Do you need video production in Dubai? Latent Productions brings you a full-service video production at your disposal. We’re confident we can add value to your video marketing. Our video production is world-class, and we work with all clients, from influencers to Fortune 500 companies.

Latent Productions is on call, and we do it all. From 1-minute video clips for Tik Tok to full-length documentaries for your website or YouTube channel, we’re ready to give you a video production service that draws eyeballs to your content strategy.

Dubai is a melting pot of culture and one of the biggest metropolitan attractions in the world. We operate everywhere in the “Gulf Tiger,” and we’re ready to assist you with your video content. You can rely on us for a Hollywood-level production without blowing up your budget.

Creating engaging video content is our passion. At Latent Productions, you get a team that understands every aspect of the video production process. You have trained and experienced videographers and post-production specialists working on your videos to make them stand out from the competition.

Give your company or your influencer campaign the edge it needs to remain competitive in the market. With Latent Productions, you get a team that’s ready to do whatever it takes to make your vision a reality on screen.

We invite you to leverage our skillset and expertise for your video marketing campaigns. With Latent Productions working on your project, you’re sure to get a video production that outshines anything in the industry.

We believe in giving our clients a “WOW” experience when they work with us. Our hands-off video production process means that we take the stress and hassle of producing your video content off your plate. Let the professionals handle it for you while you attend to other important aspects of your marketing strategy and business.

Video is fast becoming the new standard of information. If you’re not using video in your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns, you’re leaving money on the table. With Latent Productions, you get the team you need to make an impact on your audience.

Gain followers, capture qualified leads, and boost your conversions with the power of video marketing. Reach out to our video production company, and we’ll discuss how we can fit into your next video campaign.



Are you looking to supercharge your content strategy? Hire Latin Productions to handle your video content productions. We’re a team with everything you need to outshine the competition with video content that draws eyeballs to your website, product listings, and social media accounts.

We’re a team of professionals, and we take video production seriously. We understand every aspect of the production process and how it applies to your project. With Latent Productions, you get a team of experts working on your video content. We’ll give you results that go beyond your expectations.

Video content is changing the landscape for marketers. Regardless of your industry or market, Latent Productions can add value to your content strategy. We work with small businesses, corporates, freelancers, and influencers – we can handle any project with any budget.

Reach out to our video production company using the contact form on this website. We’re confident we have the skills and talent you need to take your video marketing strategy to the next level of success.

It would help if you had a partner in video content production that understands the industry and the requirements for making unique video content. We have the technology, experience, talent, and skillset to give you a video production partner that sends your marketing strategy to the stratosphere.

We know what your audience wants to see. We spend hours in pre-production planning to unpack your vision and understand how it relates to your market and campaign goals. We take care of every aspect of the production process. Our full-house service gives you a front-to-end solution for your video marketing content, from planning and execution to post-production.

We have the goal of bringing your vision to life on screen. When Latent Productions commits to your project, we won’t stop until we bring your vision to life on screen. We’ll work with your requirements and within your budget. We understand you’re not a multi-million dollar production studio or company with an endless budget.

Our videos meet your budget, and we squeeze every drop out of it to ensure you get the best quality video production possible for your money. With Latent Productions, you get more than a camera. You get a video production partner that understands the elements of top-level videography.

We have one simple goal – to add value to your content strategy.



  • Concept discussion and development
  • Pre-production assessment
  • Script creation and supervision
  • Storyboarding
  • Set design and execution
  • set and production design
  • Costume and wardrobe styling
  • Hair and makeup
  • Prop sourcing
  • Pre-visualization and masterful execution
  • Art direction


  • Sound stage design ad composition
  • Video encoding and color grading
  • Scoring and soundtrack development
  • Voiceovers and sound effects


  • Delivery of your video content in any format
  • Subtitles and captions
  • Storage and backup facilities


  • Time-lapse recording
  • Multi-camera specialized shoots
  • Live event coverage
  • DIT service and BTS production
  • Remote shoots


  • Location sourcing and permit applications
  • Casting direction
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Production crew and equipment rental
  • Craft services and catering
  • Full insurance coverage

Dubai is one of the world’s biggest and wealthiest cities. It has a thriving ex-pat community, and it offers you some of the finest hotels, luxury shopping, and amazing restaurants. The city is the jewel of the UAE and is home to many influencers and media personalities.

