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Videos are the best form of delivery for informational (or entertaining) content that millennials (and just about everyone) enjoy watching (consuming) at any given time.

The visual content that video shows sticks in the minds of consumers longer than other forms of media.

Human beings are visual creatures, and they (we) can remember more from a video than written content. It is the reason why videos, vlogs and commercials are not about to go out of style anytime soon.

An excellent video communicates and sends powerful messages to the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind. The words speak to the conscious part while the visuals communicate to the subconscious part.

Videos are great, producing them or finding a capable company in Los Angeles to produce them is a little less great.

It can be hard to choose an ideal video production company in Los Angeles because of the vast amount of options that make you spoilt for choice, however, understanding the variety of video content available to you (or your business) and what service you want can definitely help you decide.

Video production in Los Angeles is big business, but you still need to find a company that fits your needs perfectly. Read and learn more about video production in LA below.

Before indulging in the specifics of video production, let’s understand what video production is and what a production company does.

Video production in LA involves 3 basic stages and processes: pre-production, production and post-production.

Most people think that an LA video production company only shoots the footage for a video (for a video project) for a client. That could not be farther from the truth. There are several activities that a video production company in Los Angeles performs for clients. Professional video production (in LA) usually involves planning many moving parts, setting up sets and operations, shooting awesome video footage and content, and editing the captured footage. And, each aspect has an essential role to play in ensuring that the final edited video that comes out of the project is beautiful, compelling, captivating, persuasive or whatever you intend it to be – and that the video project overall is successful.

Video production in LA simplified.

The Plan: This section and part of LA video production entails sitting down and listening to project details, brainstorming ideas on how to achieve project goals, choosing a location and the cast for the video, deciding on the direction and purpose of the content, finalizing anything needed for production setup, and pick a day (or concrete dates) to do the shoot. Planning is the core of video production (in LA), and it ensures that the client lays out their vision for the production company. Usually, the client has several sessions with the production company to explain the goal(s) of the project and plan how to achieve it.

The Setup: Setting up the stage/scene/props/actors for the production of a video for a company, brand, corporation, individual or SME takes a lot of organization. You need to get everyone at their station or position – at the right time – with the setup. It may involve some project specific work like shipping equipment and product for the shoot(s).

In the end, it takes time to prepare everything (at the set location) for the shoot. Planning ahead and organization is key.

The Shoot: Shooting video footage takes a while since you have to try and capture the best moments and pieces of footage. Everything doesn’t need to be perfect, but you need multiple clear and awesome frames and pieces of footage to create a convincing video. It requires a lot of patience and focuses on shooting the same frame several times until you get it right. It may take some time to get enough content for a terrific video, but it will be worth the effort.

Keep an eye on your production company during the shoot – and ensure they spend and devote adequate time to this.

Video Editing: You cannot put raw footage in front of your consumers and expect great results. Video editing is a final polish to your video project to produce a video in line with your goals and needs. A professional production company (in LA) will provide you with a powerful weapon in an attractive video that meets the intended goals. Spend time reviewing your production companies’ work and pay close attention to details.

*You can request a few changes in the video content before approving the final content you will be using (be reasonable and respectful).

If you put the plan, the setup, the shoot and editing together you get basic video production in Los Angeles.

Every mobile phone and a majority of gadgets comes with a camera, making it possible for amateurs (like you – perhaps) to take and stitch together videos. However, there is a difference between amateur footage and professional footage. And, believe us, that difference is large. Large enough to matter.

Videos that represent a brand or a company need to be of the highest quality possible. You cannot afford to take some simple footage and place it on your company website. Consumers (and brands) will notice that you do not have high-quality videos, and it may lead to lower view counts (and engagements) for all your videos.

Okay, but, why specifically should I hire a video production company in LA?

First of all, hiring a video production company ensures that all your video content is high-quality and full of substance.

Secondarily, video production companies have qualified professionals with skills and capabilities for producing and creating different types of videos.

You can have and use one production company for all your video needs, from advertising content to interviews. This is especially true and easy to execute if you pick a top LA video production company.

