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How To Use A Video To Effectively Market Or Advertise

In this modern internet era, people have quickly transitioned from consuming text-based content to more audiovisual material. Back in the late ’90s, when the internet was first being offered as a service for personal use, there was virtually no option, as videos and images consumed too much bandwidth and data for service operators to handle, video marketing was mostly relegated to TV or similar media. Since the introduction of broadband, however, videos and images became more prevalent, and sites such as YouTube signaled a shift in the way people consumed internet content.

Nowadays, we have social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram quickly surging and threatening to surpass text-based social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. People simply don’t have the time nor the patience nowadays to read huge walls of text. They need information that is visual and instant. According to a recent study by Zenith, by the end of 2021, the average person may watch an average of 100 minutes of online video. almost doubling the amount of average time registered just 3 years ago. This last data should serve as an indication of where things are going.

For the reasons summarized above, online VIDEO MARKETING , heck VIDEO MARKETING in general, has stepped at the forefront of any marketing plan. With videos, you can deliver content that is quick, visual, and informative at the same time. Businesses can convey messages, as well as endow their value proposition or brand with personality and a fresh visual identity.

Video marketing (in London ON) additionally can be employed in a variety of ways to improve your engagement with loyal customers and attract potential clients, to wit: It gives you the chance to smooth the rough edges off current online shopping, by giving users a way to see a product or service IN ACTION without examining it on the spot, which is one of the main challenges presented by this otherwise innovative and highly convenient business model. Moreover, it can enhance the usability of your website, app, or online shop (if used correctly and in a non-intrusive way), by including tutorials and how-to videos, as well as more dynamic promotional content.

Video marketing (in London ON) is not new, though. It has existed since the advent of TV commercials. However, the equipment required for producing a video advertisement back then was too onerous, and the process and methodology were too arduous. Businesses, furthermore, had to spend copious amounts of money for a minute of air time, a luxury not everyone could afford.

In this day and age, it’s infinitely easier and cheaper to produce video material, but, as a side effect, small businesses have FAR MORE COMPETITION TO DEAL WITH. This compels business owners and marketing leaders to be more exhaustive in studying the latest video design trends and devising a strategy to produce highly engaging content that can attract ideal customers, highlighting, with extreme precision, those features that add value to a product or service in contrast to the competition’s offerings. Conversely, the technical aspects of video-making are mostly taken for granted due to the streamlined and inexpensive production methods available currently.

You can reach the target audience in a very efficient way through video marketing campaigns. Below you’ll find some examples of good video marketing tactics and tips:

* Show the product or service IN ACTION. It’s very important that you showcase, in the most real and illustrative way possible, the benefits of the value proposition you’re offering and exhibit, in real time (if feasible) how it works. By doing this, you will boost the confidence of your target audience.
* Potential customers, at times, want to see the people behind a project. By introducing your staff, you let people know that the value proposition you’re advancing has humans working behind the scenes. This greatly enhances the customer-business relationship.
* You can include video tours or guides on your website. The “About Us” section can contain a video introducing the office facilities and day-to-day operations. Also, either the FAQ section or the blog associated with the main website can include video tutorials containing troubleshooting tips and other relevant information. It’s a nice touch that can also increase engagement with users.
* Testimonial videos are the oldest trick in the book, but they may work wonders for wary customers. These should only serve as an appendix to other audiovisual content aimed at marketing, and ought to be accompanied by verifiable reviews on sites like Trustpilot or similar, for optimal results. A good testimonial video is one where the customer looks like a real user and not a “shill” (a feat that’s admittedly hard to achieve).
* You can use the video as a means to ask the target audience for feedback using surveys or polls. This might prove to be a great opportunity to generate leads by subtly motivating users to subscribe to your newsletter. Thus, you receive personal data legally, which you may use to your advantage and for the advancement of your marketing goals.
* You may also use other calls to action at the end of your videos to boost traffic, brand awareness, and further demand.
* Stick to inbound marketing. Create videos with engaging content to grow your audience organically. Outbound marketing strategies (such as paid YouTube ads) could be helpful, but they need to work in tandem with inbound tactics to guarantee success in the long term.
* In the case of video ads, take advantage of the SEO and metadata tools provided by the ad service supplier (such as keywords and tags) to improve your visibility. This also pertains to non-paid content uploaded to social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Vimeo. Add hashtags and keywords to the title and description (if possible).


