Are you searching for top-rated video production in London? Welcome to the London UK home of Latent Productions; we’re at your service.

We’re a team of production specialists with a firm grasp of all the elements of video production. We work with leading companies, corporates, small businesses, and influencers to enhance your marketing campaigns with top-notch video content.

Ask yourself what all leading companies and brands have in common? The answer is top-shelf marketing. For marketing strategies to be effective, you need a range of tactics available at your disposal to promote your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.

Video marketing can revolutionize the results you experience from your online digital marketing efforts. We can work with your in-house digital marketing department to give you unique video content that aligns with your strategy.

When you integrate video production into your marketing, you’ll change how the market interacts and engages with your content and your company. Research shows that videos receive six times the engagement of traditional image and text-based marketing tactics. With 6X engagement to your listings, posts, offers, and landing pages, what could your results look like?

You can’t afford to leave video marketing out of your strategy. We want to help you take advantage of the shift in media technology, pushing your business into the digital age.

Latent Productions mastered every step of the video production process years ago. We work with clients in markets around the globe, and we want you to experience the same level of success as our clients.

We operate a remote virtual portal. Reach out and connect with our production team. We’ll have a consultant get right back to you to discuss your production requirements.



London is one of the busiest and most populous cities in Europe. It’s a huge financial center for banks, hedge funds, and other corporates and a haven for business. London is also home to many small and local businesses serving the communities around the city.

Latent Productions offers you a video production service in London. We’ll help you capture the essence of the city in your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. Our video productions will make a difference in your marketing and branding strategy, and you’ll notice the improvements immediately.

Latent Productions is a professional video content production company. We work with any client in need of our services. From corporates to small and mid-sized businesses, eCommerce specialists, and influencers, Latent Productions is your preferred video production partner.

We bring a professional touch to every project we produce. We aim to give you results beyond your expectations when using our videos in your marketing and branding campaigns. Latent Productions offers you the talent, tools, and experience you need to make your video production shine.

We offer you a comprehensive range of video production services in London. Reach out to our production company, and we’ll talk about your needs. Latent Productions operates through a virtual platform and over the phone. Dial our production company or complete the “Book a Call” form on this website. We’ll have one of our talented production specialists contact you for a free consultation.



  • Concept discussion and development
  • Pre-production assessment
  • Script creation and supervision
  • Storyboarding
  • Set design and execution
  • set and production design
  • Costume and wardrobe styling
  • Hair and makeup
  • Prop sourcing
  • Pre-visualization and masterful execution
  • Art direction


  • Sound stage design ad composition
  • Video encoding and color grading
  • Scoring and soundtrack development
  • Voiceovers and sound effects


  • Delivery of your video content in any format
  • Subtitles and captions
  • Storage and backup facilities


  • Time-lapse recording
  • Multi-camera specialized shoots
  • Live event coverage
  • DIT service and BTS production
  • Remote shoots


  • Location sourcing and permit applications
  • Casting direction
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Production crew and equipment rental
  • Craft services and catering
  • Full insurance coverage

Latent Productions gives you everything you need for world-class video production quality under one roof. Our comprehensive service offering caters to any need for video production. Let us show you the difference when you choose us for your video content.

We give you a front-to-back video solution for corporates, small and mid-sized businesses, eCommerce, and we work with influencers. Use us as your preferred video production partner in London.



Latent Productions offers you a remote video production service in London. We don’t even have to visit your offices, and we can do everything online. We created our online portal to allow us to reach more markets.

We’re a multinational company with teams and operations in the US and Canada. We’re confident we can work with you in London. The power of the internet means we’re always in touch. We have a team that’s easy to work with over email and video calls, and we’re always available to take your project feedback or editing requests.

Latent Productions gives you an online solution for your video production needs. Send us your material and instructions, and we’ll work our magic. You get your project back in a format that’s easy to upload to your website and social media, and we get another success story for your track record.


All Online

Latent Productions works with you in a remote environment. We never have to visit your location and waste your time with physical meetings. We’re available to you all the time, and our in-house team means we have expertise on tap when communicating with you.

You never have to leave your office. Just send us your footage instructions, and we’ll do the rest. Reach out to us through the contact form on this site, and we’ll have a consultant get back to you to show you how easy it is to work with our virtual portal.


Easy Communications

We work through email, video call and messenger. You have several ways to contact us at any time, and we never go dark. We’ll keep you updated on the status of your production, and we’ll stick to our delivery commitments for your publishing deadlines.

Our goal is to make it easy to communicate with us, giving you confidence in our services. We understand it’s frustrating when you try to call your developer or partners, and you can’t get a hold of them. With Latent Productions, you have a team always at your disposal.


No Need for Face-to-Face

We don’t require a face-to-face meeting in your office. We can handle everything through conference call software like Zoom and Skype. We’ll consult with you through your preferred medium to discover what you want and expect from your video production.

Latent Productions operates using a proven production process. We’ve worked with tons of clients from around the globe, and we’re confident we can bring results to your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns with our video production.


Find Video Production London United Kingdom Near Me

Stop searching for a video production service in London. Latent Productions offers you a top-to-bottom video production service that’s ready to deliver for your marketing strategy. Reach out to our production company, and we’ll discuss what we can do to bolster your marketing strategy with world-class video content.

