Do you need a video production partner in Dublin? Latent Productions offers you the top-rated video production service in the Emerald Isle. Latent Productions works with influencers, eCommerce specialists, small business owners, and corporates. We’ll give you the service you expect and video production that blows away your expectations.

The reality is that video is fast becoming the preferred method of consuming content online. Video gets six times the engagement rate of articles and blogs, and it’s no surprise why. Video engages more of your senses when watching a clip. It’s a bigger emotional driver than reading an article, placing you in the shoes of the person filming the video; it’s like you’re in the room with them.

Marketers and companies are starting to realize that video offers them the future of customer acquisition and sales. As bandwidth costs drop, mobile data prices also sink while improving connections and download speeds.

As a result of 4G and fiber technology, it’s possible to watch YouTube videos on your phone without buffering or draining your bandwidth cap. A few years ago, this wasn’t possible. However, the advancements in tech mean that more people are starting to wake up to the fact that video offers the perfect medium for marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.

Latent Productions can produce video content for your strategy. We’re a full-house production team, and we’re ready to turn your next video project into a smashing success. With us working on your side, you’ll acquire more viewers, increase your followers, and ramp up your engagement.

Latent Productions has a track record of producing outstanding video content for any market. Our proven production process yields consistent results for our clients, regardless of the size of their company or their industry.

We can give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition in your market. We operate worldwide, with teams in the US, UK, Canada, and EU. We work with the biggest multinational conglomerates to the smallest business owner. We’re confident we can improve the results of your branding, marketing, and awareness campaigns with our video production.

We can handle any project requirement, from a 1-minute highlight reel compilation to a full-length documentary. Our production team gives you access to their skillset, and there’s nothing we can’t do on film.

Contact our video firm using the request form on this website. We’ll have a consultant get back to you at a time that’s convenient for you. We can host Zoom or Skype briefings with you to understand your project requirements.



If you want to take your content strategy to the next level of success, you need to include video in your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. Video is the preferred method of communication in all markets, and you’ll get far more engagement from your target market when using video in your campaigns.

That translates into more likes, comments, and shares of your videos. The reality is that all markets are moving toward video as the preferred method of interacting with businesses and influencers. If you’re not using video in your strategy, then you’re falling behind the curve. More companies are adopting video into their strategy than at any other point in history.

You need to climb on the bandwagon if you want to avoid losing ground to your competitors. When you implement video into your campaigns, you’re getting an edge over the competition. That translates into your company capturing more market share.

It’s common to see business owners think they can make engaging videos by themselves, using their cellphone. However, it’s not long before they realize that filming requires more than just pulling out your phone. As the ideas dry up, so do the content and the eyeballs.

With Latent Productions, we have a team that unpacks your creative vision, translating it into world-class video content. We never run out of ideas for your campaigns, and we always get the perfect shot.

With Latent Productions working on your video strategy, you can attend to more pressing areas of your business requiring your attention. Our video productions fit in with your branding, giving your content a seamless transition across all social media channels.

We offer you a full-house video production service in Dublin. Our team has the skills and tools to make video content that helps you dominate your market. Reach out to our video firm, and we’ll arrange a free consultation to discuss your video strategy.

We add the following value to the production process with our services.


  • Concept discussion and development
  • Pre-production assessment
  • Script creation and supervision
  • Storyboarding
  • Set design and execution
  • Set and production design
  • Costume and wardrobe styling
  • Hair and makeup
  • Prop sourcing
  • Pre-visualization and masterful execution
  • Art direction


  • Sound stage design ad composition
  • Video encoding and color grading
  • Scoring and soundtrack development
  • Voiceovers and sound effects


  • Delivery of your video content in any format
  • Subtitles and captions
  • Storage and backup facilities


  • Time-lapse recording
  • Multi-camera specialized shoots
  • Live event coverage
  • DIT service and BTS production
  • Remote shoots


  • Location sourcing and permit applications
  • Casting direction
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Production crew and equipment rental
  • Craft services and catering
  • Full insurance coverage

Dublin is the commercial hub of Ireland. The city is vibrant and alive, with the hustle and bustle of people moving around at all hours of the day. It’s one of the most competitive markets in Europe, and standing out from the competition means that you need stellar video content that captures eyeballs.