Latent Productions can help you capture the essence of Dubai through your video productions. We have a huge library of B-roll content to add to your original content. 

Whether you want us to shoot a corporate video at the Burj Khalifa, if you need a video of the pristine beaches surrounding the city’s outskirts, contact Latent Productions for assistance with your project. With Latent Productions, you get the team, the talent, and the tech, to give your video content that next-level of professionalism.

Contact our video production company by reaching out to us through this website.



The video production landscape changed a lot with the invention of the high-resolution camera in smartphones. Suddenly, everyone was a video producer, and the age of video content exploded onto the scene.

Now, video is our preferred content format. Think about it, are you more likely to watch a video on a topic or read an article? That’s what we thought. Video is the new communication medium we rely on for almost everything in our lives.

Whether you’re thinking about hiring a service, buying a product, or following an influencer, you’ll use video content to finalize your decision. With Latent Productions working on your video production campaigns, you get the best chance of capitalizing on this medium.

If you want to capture your audience’s hearts, minds, and eyeballs, you need video content that’s engaging and inspiring. Latent Productions understands every element of the video production process and how it influences the final production.

We believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients. We’re not in this for a hit-and-run campaign. We understand that you’ll be hiring us for your future projects, and we want you to think of us when you hire your video production partner.

It’s our goal to produce a video that brings value to your marketing campaign. You’ll notice a massive difference in the efficacy and results of your campaigns as soon as you start working with us. Your videos get more views, better engagement, and more shares when you hire us to manage the content creation process.

From influencers to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies, Latent Productions brings you world-class video content for any business in any industry.

Let our team take your influencer or business to the next level. We want you to be our next success story. Reach out to our video production company and speak with our team about your video production needs.



Latent Productions is a professional video production firm available for your marketing, branding, or awareness campaigns. We can help you with any video project of any size. We’ll ensure your video production stays within your brand values and message.

Latent Productions can handle projects of any size. With Latent Productions, you have a team that understands the nature of business in any market. Our production process remains the same, regardless of the industry.

Our consistency brings us top-level results with every project we take on. Let us show you the difference we can make to your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.

Whether you’re shooting a video at the Palm Jebel Air for a segment on your luxury travel channel or a video admiring the hustle and bustle of Jumeirah, contact Latent Productions. We’ll bring your vision to life on screen.

Latent productions bring you video production services for any industry.



Latent productions can handle video production projects for corporates in Dubai. Our corporate video service helps us identify your values and brand message, sharing them with your market in an audio-visual medium.

At Latent Productions, we understand how video production applies to the client and employee side of your business. We’ll help you take your video marketing to the next level, and we’ll create videos for your HR processes like employee onboarding, training, and safety.



Latent Productions offers video content production for your corporate marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. However, we also work to build your employer image with recruiting videos that voice your organization’s corporate culture.

Hiring and retaining top talent is challenging in today’s competitive labor market. Let Latent Productions help you attract top talent and keep it in your organization. We know how to sell your corporate image to your clients and employees.



If you’re a nonprofit with a message you need to get to the market, contact Latent Productions. We’ll help you build awareness campaigns that boost public interest in your organization. We’ll help you build trickle video content campaigns for use on social media.

With Latent Productions managing the video content production for your nonprofit, you can expect more followers on your social accounts and more eyeballs on your content and message. We work with nonprofits in every market segment.



If you’re an advertising or employment agency, you need aggressive marketing to promote your services above your competitors. Latent Productions works with realtors, advertisers, and talent companies. We’ll help you build a video content campaign that shows your unique selling point to the market.

We don’t use cookie-cutter strategies when building our videos. You can expect something totally unique and built around your specific industry. Let us show you what’s possible when you add video marketing to your strategy.



If you’re working with other businesses, you need to address the management and shareholders of clients that you’re the right partner for their business. Latent Productions will analyze your business and work with you to create the right video marketing and branding campaign for your organization.

We work with B2B and B2C businesses and organizations in Dubai. You can rely on Latent Productions for top-shelf video content production that makes you stand out from the competition in the eyes of the market.



IF you’re an eCommerce specialist operating in Dubai, contact Latent Productions. We can assist you with bringing your product catalog to life on screen. We’ll help you with product shoots and creating 360-degree product video showcases.

