Video Production New York

Creative, Captivating & Consistent Video Content Creation In NYC.


Do you need high-quality video production in New York? The Big Apple, the City of Dreams, the Empire State – it’s the cultural hub of the world. If you want your video marketing to outshine the competition, you need a strong (NYC) production team behind you to dominate the market.

New York has some of the most exciting shooting locations in the industry. The towering high rises and miles of streets filled with the buzz of people going about their business. You need a (NYC) production team that knows what they’re doing in the concrete jungle.

Latent Productions offers you the premier video production team in New York. We know how to captivate the excitement and intensity of NYC on film, giving you the edge you need for your marketing and promotional videos.

Whether you’re a business or corporate trying to penetrate the market or an influencer living in the city, we’ll add value to your marketing strategy with videos that bring results. We operate anywhere in New York, from Long Island, across the Five Burroughs, and on both sides of the Hudson River Valley.

Contact our team and find out how we can help you grow your business or marketing strategy with first-rate, world-class video production. Reach out to our studio right now and speak with one of our consultants at (204) 805-3188.


Latent Productions brings you a comprehensive video production service for any industry. We use the latest digital HDR camera technology, expert set logistics and staging, and a full-house production team to give you the highest production quality in the industry.

From single-camera to three-camera shoots, or specialty drone and GoPro filming, we do it all. Regardless of whether you’re working with a million-dollar budget or bootstrapping your video content production requirements, we have anything you need for your video marketing strategy.

With Latent Productions, you get a team that understands every aspect of the production process. We’ll coordinate assets and bring you a truly hands-off approach to your video production – stand back and watch us work our magic, just for you.

Our stress-free video production in New York brings you a complete service encompassing every step of the process from planning to pre-production, filming, and post-production. Let us handle your video content strategy, and we’ll deliver results beyond your expectations.

Contact our studio or fill out the inquiry form for your shoot on our website, and we’ll have a consultant get back to you to discuss your productions requirements for your project. We cater to a wide range of video production services (in NYC).

  • TV commercials
  • Independent films
  • Documentaries
  • Title sequences
  • Movie trailers
  • Music videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Brand videos
  • Promo videos
  • Viral videos
  • Web commercials
  • Pitch videos
  • Concert visuals
  • And much more

Latent Productions works with you to create any video content. We are a skilled and professional (NYC) video production team with tons of industry experience and a solid reputation with our clients.

When you hire us to complete your shoot, you get a comprehensive (NYC) production service with every element of video content creation in a custom package designed to make your video shine in the spotlight.


  • Concept discussion and development
  • Pre-production assessment
  • Script creation and supervision
  • Storyboarding
  • Set design and execution
  • set and production design
  • Costume and wardrobe styling
  • Hair and makeup
  • Prop sourcing
  • Pre-visualization and masterful execution
  • Art direction


  • Sound stage design ad composition
  • Video encoding and color grading
  • Scoring and soundtrack development
  • Voiceovers and sound effects


  • Delivery of your video content in any format
  • Subtitles and captions
  • Storage and backup facilities


  • Time-lapse recording
  • Multi-camera specialized shoots
  • Live event coverage
  • DIT service and BTS production
  • Remote shoots


  • Location sourcing and permit applications
  • Casting direction
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Production crew and equipment rental
  • Craft services and catering
  • Full insurance cover

Working with Latent Productions for video production in New York gives you a competitive edge above your competition.

We know what works and how to film anywhere in the city. Our expertise means we understand seasonal lighting in the city and the prime times to organize your shoot in line with your creative direction.

Let us show you what working with a world-class production studio can do for your video content strategy. Contact our studio, and we’ll discuss your project.

Do you need the best results from your video production in NYC? We understand your expectations, and we aim to deliver you a production service with a cinematic effect that draws in your audience, captivating them at that moment.

We understand what works with video content production and what your audience is looking for when they open your video file and press play. We bring you a full-house service (in NYC) including every aspect and element of the process, bringing your creative vision to life on film.

Our goal is to deliver a premium video production experience (in NYC) offering a client-focused product that gets you that contract, increases your brand value, and positions you at the top of your industry.

Our team does everything in-house. We have a complete studio experience that’s entirely mobile, allowing us to shoot anywhere in the city (in NYC) or around the Empire State. Our team offers you tons of combined film production experience. Our skills are in high demand with top performing companies, small businesses, corporates, and influencers.

Latent Productions is a multi-national video production company; we have studios in North America, and service clients in Canada, the UK, and Europe. Whether you need a product video, a social campaign, or a documentary, we’re the team ready to bring your artistic vision to life.

Our (NYC) video production service delivers results that enhance our client’s business outcomes, helping you succeed with your video content marketing strategy. We look to meet the following criteria when executing your video content campaign.



We form the conduit between your artistic vision and the final video production for your content strategy. We understand that it’s challenging to get your ideas across. However, our team has the experience you need to transfer your artistic vision into film. We’ll work with you to refine and perfect your ideas, bringing them to life in any video medium.