Latent Productions operates in all areas around London, on both sides of the Thames river, and in all districts. We offer you the premier video production service in London, and we want to help your business get the recognition it deserves from your target market.


Hire London Videographer

Latent Productions works with top videographers, directors, and animation specialists. Our team members have had successful independent careers in the past, and they joined our team because they want to focus on their specialty while working with other professionals at the top of their game.

Latent Productions gives you an online portal to access the top talent in the video production industry. Reach out to our production company and book a call with our talent; we want to hear your ideas for your next video campaign.



Video production involves many moving parts. Each of them is vital to the process. Latent Productions understands all aspects of these production elements. What makes us the premier service in the industry is our attention to detail and mastery over video production. We give our clients the results they expect with every project we deliver.

When you’re working with Latent Productions, you get everything you need in one production partner. We have a team of videographers, directors, editors, and post-production effects specialists at the top of their fields.

Latent productions orchestrate these factors into a perfect storm of content that grabs the viewers’ attention. We want to give your viewers a WOW experience when they watch your videos. Reach out to Latent Productions using the contact form on this site.

We’ll book a call with you to discuss your video production requirements. When you hire Latent Productions, you can expect the following in your service level agreement and commitment from us.


We Don’t Outsource

We keep every step of the production process in-house. We don’t outsource anything to any third party. We believe we need to keep everything in one location for better control and team communications with your production.

This strategy gives us a faster turnaround time for our clients and better synergy to make decisions in real-time based on real team feedback. Some companies outsource to reduce costs, but we feel our dedication to keeping things in-house adds more value to our client’s videos.

However, while we keep our process in-house, we’re capable of working with you anywhere in the world. With all our team on-site, we can pull an expert from the production process into a meeting with you at any time online. You get full access to a team of production specialists at all times.


Skills in Every Production Department

Latent Productions has a team covering every aspect of video production. There is nothing that we can’t do on video, from videography to direction, sound and lighting, casting, and visual effects or animation. Our team consists of some of the most talented artists in their industry with extensive track records of success.

We want you to leverage our skillset and give your audience more than they expect from watching your videos. From planning to filming to editing and effects, Latent Productions takes care of you in every department. Trying to do everything yourself from a DIY perspective puts your marketing behind the curve.

You can rely on Latent Productions for a video production experience that gives your company or brand the exposure it needs in the market. Our professional video production will get you to top-of-mind awareness with your market.


A Passionate Team

We’re a team of people that are passionate about video production. We’re specialists in our industry, and we know everything there is to planning, coordinating, and executing a successful video production campaign for your business or marketing strategy.

Our passion for our work makes our results feel fresh and authentic for our clients. We attack every new project as an opportunity to further strengthen our knowledge, experience, and market reputation. With every client testimonial we acquire, we get closer to helping our clients dominate their market.

Passion is what drives our purpose to provide our clients with what they want from their video project. It’s what drives us to shoot the best possible video we can to prove to you that we’re the video production partner you need in London.


Any Project in Any Industry

Latent Productions has decades of combined experience in our team. Over the years, we’ve created videos for tons of companies, small businesses, corporates, and influencers. We’ve worked to capture the meaning and essence of almost every industry.

Whether you’re running the marketing for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, or a mom-and-pop corner store, Latent Productions can add value to your marketing strategy with our professional video production services.

Latent Productions can handle any project of any size. From a series of one-minute clips for Tik Tok campaigns to a feature-length documentary for YouTube, we do it all. We don’t care if you have a business selling your bathwater online or you’re selling engineering parts to other companies.

Latent Productions will translate the essence of your business model and your directives and goals onto video for your market, investors, shareholders, and followers.


From Filming to Post-Production

Latent Productions brings you an end-to-end video production solution for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. 

We offer you a hands-off video production process for your marketing department. We can handle your digital marketing for you or work with your existing marketing department on your video production requirements.

Latent Productions handles everything for you. From pre-production planning to filming, editing, and delivery, we know how to create videos that drive engagement and results to your campaigns. Reach out to our production company or fill out the booking form on this website.

We’ll have a production consultant call you at your convenience to discuss your project ideas. Our team is always ready to listen.


We Reduce Your Production Costs

When you work with Latent Productions, you get every resource you need for professional video production under one roof. As a result, you save on the costs of sending your content to different companies for editing and post-production.

We aim to keep costs as low as possible so you can squeeze every penny out of your marketing budget. Latent Productions will ensure that we give you a world-class video production service at a reasonable price. We have complete control over the production process, and we know how to control your budget spend.

We’ll quote you for our services before we get your commitment, and we never over-run your budget. You can rely on Latent Productions for affordable, high-quality video productions for your campaign.

Latent Productions brings you a full-house video production service for any industry in any market in London. We work with small businesses, eCommerce entrepreneurs, corporates, and influencers. Latent Productions offers top-level video content for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.

We can capture the best look of your business on a video promoting it to your viewers. When you combine our video productions with your marketing strategy, you’re sure to see improvements in your results.

Latent Productions are a team of qualified, experienced professionals. We have videographers, editors, directors, casting executives, and stylists working within our organization, keeping our services under one banner.

You relax in confidence knowing that you have us filming your business or marketing material. We know what you’re looking for in your video project, and our proven process allows us to give you results that exceed your expectations.

