Video Production London Ontario


Video production (especially in London Ontario) is an essential service for both companies and individuals. There is a rising need to ensure that all videos you put out (for branding or advertising/marketing purposes) are of the highest quality. It can be tempting to try and shoot a video using a smartphone, however, you will only end up with amateur footage that may not tell your story correctly. Hiring a professional video production company ensures that your videos are bright, fun, extremely memorable and colorful.

It can be challenging to decide the ideal video production company in London, Ontario, that will meet your needs. You need to understand what a video production company does, the different types of video content, and the range of prices for video production. Understanding the basics of video production will help you know the kind of company you need to hire.

Video Production in London, Ontario, involves several activities. The range and types of tasks that a production company does may vary from one to the next. However, there are several core activities that a serious production company executes for its clients. Most companies help plan/script a video, shoot, organize, and edit the footage.

Plan/Script a Video: The first few meetings with a top London video production company involve explaining your vision and listening to suggestions on requirements for achieving your vision. It can seem tedious, but planning and scripting a video ensures that the final product is captivating.

The experts inside the production company you choose to work with will provide suggestions on what is trending. You will also receive advice on what won’t work for a video. Taking the time to plan for a video is a critical step that plays into the overall success of a video.

The Shoot: Shooting high-quality footage requires the use of high-end video production equipment. A basic shoot requires an HD camera, a camera operator, a lighting kit, and a microphone. It is essential to specify the size of the crew you want in/at a video shoot. Sometimes, you will need a director and producer present during the shoot.

Elaborate video shoots require a large team to ensure seamless production. You also need to specify the location of the shoot and the duration of time (you have booked a location for) to ensure that the crew and equipment arrive on time – and so they can plan the shoot.

Organization: Organizing a video shoot helps a London videographer or production team to shoot appropriate and valuable footage. Shooting footage in an organized manner makes it simpler to edit the footage into a sensible video. Therefore, it is essential to prepare a strategy and schedule for the video shoot to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Editing: A top London, Ontario, videographer will combine the relevant parts of the footage taken to create a polished video during editing. Video editing is the last step in the process of London video production. You can request for extra graphics in your video like intro/outro animations or captions.

*You can and should ask for a preview of the edited video after editing – before receiving the final copy.

Many gadgets come with cameras nowadays, and everyone has access to one or two of such devices. It can be highly tempting to take an amateur video, edit it on your phone with a few apps or with basic beginner software and post it on a video site like YouTube. However, this can hurt your brand.

There are obvious benefits to hiring a video production company for video production like professionalism, high-quality videos, terrific storytelling, and access to time-saving editing services. Other benefits reduce the stress of producing a video as follows.

A Schedule: Hiring a video production company in London, Ontario, ensures that your video projects stay on schedule, which is essential, especially for businesses. You won’t have to worry about meeting the deadline for a project when working with a professional – or team of pros.

Reasonable Prices: Choosing professional video production in London, Ontario, allows you to enjoy low prices for several video projects. It is easier to negotiate for an affordable flat rate when you have several projects you want a company to work on or complete. Marketing and advertising agencies can enjoy lower prices because they have a lot of video projects to commission (on behalf their clients). If you are a company in need of lots of videos, call us today.

Expert Advice: Production companies usually have a team of professionals who have a lot of experience in video production. You can get expert advice on different aspects of your video – and you can get a second opinion on ideas. The guidance goes a long way in ensuring that your video is captivating and meets the vision you had in mind. Individuals who are new to producing individual (as a content creator or regular person) and corporate videos can significantly benefit from receiving sound advice.

There are various types of videos that clients (like yourself) can and may request from a London video production company. Each type of video serves a specific purpose – depending on the content needs of target audiences. Identifying the kind of video you want will help the London production company develop viable ideas for you. Here are the popular types of videos that individuals and companies (normally) want – from us.

  • Music Videos

Music videos are in high demand, and the best of them receive high viewer traffic online (on huge sites like YouTube). Artists need professional London Ontario videographers to ensure that the videos they put out (to their audience) are clear and compatible with various devices. Also, production companies help to fine-tune the ideas (visuals) and choreography of a music video.

Websites like YouTube can help musicians get valuable global exposure with the right kinds of music videos. Entertaining and captivating videos on YouTube get a lot of views – and an awesome music video can significantly improve the rankings of a song on global charts.

A lot goes into a music video, especially in the video shoot and editing stages and aspects. Capturing the right frames during a shoot gives a videographer excellent raw footage to work with when composing the video during the editing phase. The editing part requires excellent skills to make sure that the audio (the actual song or musical piece) and video flow easily.

Amateur music video production can have adverse effects on the overall performance of a video. You need the best, call us today.

  • Corporate Videos

Corporate videos mostly include commercials or branding videos that show products and services on TV channels or via social media/digital platforms. Companies benefit greatly from having a great London Ontario video production company on their payroll for commercial videos. Commercial videos can generate a high level of interest from potential customers when done tastefully. So, they must be attractive, informative, and fun for the viewers to remember the advert later. And, so they will ultimately act on the call to action of the commercial when the time comes for them to make a purchasing decision related to the contents of the commercial.

It takes a lot of planning and a tight schedule to shoot commercial videos. Having a vetted video production company in London, Ontario makes the process of commissioning a commercial video shorter. Also, a production company can help with scripting, casting, and preparing a set for the commercial.