It’s time to take advantage of video media and what it can do for your business. If you’re not willing to use it, your competitors will eventually catch on and start taking market share from you. Latent Productions wants to keep your business or influencer status ahead of the pack.

Our video production techniques will position your business at the top of your industry using engaging, informative content that draws attention to your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.



Latent Productions brings you a holistic range of video content productions services. We work in any industry, and we have clients from small mom-and-pop businesses to the largest corporates. Whether you’re an influencer, small business owner, freelancer, or corporate, you can benefit from our video production services.

Video production is a complex dynamic with many attributes requiring attention during the process. Latent Productions has a thorough understanding of every aspect of video production. From consultation to planning, filming, and post-production, we have the necessary skills to get a complete video production for your campaign.

We have everything we need in-house to make you unique video content. We don’t outsource any stage of the production process, ensuring we have tight control over everything going on with your project. You can rely on us to stay on track with your budget spend and your delivery deadline.

Latent Productions orchestrates all components of the video production process, so they work in harmony. We have years of experience setting up shoots to run as efficiently and quickly as possible without diminishing the results.

We invite you to put our skills and knowledge of the video production process to the test. Latent Productions will revolutionize your marketing and branding strategy, getting more attention to your campaigns.

We’re confident that video is the way the market is moving. Remember how FaceTime changed the way we make phone calls? We believe this is an example of the rise in the trend of video and how it influences our lives.

Take the leap into the digital age. Reach out to us to learn how our video production can benefit your business strategy.



Is your company using video in its strategy? Video is versatile and suits many organizational activities other than marketing. We can help you create training and safety videos of your employees and other applications.

Our professional production service is available for all industries, from corporates to influencers. We realize that each industry has different requirements for video production. The needs of the influencer are very different from corporates. We understand the nuances involved with producing the right video content for the right market.

Latent Productions has expertise in filming video productions for many industries. The following are some of the video services we offer in Dublin.



Latent Productions works with corporates in Dublin. Dublin is the commerce hub of Ireland and home to hundreds of corporates. If you want a video talking about your brand image or to boost your PR, give us a call.

We can assist you with videos for training and educating your employees. We also create branding and awareness videos to bolster your reputation in the market. We’ll help get your brand message and corporate values out to your market and employees.

Video production has several benefits for corporates, helping streamline your business marketing and HR activities. Contact our team today and find out how we can help your corporation grow.



Running a nonprofit is challenging. Getting your message out to the market can seem frustrating at times. Latent Productions can assist you with video content production for your awareness campaigns. We’ll help you get more eyeballs and engagement on your videos, boosting your fundraising and awareness in the market.

 With the right video production partner, nonprofits can reach a broader market with professionally-produced video content that emulates your organizational values. Our team will help you build a video content campaign for your fundraising and outreach strategies.

Let us create trickle video content for your social media accounts. We’ll get more eyeballs on your video content with our professional services.



Do you run an agency in Dublin? Whether you have a talent, real estate, or marketing agency, Latent productions can add value to your organization with our video production. We capture the culture and essence of your agency, using it to attract more attention to your offering.

With Latent Productions, you get a team that can increase your market share through intelligently panned video content for your marketing and branding campaigns. We’ll position your agency as the market authority, placing you at top-of-mind awareness in your industry.



Latent Productions works with B2B and B2C companies. Whether you’re selling software or consumer goods, we have the strategy you need for your video marketing and branding. We’ll unpack your business model and make it more appealing to your investors, shareholders, and customers.

With Latent Productions working on your campaigns, you’ll get more customers for your business. We specialize in producing top-quality video content for all levels of business and all business models. Speak to us and find out how we can make a difference to your business directives and goals.



Are you a small business owner in Dublin? Latent Productions can help you get more foot traffic to your store with our video production services.

Let us assist you with marketing and branding campaigns you can target in your local market. Get more customers from your local area and spread the word in the market about your small business.

Latent productions bring small business owners an affordable and pragmatic way to add video content to their current strategy. We work with hundreds of small businesses around the globe, and we understand the formula for marketing success in this industry.



Are you a startup in Dublin? Dublin is the country’s startup capital and home to some of the most successful Irish startup companies. Dublin is also the VC capital of Ireland, and there are dozens of firms looking for the next unicorn in the startup market.