We operate in any industry in London. We’re available for any project of any size. It’s our goal to build a long-standing relationship with you where you see us as your preferred video production partner. Reach out to the Latent Productions production company for assistance in any of the following markets.


Latent Productions offers video production services for corporates in London. London is home to tons of corporate companies. Latent Productions can help you differentiate your organization from the competition through masterful video production for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.

Videos offer you a powerful way to connect with the market and your clients. We can display your corporate mission and values on video, presenting them to the market in a way that creates higher levels of positive engagement with your company’s marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.

Latent Productions will work with your marketing team to get you a project that aligns with your corporate values and business directives. We have hundreds of corporate clients around the globe, in all markets. We understand the need for corporate communications and how to work within your channels.


Corporates understand that it’s a huge challenge to find and retain top talent in today’s employment market. Sure, graduates are a dime a dozen, but finding the diamonds amongst the coal is challenging. As a corporate, you need to promote your culture and employee experience to candidates in a way that makes them want to work for you.

We’ll help you unpack the benefits of working for your organization and what the candidate can expect if they join your team. We also assist with onboarding and training videos for your new hires. When candidates find your videos more engaging than competitors, they gravitate toward your company.

Candidates want to know that you will do everything to further their career prospects and training. Latent Productions video content will help you attract and retain the top talent in the industry. We know how to communicate with the Millennial and Gen Z markets, and we’ll give you video content that attracts the top talent in your industry.


Public relations is a challenge for most companies to manage. Hiring the wrong PR consultant could end up costing you a lot of money, with little result. You know you’re working with a PR professional when they recommend using video in your PR and brand-building campaigns.

Top-level video content is a valuable tool for promoting your company, business, or organization, and it’s a must for influencers. PR can help you resolve damage to your reputation in the market and strengthen your brand recognition within your target demographic.

Latent Productions works with in-house corporate PR departments and Consultants. We can bring you videos that build your reputation and authority in the market, keeping you at the top of the mind of your audience. Latent Productions can give your PR the boost it needs to revolutionize your marketing results.


Do you run a London-based nonprofit? We can help you achieve your goals through video production designed to boost awareness of your organization. Our team can help you cut promotional videos for your fundraising events and highlight reels that promote the events after the fact to your audience.

Latent Productions specializes in brand-building videos to promote your nonprofit’s image, message, and mission to the viewer. We’ll help you create video content that makes the public aware of your cause, keeping the donations flowing into your bank account.

We work with charities and nonprofit organizations across the world. We understand and appreciate your commitment to helping other people, the environment, and the world at large. Let Latent Productions spread your message to the world with professional video production for your fundraising and awareness campaigns. Contact us, and we’ll discuss what we can do to bring more attention to your cause.


Do you own a recruitment agency in London? Latent Productions can position you as the leader in your industry. Candidates will watch plenty of videos when they’re assessing the right HR firm to work with for their recruitment requirements. Latent Productions will make sure your video content stands out from the competition, landing you the talent you need.

Do you own a real estate agency? Latent Productions can produce video content surrounding your agency for reputation building if you’re a realtor. We can also assist with filming your properties and creating aerial shots with drones. We’ll make your listings outshine the competition. You’ll get more inquiries, more showhouses, and more deals. When the market sees you close the sale, they’ll give you more business.

Latent Productions can also assist London-based marketing and advertising firms with the overflow they need to handle any project. If you’re working on a huge task and need assistance, don’t go to the expense of hiring new staff. Use Latent Productions to fill the gap. Our team will work with your departments to produce a video to your production quality standards. We’ll make your agency stand out from the competition.


Latent Productions works with consultants in all fields in London. Whether you’re a business consultant looking to promote your business. If you’re a financial consultant that needs a video for a client, Latent Productions is your preferred production partner.

We’ll help you get the right video content to enhance your consulting career and bolster your brand image in the market. Latent Productions will ensure that your consulting business books more deals, extending your client list.

Latent Productions can help consultants in every market. Whether you’re a freelance financial advisor looking to grow your business or legal advisory service, contact Latent Productions. We’ll put your consulting agency on the map.


Latent Productions provides video production services for Businesses that serve consumers or other businesses. Regardless of your business model and objectives, we’re confident we can improve your bottom line with our video production.

We’ll help B2C businesses capture more customers with videos designed for viewing by your target market. We’ll help you sell more consumer or lifestyle products in any market through our video productions.

Latent Productions also assist business-facing companies with video production for their marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. We’ll help you create a video that makes your organization shine, building your authority in the market.


Are you a small business owner in London? Do you need to attract more people to your brick-and-mortar establishment? Regardless of your industry or location, Latent Productions can assist you with professional video production for your marketing campaigns.

We can do promotional and awareness shoots for your business, giving your prospects and potential customers a POV experience of what it’s like visiting your store. We’ll help you get the right video content for your local marketing campaigns.

You can rely on Latent Productions to capture the essence of your business on video. We’ll help you reach the local market and grab more customers around your area. Our professional production team ensures we don’t get in the way of your business; we can film after hours and use actors if necessary.


Are you a London-based startup? London is one of the VC capitals of Europe. There are thousands of investors looking for the next unicorn tech startup to pour millions into. If you want to make the best impression with investors, you’re going to need video marketing in your presentation.

If you’re not the best public speaker, a video can help you explain a comp[lex subject to investors in language and imagery that they can understand. Latent Productions can assist you with unpacking the specifics of your business model onto video for your investors.