Thirdly, the experience that professional LA producers have can come in handy when you are looking for ideas for eye-catching footage and pieces.

Here are a few more reasons why you need to hire a top-notch video production company in Los Angeles.

Professionalism: It can take a while to produce a simple video, and sometimes you may have a project or endeavor that involves creating several videos. It is helpful to work with a professional team that works with a schedule and meets deadlines. Having a reliable video production company ensures that you have a pleasant experience whenever you need a video (and especially when you need multiple videos all at once or in rapid succession).

Equipment: Video production equipment is expensive. The cameras, lighting, and editing software involved in video production in LA costs a fortune. It is not sensible to buy all the equipment needed for this to produce a few videos. It is more reasonable to hire a company that has all the appropriate equipment.

Also, you need someone who knows how to work all the technical stuff during production. It makes no sense to hire this out or contract it out to untrained or inexperienced contractors. And, the professionals a production company can and will provide will work best.

Studio: Some videos like interviews, testimonials, product tutorials, or explainer videos can be (and are best) shot in a studio. It would be best to find a company that has a production studio for filming your video or videos if this is something that matters a lot to you (or is a part of your vision). You can set up the studio as you see fit to create the ideal atmosphere for your video.

A studio will have excellent acoustics and is generally set up to ensure that the footage is of the highest quality. Plus, it reduces the work involved to move equipment to a different location for the shoot.

However, if you prefer to use the world, your office or another location for your video shoot, that is fine as well.

All things equal, you can not go wrong with picking a top professional video production company in LA.

Companies can use many kinds of videos to create awareness and generate tons of sales. For branding, marketing, or to advertise products and services, nothing beats video in LA.

You may need a 30-second social media ad or a 1-minute commercial video – or you may not know. Anyways, it is simpler to decide the ideal video for your business when you know what kind of content a video production company in Los Angeles can provide.

Besides, nowadays, companies have to produce a variety of videos to keep customers engaged in a brand or product. You need to know all the options you have available to you – to keep customers and potential customers engaged.

Do not worry, we can produce all types of videos. Just give us a call at your convenience – and we will get the ball rolling.

Without further delay, here are some of the different types of videos you have available to you to communicate your ideas and/or sell.


Commercials and advertising videos are the oldest type of sales generation videos (that create awareness and prompt the consumers watching them to buy a product or multiple products) that marketers have been using to market. You need a business video ad to run on YouTube or commercial to run on TV while people are watching their favorite programs (or channels) if you want to make a huge splash in your industry. The videos you use for commercials or YouTube ads need to be of the highest quality – since they run on national or global channels.

It is always an excellent idea to have professionals with experience in producing commercials and advertising videos on your team. There is a lot of potential for generating sales when you make a popular and memorable commercial or ad video – and launch it out to the world properly with proper targeting. Also, it takes a lot of time and planning to produce a short business (or brand or product/service) video that contains all the information that will attract customers.


Tutorial videos are extremely popular on YouTube channels. The purpose of a tutorial video is to teach a user how to use a specific product or service. Tutorials can be as simple as screencast videos, and most companies are taking the time to create some of their own. It is easier to give instructions on how to do something while performing the activity on a video. The clarity of a tutorial video lets the user see all the steps they need to follow.

It can be tough shooting an tutorial video on your own when you have several moving parts. For example, a mechanic needs a cameraperson because he needs both his hands free. Additionally, professionals can add subtitles to tutorial videos. They can also point to specific items on the video while you explain how everything works. Hiring a professional to shoot a tutorial video is a must because it would be irritating if customers couldn’t understand your explanations after putting in a lot of effort into them – but a good videographer helps you avoid this.

Brand Videos

A brand video shows how a brand has improved the lives of people. It is a video to showcase a particular brand in a positive light to the customers or potential customers of the company. Brand videos create awareness and attract loyalty. For example, it can be a video showing donations to the needy due to contributions from sales. Brands that donate a certain amount from each sale can show beneficiaries of the money to increase trustworthiness and loyalty.

