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Custom & On-Demand Video Production In LA.


Are you searching for a video content partner in Los Angeles? Latent Productions brings you a Hollywood-level video production service, available anywhere in the City of Angels. Latent Productions is a full-service video production service, and we work with corporates, influencers, small businesses, and private individuals.

With Latent Productions, you get a creative team that delivers video content for your branding and marketing strategy. LA is the center of the film universe, with the big studios pushing out billion-dollar movies and shows. Latent Productions realizes you don’t have a billion-dollar budget, but we’ll treat your video content like it does, with a professional finish that achieves your creative vision.

Latent Productions specializes in filming off-studio locations around Los Angeles, and we have access to all of the expertise you will need in the city. We know how to capture the city’s essence in our work, bringing your production a unique local edge.

Whether you’re a corporate looking for training videos or an influencer living in Beverly Hills, call Latent Productions for assistance with any video production. We operate across LA, the Greater LA area, and as far as Orange County.

Contact our team at the studio on (204) 805-3188. Our consultants will arrange an appointment to discuss your creative needs and plan your video content production. You also have the option of reaching out to us through our contact form on this site, and we’ll have someone get back to you.


With Latent Productions managing your video content, you get a smooth and seamless experience. We’ll take care of everything, from pre-production planning, budgeting, execution, post-production, and packing of your content.

Our team uses the latest HDR camera technology for our shoots and qualified, experienced videographers that know how to capture any shot in any environment. Whether you need a single or three-camera set, drone, or GoPro footage, Latent Productions has everything you need in-house.

Latent Productions works with all budgets. Whether you just need a quick 1-minute video for promoting a product on Tik Tok, or a documentary for YouTube, we’re here to make it happen for you.

Latent Productions brings you an experienced team that understands every aspect of the video production process. You get more than just a team with a camera when you hire us. Latent Productions will plan your project, work with you to understand your vision and get to work at putting it on video.

Our pre-planning and post-production services are some of the most sought-after in the industry. We’ll put the final finishing touches on your videos to make them shine in the spotlight. You can expect us to deliver a video production to you that adds value to your content strategy.

When you hire Latent Productions to handle your video production, you get a full-house service covering everything.


Concept discussion and development

Pre-production assessment

Script creation and supervision


Set design and execution

set and production design

Costume and wardrobe styling

Hair and makeup

Prop sourcing

Pre-visualization and masterful execution

Art direction


Sound stage design ad composition

Video encoding and color grading

Scoring and soundtrack development

Voiceovers and sound effects


Delivery of your video content in any format

Subtitles and captions

Storage and backup facilities


Time-lapse recording

Multi-camera specialized shoots

Live event coverage

DIT service and BTS production

Remote shoots


Location sourcing and permit applications

Casting direction

Scheduling and logistics

Production crew and equipment rental

Craft services and catering

Full insurance coverage

LA is one of the most competitive markets in the world for influencers and online businesses. If you’re looking to bring a special edge to your video content that stands out from your competitors or other influencers, contact Latent Productions.

Our Los Angeles video production services bring you everything you need to succeed. We have the team, the tech, and the experience to give you next-level video production on any project.

Let Latent Productions show you what a world-class video content partner can do for your business and career. Contact our studio at (204) 805-3188 or reach out to us through this website.


LA has almost as many video production studios as it does people that need their services. So, why choose Latent Productions over our competition? At Latent Productions, we believe in creating lasting relationships with our clients. We’re not in this for a hit-and-run business model.

We understand that video is the future of content, and we’re building a reputation in LA as one of the leading video productions firms. We achieve our success through our clients and the projects we produce for them.

We work with Fortune 500 companies and mom-and-pop businesses. Regardless of your budget or requirements, Latent Productions deliver high-quality video production for your marketing strategy. Grow your brand awareness in the market, or attract foot traffic to your retail store. With Latent Productions, you get high-quality video content that draws eyeballs and boosts lead generation.

We aim to capture you as a client for the duration of your marketing plan and the business cycle. We understand that you’ll need more than one video, and you’re probably thinking about testing out our service.

Well, after you experience what we have to offer and the results for your business objectives, we’re confident you’re going to want Latent Productions as your preferred video content partner in LA.