We’ll get your message across and secure your investor’s attention with engaging videos that help you find the funding you need. With Latent Productions in your corner, your startup has a better chance of getting the runway you need for success.


Do you own a hotel, Airbnb, guest house, or backpackers hostel in London? Latent productions can produce videos of walkthroughs of your establishment. We can give the prospect a virtual tour through your facilities, increasing the chances of them clicking through to make a reservation.

We can provide the same walkthrough POV video service if you own a restaurant or nightclub. Let us film your bartenders flaring and the food coming out of the kitchen. We’ll give your viewers a virtual experience that has them dialing to make a reservation. It’s almost as good as placing the viewer at the venue. We’ll get your club or restaurant packed to the rafters with new guests.

Latent Productions works with any entertainment venue, accommodation, or London restaurant. We’ll help you get more foot traffic through the door during the peak times of the day. You can rely on us to create video content that promotes the selling point, video, and experience of attending your establishment.


Are you a manufacturing business in London or outside the city? If so, contact Latent Productions for video productions services. We can help unpack your production process on film in a high-quality video.

Whatever your industry, from consumer goods to pharmaceuticals, we have a team and expert videographers to capture the essence of your business. We can work in cleanrooms and other high-risk locations where you need precision videography. Latent Productions has a team of professionals that can handle any production environment.

Latent Productions will ensure we comply with your quality assurance and safety protocols. We can also assist with training videos for your employees and HR procedures, like onboarding new hires. With us, you get a service that delivers real value for your company.


Are you a college, private school, or tertiary education center? Latent Productions can help you build virtual courses for remote learning class4es. We can assist you with placing your entire curriculum in video format for easy access by your students. Our videos can explain any concept on any subject matter.

If you’re a yoga instructor or have specific knowledge on a hobby, let us monetize it for you with video production for an online course. Teach students online, on-demand, with your video series. Create residual income and make your courses available to the world.

Latent Productions will plan your shoot and work with you to translate your work or skillset into a monetizable video series that generates passive income for you. We know how to structure courses and series, and we can help you prepare to sell your course digitally or on a streaming platform.


Do you own a business or practice in the medical industry? Latent productions work with practitioners like doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and other specialists to promote your medical practice and the benefits of using your facilities and experts.

We also work with naturopaths, traditional healing centers, yoga studios, MMA gyms, sports facilities, and other health venues. We’ll create videos promoting your business and sending you more patients and members. We are confident we can position you as the leader in your industry.

When people are thinking about signing up for health-related services, they need confidence in your skills and dealing with a professional service. Our content positions you as the expert and authority in your market, and people want to deal with the experts when it comes to their health. Latent Productions knows how to present the best side of your business to the viewer to make it shine.


Interviews are a powerful form of brand-building and social proof you can use to bolster the awareness of your business to the market. We can arrange an interview with your CEO to discuss your corporate culture for a recruiting video. We’ll set up an interview in your boardroom and bring all the lighting, sound, and camera equipment. We set up, complete the work, and leave, wasting as little of your time as possible.

Or we could interview your eCommerce clients to promote their experience with dealing with your company online. Our team knows how to structure an interview and plan the set in any working environment. We ensure that the lighting and sound are perfect, and we capture the best side of anyone we’re interviewing.

Our stylists and set consultants know how to present you on camera and make you look good to the audience. Interview marketing is a new way to provide your viewers with an authentic experience when dealing with your company or brand.


Do you need a highlight reel or compilation video for your marketing or branding campaign? We can make clips of your best footage and edit it to perfection using our professional software and post-production effects team.

Showreels are a great way to showcase the best of your influencer moments, business successes, corporate values, and product catalogs. Latent Productions has the team and the skills to work with your content or create fresh content for you.

Our showreel and sizzle reel service will excite your market and display the best pieces of content to give viewers an engaging, immersive, and interactive experience. You can rely on Latent Productions to provide you with a finished product worthy of uploading to any digital platform.


Digital marketing covers a wide range of strategies and tactics tailored to provide an outcome that increases awareness of the company in the market and revenue in the bank account. The rapid adoption of smartphone tech across the globe opened global markets to companies, allowing them to spread awareness of their products and services to new regions.

Digital marketing changed a lot over the last decade. Today, companies understand the power of having their business online. Many even work with digital marketing firms to enhance their online strategy.

However, many marketers are stuck in the old ways of promoting businesses, products, and services using images and text or blogs. Video only really became a marketing tool in the last five to seven years as broadband speeds, and bandwidth rates improved.

Mobile video experiences are much smoother and less expensive than just three to five years ago. We expect these costs to continue to drop with the introduction of fiber and 5G tech to the market. Now anyone can watch videos on their phone and stream them without the feed buffering.

So, it makes sense for marketers to adapt to the changes in the landscape and adopt video marketing in their campaigns. If you’re inexperienced with video production, you might think that you can get away with doing your video marketing with your cellphone, right? After all, these Tik Tok kids are making millions with their phones, so why can’t you cut a few videos for your clients or business yourself?

When you try it yourself, you’re going to find out why. There’s a reason why the top vloggers worldwide use HD DLSR camera equipment and professional editing software.

You can outsource your video marketing requirements for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns to Latent Productions. We know what we’re doing, and we’ll give you a hands-off video production experience. We’ll take care of the video while you focus on the marketing strategy.