The videos need to be emotional and tell a story about the brand – without looking pitiful. Professionals can capture the raw emotions of workers while they produce a product or serve customers. Also, they can edit the branding videos so that the story flows seamlessly. Brand videos are sensitive tools for marketing and must be done by professionals to be effective and hit their mark at all costs.

Product Videos

Product videos showcase how a product fits into the daily activities of a consumer and how it can make the life of a user simpler. It is essential to have creative ideas on how to present a product in a video. Also, it must clearly show how using it is the best way to solve a consumers problem – and how the product is better than other products in the market. Shooting product videos can be straightforward or complicated, depending on the product. A complicated product shoot needs a production company on deck to make it possible to show off the product awesomely.

Creativity is the most crucial factor when creating a product video. You need people to remember your product whenever they are at the store or looking for your services.

*An outstanding video will give your target audience a good idea of when your product comes in handy.

Event Videos

Event videos showcase an event that has taken place or will take place in the future. It can be a company anniversary, music festival, the launch of a new product, or an expansion of the company. Recording momentous events in the lifespan of your company is essential. You can show the proceedings to stakeholders who couldn’t attend it or post it on your website for people to convince them to buy tickets to the event.

Event marketing videos require coverage from various angles by different videographers to cover the entire event area and event overall. It also requires a high level of competence when editing to ensure that no essential details are left out.

Music Video Production

Music video production is expensive in Los Angeles. A lot happens during the creation of a music video, including casting dancers, shooting the footage, and editing. Poor-quality music video production can prevent your song from reaching the top of charts and hinder your desired success. An excellent music video is entertaining and captivating to engage a fan for the entire duration of the video. It may only take a day or two to shoot a video for a song depending on the number of shoot locations.

Social Media Ads

Social media ads are one of the best visual advertisements nowadays. Social media ads are tricky because people rarely want to look at something serious on social media. Social media shows high engagement for videos that are funny and entertaining. Companies must advertise on social media to create product awareness online. You need professionals to help you plan an engaging video for social media.

The video should also be short because users do not watch long videos. With the advice of professionals, you can create a video that is eye-catching to users. It should be quick and informative to the desired end user. Conveying the right message in a fun way can get you a lot of social shares and make your ad more accessible to those who want/need what you are offering.

Client Testimonials

Client testimonials are pieces of social proof that show that your products work, and your customers can testify to that. Client testimonials are different from all the other videos that companies need. Testimonials need to look honest and believable. The camera has to capture the emotion that the user experiences when using your product or service.

Many average customers have never been in a studio to take a video that millions of people might watch. A production company usually has directors to help your clients tell their stories in front of the camera. They always make the clients comfortable enough to make a great video to prove that customers are happy (or satisfied) with what you have to offer. Every company needs testimonials because other potential customers will want to know other people’s experiences with your products or services.

Company Interviews

Company interviews include interviews with founders, senior management, and other people within the company structure. These interviews tell the story of the company, how it was founded, the growth of the company, the changes, and what the future holds for the company. Company interviews give an insight to consumers about what goes on in the company. The history of a company or the process that a company uses for production can convince customers to buy.

Company interviews need to portray a professional image at all times. People expect the founder of a company to look authoritative and speak fluently. Production companies that do company interviews will assist you in creating an environment that oozes professionalism and awesomeness.

It is best to hire a video production company (in LA) whenever you are thinking of using awesome videos to advance your efforts.

A high-quality video can be a fantastic marketing tool – and prompt others to share your products and offerings with friends. You need the best people working on your videos at all times because of this.

It (hiring a professional video production company in LA) also ensures that all the video content that is connected to your campaigns and company are high-quality and long-lasting – and under one management roof.

Conclusion: You should opt to hire a (single) video production company for all the projects that your company needs. And, if your high-performance marketing and advertising department is looking for a video production company to assist them in propelling your brands (or is on a search to find a company that can handle many video projects that the company needs and/or will need), give us a call. We can help you solve your deepest video production problems.

Various players (in various industries) need professional videos for their work, website or social media accounts. Here are some of the famous enjoyers of video production in LA.