Latent Productions can assist startups with video content. We’ll help you attract investment by translating your pitch to video format to make it more appealing for potential investors. We’ll help you communicate your message and proposal to investors in a relatable form they can understand.



Do you own a restaurant or hotel in Dublin? The nightlife and entertainment industry in the city never sleeps. You have plenty of competition, and you need a new way of attracting business to your venue. Video marketing can help your business take more reservations and fill your guest list.

Latent Productions can help you take short informative marketing videos promoting your venue. We’ll capture the essence and exhilaration of dining at your restaurant or partying at your club. It’s our goal to capture the elements of the emotional experience involved with visiting your venue.



Do you own a manufacturing business in Ireland? Dublin is one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the country and home to hundreds of manufacturing businesses. Latent Productions can assist manufacturers with video content unpacking their manufacturing process.

We can create training and safety videos for your employees and film videos promoting your business to other companies and investors if you want to sell your business. We’ll help you bolster your brand identity and get more people talking about your business.



Do you own an educational venue in Ireland? Whether you’re a private academy or a yoga studio, Latent Production offers you video content services for your academic requirements. We can help you film an educational or training course to sell online.

We can assist with filming educational courses in STEM or cooking classes – there is nothing we can’t do with video. We work with private colleges and learning institutions, and we’re available for government contracts for public schools.



Are you a pharmaceutical manufacturer or a medical service provider? Latent Productions works with doctors’ offices, anti-aging clinics, dentistry, naturopaths, and physiotherapists. We’ll create video content that displays the best aspects and selling points of your practice and services.

Our video production services position you as the expert in your field and the industry authority. We’ll help you fill your appointment book, sending you to top-of-mind status in your target market. 

Boost awareness of your practice, private clinic, or traditional healing center in the market with Latent Productions running your video campaigns.



Are you looking for a video partner to film a commercial for a TV slot? If that’s the case, you need a professional video production team working on your project. Latent Productions has years of experience creating commercials for companies in all industries.

We know what works on-screen, and we’ll ensure that we don’t waste a second of your airtime. Our holistic 

production service caters to every need of the commercial filming process. From hiring actors or narrators to filming in locations around Ireland, Latent Productions is your preferred partner for TV commercial video content.



Are you hosting a live event? Contact Latent Productions. Our production team will record the live event and broadcast it to your preferred platform in real-time. We also create highlight reels for the event and behind-the-scenes footage to add to teaser content post-show.

Latent Productions can interview speakers and audience members at the event. We work with any live event in any industry. Whether you’re having a kitchenware convention or a business summit, we’ll be there to capture the action on film.



Latent Productions is available for corporate interviews. We can interview your CEO, your employees, or customers to complete branding and awareness videos for your company. Let us interview the CEO of your company in the boardroom to give your clients an exclusive look at the direction and values of your company.

We can also conduct interviews with your clients for social proof videos for your eCommerce business. We know how to set the stage with lighting and audio that gives the interview a professional appearance, building trust and awareness in your target market.



Are you an eCommerce entrepreneur looking to sell more products? Maybe you’re a social media influencer looking to grow your audience? Latent Productions can help you achieve your goals by using unique video content in your campaigns. Our production services for influencers and social media marketers take your business to the next level.

We understand the power of short-form content. We can create short-form video content for your online marketing campaigns. The reality is that social media is drawing down our attention spans. People don’t want to watch minutes-long videos when considering buying a product or following an influencer.

The market demands short-form content that’s engaging and informative. You’ll see your results dramatically improve when you have the right formula for producing this kind of content.

Latent Productions has a team of social media video experts waiting to take on your project. We’ll create a series of short-form videos to help you market your products and services to your market. Our video production skills will get more eyeballs on your listing and more followers to your social media accounts.

More than 50% of all online traffic comes from mobile devices. Latent Productions creates content specifically designed for viewing on mobile. We use native content formats for each platform, ensuring your video makes the right impact on your audience. Our trickle campaigns produce a series of short-form videos marketing your products and services.

Contact the Latent Productions video firm to find out how our video production services can make a difference to your branding, awareness, and marketing campaigns.



Social media swept the world by storm over the last decade. With bandwidth speeds improving and cell phone technology costs dropping, more people come online every day. Social media platforms continue to develop, and their interest depends on the platform they offer.