With Latent Productions handling your video marketing, you’ll find your social media and digital marketing gets more engagement. We invite you to put us to the test; we’re ready to show you what professional video production can do for your strategy.


Latent Productions brings you a team that knows how to produce top-quality videos for your social media campaigns. Whether you’re an influencer, digital marketer, or eCommerce specialist, Latent Productions can add value to your business with world-class video production.

Social media took the world by storm after the advent of the smartphone by Apple. By 2011, People were shouting out their thoughts in 140-characters or less on Twitter. Facebook was the preferred stomping ground for hanging out with your mates online, and Instagram gave people a way to share images of their life with the world.

While these platforms are smashing successes, Tik Tok changed the game with its short-form video content.

If you’re not marketing on social media, then your company is missing out on a huge part of its branding, marketing, and awareness strategy. You’re leaving growth hanging in the wind, and you need to start planning your first social campaign today.

Many digital marketers shy away from using video on social media due to the slow loading times in the past. However, with 5G and fiber improving speeds, video is becoming the preferred content delivery medium on all platforms.

Latent Productions can help you capitalize on the change towards video. Get on board the train before it leaves the station. If you want to stay ahead of the competition in your niche, you need to introduce video marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns to your strategy as soon as possible.

If you’re not using video marketing, it won’t be long before your competitors do, and you’ll start losing market share. Contact Latent Productions and discuss how to help you produce masterclass video projects for your social media campaigns.

Sell More Products and Services

Using video production in your social media marketing campaigns can help you sell more products and services. You’ll experience better click-through rates from your videos and a higher conversion rate on your offers.

Generate Engagement & Leads

High-quality video production is ideal for reputation building and lead generation. Talent Productions provides you with video content for your company or influencer brand that drives curiosity and engagement in the market, bringing more followers and eyeballs to your social media accounts. That means more views, likes, and shares for your video and more leads for your lead magnets and sales funnels.

Become the Market Authority

With professionally-produced video content in your social media marketing, you position your company or brand as the leading authority in your industry. When people need information in your niche, they’ll come to your channel or account to find the information they need.

Gain More Clout & Influence

 With premium video content production in your marketing campaigns, you get more engagement and more followers for your account. As you gain more influence and position at the top of the market, you’ll get more clout and influence with the market.


The age of the influencer is upon us. Influencer culture is a multi-billion dollar industry and a big earner for independent business people and celebrities. Influencer culture started out as the infamous blue checkmark on Twitter and spread with the rise of Instagram. Suddenly, celebrities and ordinary people with millions of followers to monetize.

YouTube creators started releasing better content as technology improved, and some channels, like Beast, have millions of followers. Instagram also has several examples of celebrity success; just think about Kylie Jenner and the cosmetic empire she built through the platform.

However, the introduction of Tik Tok changed the social media landscape. In just five years, Tik Tok caught up with Instagram, overtaking it as the most popular social media website in the world. Tik Tok rose to fame due to its format of allowing creators to post short-form content.

No other social media platform saw such fast adoption in the market. It’s a sign of how we value video content more than any other form of communication. Latent Productions has been along for the ride, and we’ve seen the growth and adoption in Tik Tok tower over other social media platforms, and to us, it’s not surprising.

Influencers as Brands

In the new age of video, influencers need to think of themselves as brands. What is your personality? Are you squeaky clean on film or risqué? Your influencer brand should integrate into your content theme and your sponsorships and partnerships online. While we can’t advise you who to work with, we can give you video content that aligns with your brand values and influencer status.

You need to keep your content strategy consistent with what your market expects from your brand. We understand that. Whether you’re a YouTuber who needs your footage editing or a Tik Tok, start looking for us to cut a compilation video, we’re ready to give you a video production that matches your brand.

Video Production for Any Influencer Status

Latent Productions works with influencers at any level of the game and on any platform. Whether you’re a micro-influencer with under 10k followers, a mid-level with 25k, or a large influencer with 100k or more, we can help you plan and produce video content that gets more out of your influencer campaigns. We also work with mega influencers on all platforms, creating videos for millions of your followers.

Get More Followers & Ramp Up Engagement

With Latent Productions managing your video production, you’ll get videos that drive more engagement with your audience. When people view a high-quality video, they are more likely to comment and like the video and share it with their network. If you’re selling something, they will take the chance of clicking the link to visit your online store or website.

Pivot and Monetize

We’ll help you build a video campaign that creates more engagement with your audience. You can monetize this engagement to promote your sponsor’s products or your own line of products and services.


Short-form video content like highlight reels, showcase reels, and compilation videos. IG and Tik Tok are great platforms for creating a large amount of engagement with short-form videos. While you can handle a large portion of the content yourself, you can rely on Latent Productions for those videos where you want to give your followers something special.


Facebook is the ideal platform for short to mid-length content. We know how to stay within the Facebook rules for publishing videos, and we understand what your audience wants to see, regardless of your niche. Facebook is a great platform for linking marketing campaigns through the FB Ad Manager. Our professional video productions will assist you with getting more engagement from your FB marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.


LinkedIn is the professional’s social media platform. We’ll assist you with creating business, finance, and corporate culture videos for uploading to your account. LinkedIn is a great platform for corporates, and we use content that attracts and retains new talent to your organization. We’ll also help you with personal, professional videos to boost your career and professional reputation as a consultant or expert in your field.