Los Angeles is one of the busiest commercial hubs in the country. It’s also a huge cultural center with a diverse community and progressive goals. From the presence of Big Tech firms to movie studios and the chaos of the city, Latent Productions knows how to embrace the elements of Los Angeles and integrate them into your video content.

Whether you’re a corporate CEO looking for a shoot in your boardroom downtown, or you’re looking to cut a promotion video at the Santa Monica Pier, Latent Productions will ensure you get the best shot in any environment.

Whether you’re a business, corporate, creative independent, or influencer, we’ll help you put together a production. Give Latent Productions the chance to show you what’s possible in your industry with top-level video production on your projects. Here are some of the industries we serve with video production services in Los Angeles.

Knowledge Center + FAQ Video Production LA.


Los Angeles is known for its corporate culture, with thousands of high-value companies operating throughout the city. Latent Productions specializes in working with corporates; we have many large organizations working with us in all over the world.

Latent Productions is a multinational video production firm. We have seasoned expert teams in the largest, most high-demand video content markets in the world. Our cinematic-quality video content productions add value to corporates in every area of their business, from onboarding executives and new hires to pitching your clients.

With Latent Productions, you get a team that understands how to tell your brand story through the video medium. We’ll elevate your image, brand awareness, and status in the eyes of your clients, employees, the LA, and global markets.

We bring purposeful structuring to our corporate video process. Our content gives your organization the best chance of catching the attention of your target audience, and our in-house production team handles every part of the process. Our goal is to give you a hands-off video content production partner you can trust to deliver results.

Our videos align with your corporate values and brand image, bringing consistency to your marketing and in-house training content. We’ll exceed your expectations with what you thought possible using our services, and we’ll always meet your publishing deadlines.

Let Latent Productions give you the best ROI for the investment you make into your video marketing content strategy.


Corporates are some of our biggest clients. We offer you marketing videos for your clients, but we also help with onboarding videos for streamlining your HR processes. We can complete training videos and series for your employees, helping them understand your organizational values without the need to ever speak to an HR professional.

We’ll create videos in your building or premises, and we can discuss everything from how to access benefits to processes and procedures governing your business model. With Latent Productions, you have a full-service video production team adding value to your organizational goals.


LA is home to thousands of nonprofit organizations. From legal services to social and government organizations. With Latent Productions, you can spread your nonprofit’s message to a bigger audience, getting more attention on your fundraisers, media drives, and events.

We work with nonprofits in every sector, and we know how to create a product designed to build awareness and attract attention. With Latent Productions, you get a video partner that brings the missing element to your marketing strategy.

Video is an incredibly powerful medium for portraying your message to your target audience. We’ll produce videos that drive emotion and empathy with your cause while remaining tasteful. We’ll protect and enhance your brand image and boost the awareness of your nonprofit across related markets.


Los Angeles is the home of the agency. From talent agencies to real estate agencies and family offices, LA has plenty of firms requiring a need for video marketing. Video marketing can supercharge your results; just ask any real estate agent that uses video marketing in their listings.

Latent Productions has plenty of experience working with agencies in all sectors. We can deliver your mission and message on video, bringing your marketing to the next level. We’ll help you tell your agency’s story and build your reputation and reach in the market from instructional videos to pitching clients.

We aim to bring you success with your video marketing strategy. We know how to position visual assets and strike a balance between culture and marketing that enhances your message; we’ll create video content that makes you stand out from the pack in a competitive and noisy marketplace.


The global and local economy are tough to compete in. As a result, businesses are feeling the pinch to their bottom line. However, the most successful companies understand that when the market retracts, you advance – it’s the easiest strategy for capturing market share while your competitors are weak.

Our B2B video content services will make you stand out as the preferred vendor or supplier in your market. We can assist you with training and marketing videos that grow your company and your bottom line.

Use our video productions to promote your business ethics, mission, goals, and values, bringing them to life in an engaging format that attracts new buyers and opens new markets.


If your business serves the consumer market, contact Latent Productions for your video content needs. We work with online and offline companies across the city.