Our team knows how to capture those “moments that matter” to your clients and target audience. We’ll give you an audio-visual experience that conveys the essence of what you’re trying to express through your video production. Our talented team will provide a showcase of those special moments on camera. No matter the length or context of your video, we’ll make it happen.



Our team knows how to create videos that express your unique brand identity in the eyes of your prospects and clients. We keep your project aligned with your brand values, whether you’re a corporate or an influencer. Video is a magic communications medium. We have the skillset to bring your brand and its values to life on film with a unique story you won’t find with any other video production studio.



We plan, design, and create videos that inspire emotion. We want to create a video that makes the little hairs on your neck stand up when you and your target audience view it for the first time. Emotion is powerful, and we know how to manipulate it through film. We strategically place imagery and soundtracks to create a whirlwind of emotions to the viewer, directing them to your end goal for the video.



Engagement is everything, and it’s the key to unlocking action in your viewer. Contact Latent Studios if you need a video for social media or a commercial for your business or brand. We understand how to pull those emotional heartstrings to drive viewer engagement, whether commenting on the video or clicking the buy button.



Latent Productions built our reputation on creating lasting client relationships. We understand that this won’t be your last video, and we want you to come back to us for all your video content needs. We aim to create captivating and consistent video content that delivers results.

If you’re looking for a “WOW” experience with your videos, then talk to us, and we’ll make it happen for you. A large portion of our business comes from returning clients, with a slightly less percentage of our new business from client referrals.

We’re confident we’ll deliver a (NYC) video production experience that meets your expectations. Why? Because we bring a level of consistency to our game that keeps our clients coming back for more – we invite you to put us to the test, and we promise you’ll never look back.


New York City is one of the world’s largest commercial hubs. Home to Wall Street and many of the top Fortune 500 firms. Whether you’re a law or accounting firm, an actuary service, a marketing team, or just a small business, we’ll treat you with a level of professionalism and a world-class production experience.



New York City is home to thousands of corporate entities. We specialize in producing cinematic-quality videos for our corporate clients, giving them the results they need for their video content strategy, regardless of the size or structure of their organization.

We’ll add value to your portfolio and website, boosting your image in the eyes of the industry and your prospective clients. Our corporate video production process comes with purposeful structuring and development, delivering your brand message while drawing the attention and curiosity of your target audience, inspiring them to take action on your CTAs.

Our in-house production team manages every step of the process. We’ll ensure we meet and exceed your quality requirement while meeting your publishing deadlines for your project. We spend hours planning out your videos with precision, allowing us to avoid delays and get you your expected outcome.

During our tenure as a resident video production specialist service in NYC, we’ve had the pleasure of working with lots of corporate clients, and our portfolio of work speaks for itself. Grow your company and get an outstanding ROI on your investment in your video content strategy.


New York City is home to some of the largest non-profit organizations in the world. You’ll find the UN Building and UNICEF headquarters in the city, and we work with any non-profit to help them achieve their goals. Video content is a powerful medium for conveying your message, and we know how to express it tastefully.

We’ll promote your organizational values through our production, spreading awareness in the market. Let Latent Productions deliver a video production experience that drives your organization forward, capturing the essence of your mission on film.


NYC is the stomping ground for the world’s most competitive agencies. From marketing to recruiting, Latent Productions understands your needs for producing video content that strikes a balance between marketing and cultural resonance through the use of carefully positioned video assets to enhance your message and your business footprint.

We want your agency to experience success with your video marketing strategy. We’ll create content that stands out against the rest of the pack, catching the attention of prospects looking for agencies in the city. Contact our team, and we’ll listen to your strategy and your ideas about video content to promote your firm.


If you’re a business serving other businesses, we can help you create a professional video marketing campaign that positions you as the market leader in your industry. The economy is tightening around the globe, and B2B businesses need a way to differentiate themselves against the competition.

With Latent Productions, you get a team that’s understands the dynamic of the B2B industry. We create videos that promote your business’s interests, ethics, and values, bringing them to life on screen. We’ll create a campaign that sells your business to your market, bringing more contracts and partners.


If your business serves the consumer industry, we know what makes your target market tick. Our B2C (NYC) video production services will enhance your image and reputation in the market, attracting new customers to online or offline businesses.

Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business or you’re an online retailer, we’ll work with you to understand your products, services, and your market. Build your business through clever video content marketing to revolutionize your revenues, attracting customers while growing your bottom line.


Ecommerce is gaining ground on traditional retail sales, and it won’t be long before it’s the go-to method of purchasing goods and services. As an eCommerce entrepreneur, we understand what matters to you – growth. You want more sales and more returning customers.

We’ll help you build your online identity, giving you high-quality video content you can use to promote your business, services, and products. Whether you run a subscription service or a retail business, we’re here to help you unlock the power of eCommerce through video marketing.


Corporates are always looking for new talent. Our team knows how to promote your business values and your employee experience through innovative videos designed to attract and retain new talent to your organization.

We also do in-house videos for onboarding and training your staff. We’ll create on-demand video series for you using a range of techniques like whiteboard videos to explain the principles of your business to new employees. Attract and retain the right talent with Latent Productions running your in-house recruiting video strategy.


