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Why are videos powerful in Calgary (and everywhere)?

Video marketing is the unanimous best content marketing strategy and best marketing tool in Calgary (and the world) today. It does not matter what platform you are using (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Website, Snapchat, Instagram, or SEO), videos are the best form of content delivery. People resonate with videos because they are more tangible and easier to digest in comparison to photos and words (together or alone). You can see and feel the contents of a video (a great one can ignite and engage all senses).

Also, people love videos because they are powerful visual tools that are clear – and almost always tug at their heartstrings. Words (written copy or articles/blogs) and/or pictures alone (on their own) are not always clear (or do not always have a clear message). This means that people can often miss the message, or misunderstand the message – behind them. Videos do not tend to be misunderstood or misconstrued. The messages behind them are usually clear – if they are professionally made. Most people can decipher videos easily because there is no need to heavily use your imagination to try and visualize what the videos’ creator (or creators) means – you get the direct message in HD (high definition).

Likewise, words and pictures can be powerful, but do not always force emotional reactions and evoke powerful feelings in you (as the viewer and intended target). Videos (almost) always do this because a lot of your senses are at work when you are viewing them. This means that videos help build emotional connections – that will help your brand sell more product (products) at the end of the day. In similar fashion, videos transport audiences back in time or to a certain place/situation you want them to visualize themselves in – or can help consumers and/or potential consumers visualize a certain futuristic scenario. A video can evoke strong emotions – unlike other forms of content delivery.

Finally, videos are powerful because they can incorporate a host of awesome tools of persuasion. Videos can incorporate multiple communication tools like words and pictures – to create the perfect marketing weapon. The perfect mélange of words, pictures, and video content, in a professionally made video will help you get your message out effectively – helping you sell more and get your message across to the masses.

Professional video production in Calgary (killer edge and secret weapon).

“Calgary is one of the most competitive markets in Canada for anything” – Baba Ajayi

This is why you need professional video production and a top video production company in Calgary (as a partner). You need expert help in creating videos for all your media platforms and accounts – and for marketing or advertising purposes. Professional video production is what will set you apart from your competitors – in Calgary (or around the world). We guarantee it. Apart from improved (better) branding, professional video production (in Calgary) also offers many advantages and yields powerful results. Some include:

  • Video production in Calgary will result in videos that are inherently amazing for conversions and sales. You can bet on a professionally produced video converting better than a low quality video that was not put together by a professional – all things equal.
  • Professionally produced videos have awesome returns on production investments (ROI) because they convert amazingly well. People will view a professionally produced video for longer, follow calls to action from one more (and more repeatedly), and engage with a professional video more than a low-quality one.
  • Professionally created videos drive engagements across all platforms. You will get more views and likes (and be viewed for longer – if not the entire duration) anywhere (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube) with a professionally produced video – than with a video that was produced in house or for cheap. Search engines (Google and YouTube) and social media platforms will reward you for this by pushing your video to the masses. That is why quality matters. Consumers and platforms love quality videos.
  • Professional videos engage the laziest of consumers. A professional video will grab anyone’s attention. This will allow you to sell everyone – even people not directly trying to be sold by you. Allowing you to capture more consumers and grow sales (and profits).
  • Finally, professionally produced videos foster a sense of physical existence – something that is hard to do (create) online with other tools (words and pictures). Videos (especially if you put out a lot of them systematically and strategically) will help you build strong bonds and relationships with your target consumers (and existing customers of yours). Videos build a very strong sense of trust inside of viewers and potential customers – a powerful feeling in a world full of skeptics. Videos can help you bridge the gap between the internet and online commerce – and the real world. This alone can transform your business because more viewers and potential customers will buy from you because they can attach a physical existence to your online operation.

You cannot produce (and have) awesome and professional videos (that are ready to put out) without engaging a Calgary video production company or a freelance video production expert in Calgary (Calgary videographer) – if you do not have a production team in-house. This may mean that you cannot effectively take advantage of video marketing (and all the conversion and business growth benefits that come with using videos to market your products and services), and that will suck – for you and your business. If this sounds like you, or if you need help creating video content at any capacity, you can engage our Calgary video production team. We can help you produce awesome branding and/or marketing (advertising) videos. Our videos will help you build emotional connections with your best customers (and potential customers) – allowing your brand to deeply entrench itself in society (in Calgary and beyond) and your company to sell more.

Call our team today if you need help with video production (in Calgary) because you now understand the power of video marketing (and videos) – your business will never be the same again after engaging us (we believe this).

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Production In Calgary

In all honesty, when it comes to the way we execute (and fulfil) a video production project in Calgary, as the client, you do not really have a lot to do. If you hire a Calgary video production company like ours, you will not have to do a whole lot to ensure success. We mean it. Our process is amazing – and we are great at video production (in Calgary).

If you do not have a brief ready to go, we will send you everything you need to get one done. Listen, if you do not even know what you want (or need) yet, we have you covered on that as well. We will do research into your market, your target consumers, and draw from prior experiences (and past client projects) – to help you create a plan for a video that will help you achieve your goals (branding, advertising and/or marketing). Or other communications focused goals you have.

All you have to do is help us (as much as you can) learn about your company, target consumers, video needs and content goals. And, anything else that you think will help us create an awesome video (or many amazing videos) for your company.

Any quality item or service takes some time to create (and fulfill). Video production in Calgary embodies this statement perfectly. From start to finish (planning to final edit delivery), video production (in Calgary) takes (on average) 6 weeks. This is including pre-production (2-3 weeks), production (1-3 or more days), and post-production (2 and a half weeks). We take our time to plan everything and to do a great job for you.

Video production (in Calgary) is not something you should (or want to) rush. It takes time to do right – and if not done right the first time, it can have serious consequences down the line (affecting branding goals and marketing). Do not rush a Calgary video production company – let them take the time they need to make your video the best it can be.

Please note that if you need your project completed a lot quicker or fast tracked (7-14 days from project initiation to final delivery), we can discuss the possibilities of that.

Hiring a Calgary video production company is the best option you have if you need a video (or many videos) for a branding or marketing initiative. Here are some reasons why:

  • Access To Expertise
  • Increased Production Speed
  • Cost and Time Savings
  • Better Quality Productions

Professional video production (in Calgary) and services under its umbrella can cost anywhere from $1000-$100000+. The budget required to execute your project will depend on your goals, quality needs, the level of expertise of the Calgary video production company you are engaging, personnel and equipment requirements, and a host of other things.

Sit down with your chosen Calgary video production company to determine a budget. Call us today for a project quote and proposal.

If you want to try corporate video production in Calgary, or need help making your next commercial (Facebook Ad or Instagram ad), give us a call today. Or email us ASAP.