If you’re a YouTuber, hand off your editing and post-production responsibilities to Latent Productions. Our team can take your raw footage and turn it into magic on-screen. We’ll give you a hands-off post-production service that allows you to focus on creating great content.


Are you an eCommerce entrepreneur working in the London area? Contact Latent Productions for assistance with your marketing and branding campaigns. We can help you improve your listing and click-through rates from social media marketing posts.

The reality is that if you’re in eCommerce and you’re not using video marketing and branding in your strategy, you’re leaving money on the table. With Latent Productions, you get a team that sends your marketing to the next level of success.

Video Marketing and eCommerce

Video marketing is changing the eCommerce landscape. Previously, prospects and marketers relied on images to pitch their product offerings to prospects. However, improvements in bandwidth and video production mean that more marketers are experimenting with video. If you visit a listing with a product video or an image, which draws the most attention?

The use of video places your prospect in the scene, and they imagine themselves using the product the same way they see it on screen. Video marketing tactics can completely revolutionize the results you receive from your campaigns. Boos prospect engagement and send your conversion rate to the moon with effective video production for your marketing campaigns.

Video Branding and eCommerce

Video is also a great medium for branding, building, and spreading awareness of your company in the market. If you’re an eCommerce specialist, we’ll add branding to your video product catalog that’s consistent with your website and brand values.

When prospects start noticing your branding pop up everywhere in listings, they start turning to your online store for everything they need. Regardless of whether you sell on Amazon FBA, eBay, Shopify, or eBay, we can assist you with video productions to help you spread your branding and awareness through the market.

Video Production and Lead Generation

High-quality video production for your eCommerce campaigns can help you generate qualified leads. We’ll help you keep your sales funnel full and new leads moving through your pipeline. The right video partner can help you gain more interaction from your audience, increasing engagement rates and signups for your email list.

Send Your Conversion Rate to the Moon with Professional Video Production

Latent Productions knows how to create outstanding results through video production for your eCommerce campaigns. We’ll help you build your list, fill your sales funnels and convert your prospects into paying customers, all through improvements in your video marketing.


Latent Productions offers eCommerce specialists 360-degree product videos for your catalog. A 360-degree product video follows the similar old-school tactic of placing the product in the customer’s hands. When a customer has full control over how they interact with a product, they are more likely to pull the buying trigger – that’s why it’s such a powerful selling tactic.

With a 360-degree product video, you give the prospect an immersive experience interacting with your listing. Asa result, you’ll see your conversions increase. If your listing has 360-degree product videos and other marketers rely on images alone, who do you think will win the business?


Latent Productions can assist eCommerce specialists with converting their entire product catalog into video format. We have in-house product stylists and lighting professionals that set your products up for the right look on camera.

We use backgrounds, AR, and CTAs to improve engagement and click-through rates with your posts and listings. Whether you need a video catalog for your Amazon FBA business or your independent website, Latent Productions will make it happen.


Latent Productions can assist eCommerce entrepreneurs with production services that build their brand authority in the market. We want to establish you as the leader in your industry and the go-to retailer for consumers to find what they want in your niche. We spread your branding throughout your social media and eCommerce listing, creating consistency across your accounts.

As a result, your market starts seeing your branding everywhere. As we know, people like to support the brands they know, and with high-quality video production, you can give the market what it wants to see.


Reviews and testimonials are crucial to any eCommerce strategy. When people want to buy products and services online, they look around to see who else uses the product. They’ll rely on other users’ feedback to help them mold their purchase decision. Unfortunately, the vast majority of reviews onl9ine are fake.

Who can forget the great Amazon scandal where there were thousands of fake product reviews? Consumers know about this scam, and they remain dubious about the legitimacy of written testimonials. However, video testimonials provide authenticity and power to your social proof strategy. We’ll interview your best clients and get them to promote your business.


Latent Productions is an industry leader in video production because we integrate the latest technology into our processes. We understand how to leverage technology to improve the production process.

A New Era of Video Production

The smartphone brought innovations like apps, streaming, and improvements to broadband, like 4G. The advancements in camera and digital display technology keep moving forward at breakneck speed. We stay on top of the latest trends in production equipment, software tools, and systems to ensure we always have your videos on the cutting edge of production technology.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

We stay ahead of the curve. We used drones in our client projects before anyone even realized they were a thing. We ensure your projects are a step ahead of the competition in our video production quality and the results you receive in the market. With Latent Productions, you get a partner that outmaneuvers your competitors, giving you the edge you need to capture more market share.

Leverage Technology with Latent Productions

We invite you to give us your wildest video production ideas – and we’ll make them happen. We have the skills, experience, and technology to take your video marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns to the next level of success.


The introduction of the drone changed aerial photography forever. Now, there’s no need to go to the expense of hiring a helicopter and professional flight crew to take an aerial shot. Latent Productions has qualified, experienced, and creative drone pilots on our team. We can work anywhere in the city of London. We secure permits and licenses required to fly in restricted airspace around the city. Our drones shoot in 4K, and we can get you dramatic clips from around the city of London.