Companies need high-quality videos for advertising and branding activities and purposes. Videos are engaging, and they can lead to an increase in sales. Companies need commercials, branding videos and social media ads to tap into the online market. Companies also need tutorial videos to help customers understand the best way to use products.


Vloggers need high-quality videos for their followers and online channels. A video production company in Los Angeles can be handy for individuals who need a constant supply of videos such as vloggers.

As a vlogger, you will enjoy having adequate lighting and quality editing for your sessions.

Furthermore, you don’t (and won’t) need to buy all the expensive equipment you need to produce your videos. You can just call the production company and shoot a session conveniently.

Overall, working with a production company is better than setting up a studio (or going at it alone) for your vlogging operation.

Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Marketing and advertising agencies always have a vast library and bulk of video ads pending. Hiring a video production company ensures that an agency has a go-to company for videos. A production company has a variety of talent that can cater to the different types of videos an agency needs.

It is also cost-effective to hire just one agency as most video production companies will willingly offer a discounted rate when negotiating multiple video projects or when you give them consistent work.

Let’s talk if you are looking to be an agency partner.

The cost of producing a video depends on a few aspects of the work – like the duration, location of production, and type and/or quality of content you want to grab. Other guiding elements include a permit (for some kinds and types of video production in Los Angeles) and non production related costs.

Time: The duration of a video plays a significant role in the amount of money you will pay for it. The base cost of a video production project can be $1000 for a 1-minute video clip or it can reach up to to millions (for a Super Bowl commercial or TV ad).

*Note that the cost of producing a video (per minute) can vary from one video production company in Los Angeles to another based on talent, experience and/or skill.

Location: The location of a shoot (if not owned or controlled by you or your entity) will increase production cost (by quite a bit – naturally) because you will need to pay to move the necessary shooting equipment and set up – and pay for the location itself.

You can always opt to use the studio of the production company – if cash flow is a problem.

Sometimes, the expenses of having a shoot in a distant location include the cost of accommodation for personnel – especially when it takes several days.

Content: The contents of the video will determine whether you need voice talent, a script, illustrations, subtitles, casting, etc. Straightforward videos for YouTube and social influencers are cheaper than videos for company branding (for the most part – all things equal). The kind of video you want and its demands will weigh in on the cost of production.

Filming Permit: Los Angeles has many spots where you need to apply for and secure a filming permit to film. You can opt to use your property for the filming, however, you will need a license to film an advertisement outdoors in the city or public park.

What is the Average Cost?

The average cost of producing a video with all the frills available is roughly $1,000 per minute. It can go lower to $800 per minute if you need a shorter video or less complex setup requirements (or both). It can also (and will probably) be higher at around $3500+ per minute.

The fee usually includes (or will usually include) charges for one or more HD cameras, a mic, sound setup, backdrop, lighting kit, one or several videographers, post-production graphics, and more.

This kind of production pricing structure is best for company commercials and corporate videos.

It can be tough choosing a Los Angeles video production company because of the vast number of LA video companies available on the market and the general quality of LA productions. However, there are a few steps that you can follow in making an informed decision that will help you find that one LA video company that is perfect for you or what you are trying to do. Here they are:

Budget: You need to determine the amount of money you intend to spend on your video production project. Companies usually approve a specific budget, which you should try to stay within as marketing manager (or business proprietor). Defining your budget will help you find a company with rates that you can afford.

Book an Appointment: Booking an appointment or meeting with potential companies will help you learn more about each individual production company. A physical visit to the location of their studios allows you to take a look at their facilities and experience their work firsthand. You can also determine whether their staff members are people you can get along with as you work together. Ensure you receive a quote for the work you want to be done after the appointment and visit.

Ask for Reviews and References: Reviews and references are crucial for getting a taste of the kind of work a company has done previously – for similar clients. Satisfied customers will give a glowing recommendation to you about the company in contention if they do amazing work. You can also always ask about the customer service the previous customer received to understand what to expect during production – on your own via email or phone.

You can and should also also check out samples, testimonials, teasers, reels, demos, trailers, commercials and other published work.


You can contact us and book a call today to discuss your video needs. Speak soon.