If you’re a restaurant looking for more foot traffic or an eCommerce seller who needs product videos, call Latent Productions. We have the skills and the tech you need to add value to your strategy, attract prospects, and close deals.

Latent Productions will work with you to understand the goals for your video marketing strategy. We’ll create purposeful content that drives new business to your location or traffic to your website and landing pages.


Ecommerce is getting more competitive by the year. The rise in online market participation increased dramatically in recent times, showing no signs of slowing down any time soon and beyond. If you have an online store or your business sells products and services online, you need a video content strategy.

Research shows that prospects are nearly six times more likely to buy a product if it has a video description in the listing. Latent Productions can set up your product shoot at our studio, using custom backgrounds and watermarks for all your product photos.

Our team of talented product stylists and videographers will get your products looking like they are right there in front of your customers. We understand that you want growth in conversions from every aspect of your marketing strategy. With video content, you have a medium that keeps you ahead of the competition.


The small business environment in Los Angeles continues to thrive, even in the face of a tough economic climate. Many small business owners in LA are already somewhat savvy to online marketing strategies. Many of them know how to use Facebook and Instagram to attract traffic into their brick-and-mortar locations across LA.

However, many business owners just market with images and text. Those business owners that integrate video marketing into their business strategy are the ones that are winning in the new economy.

Imagine a video showing the vibe in your restaurant and the food prepared by the chef. That’s way more effective marketing than just taking a picture of the food on a plate. Video marketing can revolutionize your lead generation, bringing you more customers into your retail location, yoga studio, or doctor’s office, to name a few.


Los Angeles is one of the biggest west coast locations for startups. With Big Tech Firms like Facebook and Apple nearby, LA has a vibe that oozes progress. If you’re a startup looking for investment, you need a pitch that sells the values and benefits of your company. Latent Productions can help you create videos to pitch investors, attract talent, or explain your product or service.

Latent Productions works with some of the biggest startup names in LA and other top tech locations like New York City and London. Our team will work with your budget, with your goals in mind. We understand you’re a creative bunch, and we want to show you how we can put that on video.


The hospitality industry in LA is huge. From airport hotels to guest houses, restaurants, and entertainment venues, video marketing can help you promote your business. Latent Productions has experience in promoting any venue, restaurant, or business, and we know how to structure a shoot that sells your service to your audience.

Reach more prospects on social media and get the word out about your venue, party, or event. With Latent Productions, you get a team dedicated to delivering more value to your video content marketing strategy. We’ll help you create an impression in the eyes of your audience and attract new business.


Manufacturing is big in Los Angeles, with some of the world’s biggest brands and multinationals choosing LA for their international headquarters. Latent Productions understands your positioning strategy, and we know how to elevate your manufacturing brand’s message.

Latent Productions offers you video content to promote your firm to new partners and create on-demand content for training your employees. We can assist with both. We’ll get your message out to the market, and we’ll train your employees in line with your organizational values and HR processes.


Education is moving to a virtual medium in the digital era. With on-demand learning experiencing massive growth over the last decade, many people choose to study and learn online. Latent Productions can help you bring any educational video to life.

We can put anything into video format for you, from educational videos for school learners to instructional videos on yoga courses. Whether your goal is to boost enrollment, build a course, or create an on-demand learning platform, Latent Productions is your preferred video content partner in Los Angeles.


The medical industry is huge in Los Angeles. From drug manufacturers to doctors and dentists’ offices, LA offers one of the highest standards of medical care and innovation in the United States. Latent Productions video content strategies are available for pharmaceutical companies, medical practitioners, and distribution companies.

We work in any market sector, from manufacturing to care, and we have all the necessary licenses to film in any location, including clean rooms. We can help your company or office with training videos explaining guidelines and processes or promotions for your business. Our medical and pharmaceutical clients have us cover a broad range of video content production for federal compliance and instruction.


Los Angeles is arguably the home of the influencer. The sunny skies and great weather mean people are out in the city and on the beaches all year round. Latent Productions understands the needs of the influencer. We know you’re not going to need a full-time video content partner in most cases – but we offer it if you do.

However, we understand that you might need to occasional product shoot or a striking piece of content that makes a statement with your audience. Latent Productions is here to enhance your marketing strategy, regardless of your niche or audience.