Our video services are the best way to get the customer’s attention on your listings. Our videos offer you the closest method to the classic selling tactic of placing your products in your customer’s hands. Boost your lead generation and send your conversion rate to the moon with our eCommerce video content.



If you own a small business, you need video marketing. Video marketing is a must for a mom-and-pop hardware store, local bars and restaurants, nightclubs, or specialty stores. Today’s marketing is all happening online and in video format.

If your business isn’t capitalizing on video marketing and branding, it’s leaving money on the table. Your small business will thrive with Latent Productions handling your video marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. We’ll get more walk-ins to your store and more revenue for your business.



Are you a startup operating out of Dubai? Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world, and there is a VC around every corner. However, the wealthy VCs need to know they are working with professionals. With Latent Productions, you get a production partner for pitch videos.

We’ll help you translate your startup concept into video format. We’ll create videos surrounding your idea and the finances behind it. Let us show the investor your financial needs to make your vision a reality through video content. Video content can improve the chances of startup success. Contact our video production company and find out how we can help.



Do you own a hotel, guest house, Airbnb, or restaurant in Dubai? Whether you manage the Mafia Club in Downtown Dubai or the Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara, video content can help you promote your business and get more customers into your venue.

We’ll help you capture the essence of your restaurant, club, bar, or accommodation into video content that voices the message of your brand values. Latent Productions knows how to create videos that sell your brand to the market, positioning you as the leader in your category.



Do you own a manufacturing business in Dubai? In today’s economy, you need all the help you can get with bringing in new business. Latent Productions brings you video production services for your business. Whatever you’re manufacturing, we can assist you with helping spread awareness about your business.

You can attract new clients, build your market reputation, and bolster your brand identity with the right video content. Latent production can capture the essence of your manufacturing process for information videos in your business. Whether you need investment to expand or new clients, we can help you reach your business directives.



We offer video production services for educational institutions in Dubai. Whether you’re building a tertiary course for formal education, or a series on the benefits of yoga, Latent Productions will make it happen. We work with any type of learning, from physical sports and activities to institutional learning organizations.

Video helps you relay complex subjects and course material to students in a way that simplifies the learning process. Shorten the learning curve for your students in any category, and build your viewership with Latent Productions managing your video content.



If you own a medical center, naturopath practice, or anti-aging clinic, contact Latent Productions. We can help you promote the values of your business or institution to your market. We’ll help bolster your reputation with branding and awareness video content.

Get more attention to your services and increase your patient turnover. Latent Productions can work with medical businesses at all levels. Whether you’re a compounding pharmacy, a physiotherapist, doctor, or spiritual healer, let us help you help more people with your services.



Latent Productions can work on video content campaigns at all levels of business. We offer TV commercial productions in Dubai. Let us build a commercial content campaign for your organization. If you want to go on live TV, you need a commercial that sells.

Latent Productions makes use of every second of your commercial time slot. We’ll plan and storyboard your ad, so it gets you the most value out of your commercial spot. Let Latent Productions create your next commercial, and we’ll make it a success.



Dubai is one of the biggest conferencing destinations in the world. From educational and motivational speakers to global financial leaders, politicians, and industry, Dubai has some of the best conferencing venues in the world.

Latent Productions will assist you with managing every aspect of your live media campaign at your event. We’ll record and transmit the video in real-time, and we’ll edit a cut reel to showcase the event for marketing purposes. We can build video content around behind-the-scenes activities surrounding your event.



If you’re a corporate entity or influencer, Latent Productions can assist you with interview video production., An interview is a great way to bolster any PR campaign. We’ll help you build your corporate identity and image in the eyes of the market. Our interview process is professional, just like your attitude to business.

Contact our team, and we’ll arrange a consultation. We can do an interview at your corporate headquarters. We’ll ensure that we capture the essence of your corporate or influencer branding message and deliver it to your audience.



The invention of the smartphone changed the game. As we all started taking pictures without phones and making videos, social media platforms came along, giving us a way to share our creativity with the world.

It wasn’t long before people started gravitating toward certain celebrity personalities on social platforms, turning ordinary people into influencers in their niche, with millions of people watching their every move.

In turn, it wasn’t long before influencers learned to monetize their success. Influencer marketing allows these individuals to leverage their online success. Marketing to your following can prove hugely beneficial and profitable; just ask Kylie Jenner.