Instagram was a notable launch capturing millions of users after opening for business. “The Gram” saw billions of people sign up to post images of their life for the world to see. Instagram dominated social media platforms for many years until the rise of Tik Tok.

Tik Tok saw the biggest user growth of any social platform, outstripping Instagram. Tik Tok is now the most influential social media platform in the world. It’s a great example of how people rely on video more than they do images or text when communicating with each other.

So, as a social media marketer, you’re going to have to learn how to master the art of producing short-form content for your listings. Latent Productions can help you with marketing videos, product videos, and promotional videos to generate more leads and improve your conversion rate.

Video is a critical aspect of attracting eyeballs to your social media accounts. If you have two listings for the same product, one is an image while the other is a video, which one do you think will get the better engagement? That’s a rhetorical question, of course, but it goes to show you an example of the power of video marketing.

If you’re not using video marketing in your social strategy, you’re leaving money on the table and shortchanging your business. Sure, it might be more expensive to produce a video than to post an image of the product, but think about the difference it makes to your sales and conversion rate. You’ll find that the investment in video marketing for your social media business is well worth the spend.

Latent Productions has years of experience working with eCommerce specialist marketing on social media. We know the right video format and length to use to capture the audience’s attention. It’s no good having a minute-long video of a product description if the viewer only watches the first few seconds.

At Latent Productions, we know how to get your message across to the consumer as fast as possible. We don’t beat around the bush. We get down to brass tacks. We deliver the information the prospect needs to solidify their purchase decision.

Our team consists of specialists who understand video content parameters and how it applies to all social media websites. Contact our video firm and speak with our team today. We’re confident we can add value to your eCommerce social media business.

We’ll increase your click-throughs from your social media posts to your website and landing pages. Hire Latent Productions, and we’ll bring your brand to life on social media.



As an influencer, you need to think of yourself as a brand. Dublin is the top location for influencers in Ireland. It’s not surprising, since the city has the best nightlife, restaurants, and bars in the country. When it comes to building your brand as an influencer, you need to work with a professional video productions team.

Sure, you can probably handle the bulk of your content creation through your cell phone. However, there are times when you need a professional to help you cut a highlight reel or compilation. If you’re a YouTuber, you can hire Latent Productions to handle all the editing and effects involved with your video production.

Latent Productions creates content within your brand image. We take captivating videos that draw more eyeballs to your YouTube channel and social media accounts. We’ll ensure your communications with your market are nothing short of world-class.

We can assist burgeoning influencers at the start of their career or an influencer with millions of followers. Give your fans something different and hire Latent Productions to supercharge your content strategy with videos that drive engagement.


Short-form videos that capture attention. Ideal for product launches and influencer marketing.


Mid-length video content that sells products and services or explains concepts.


Long-form video content establishes your credibility and authority in the market.


Mid-length to long-form content designed to build revenue, engagement, and subscribers.



Are you an eCommerce marketer in Dublin? Do you use video in your marketing strategy? If not, you’re leaving opportunities in the wind. Video marketing lets you increase your lead generation efforts and boost your conversion rate.

With Latent Productions, you get a suite of video marketing strategies to help you sell products and build your brand. Video content offers you the closest method to placing your products in the hands of your customers.

Any salesperson can tell you that getting the prospect to handle the goods increases the chances that they’ll pull the buying trigger. Video elements like 360-product views give you the closest representation to this old-school selling tactic.

Video will change the way you do business online. With video marketing added to your strategy, you’ll find your inquiries and orders explode.

People are more likely to click on videos in listings than images. The video shows the prospect how the product will improve their lives. It’s a way of showing the person what they can expect from unboxing and using the product and the customer’s satisfaction from the deal.

Latent Productions offers you real value for your eCommerce marketing and branding campaigns. Hire us, and we’ll show you the secret to boosting your online business with video content that brings you more qualified prospects closing more sales.

Contact the Latent Productions video team right now. We’ll arrange a shoot for your product range, putting it on film. Get the competitive edge you need and watch your conversion rate shoot to the moon.



Latent Productions can assist you with 360-degree product videos. These interactive videos allow your prospect to see the product from every angle. If you’re selling sneakers, the video will enable them to see the soles, the upper, and angles from the sides and top.

It’s the best way of presenting products to prospects, increasing their buying temperature, so they click the buy button. You can think of the 360-degree product video as the foundation of your marketing online and the primary tactic used in your listings for increasing conversions.