Video production (especially in London Ontario) is an essential investment for both companies and individuals. There is a rising need to ensure that all videos you put out (for branding or advertising/marketing purposes) are of the highest quality. It can be tempting to try and shoot a video using a smartphone; however, you will only end up with amateur footage that may not tell your story correctly. Hiring a professional video production company ensures that your videos are bright, fun, extremely memorable and colorful.

It can be challenging to decide the ideal video production company in London, Ontario, that will meet your needs. You need to understand what a video production company does, the different types of video content that you can utilize to communicate or market/advertise, and the range of prices for video production. Understanding the basics of video production will help you know the kind of company you need to hire.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about video production in London, Ontario.

Video Production in London, Ontario, involves several activities. The range and specific types of tasks that a production company does (may) vary from one to the next. However, there are several core activities that a serious production company executes for its clients.

In some way, shape or form, production companies (in London) help plan/script a video – and shoot, organize, and edit the captured footage into a beautiful masterpiece (or many awesome pieces).

Plan/Script a video: The first few meetings with a top London video production company involve explaining your vision and listening to suggestions on requirements for achieving your vision. It can seem tedious, but planning and scripting a video ensures that the final product is captivating.

The experts inside or within the production company you choose to work with will provide suggestions on what is trending. You will also receive advice on what won’t work for a video – or your video concept. Taking the time to plan for a video is a critical step that plays into the overall success of a video. Make sure the company you choose do not skip this.

Organize a video: Organizing a video shoot helps a London videographer or production team to shoot appropriate and valuable footage. Shooting footage in an organized manner makes it simpler to edit the footage into a sensible video. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a strategy and schedule for the video shoot to ensure everything goes smoothly on shoot day.

The London Ontario production company you hire will also organize for necessary (required) shoot day personnel (technicians, actors, creatives, and artists), rentals, gear, project specific technology, props, and more necessary project items.

Shoot a video: Shooting high-quality footage requires the use of high-end video production equipment. A basic shoot requires an HD camera, a camera operator, a lighting kit, and a microphone.

It is essential to specify the size of the crew you want in/at a video shoot. Sometimes, you will need a director and producer present during the shoot. And, elaborate video shoots will require a large team to ensure seamless production.

Let your chosen London video production company know the plans and goals for your project so that they can plan the shoot and do everything necessary beforehand to ensure shoot day is a massive success.

Edit a video: A top London, Ontario, videographer will combine the relevant parts of the footage taken on shoot day (or shoot days) to create a polished video during editing.

Video editing is the last step in the process of London video production.

You can request for extra graphics in your video like intro/outro animations or captions. So, do not forget to do so.

*You can and should also ask for a preview of the edited video after editing – before receiving the final copy. You do not want your allotted revisions to go to waste or to have to use revisions for major changes. You want revisions for cosmetic changes and touch ups only.

We can help you plan, organize, shoot, and/or edit your video. So, give us a chat today if you need help with either (or all) of these.

Many gadgets come with cameras nowadays, and everyone has access to one or two of such devices. It can be highly tempting to take an amateur video, edit it on your phone with a few mobile phone apps or with basic beginner video editing software and post it on a video site like YouTube. However, this can hurt your brand.

There are obvious benefits to hiring a video production company for video production like professionalism, a high-quality video and end product, and terrific storytelling. Other benefits reduce the stress of producing a video and are as follows:

A Schedule: Hiring a video production company in London, Ontario, ensures that your video projects stay on schedule (because top London production companies have concrete schedules that they follow), which is essential, especially for businesses (and serious business owners like you). You won’t have to worry about meeting the deadline for a project or delaying your promo (or campaign) launch when working with a professional – or team of pros. We will create a schedule for your project – and stick to it.

Reasonable Prices: Choosing professional video production in London, Ontario, allows you to enjoy the best and fairest prices. We are in the business of making videos – so we are great and efficient at making them. We will always be able to deliver quality work for cheaper than you can internally (or with outsourced or freelance external partners).