We can shoot a 1-minute video for Tik Tok or a 10-minute video for your YouTube channel. With Latent Productions, we understand how to work in the native content medium of your chosen platforms. We can help you take your career to the next level with content that draws eyeballs and gives you the best chance of going viral.


The LA real estate market is one of the most competitive in the world. LA has some of the most expensive property in commercial to residential markets and thousands of agents mandating those properties. If you want to create listings that sell and stand out from the competition, you need Latent Productions video content services.

We can create video walkthroughs of your properties or drone fly-bys that give your prospects a different view of the property. We know how to stage properties and what shots sell. With Latent Productions assisting you with your video listings, you’ll close more deals, attract referrals, and build your reputation as an agent that delivers.


Latent Productions has plenty of experience creating commercials for the traditional TV market and the online world. Whether you’re a broadcaster in need of comprehensive production service, or a YouTuber looking for additional video production values, give Latent Productions a call.

We have experience in storyboarding and developing ads for every market and sector in the economy. We’ll bring our unique skillset to your production to enhance the value of your marketing strategy with your target audience. We attract attention and retain it until the end of the video.

We bring you innovative and creative strategies to add to your commercials. We understand how to position CTAs in the commercial, and our team of post-production experts can add custom CTAs to your videos at the right times to invoke an emotional response in your audience.


Latent Productions can assist with the filming and streaming of all live and virtual events in Los Angeles. Our content services record you while your event is live, broadcasting it to your preferred platforms in real-time. We also offer editing of your event into “behind the scenes” clips that you can use for post-marketing production use.

We can assist with managing and producing live or virtual events, with end-to-end solutions bringing you a concept-to-completion service for any industry. Latent Productions will work with any platform of choice, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Digitell, Intrado, ON24, and many more.


If you’re a corporate and your CEO wants to launch a live interview, contact Latent Productions. We specialize in mobile set productions, bringing everything we need with us to shoot in your boardroom, the hallways, and the exterior areas around your corporate headquarters.

We know how to manage a set and capture the shot in any lighting conditions while keeping you looking great. Our framing techniques add the desired tone to your content, strengthening the connection between the audience and the interviewee.

Los Angeles is one of the biggest tech hubs globally, and it’s the home of millions of influencers across every platform available.

Being an influencer is hard work, and you need a content strategy that appeals to your target market. We can help you create content promoting your personal influencer brand, bringing you access to a wider audience while helping you gain more followers.

Social media isn’t only for the influencers. Today, businesses, whether offline or online, can’t afford to miss out on marketing on social media, Or you’re leaving money on the table. The reality is that people’s attention spans are getting shorter.

You need to account for this in your video marketing strategy. At Latent Productions, we have experience working with eCommerce giants and high-level influencers, giving them video content production that grows their brand status and audience.

With Latent Productions, you get a team that understands video marketing and production in the social media environment. Our internationally-acclaimed social media video production services include the following.


If you market on social media, do you use video content in your strategy? If not, you’re leaving money on the table. Research consistently shows that marketers or influencers using video-based methods achieve more on all platforms than those relying on image-based content only.

Regardless of the platform, market, or audience, video content just performs better. Latent Productions has plenty of experience with elevating influencer status through better video production. We also offer video marketing productions for retailers and brands looking to improve their reach and conversions.

Social media is more than just a meeting place; it’s a marketplace. Companies realize this, but many of them are still behind the curve on understanding what video content can do to enhance their marketing strategy. Video offers your prospect or client a view into your company’s inner workings or product without them needing to be there physically to witness it.

Video is the dominant means of communication on the plant. It’s effective because capturing emotions in a visual context in a real-time scenario is easier than with images alone. With video content for your social media strategy, you’ll start seeing the results you need for your brand or business.

Latent Productions offers you a comprehensive range of video marketing services across all platforms. Our content comes formatted for viewing on mobile devices because we understand how your audience views their content when engaging with your social profile.

Contact Latent Productions for assistance with any of the following social media video content production.


Short-form content for attention, engagement, followers, shares, and likes.


Mid-length content pushing your business into the market, convincing prospects to take action.