  • Event Videos

It is essential to keep videos from a corporate event to ensure that your company has memories of the milestones that your company (and those behind or involved in it) experienced throughout the years and as time passes. Celebrations have so much (awesomeness) going on at the same time – you will inevitably need two or more camera operators to capture the special moments. It is also a bit complicated to compile footage from various sources into one seamless video. A reputable production company will have a capable team to ensure that your event videos are amazing. You will not need to track people down for their footage and you will surely get all the right moments – from the best angles.

Some of the events that companies may want to document are product launches, stakeholder meetings, awards ceremonies, and other memorable events.

A great event recap video from the previous year or years is the best promotional video and ad creative for the next event.

  • Wedding Videos

Weddings are a major milestone in most people’s lives. They mark the end of a chapter – and the beginning of a new one. Wedding videos should last for decades so that married couples can share those moments with future generations. Capturing the emotional moments of a wedding ceremony is an excellent idea for a couple – it ensures that they will get to enjoy those precious moments throughout their lives. The quality of wedding videos has to be the best to ensure the footage withstands the test of time. A full-service video production company in London, Ontario, can capture all the precious moments during your wedding – and edit them into a beautiful video or film of your love story.

  • Live Stream Videos

Live stream videos are popular, especially now that many people like to watch videos online (and in real time). Live stream videos are hard to take on your own. The best quality live video streams require a crew to ensure that the session is a success. The basic packages for live video streams include a lighting kit, HD camera, camera operator, and a convenient area for the shoot. A video production company can provide a studio with all the necessary equipment for shooting a live stream video. You can engage with your viewers using raw footage – but ensure that it is clear and has terrific audio. You will retain the authenticity of your uncut footage without compromising the video quality if you work with a company like ours.

  • Testimonials and Interviews

Testimonials from clients and interviews from staff can increase customer loyalty in the long run. The purpose of company interviews and testimonials is to show potential clients the impact of a product on consumers of that product – and the power and awesomeness of the people behind that product. Testimonials act as video reviews from other customers who have used a product for a particular duration. Interviews with staff in the company provide insights into what goes into the production of a product or the execution of a service.

It is imperative for businesses to have high-quality footage for testimonials and company interviews. A production company can help capture the raw emotions and produce convincing footage. It is worth spending a few thousand dollars to ensure the videos satisfy the curiosity of viewers about the company or a product.

  • Social Media Ads

Social media ads can bring a high level of traffic to a website or sales page. However, they are tricky to get right. Shooting an appealing social media ad video requires creativity – and having a whole lot of fun to keep creative juices flowing. Online users of popular social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) do not watch videos that are not entertaining on said social media platforms. There is a widespread belief that social media is a place for fun and stupid stuff. A reputable London production company can assist you in creating an informative – and/or funny video. Paying for professionally produced social media video ads is a great idea and can result in many social shares – and higher levels of engagement across all levels.

  • Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos show users how to use a particular product or service. They can explain how to put together a product or how to subscribe to a specific service your company provides – to gain gain access to a specific function. Nowadays, companies need to create videos explaining how to use a product. Clients expect to find an explainer video with instructions on the websites of product manufacturers. Professionals can help you create tutorials with captions to make sure that customers can easily follow the instructions listed on the product packaging or website.

The cost of producing a video in London, Ontario, depends on several factors, including the location (of the shoot), duration of the video, human resources, content type, editing, and graphics. A simple video of 1-2 minutes of quality content can cost as much as $1,000. Corporate videos, if around 5-minutes can cost $5,000 – depending on the content type. The duration of time it takes to shoot a video also factors into the overall cost. A shoot that takes two days will cost more than one that will take one day – or a few hours. You can organize your video shoot months in advance so that it takes a shorter amount of time, or try other techniques to cut production duration.

Alternatively, you can find a package that suits your needs. Most packages include the cost of shooting a video, human resources, and equipment. You will have to negotiate the price of editing the footage. The average minimum package (across most top London Ontario video production companies including us) for most video types costs $1,000 – and usually includes one camera operator, an HD camera, and a lighting kit.

The kind of human resources and mix of production personnel (videographers, technicians, producers, directors, actors and actresses) you use for the video production project will also factor into the overall cost of the final product. A production that requires a producer and director duo can cost as much as $3,000 and above per minute of video. Producers and directors significantly improve the content, marketing/advertising effectiveness and engagement levels of a video. A complete crew with technicians, videographers, a director, and producer (plus equipment) will cost as much as $8,000 per day – and that could be a lot of dough for some companies.

You need to request a quote with a breakdown of the cost of each section/service to get a clear picture of what you are paying for during video production. The analysis of the quote will help you choose the services that you want for your video production projects.

Don’t forget that models and actors in commercials and other video types cost money as was previously mentioned – so account for those costs in your budget overall if it is not listed in the production company’s service cost breakdown.

We aim to provide the best services in the video production industry in London, Ontario. You can relax knowing that your video needs are in the hands of experienced and capable professionals (and a top London Ontario video production company). We have a track record of going above and beyond what a client (customer) wants. Our video production company includes a collection of videographers, technicians (and technical supports), directors, and producers. We can help you actualize your ideas and meet marketing objectives by creating a video that is engaging to your customers.

Our fees are reasonable, and you will be satisfied with what you get in return (an awesome video or tons of amazing videos). In fact, we guarantee satisfaction in the final product (for any type of video we work on with each other). You can choose to pay for a single video, multiple videos, or select a package for an event. The flexible payment options give you a choice to go with the possibility (or combinations) that suits your budgetary and marketing needs. In the end, we will help you fine-tune your idea into a fantastic video that you will be proud to share with the world.