The invention of the action camera is a trickle-down effect from the advancement in cellphone camera technology. GoPros provide a great way to give your clients and prospects a POV experience of your business. We can arrange walkthroughs of your business during peak hours to capture the intensity and excitement of your venue. We know how to set up the camera for the best production experience possible.


Podcasting is becoming a huge industry, with thousands of new projects joining the internet every month. Podcasts started as a camera in a room. However, today’s podcasts come with real production value. If you want your podcast to get attention, you need an audio-visual production that adds visual quality and engagement to your viewers. We can edit your podcasts, advise you on the right equipment, and arrange podcasting studios and software training for producers.


Our team can take on any animated video project. Our animation artists work with the latest innovations in software technology, and we can bring animation to life on-screen. We offer a comprehensive range of animation series, from a simple whiteboard video to advanced CGI graphics that keep your viewers on the edge of their seats.


A time-lapse is an effective tool for showing a significant amount of progress in a short space of time. We can arrange any timelapse over any period. We can take a time-lapse of the London skyline over the Thames or a time-lapse of you unboxing a product. We compress the footage to improve the viewer experience and the engagement with your video.


The green screen isn’t only for Hollywood anymore. The cost of using this technology continues to come down, and we take full advantage of it for our client projects. We understand how to set up and shoot with greenscreens. Our videos won’t produce that green glow you see on so many other videos using green screen tech. The green screen introduces any visual element you want into the video background.


Latent Productions brings you one of the best post-production departments in the game. Our team of professionals covers every aspect of post-production, ensuring you get a refined project that is more than just a video – it’s a marketing magnet.

Everything In-House

We keep everything in-house, and we don’t outsource any aspect of the post-production process. Our team has the skillset to handle anything from basic editing to greenscreen broadcasting. We have no reason to hand off any part of your project to a third party.

Professional Editing

Our team comprises editors with years of experience. We can edit on several software platforms and cut your raw footage into a perfect video with clean transitions to get your message across to the viewer.

Effects and Color

We add touchups to your original footage to enhance the viewer experience. We can add color and contrast to make your videos pop on screen. We’ll add supporting images to videos, and we can go as far as introducing elements like AR and CTAs at the right moments to encourage viewers to click your links.

Packaging and Delivery

When we feel we have a project that exceeds your specifications, we’ll package it for you in the appropriate format for your website and social media accounts.

When you hire Latent Productions, you’re getting a team that understands every step of the production process. We use a sophisticated system with four simple pillars governing the process. By adhering to this process with every project we take on, we manage to achieve consistent results for our clients.

Our consistency with results built our client base and our business, and it’s why a large portion of our business comes from market referrals and testimonials. Let us show you what’s possible when you’re working with the best production company in the industry.

STEP 1 – Unpacking Your Vision

Creative Concepting with You

We start the process by meeting with you via call. We’ll discuss your vision and expectations for your video production. We use the session to get to know your campaign goals for the production. Our team listens to your ideas and introduces our own ideas for enhancing the process. We work with you to get a thorough understanding of what you want.

Quotation and Approval

After we finish the consultation, we curate your custom quote. We aim to keep it within the budget you share with us in the session, and we never over-run our production costs; if we do – that’s on us, not you. If you’re happy with the quote, we move on to the next phase of the process.

STEP 2 – Pre-Production Planning Phase

Storyboarding Your Vision.

We unpack your vision onto a storyboard and introduce ideas to make the video production flow. Our goal is to meld your concept with practical production milestones to improve attention and engagement with your viewers.

Gathering Our Resources.

After we finish the storyboard, we brief the team on what we need from them, and we start coordinating resources for the project. We’ll gather all the production elements and prepare them for the shoot.

We coordinate your assets for the production phase.

If you’re sending us your footage for editing and post-production enhancement, we’ll prepare the necessary software required for the production and any digital specialty elements we need to introduce to reach the project goals.

STEP 3 – The Video Shoot

An Elite Production Crew.

Latent Productions works with experienced, successful production professionals. Our production crew is elite, and you can expect a Hollywood-level production regardless of your niche.

Top videographers, directors, lighting, and sound specialists.

We have the best talent on our team, and we’re ready to bring it to your next video production. We understand all the elements of a high-quality shoot, and we aim to deliver your audience the best viewer experience possible with our work.

Studios and Set Locations.

Latent Productions has set locations to shoot live anywhere in London. We also carry a huge archive of B-roll footage from around the city. We’ll get you a shoot anywhere in London, and our team takes care of the licenses and permits required for citywide video production.

Hiring Actors and Background Extras.

If you need actors or extras for your videos, we can organize the talent. We work with a deep pool of performance artists. We’ll get the right people with the right look for your video theme. We only work with professionals that deliver the results we expect from them.

STEP 4 – Editing and Post-Production

Masterful, Professional Editing.

After we complete the filming of your video, it’s time to send it to the editing studio for the final touches. Our post-production team adds magic to your videos. There’s nothing that we can’t do in the editing or effects booth.

The best team in the business with consistent, professional results.

Our team yields consistent results for our clients with every project we deliver. We have a complete mastery of all the software and hardware systems required to produce industry-leading digital video content for your campaigns.

Scripting & Voiceovers.

If you have an animation project or a documentary, we can provide the voice talent and narrators to pilot your audience through the video experience. Our artists give you animations and documentaries a voice.

Animation and Effects.