With billions in potential profit, harnessing your influencer status to sell products online is the best way to monetize your audience.

Social media isn’t only for influencers. There are plenty of marketers leveraging the platform to sell products and services. Social media marketing gives you the chance to laser-target your customer persona, making the most out of your marketing budget.

With Latent Production, you get a video content partner that helps you take your influencer and social media marketing game to the next level. Our team can assist you with building your brand and boosting your sales, driving more conversions that net you more income from your online efforts.



Social media changed the way we communicate with each other. Twitter had an effect on text, and it even influenced language. Instagram allowed us to share images and follow the lifestyles of influencers. Tik Tok presented users with a way to share videos and shape communications like no other platform before it.

The power of video content in social marketing has never been more important. As more of the globe comes online and society continues to progress, people seek out content online to help them make decisions and guide their life.

As a social media marketer or influencer, your job is to harness the potential of these platforms to share your thoughts, ideas, products, and services. Social media video production touches all levels of business. From the largest corporates to small businesses, eCommerce entrepreneurs, and influencers. Video marketing will help you monetize your market.

Latent Productions gives you a team with years of experience helping our clients build video marketing campaigns for social media. We work with your strategy and ideas to create video productions that amplify your message to your market and get eyeballs on your listings and landing pages.

Do what you do best and create a stir on social media using our video production skills. You’ll see your click-through rates explode when you start using our content in your campaigns. Our talented team of video production specialists brings any business or marketing campaign to life on screen.

Whether it’s showcasing a product range, interviewing celebrities, or boosting your brand awareness, Latent Productions will help you achieve your social media marketing goals.



We are in the age of the influencer. Dubai is one of the hottest destinations for influencers. The nightlife, restaurants, and opulent lifestyle means the eyes of the world are on the city around the clock. As an influencer, you understand how important it is to get the right video out to your fans.

Latent Productions can help you bolster your video content creation for your platforms. We can handle anything from a short clip for Tik Tok to a full-length documentary for YouTube.

We agree that the world is moving towards short-form content. You might think that doing everything yourself for your Tik Tok campaigns is fine. However, with Latent Productions bringing professional video content, you can supercharge the success of your account and grow your following.

Sure, handle the bulk of the content creation yourself, and hire us to drop in something special for your fans from time to time.

We can handle long-form content for executives and corporates that need something to linger for their website or YouTube channel. There is nothing we can’t do to enhance the success of your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns with our video content.

Get more eyeballs on your content, more likes, and shares, and watch your follower count shoot to the moon when you start using Latent Productions video content in your influencer strategy.




Are you an eCommerce specialist with offices in Dubai? You probably already understand the importance of video and how it’s changing the eCommerce landscape. Video marketing tactics like 360-degree product views and lifestyle videos showing people using your products can change how the market reacts to your listings.

Get more people signing up to your lead magnets, fill your sales funnel to the brim, and get more conversions with Latent Productions. You’re behind the curve if you’re not using video content in your eCommerce marketing strategy.

We can arrange an awesome shoot of your products in a beautiful studio. We have product stylists on hand to ensure we catch the best viewing angle of your product catalog. Use video as a new way to market to your customers, and get ahead of the competition.

As bandwidth becomes affordable and people get better access to quality internet around the globe, more people are streaming video on mobile devices. Including product videos and video catalogs increase engagement from the prospect, giving you a better chance of capturing their business.

Contact the Latent Productions team today, and we’ll talk about how we can boost your conversion rate.



Give your prospects what they want to see with a 360-degree product video. This marketing tool is proven effective by top retailers and resellers on platforms like Amazon and eBay. The purpose of the 360-degree product video is to boost engagement with your audience.

When the prospect visits a store, the salesperson will usually put the product in their hands. It’s an old selling tactic that works. Unfortunately, you can’t do that online. However, a 360-degree product video is the closest thing to it.



Let Latent Productions take a professional video catalog of your product range. We’ll place every product you sell into the virtual realm, giving your prospects a chance to view your product range from different angles to your competitors.

We have experience creating product videos for a wide range of consumer goods. We work with some of the top eCommerce sellers and retailers in the world, helping them achieve their targets and boost their conversions.



Even eCommerce retailers need branding. Regardless of whether you have a niche store on Etsy or Shopify, or you’re a reseller on Amazon, branding helps people identify you as their go-to provider of choice when they need something. Latent Productions can assist you with building your brand in the prospect’s mind.