Expert Advice: Production companies have teams of professionals who have lots of years of experience in video production. You can get expert advice on different aspects of your video – and you can get a second opinion on ideas. The guidance goes a long way in ensuring that your video is captivating and meets the vision you had in mind. Individuals who are new to producing personal/individual (as a content creator or regular person) and corporate videos can significantly benefit from receiving sound advice.

The benefits of working with us (or any other top London production company like us) are pretty much endless, so, give us a shout today.

There are various types of videos that clients (like yourself) can and may request from a London video production company like ours. Each type of video serves a specific purpose – depending on the content needs of target audiences. Identifying the type or kind of video you want will help the London production company develop viable ideas for you.

Here are the popular types of videos and video production work that individuals and companies (normally) want – from us.

  • Music Video Production

Music videos are in high demand, and the best of them receive high viewer traffic online (on huge sites like YouTube). Artists need professional London Ontario videographers to ensure that the videos they put out (to their audience) are awesome, match their music and content and satiate fans. Also, production companies help to fine-tune the ideas (visuals) and choreography of a music video.

Websites like YouTube can help musicians get valuable global exposure with the right kinds of music videos. Entertaining and captivating videos on YouTube get a lot of views – and an awesome music video can significantly improve the rankings of a song on global charts.

A lot goes into a music video, especially in the video shoot and editing stages and aspects. Capturing the right frames during a shoot gives a videographer excellent raw footage to work with when composing the video during the editing phase. The editing part requires excellent skills to make sure that the audio (the actual song or musical piece) and video flow easily.

Amateur music video production can have adverse effects on the overall performance of a video. You need the best, call us today.

  • Corporate Video Production

Companies benefit greatly from having a great London Ontario video production company help them market and advertise better with effective corporate video production and awesome corporate videos. Corporate videos can generate tons of interest from potential customers when done tastefully. So, they must be attractive, informative, and fun for the viewers to remember the their contents and your company later – when they need you. And, so they (viewers) will ultimately act on the call to action of the corporate video when the time comes for them to act.

It takes a lot of planning and a tight schedule to shoot high-quality corporate videos in London, Ontario. So, having a vetted video production company in London, Ontario (ready-to-go) makes the process a lot smoother and easier. Give us a call today to see if we are a fit to be your corporate video production partner in London.

  • Event Videography & Event Video Production

It is essential to keep videos from corporate events that your organization organizes and puts on (and milestones your company experiences) – it is important in order to help immortalize your organization in history and to help preserve the valuable information (industry nuggets and gems) and memories shared at such industry gatherings and meetups. On another hand, a beautiful event recap video from each major company milestone will ensure that your company has memories of each individual milestone that your company (and those behind or involved in it) achieves throughout the years and as time passes. And, this is going to help keep your employees focused and on track – and motivated to want to achieve the next major industry feat.

Celebrations and corporate events have so much (awesomeness) going on at the same time – and, you will inevitably need two or more camera operators to capture the special moments. Lucky for you, a reputable production company like ours will have a capable team (with necessary personnel) to ensure that every awesome moment and key highlight from your event is captured and your final event recap video is beautiful. This will be great for your marketing team because they will have the marketing collateral they need to market your event successfully the next year (or upcoming years); because a great event recap video with event memories and highlights from the previous year or years is the best promotional video and ad creative for any event marketing campaign.

  • Wedding Videography (Wedding Video Production)

A wedding is a major milestone. It marks the end of a chapter – and the beginning of a new one. A wedding video should last for decades so that married couple can share their special days’ moments with future generations. Capturing the emotional moments of a wedding ceremony is an excellent idea for a couple – it ensures that they will get to enjoy those precious moments throughout their lives. The quality of wedding videos has to be the best to ensure the footage withstands the test of time. A full-service video production company in London, Ontario, can capture all the precious moments during your wedding – and edit them into a beautiful video or film of your love story.

