have Latent Productions handling your video marketing.



Our online model allows us to connect with businesses and influencers from around the globe. Latent Productions can work with you in any location. Whether you’re hanging out on the beaches of Bali or the hustle and bustle of London or NYC, Latent Productions is there for your video marketing requirements.

Choose Latent Productions as your video marketing partner if you’re a digital nomad. Send us your footage for your campaigns, or let us handle the production for you. Latent Productions will stick with you as your video marketing partner wherever you travel.


Latent Productions offers you the premier video marketing service online. We specialize in all aspects of video production and marketing, giving your content the best reach in the market. You can expect skyrocketing levels of engagement, more views, and more click-throughs to your landing pages and website.

When you hire Latent Productions, you get the following benefits in your service level agreement with us.


We Listen to Your Creative Vision

We value consulting with you as the most important step of the production process, and it’s critical for the success of your video marketing campaign. We have to get to know your strategy and objectives and what you’re currently doing with your digital marketing campaigns.

We take the time to understand your business model and the right video marketing type that captures your target audience. We’ll unpack your vision and listen to your ideas. We’ll bolster your thoughts with our suggestions to drive more engagement and conversion to your video marketing campaign.

When we have the right idea for your campaign, the ideas flow seamlessly between your video campaign and the rest of your marketing strategy. We understand that you need better brand recognition, and we keep your message consistent across your video marketing and other aspects of your strategy.


Leverage Our Team

You can rely on Latent Productions are your front-to-back video production and marketing solution. We have the team talent and skillset you need to outshine the competition in your industry. Our team of highly qualified, skilled, and talented production and marketing professionals will ensure that you get the highest production quality possible and the best reach for your content.

Why go to the hassle of trying to do the video marketing yourself. Leverage the skills of the best team in the game. Let us handle the production and marketing while you handle your business. There’s no need to hire employees or worry about training them when you outsource to us.

We keep all our skills in-house, and we don’t outsource any part of the production or marketing process. We need full control over all the elements of your video marketing, and we have the team and skills on hand to navigate and pivot without having to wait on outsourced projects to make decisions.


We Integrate with Marketing Strategies

Latent Productions can integrate with your existing digital marketing strategy or team. If you’re already working with a digital marketing firm or you have a marketing department in your business, that’s no problem. We’ll work with your team to enhance their results.

We like to think of our services as a “Plug-in” solution for your business. We’ll handle the video marketing in the best way possible, giving you access to our decades of combined industry experience. Our remote access digital portal allows us to communicate with you online in any environment.

We can handle overflow from other digital marketing agencies needing video marketing services. Contact us, and we’ll arrange to take care of you when things get out of control for your agency.


We Know Video SEO

The team at Latent Productions knows that creating great video content is only half the battle. Getting your content in front of your target market is the challenging part. However, we use proven strategies to ensure consistent results for our clients.

When you hand over the video marketing responsibilities to Latent Productions, you’re working with a team of professionals. We have a track record of success because we know what it takes to make your video shine on all platforms. Our team will ensure we increase the views, likes, shares, and comments you receive from your videos.

We’ll track the click-through rates and manage your sales funnel. Let us give you the data you need about every step of the buyer experience to tighten up every corner of the customer experience and boost your conversion to the moon.

We’ll establish links to your content with an authority website, increasing your visibility to the search engines. Our team optimizes every aspect of your video production and distribution to ensure you get the best visibility possible on any platform.


Video Marketing for any Platform

Latent Productions can handle your video marketing distribution across multiple platforms. We work with publishing your content on your website and spreading it across Vimeo and YouTube, as well as your social media channels and other hosting sites.

Our goal is to give your video content multiple access points covering all market segments. We want your audience to find your content wherever they choose to consume it.

Latent Productions Will track the performance of your strategy and show you where your audience is going to get access to your videos. We optimize our strategy for every platform to ensure you get the best results possible for your viewers and your marketing budget.


We’re Reliable and Meet Your Deadlines

We understand that you’re hesitant about outsourcing video marketing. However, we’re not a bunch of freelancers you’re picking up off Fiverr. We’re a team of professional video production and marketing specialists available to you right now.

Latent Productions works fast and efficiently, ensuring we meet your publishing deadlines well in advance. We’re a reliable team, and we communicate with you throughout the production and marketing process. 

Remove the responsibility of hiring people in-house and rely on Latent Productions for the talent you need to move your business strategy forward.


100% Transparency and In-Depth Reporting

Latent Productions brings you monthly reporting on the progress of your video marketing strategy. We show you the KPIs and how they compare to the previous months and your overall history. Our goal is to keep the KPOIS moving in the right direction, positioning your strategy and business for growth.


We Want You to Be Our Next Success Story

We invite you to put us to the test. Reach out to our company and book a call with our team. We’ll reach out to you at a time that’s convenient to you to talk about your video marketing strategy.


Latent Productions offers you an online partner for your video marketing strategy. We’re available for a free consultation anytime you’re ready to reach out. The only thing we can’t do for you is to take action; that’s up to you.

It’s up to you to reach out. We know the thought of making a change brings up a natural feeling of resistance. That’s your subconscious telling you you’re moving out of your comfort zone. We invite you to embrace that sensation. Try something new and reach out to the professionals in video marketing strategy.

We’re confident we can add value to your video marketing strategy with our proven methods. Whether you want to hire us to handle your entire digital marketing strategy, your video marketing, or your video production, we can take care of it all. We’re your one-stop video marketing solution for taking your business to the next level of success.

Taking action is the only way you can make a change for your business. Casting the first stone is often a difficult decision, but we promise you this one will be worth the effort. We offer you a risk-free assessment of our services. Reach out to our company and speak with us. We’ll book you a free consultation to speak with our video marketing experts.

Contact the Latent Productions team right now and talk with us about how our video marketing strategy can add value to your business or influencer brand.