We have the strategies you need to make your brand stand out in a competitive, noisy marketplace. Let Latent Productions build your brand, positioning you as the authority in your market using intelligent video marketing content productions for your business.



The Metaverse is fast becoming a new marketing opportunity for brands and companies around the world. Business titans agree that the internet and Web 3.0 hold the future of the marketplace. It won’t be long before everyone starts ordering everything through the Metaverse.

There are already properties retailing in cyberspace for millions of dollars. If you’re marketing in the Metaverse, speak to Latent Productions. Our FX team can produce amazing video content for your marketing campaigns in the virtual world.



Why sell your products yourself when you can get your customers to do it for you? Social proof videos for eCommerce provide you with the best form of social proof available. When people see comments or article reviews on products they are thinking about buying, it reinforces their belief system and purchase decision.

However, there’s always a chance that those text testimonials are bogus. With video, you have a real person telling you the benefit of buying your products and services. Latent productions will interview your customers and get top-quality social proof for your business.



Video technology continues to progress into some useful and interesting developments. Latent Productions tracks the latest innovations in filming technology, incorporating them into our production process.

The integration of graphics and CGI changed the realm of possibility of what’s possible in video production. We have a team of talented post-production specialists and in-house animators that know how to harness the power of computer-generated imagery in any format.

From the most advanced CGI to whiteboard animations. From drone shots to GoPro footage. Latent Productions has a range of specialist videography services to enhance the effect and impact of your video marketing content.



Latent Productions works with in-house drone pilots to take captivating drone footage of your location. We can organize the required permits and licenses needed to operate in any city in the world. 

Our team can get amazing drone shots, bringing a new edge to your video marketing.

Previously, it would cost thousands of dollars to hire helicopters, equipment, and crew for an aerial shot. With Latent Production drone videography, you get better production at a fraction of the price of traditional aerial videography.



The GoPro action camera changed the game when it comes to personal videography. We can help you capture action shots from crazy angles. Give your customers and prospects a personalized viewing experience. Tour your hotel, show them what it’s like to drive a car, or do a walk through your store.  

Latent Productions can use action camera footage in various ways to enhance video content for any marketing campaign. We use the latest GoPro tech, combined with talented videographers, to ensure we get the right shot at the right angle to amplify the POV experience.



Podcasting is the new news radio. There are thousands of podcasts out there and hundreds debuting every day. If you have a unique podcasting concept, you could end up being the next Joe Rogan. However, Podcasts are moving away from the traditional production value of sitting around a living room.

Today’s podcasts have production value to them. Latent Productions can consult with you on the right studio setup and set dynamics to suit your podcast theme. Let us help advise on your production, and we can arrange full production of your podcast from anywhere in Dubai.



Latent Productions works with talented animators. Our post-production and animation team produces some of the best work in the business. 

We bring you everything from a Pixar-level production to simple stick figure drawings. Our animators have the skills to explain your concepts through animations that capture eyeballs.

Our animation team can handle any project, from whiteboard videos explaining concepts to CGI additions to your videos. Our animators work with the latest animation software solutions to ensure we can take care of any request.



A time-lapse provides an elegant way to display a progression in your business. Whether it’s a time-lapse of a busy day at the office, a sunrise over your corporate headquarters, or a fast-tracking of your production process, Latent Productions handles it all.

We use the latest HD camera technology and advanced time-lapse software to ensure we get the right impact every time we create. We have full manipulation over time in our videos. We can speed things up or slow them down without losing video quality.



The greenscreen changed the game for Hollywood. Now, this technology is available for smaller video projects as well. You don’t have to have a huge budget to benefit from a green screen in your videos. Latent Productions has plenty of experience working with green screen projects for our clients.

We can superimpose anything over your green screen. Let us build a newscasting studio in the background or set up any custom theme you want for your podcasts or video content requirements. We’ll ensure we get seamless integration of the green screen into your videos. There’s no green glare or glow in the background, and everything appears authentic to your viewers.



Our post-production services are where we add the magic to your video productions. Editing and effects are what separate good content from great content. With the right post-production and editing work to your videos, you’ll find you get way more engagement from your audience.