Let Latent Productions capture your entire product range on film. We have talented product stylists that prepare your products for shooting. We also have experts in product lighting and set development. We’ll have your products looking their best.

We can create product catalogs for listings on any platform, from eBay to Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy. When using video content in your online marketing, you’re one step ahead of the competition. Whom do you think the prospect will buy from if your competitor only has a few images in their listing while you have 360-product views and videos?



The eCommerce environment is incredibly competitive. With the industry worth billions of dollars, you need to keep your business ahead of the pack. Latent Productions can assist you with brand building videos for your eCommerce videos.

We’ll film your catalog and transfer your branding to the videos. We create a seamless integration of your videos into your existing branding and marketing strategy. When prospects start seeing your branding across the platforms they use, they’ll feel more inclined to visit your store directly and use you for future purchases.

Latent Productions can help you build your eCommerce brand online. With more FBA consultants and resellers entering the market every day, video content is the key to separating your business from the rest of the pack.

Contact our video firm right now, and we’ll arrange a consultation to find out how our video production skills can help you develop your business.



The Metaverse is a new frontier for marketers, and companies are already selling products and services through the Metaverse. Latent Productions can assist you with marketing and product videos for marketing in the Metaverse.

Get the first-mover advantage and set up your Metaverse business with video content positioning you as the authority in the market. Latent Productions will produce video content for your Metaverse campaigns. Our animation and AR team has years of experience creating interactive video content for our eCommerce clients.



If you’re an eCommerce professional, you understand the power of social proof and what it can do for your business. 

When assessing a product, people will look around for support and testimonials in their community. If you have great reviews, it can help the buyer make their decision.

However, many buyers feel that written testimonials are fake. The controversy on Amazon and other platforms involving fake reviews made the consumer smarter.

However, with video interviews of your customers, you get the most powerful form of social proof. Latent Productions can assist you with filming client testimonials for your marketing campaigns.



Video production is constantly evolving. The last decade saw the introduction of technologies like action cameras and drones. Now it’s possible to broaden the range of angles and unique viewing positions in video content to create any video you want.

The advent of the smartphone changed camera technology. Companies started making cameras smaller and more powerful while maintaining the form factor in phones. As a result of this acceleration in camera tech, the rest of the videography industry started to benefit from the trickle-down effect of these tech advancements.

The personal drone market exploded with devices capable of handling 4K cameras, and green screen tech suddenly became within reach of anyone. Latent Productions offers you specialist video production services utilizing the latest tech advancements in the industry.


Drones changed the game. Now there’s no need to hire helicopters. A drone provides breathtaking aerial shots for your video. We have trained and experienced drone pilots available, with all the skills and qualifications they need to fly anywhere in Dublin.


Action camera videos give you the chance to provide the viewer with a POV experience. It’s an ideal medium for conducting a walk around your club or restaurant. Latent Productions knows how to seamlessly integrate POV material into video content for the best effect with the viewer.


Podcasting is taking off, and thousands of new podcasts launch every month. If you want to be the next Joe Rogan, you’re going to need spectacular production value. Podcasts are starting to take production value seriously. We can help you design your set and film using the latest podcasting technology to make your production stand out from the crowd.


Latent Productions offers you a team of in-house animators for your video projects. We do everything from simple whiteboard videos to advanced CGI and FX. Bring design elements into your videos that make them pop and increase audience engagement.


Latent Productions offers you time-lapse photography. We’ll shoot a video of your restaurant kitchen set up for the day or a sunset across the Dublin skyline. Time-lapses impact your audience by condensing time and activities spanning hours or even months into a few moments.


The green screen was previously a production tool exclusively used by Hollywood studios. Fortunately, the costs surrounding this innovation dropped considerably over the last five years. As a result, it’s possible to integrate the use of green screen tech into your videos. We can set up any background and any scene in your videos.



Our post-production department is the best in the game. We have a team of talented and experienced editors and post-effects specialists that make the magic happen in your videos. Whether you want us to edit and add post-production effects to your stock footage or create a new video from scratch, we’re the team for the task.

Our teams can add visual effects and audio to your videos. We’ll add visual and audio effects like CTAs to drive viewer engagement and dress your videos up for success. Our post-production team is the backbone of our process, and we have the top professionals in the game working on your videos.