Longer-form content positioning companies and individuals as expert authorities in any industry.


Mid to long-form content promoting your channel, your sponsors, and boosting views.


Selling products online is big business. Ecommerce continues to gain ground against traditional retail as the preferred way to transact. With eCommerce building momentum each year and eating into the market share of brick-and-mortar retailers, you need to take a piece of the pie for your business. Latent Productions will assist you with a product video shoot for your listings.

With Latent Productions, you get a team of talented product stylists positioning your product for virtual use by the consumer’s mind. We bring you the right set management, lighting, and even sound into your product videos. Our product video production skills are the closest thing you can get to putting your product in your customer’s hands.


Product marketing happens more on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram than on any other medium. Sure, you might be redirecting them to different landing pages for the conversion, but the primary way of reaching your audience comes through your social media account.

So, regardless of the size of your company, social media is now the main way that companies communicate with their online audience. Facebook alone is responsible for almost 50% of all referral traffic. Latent Productions knows how to produce video content specifically designed for use on Facebook and Instagram.

Our process involves understanding your vision, and placing that into short-form content, often in a minute or less. We realize you only have seconds to pique someone’s attention online and build an emotional response.

Latent Productions will work with you to understand the needs of your marketing strategy and what we can do to accelerate you to your business goals.


Online retailers in all niches need to start incorporating 360-degree product videos into their listings. A 360-degree product view helps your customer see the product from every angle. It’s like they have the product in their hand, and they can turn it to any angle to see any perspective they wish.

Research shows retailers using 360-degree product videos in their listings experience an increase of over 570% in conversion rates. Digital marketers can raise their listings above the competition using this simple concept.

Latent Productions has a fully-equipped studio ready to take your product video. We have product stylists on staff and a range of backgrounds to suit your branding requirements. Showcase your product range with Latent Productions, and we’ll revolutionize your sales.


Corporates, legal firms, and architects are examples of businesses that use case studies in HR and marketing strategies.

Latent Productions can assist you with building video content for both areas of your organization. We’ll help you create masterful case studies that change the way you interact with clients and employees.


Building a brand is challenging for any marketing team, especially in Los Angeles. Regardless of your niche, LA is a tough market to penetrate. Using video content in your strategy helps you build your brand and establish yourself as the leader in your sector.

Latent Productions will work with you to understand your brand’s message. We’ll build content specifically geared towards growing consumer confidence in your brand while bringing more awareness to the market. Our video marketing content brings you the edge you need to stand out.

Branding videos should focus on creativity while remaining aligned with your sales strategy. Our branding videos help you communicate your core values to your audience, bringing you top-of-mind awareness in your market.


Content marketing is the dominant form of marketing in today’s digital era. Companies and influencers that understand the concept of branding are winning market share and dominating their niche.

For companies, the brand-building video gives you a unique identity in the market. Video content offers you the perfect medium to present the value you add to the customer in a relatable format. You’ll gain more consumer awareness while increasing your sales.

Influencers also need to think of themselves as brands. Kylie Jenner is the pinnacle of this idea, building a billion-dollar business off her cosmetic empire started through her Instagram. You can dominate any influencer niche with the right video content, building your brand into a household name.


Brands and companies are starting to understand the importance of storytelling in their marketing strategy. Storytelling is the best method of selling, and video content gives you the best way of storytelling.

Latent Productions can assist you with video storytelling of your brand heritage, values, and goals. We’ll structure intriguing videos that help explain your brand message to your audience while keeping their attention.


When people think about buying a product or service, they have many ways to check up on the claims you make in your marketing. One of the most influential methods of increasing trust with your prospects is using social proof videos. Social proof describes a concept where you’re using the customer experience to strengthen your case for prospects looking to finalize a buying decision.

Latent Productions brings you the latest methods in creating social proof videos designed to promote your brand and strengthen the trust between your brand and the market. A video testimonial acts as a form of visual proof, confirming what your prospect wants to hear to push them over the edge with their buying decision. We can help you build confidence in your brands and products in the eyes of your prospects and customers.

We understand the concept of social proof and how it influences the buying decision. Our post-production team can add CTAs and aftereffects into your video content. We’ll increase the emotional buying level in the video, upping your conversion rate.