The post-production department handles all the effects for your videos. From advanced CGI to simple whiteboard videos, we can take care of any digital media format you need for your campaign. We can insert effects like CTAs and video cards at the right moments in the videos to inspire your viewers to take action. We add transitions, cutaways, graphics, and FX to your specifications and deliver a final project that blows your expectations out of the water.

File Formatting.

When we have a video we feel meets our commitment to you, we deliver the project in a format suitable for uploading to your social media platforms and websites.

A Delivery Beyond Your Expectations.

At Latent Productions, we aim to give you a WOW experience and the best video production in London.

Why choose Latent Productions for your video production in London? Why not choose one of the dozens of search results? We promise you a production experience like no other.

Our Goal is to Improve Your Results

It’s our mission to add value to our client’s business. How do we do that? We bring you video production for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. Research shows that adding video to your strategy can create six times the results of only using text and images. We bring you the top-level of video production in London. We’ll get more attention on your videos, longer viewer retention, more engagement with likes and shares of your content, and better brand awareness in your market.

marketing-focused Approach

Our video production can handle any project in any market. We understand marketing principles and how they apply to your niche. We’ll create videos that drive an emotional response in your audience and get them to pull the buying trigger at the right times. Our goal is to bring you what you need most – more customers and more followers. We accomplish this through high-quality video content production that creates more click-throughs from your videos to your landing pages and website.

We Work with Your Budget

Latent Productions can work with any budget. From a Hollywood-level Production worth hundreds of thousands of Pounds to hourly rates for editing work. We offer you a premium video production service at a reasonable cost to your business. When we plan your production and quote you, we don’t move the goal posts and over-run it. We know what we’re doing, and we stay on track to meet your budget requirements for the production.

We Stay On Track with Publishing Deadlines

We believe in giving you a service that matches our promises. We deliver on time for our clients every time they send us a project. We never give you excuses, and you can rely on us for consistency in your results. We understand that time is money in marketing, and our goal is to give you the highest-quality video production in the shortest turnaround time possible.

Hands-Off Video Production

With Latent Productions handling your video production for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns, you can focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy. We take the pressure of hiring employees off your hands. We can also assist agencies with managing their overflow; if you need a reliable commercial partner you can trust, reach out to our team.  

Edits and Revisions

We work to exceed our client expectations with every project we deliver. We’re at the top-tier of video content production, and we aim to keep our reputation as the best video production company in London. We’ll keep editing until we have a finished video production that you feel is the perfect fit for what you had in mind during our consultation.

Expert Project Management

Latent Productions is a team of professionals. We use proven processes to drive results for our clients. We don’t beat around the bush on set or in the production studio. We value your time and budget, and we run a refining machine when it comes to producing the best video content.

No Contracts

With Latent Productions, there are no contractual commitments. We understand if you want to take your business somewhere else after working with us. However, we’re confident you won’t. We don’t require any contract to retain you as a client because we know you’re going to be impressed with the results you receive.

Creative Genius

The Latent Productions team consists of leaders in their field of videography, digital effects, production direction, and styling. We have experts in all the right areas to ensure that you get top-quality professional service at every stage of the production process. We listen to your ideas and use our experience and creativity to enhance them into world-class video productions.

Reliable Delivery and Communications

The age of the internet makes it possible for us to remotely connect with people, influencers, companies, corporates, and eCommerce entrepreneurs. We give you a complete online experience when dealing with our team. We’ll stay in contact with you throughout the production process and update you on the progress at critical milestones. When we say we’ll deliver, we mean it, and we’ll always meet your publishing deadlines.

Fully Virtual Platform

Latent Productions brings you a fully virtual platform for your video production requirements. Our online model allows us to remain flexible, ensuring that we keep our client’s productions on track. You’re getting access to the top production team in the business, and we’re ready to take your campaigns to the next level of success. Reach out, and we’ll make it happen for you – whatever it takes.

We can give you the best video production quality in London. However, having a great video doesn’t mean anything if no one ever sees it. Latent Productions offers you a suite of digital marketing services to help you promote your content.

We can assist with content creation, promotion, and distribution. Latent Productions offers you a holistic digital marketing solution for your business, corporation, an eCommerce company, or influencer career.

We’re confident we have the right strategies to take your conversions to the moon and position you as the market authority. Reach out to the Latent Productions production company, and we’ll discuss your digital marketing requirements.


Reach out to the Latent Productions production company. Click the “Book a Call” tab on the homepage, and we’ll have our team connect with you at a convenient time. We want to earn the title of your preferred video production partner.

We’ll work with you remotely and provide an easy communication channel to you. However, it’s up to you to make that connection happen – It’s the only step of the process we can’t do for you. We invite you to put us to the test.

Time and time again, we’ve seen our clients totally blown away by the results they receive when using our video productions in their campaigns. We want your small business, corporate organization, eCommerce enterprise, or influencer career to be our next success story.

With Latent Productions managing your production needs, you can focus on the other aspects of your campaign or operations. We’re here to add value to your strategy with a range of professional video production services in London, United Kingdom.

It’s our goal to create a long-term relationship with you. We want you to know where to turn for the best results when you think of video production. Latent Productions brings you a top-rated video production company in London, ready to take your video marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns to the next level.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation. We can’t wait to listen to your ideas. Take action and change the results you get with your video marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns; our consultants are standing by to take your video content strategy to the stratosphere.