Video production involves more than just pulling out a camera and filming. There’s a method to the madness, and Latent Productions understands every step of making outstanding video productions for our clients.

We’re confident we’re the right partner for your video production needs. We’re so sure of ourselves because we use a proven process. Our consistent approach to video production yields consistent results. Our process forms the backbone of our business, and it’s how we measure up each project for success.

With Latent Productions, you get a team of experts operating in every field of video production. From videographers to casting professionals and post-production effects, we have a handle on every aspect of the production process.

Latent Productions offers you a holistic, top-to-bottom video production service for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. Hire us, and you get access to the team you need to take your content strategy to the next level of success.


Creative Concepting with You

Our process starts with our consultation. During this stage of the process, we meet with your virtually to unpack your vision for your video project. We value this step as the most important in the process. It’s where we spend time with you unpacking your ideas. When we’re confident we are on the same page with you, we plan the production.


Storyboarding Your Vision

After unpacking your ideas, we storyboard them to bring them to reality. The storyboard forms the crux of the production, directing us on the right equipment and set design we need for the shoot. Storyboarding allows us to visualize your ideas and the plan for the production before we start.


An Elite Production Crew

We operate an elite production crew. From videographers to post-production specialists, we have an in-house team that builds your video content from the ground up. We don’t outsource any part of the production process.


Hiring Actors and Background Extras

If your video project calls for actors and extras, we’ll find the right models for your video that meet your brand values and image. We have access to a deep talent pool of actors and extras, and we only work with professionals, ensuring the highest production value possible for your project.


Stock Video B-Roll Footage

Latent Productions has a library of stock B-roll footage to add to your videos. We have plenty of scenes from around Dublin to bring authenticity and a local feel to your videos. We have a massive archive of B-roll footage to add to your videos. We use B-roll footage for transitions and cutaways, adding more visual appeal to the video for your viewers.


Scripting & Voiceovers

We’ll script your videos and get your approval before using them in production. If your video requires a voiceover or voice actors, we’ll source them. Whether you need voice actors for an animation or a narrator for a documentary, we have the right people for your videos.


Animation and Effects

Our animations department has some of the best talents in the industry. We’ll take your raw footage and turn it into a mesmerizing production that captures the viewer’s attention. We can add special effects and CTAs or cards to your videos when you want your viewer to take action on the content.


Studios and Set Locations

Latent Productions has a huge network of shooting locations. We can arrange live productions at any venue around Dublin. Contact our video firm and find out how we can help you with your next video production.


STEP 1 – Unpacking Your Vision

The Latent Productions process starts with meeting with you. We can do this online via Zoom or Skype, but it’s a critical step in the process. We’ll connect with you to understand what you have in mind for your video. Once we establish the goals for the production, we get to work.


STEP 2 – Pre-Production Planning Phase

The pre-production planning phase involves gathering the resources we need to make your video. That’s different for every project. Some people need a live shoot, while others don’t. We work on the information you give us in the consultation to plan the video.


STEP 3 – The Video Shoot

We’ll execute the planning to perfection with our shoot. Whether we’re shooting on location or in a studio, we’ll handle everything to ensure you get a world-class production. Our professional videographers know how to take the perfect shot. Our lighting experts set the stage, and our director walks us through the process from start to finish.


STEP 4 – Editing and Post-Production

After finishing the shoot, we hand over the raw footage to our post-production team, edit the video into the required length, add B-roll, visual effects, and audio, and package everything ready for delivery. We submit our work in formats ready for immediate upload to your website and social media accounts.



When you hire Latent Productions, you’re working with a team of video production specialists. We have the experience, qualifications, and skills you need to make your video content campaign shine.

We’re not a fly-by-night company. We have teams in the US and Canada, and we’re a multinational company servicing markets around the globe.

When you hire Latent Productions, you know you’re getting a team at the top of their field. You have the best production company online working on your projects.

We’ll stay within your budget and deliver the video on time, exceeding your expectations.



It’s time to take action. Reach out to Latent Productions through the contact form on this site. We’ll arrange a consultation at a time that suits you.

Now you know the value professional video production can bring your business. However, it’s up to you to take the first step to success; we can’t do that for you. 

Whether you’re an influencer, small business owner, eCommerce entrepreneur, or corporate, contact Latent Productions for all your video requirements.