Video production technology continues to accelerate as we move deeper into the digital era. Latent Productions is on top of all the latest developments, and we utilize the latest innovations in camera technology and systems to enhance the video production process.

Our drone and GoPro services bring you new ways to capture breathtaking footage for your video content. We also offer services for setting up podcast venues and filming or streaming podcast content outside of your normal studio environment.

Our specialty video production service in Los Angeles is the best in the city. We can take care of any shot you need, just give us your direction, and we’ll make the magic happen.


There was a time when you needed to hire a chopper and a film crew if you wanted to get an aerial shot. However, the expense was worth it, and we can all agree that aerial photography is one of the most impressive visual mediums.

Latent Productions allows you to bring aerial photography into your video content projects, thanks to our talented drone team. Our drone pilots have all the training and certification needed to fly anywhere in Los Angeles. Our pilots are not only qualified, but they have a crazy skillset for aerial photography.

We can capture shots from angles where some drone pilots wouldn’t dare to fly, and we use high-quality 4K videography equipment on our drones for the best results. It takes talent to fly a drone the right way, and our pilots are some of the best in the game around LA.


Video content is such a popular content medium because of its ability to send us into the shot. When you see a well-produced piece of video content, it’s like it projects your mind onto the video set, placing you in the scene.

That’s what we try to create with every piece of video content we produce, and some equipment helps us do it better than others. We have plenty of experience in getting action shots using GoPro equipment and filming strategies.

Whether you want us to capture the thrill of a live sports event, an action sports environment, or an extreme sports session, we have the team and skills to take on your request. We’ll give you an onboard video that outs your audience right there with you.


Podcasting is fast becoming the biggest media format in the world. LA is the home of the podcast; it’s where famous podcasters like Joe Rogan, Joey Diaz, and Theo Von built their careers. Today, you have thousands of podcasts in each category, and more are showing up each day.

Latent Productions brings you a podcast-friendly production team. Whether you need us to be your Jamie Vernon, or you need us to set up a temporary podcast location outside your studio, we’re here to make it happen.

Our podcasting equipment is world-class, and we know how to stage any set for optimal sound production and visual quality. With Latent Productions, you get a comprehensive podcasting service anywhere in Los Angeles.


Live-action filming is exciting, and our creative team can make almost anything possible. However, the physical world has its limitations. If you want something super-extravagant for your video marketing strategy, Latent Productions brings you an in-house animation studio. From Pixar-level productions to simple stop motion graphics, we can handle any animation project.

Animation is an excellent medium for storytelling, and it’s a great way to explain concepts. Animations also do well in the youth market, and they are not as expensive as you think. Advancements in animation tech make it more affordable for companies and brands to incorporate it into their video content strategy.

Latent Productions offers you an in-house animation team with studios in Los Angeles. We can create any 2D or 3D model or video, and we use advanced CGI productions techniques, green screens, and specialist software for creating amazing animated content for any platform.

We are specialists in stop motion graphics, CGI, 2D, and 3D animation, VFX, and more. Speak to our creative team about the animation possibilities for your project. We’ll add animation to real-world videos with titles and effects or create entirely animated videos for your marketing or storytelling requirements.

Speak to our animation team. We’ll develop a customized animation video solution for your video content strategy.


Time-lapse is one of the most effective video mediums available for storytelling. A time-lapse gives you a way to present hours of content in a few short seconds or minutes. If you’re trying to show someone the process of making chocolate, a time-lapse helps keep their attention, giving them the process in a few seconds.

Time-lapses of natural events like sunrises and sunsets or rainstorms are amazing ways to capture attention on any video platform. We have a vast library of stock footage available for your project, or we can arrange to take a sunset shot over your bar in the evening. Give our team a call to discuss your needs.

We film the video, edit it to perfection with any aftereffects, and professionally package it for upload to your social media platforms or website.


Since we’re in LA, we can offer you a Hollywood-style extravaganza production using green screen technology. There was a time when this tech was only available for the biggest production studios. With the advancement of software and equipment, Latent Productions now has the opportunity to add green screen tech into your video content.