  • Live Streaming

Live streaming is extremely popular, especially now that many people like to watch videos and content online (in real time). However, live streams are hard to facilitate – record and stream on your own. A very high quality live video stream will require a crew to ensure that the session is a success. The basic production package for a live video stream will include a lighting kit, HD camera, camera operator, and a convenient area for the shoot. A London, Ontario, video production company can provide a studio with all the necessary equipment for shooting a live stream video. Or, they can help you transport all necessary equipment to your location.

You can engage with your viewers using raw and untouched footage – but ensure that it is clear and has terrific audio by using the right technology and gear.

You will retain the authenticity of your uncut footage without compromising the video quality if you work with a company like ours. Call today to inquire about how we can help you live stream your event or show today.

  • Social Media Ads (Ads Production)

Social media ads can bring a ridiculous (life altering) amount of traffic to a website or sales page. However, they are tricky to get right. Shooting an appealing social media ad video requires creativity – and having a whole lot of fun to keep creative juices flowing. Online users of popular social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) do not watch videos that are not entertaining on said social media platforms. There is a widespread belief that social media is a place for fun and “stupid” stuff. A reputable London production company can assist you in creating an informative – and/or funny, professional, captivating or just plain effective video. Paying for professionally produced social media video ads is a great idea and can result in many social shares – and higher levels of engagement and conversions – across all levels and platforms.

You can use video (and effective video production by a top London production company) to capture any audience and do pretty much anything when it comes to communications and marketing, so, there is an endless amount of different types of videos we can make together. We are only limited by each others creative abilities. Call us today to test our capabilities and limits.

The cost of producing a video in London, Ontario, depends on several factors, including the location (of the shoot), duration of the video, human resources, the type of content being produced, level of post-production (editing) required to achieve desired results, and graphics. A simple video of 1-2 minutes of quality content can cost as much as $20,000 (or as little as $500). Corporate videos, if around 5-minutes can cost upwards of $50,000 (or a more palatable approx. $2500) – depending on the content style and quality.

Alternatively, when it comes to video production (in London), you can find a “videography” package that suits your needs. Most packages include the cost of shooting a video, additional human resources, tech and equipment rentals. You will have to negotiate the price of editing the footage. The average minimum package (across most top London Ontario video production companies including us) for most video types and styles costs over $2000 – and usually includes one camera operator, an HD camera, and a lighting kit.

The nitty-gritty.

The kind of human resources and mix of production personnel (videographers, technicians, producers, directors, actors and actresses) you use for the video production project will factor most into the overall cost of the final product. A production that requires a producer and director duo can cost as much as $3,000 plus per minute of video. However, producers and directors significantly improve the content, marketing/advertising effectiveness and engagement levels of a video. A complete crew with technicians, videographers, a director, and producer (plus equipment) will cost as much as $8,000 per day – and that could be a lot of dough for some companies. And, a complete crew can create a production and video that no individual can (alone).

You need to request a quote with a breakdown of the cost of each section/service to get a clear picture of what you are paying for during video production. The analysis of the quote will help you choose the services that you want for your video production project – and future projects.

We are a very hard working video production company.

We aim to provide the best services in the video production industry in London, Ontario. You can relax knowing that your video needs are in the hands of experienced and capable professionals (and a top London Ontario video production company).

Proven to deliver.

We have a track record of going above and beyond what a client (customer) wants. Our video production company includes a beautiful assortment and list of videographers, technicians (and technical supports), directors, marketers, writers, and producers.

We will unleash your brand and ideas.

We can help you actualize your ideas and meet marketing objectives by creating a video that is engaging to your customers. Or, many videos that perfectly represent your brand.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Our budgets and quotes are reasonable, and you will be amazed with what you get in return for working with us (an awesome video or tons of amazing videos). In fact, we guarantee satisfaction in the final product (for any type of video we work on with each other).

Flexible payment options.

You can choose to pay for a single video, multiple videos, or select a videography (event coverage) package for an event. The flexible payment options give you a choice to go with the possibility (or combinations) that suits your budgetary and marketing (or communications) needs.

Through it all, we will help you fine-tune your idea into a fantastic video (or project brief into a beautiful library of videos) that you will be proud to share with the world (clients, customers, potential customers, employees, etc.).