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Corporate Video Production Edmonton.

Video production (in Edmonton) is one of the best investments you will ever make for your company. The benefits of professional video production (in Edmonton) and professionally done videos are endless. First of all, videos are arguably the best sales entities (and tools) you will ever have at the disposal of your team because they sell for you – around the clock. A video will never take the day off – and will sell for your business 24/7.

A video also does not have fixed times where it has to clock in and out. Once it is up, anyone can view it and digest the information it provides at any time (and from anywhere). Furthermore, a video (or a good collection of videos) will render a good portion of your expensive sales team almost useless.

Great videos sell people – and they are always consistent. They do not have off days and will never forget the script. This means that they are effective at selling consumers – every time. No down time or performance issues.

A great video is the perfect salesperson – without the headaches and salary haha.

We know that you probably will not need that many sales people after you invest in video production (in Edmonton) because the videos we make you will help you streamline your lead generation system, funnel the perfect leads for your team and do more than half the selling (already and before a lead hops on a call with you or someone from your team). You will save tons of capital that you can allocate and utilize effectively elsewhere by firing a huge portion of your sales team. This will be an amazing decision for growth.

Finally, a video is the perfect sales tool for you business because it does not need a salary or hourly wages. Once it is paid for with any initial investment, it will do its job forever. It will help your business communicate ideas, sell product and push services – forever. Do you know how powerful this is – do you understand how powerful a video (or many professional videos) can be? This is selling efficiency at its finest.

Your (potential) go-to Edmonton video production partner.

We make videos that do the selling and talking for you (and your company). We do beautiful and effective video production (in Edmonton) – so you do not have to. We know that producing a video in Edmonton (or anywhere in the world) is hard, that is why we have devised a strategy, plan, and process to guide effective and beautiful video production in Edmonton. We take over the video production needs of your team so you do not ever have to worry about having to produce another video again – whenever you need one, you just have to call us. Isn’t this a beautiful thing – on-demand video production (in Edmonton) to fulfill all your (and your consumers’) video needs.

Make an investment in persuasion and selling efficiency today, give our video production team a call right now.

Knowledge Centre + FAQ’s About Video Production In Edmonton

Hiring a video production company (in Edmonton) to help you with the production of any video (actually all videos) your company needs will be one of the smartest business decisions you have (and will) ever make. The benefits of a move like this are virtually endless. Primarily because video production in Edmonton is hard – it takes skill, know-how, organizational prowess, and perfect execution. Here is a more specific list of reasons why you must hire an Edmonton video production company today – and the benefits of hiring one.

Expertise with the whole video production production process and creating all type of videos (that you will probably need)

Top video production companies in Edmonton understand video production in Edmonton at a high level (and at a deep level). That is why they can create high-quality videos quickly. They have an efficient pre-production planning, production execution and post-production editing process – or some similar process – in place to increase production speed for your high-quality video (or videos) and to make sure they can create any kind of video you need (because all types of videos follow this process).

Hiring an expert and world-class video production company in Edmonton will make sure that every video that your organization publishes and puts out on the web (or elsewhere) is of the highest quality possible (within your budgetary constraints). This is huge because the quality of your videos will directly affect your customers’ (and other viewers of the videos’) perceptions of your company and what you have to offer, the perceived value of your offerings, your company’s reputation, and overall conversions.

Consumers demand a lot when it comes to video quality nowadays. Your internal team will not be able to outdo a top Edmonton video production company. Even if your industry is more lenient and relaxed about video quality, people, in general, will give you more points with professionally done videos (than with low-quality videos). Do not take a risk by going cheap on video production (in Edmonton) – because quality matters a lot when it comes to the effectiveness of video marketing (and videos).

Also, utilizing the expertise of a video production company in Edmonton will allow your company to put out videos (of any style and type) at a rapid rate. You can turn up the heat and start putting out more and more videos because of the increased production speed.

Time savings for your team through video production delegation

Your internal marketing, creative, or production team will save a lot of time by delegating the production of a video (or many videos) to us (or another top Edmonton video production company or team). You will avoid time-wastage on video production education and time-wastage on complex video production tasks (that an expert can do or figure out in half the time).

The other benefit of this is that your internal team (that was dedicated to or responsible for video production) can now utilize internal resources (time, brainpower, expertise, and money) for other things that matter to your business. For example, if you are a business owner, instead of worrying about producing or editing marketing (or advertising) video ads (and/or struggling – if you are more of a beginner with video production in Edmonton) and wasting hours either trying to do things at an acceptable level or at a professional level (or learning different software products and web apps), you can devote the energy and time you have towards other aspects of your operation. You will have more time on your hands to get on more sales calls, engage with your suppliers, and do the major things that will drive growth in your business. This benefit alone makes investing in professional video production (in Edmonton) an impossible business decision to beat.

Cost savings with expertly executed video production in Edmonton.

A top video production company in Edmonton is likely to have planned and executed the production of many videos. This means they know how to budget for videos properly. They know where you can cut costs (if need be) and the items you must keep to ensure that the video you want looks awesome (and is effective). If your budget is tight, they will be able to help you stretch every dollar and make an amazing video (based on your budget). A top video production team in Edmonton will definitely be able to help you save on some frivolously budget items – whilst making sure that the quality of your video is still on-par with professional standards (and your or your customers’ standards).

If you have a nice and sizeable budget, a video production company with integrity in Edmonton will ensure that you do not overspend on video production. The company will ensure that you get maximum returns on your investment by helping you keep costs down (and at a reasonable level).

You can effectively utilize a large variety of video styles and types to engage your customers (or potential customers). You can even combine these styles and video types to suit your industry’s needs or to develop your own unique video format. We can help you develop your own style by masterfully weaving together these styles and video types. Anyways, here are some styles, types, and industry-specific video formats to get your juices flowing.

Types and styles

  • Vlog
  • Behind the scenes or company culture
  • Event recap (or promo)
  • Webinar
  • Interview or Q&A
  • Testimonial
  • Product or Service
  • Explainer
  • Product review
  • Tutorial/how-to
  • Animation
  • Brand film
  • Training
  • and more


  • Real estate (video tours, realtor profiles, interviews, condo walkthrough, property video, condo marketing video, etc.)
  • Healthcare (hospital walkthrough, instructions, condition explainers, etc.)
  • SAAS (explainer, tutorial, Facebook ads, etc.)
  • Startup or Business (explainer, product or service, testimonial, interview, training, etc.)
  • Corporate (training, explainer, testimonial, interview, etc.)

We cannot tell you much about what other companies charge in Edmonton (anywhere from $1000 to $100000+), but we can tell you how we price video production in Edmonton. We price video production in Edmonton and we make our budgets based on the quality of video production that you need, the complexities of the project, personnel and equipment requirements, post-production needs, and more. If you need a quote, give us a call or email us today. We will get back to you as fast as possible.