A green screen allows you to project any visual environment you want in your video content. We can transport you between worlds, place you in any global location, and layer effects into your videos to make them pop for your audience.

Latent Productions has a fully-equipped studio ready to take on your green screen production. We have directors and casting teams to help you get more out of your videos and a talented post-production team to put the finishing touches on your project.

Using a green screen the right way takes an understanding and experience of working with the technology. At Latent Productions, we have a team of skilled filmmakers specializing in using green screens for video content creation. We’ll produce any video you want using our green screen prowess.

Latent Productions uses a proven production process that delivers results for our clients. We take care of every element of the production process from the start to the finish of your project. You get to relax, knowing that you have the best video production in LA working on your content.

Our streamlined, effective production process saves you time and money, and we’ll always be on time to meet your publishing deadlines. We work with you to understand your creative vision and then go about manifesting that into reality.

You get an authentic, relevant, and highly watchable video that draws eyeballs from your target market. Call the Latent Productions team, and we’ll talk about your project. When you hire us, you benefit from the following with our award-winning production process.

Creative Concepting

We sit down with you and have you unpack your creative concept. Our team of directors will storyboard your ideas until we understand what you want us to produce.

Production Crew

Our production crew has years of experience and training at your disposal. We have licenses to operate anywhere in the Los Angles greater area and the city. We also have all insurance policies in place to limit any liability on set.

Actors and Background Extras

We’ll hire background actors and extras for your videos if we need them. We have a deep talent pool allowing us to choose the people for your project.

Stock Footage

Latent Productions has a huge collection of stock B-roll footage available for your projects. The chances are we have a background or template for your video that you have in mind, saving you on production costs for your video content strategy.

Scripting & Voiceover

We can arrange voiceover artists for your animated projects or how-to videos. Latent Productions takes care of sourcing the talent and scripting the voiceover.


Our in-house animation team can add after effects, VFX, CGI, and soundtracks to your videos. We specialize in positioning your CTAs at the right moments in your videos to optimize an emotional response in your audience.


We storyboard your videos and work you through the production process for your approval. We’ll help you set your budget and outline wants possible with your working capital and budget requirements.


Our post-production team has some of the best talents in the business. We’re here to put the final finishing touches on your projects. We’ll integrate CTAs and sound bites or clips into your videos, invoking that emotional response you need in your audience to increase conversions.

Studio and Set Locations

We have a network of contacts around the city for set locations. Tell us your requirements, and we’ll make the necessary preparations to organize the shoot anywhere in the city.

STEP 1 – Development Strategy

The first step of the process with Latent Productions is understanding your creative concept. We’ll work with you to get a clear idea of what you want from the video. We storyboard your vision and unpack it, working to your requirement until we finish what you had in mind for your project.

STEP 2 – Pre-Production Phase

In the pre-production planning phase, we’ll calculate your budget and get your approval on any additional costs for producing your video. We’ll hire actors, extras, voiceover artists, and any other talent you need for your video. We’ll also finalize any licenses or permits we need for filming on location in and around the city of LA.

STEP 4 – The Video Shoot

After preparing for the shoot, it’s time to swing things into action. Whether shooting on location or in our studio, we use talented directors and production teams who know how to command and control a set. We’ll finish on time, with no delays to the production process.

STEP 5 – Editing and Your Post-production Requirements

After the filming is over, we hand the raw footage over for editing and post-production. This phase of the process is where the magic happens. We cut all your best content and come up with the best video product possible. We’ll deliver your project in any format you need for upload to your website and social platforms.


So, why choose Latent Productions from other search results in your browser? We offer you a world-class multinational partner for video production in Los Angeles. We take every project seriously, whether it’s a 1-minute video or a full-length documentary. Our goal is to tailor our services to your video production requirements. We have the aim of elevating your brand identity in the market while achieving your marketing goals.

Our proven production process and strategies ensure you receive the required outcome from your project. Our professionally-produced content attracts eyeballs to your product and service offerings, sending your brand message through the market.

With Latent Productions, you get a video that increases engagement with your audience while boosting brand awareness in your target market. We’ll help you drive more qualified traffic to your business, website, and landing pages.

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