Filming is just part of the process. The editing and post-production work make a real difference in your productions. We feel like we’re giving away the secret sauce to our formula here. However, the reality is that no one can give you a post-production team like Latent Productions.

We’re confident our skilled animators and editors can add value to your video content with their tactics. We’ll put the finishing touches on your videos to make them stand out from the competition. If you’re trying to boost your production value on any platform, let Latent Productions handle your post-production work.



At Latent Productions, we’re confident we can add value to your video marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. Why are we so sure? Because we utilize a proven process that yields consistent results.

With Latent Productions, you get a team of talented and experienced professionals working on your video production. We have years in the industry working at all levels of video production. Our diverse team has a skillset in every department to deliver you the best video production possible.

Hire Latent Productions, and we promise to exceed your expectations with our services. We are ready to work with you; let’s unpack our production process in more detail.


Creative Concepting with You

We start every project with a creative concept session where we unpack your vision for the video. This step is critical to the process and possibly the most important step. By the time we finish our consultation with you, you’ll know that you’re dealing with professionals, and we know what you want from your project.


An Elite Production Crew

With Latent Productions, you get an elite production crew working on your videos. We have videographers, directors, stylists, and casting professionals on tap 24/7 for your videos. When we deliver your video, you’ll understand the benefits of working with us as soon as you watch the material.


Hiring Actors and Background Extras

Latent Productions can accommodate any video production request. We’ll source actors and extras for your videos. We only work with professional talent, and we have access to a deep pool of actors and extras in Dubai.


Stock Video B-Roll Footage

Latent Productions has hours of stock B-roll footage. We can add B-roll to your videos to fill the gaps and transitions between scenes. Our selection is huge, and we have something to match the theme of your videos.


Scripting & Voiceovers

Latent Productions works with voice actors for your video requirements. We can hire actors to do the voiceovers and narrations for your video content. Whether you need someone to narrate your documentary or explain your whiteboard video, we can make it happen.


Animation and Effects

Our in-house effects, CGI, and editing team will take your raw footage and add the fishing touches. Our team can insert CTAs to capitalize on buyer emotions created in the videos at the right moments. Let us turn your video project into a masterpiece with our post-production team.


Storyboarding Your Vision

We take the vision you give us in the initial consultation and storyboard it. We get your approval before we start the filming process, and you can expect regular reporting on the progress of your project throughout the production.


Studios and Set Locations

Latent Productions has a network of locations for sets across Dubai. We’ll shoot your videos in a way that captures the spirit of the city and the local culture.


STEP 1 – Unpacking Your Vision

As mentioned, the initial consultation with you is the most crucial phase of our production process. We need to get on the same page with you to understand what you want and expect from your video. The needs of a Fortune 500 will be entirely different from an influencer.

We work with you to understand what you want from the project, and we’ll introduce ideas that add value to your initial concept. By the time you leave the consultation, you’ll feel confident that you have chosen the right video production partner.


STEP 2 – Pre-Production Planning Phase

After we grasp your vision and expectations, we start planning the production. Planning involves arranging all the aspects we need for the live shoot. We coordinate resources and ensure we have everything we need to keep your budget on track on shoot day.


STEP 3 – The Video Shoot

The shoot is where we take all the preparation and planning and execute on it to perfection. We’ll always get the footage we need because of the attention to detail we take in the pre-production phase. We keep things timeous and on track during the shoot to ensure we get the best value out of your budget.


STEP 4 – Editing and Post-Production

After we finish the shoot, we hand the raw footage over to the post-production department. Our team edits the video and adds effects according to the goals you have in mind for the project. We’ll edit it to add B-roll footage, voiceovers, and special effects. We wrap up by issuing you the video in a format that’s easy to upload to your website and social media channels.



In the new era of marketing and branding, content is king. How you deliver that content matters. Video is the new medium sweeping through global communications. Whether it’s short or long-form, video content is taking over at a rapid rate.

Video is what people want to see, and your business or brand needs to know how to take advantage of the opportunity it presents. Latent Productions gives you the team you need for a high-value videography experience.

We can add value to your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns, sending your content strategy to the next level of success.

Whether you’re a Fortune 500, small business, or aspiring influencer in Dubai, we want you to work with us.



It’s up to you to take action in the next step of the process. It’s the only thing we can’t help you with. Reach out to us and put our services in motion. Complete the contact request form on this site, and we’ll handle the rest.