Small businesses always have to be ready and innovative in order to not get wiped out of the market. Get ahead of the pack and dominate your market with video content designed for offline and online campaigns. You might not think that it’s a wise move to start promoting your business – especially in tough economic conditions.

However, think of it this way. When your competition is contracting, it’s time to do the opposite and expand into the space they leave in their wake. Creative and effective video content can help you capture market share from your competitors and grow your business, even during an economic downturn.


NYC is one of the biggest startup locations in the United States and the world. If your firm is ready to take on the market’s demands in the Big Apple, we’re prepared to help you succeed. Our production team can work with your budget, giving you world-class video content that sells your startup to investors.

With Latent Productions backing your video content marketing and outreach, you’re destined for the success you deserve in the market. Attract investment, build a brand, and gain market share with video content that sells your firm.


The hospitality industry is seeing a boom as the world opens up. Be the first to the new market in the new normal and rapidly gain market share for your hotel, restaurant, tourism, or service-based business. Hospitality is the fastest growing industry in the last ten years, and you are in a position where you can expand and capture market share as the economy starts to recover and boom.

With Latent Productions, you get a team dedicated to seeing your business succeed. We’ll help you create the right impression and penetrate through the market noise to capture new clients with a video content marketing strategy that builds your brand.


If you’re a manufacturer based in NYC or up the Hudson River, contact Latent Productions for your video content requirements. Video content is a tool for marketing and teaching in the manufacturing industry. We’ll help you showcase your expertise and expose your niche industry to new markets.

We can also create onboarding videos to help you train new employees on machinery and safety regulations. Every manufacturing business has a story to tell, whether it’s to other companies or consumers. Let us bring your manufacturing story to life with creativity and finesse. We use or creative and technical skillsets to create more perceived value in your company.


Education is going virtual, with more emphasis on video as a teaching medium in the modern world. We can help you create on-demand learning or instructional videos for educational purposes. Whether you own an online school or an on-demand training platform, we have the expertise you need to position yourself to grow your enrollment.

We create educational videos that inspire and motivate, enhancing any learning experience in any industry. Whether you have a private, public, or institutional learning business, contact Latent Productions, and we’ll assist you with planning content that brings results for your students, growing your enrollment figures while retaining your students.


The medical industry encompasses a wide variety of business functions, from manufacturing to sales and care. Latent Productions will help you create informational and promotional videos for doctors’ rooms, dentists’ offices, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Create educational or training videos for explaining processes and guidelines or promoting your business. Use us for video content on detailed procedures and security protocols, and we have approval for shooting videos in your cleanroom. Our pharmaceutical and medical clients let us cover a broad range of videos for federal compliance and instruction.


New York is one of the biggest tech hubs in America, and we can create video content that keeps the market up to date with your innovations. Whether you’re a software development team, a crowdfunding platform, or any tech-related business, contact us for video content that drives your firm to new heights.

We offer you a results-orientated approach to video content that differentiates your position in the market from your competition, clearly displaying your unique selling proposition. Promote and explain technologies and applications, and rely on our experience and adaptability to help you achieve your end goals.


Branding is critical to the success of any organization or company in any industry. We’ll create video content that connects you with clients and consumers, ensuring you get your message across to the market. We specialize in telling your brand story, expressing your values to the world.

We aim to produce brand authenticity in every video we shoot, giving you a relatable video that connects with your target market. Let us supercharge your outreach and marketing campaigns with video content designed to promote your company.


Businesses and organizations are not the only entities requiring brand story videos. Influencer culture is rising fast, and any good influencer understands the importance of building themselves as a brand. With Latent Productions, influencers get professionally-produced video content that attracts more followers and sponsorships to your platforms.

Our video marketing tactics apply to influencer content, and we know how to promote you through tailored video content specifically designed for any platform. We specialize in producing video content for Tik Tok, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook. Let us take your career to the next level with professional video content that makes you stand out in a noisy online world.


Real estate agents in New York state (especially NYC agent) can benefit from our professional video production services. If you’re showcasing a home in Upstate New York or an apartment in NYC, our video production services are a great way to increase your reputation and footprint in the market. We offer you a comprehensive range of video content services to position you at the top of your field.

Add more clients to your books and utilize our drone and green screen technologies to create promotional videos for your listings. Video sells more real estate than images alone, and your listings will outshine the competition. Whether you’re selling upmarket real estate or starter apartments, speak to the Latent Productions team about our range of services to accelerate your career.


Whether you want video marketing for traditional TV media or new-generation platforms like YouTube, we can assist you. Latent Productions has an experienced team with the knowledge and skills to build tailored ads for any media platform. From short to long-form commercials, we know what your market is looking for when they spend time watching your commercial.

We’ll catch their attention in seconds and keep eyeballs on your commercial until the end. Our innovative and creative TV commercial strategies and storytelling techniques keep viewers engaged, and our strategic placement of CTAs helps your prospect take action at the right time in the video when emotions are running high.


If you’re hosting a virtual event or conference, we can make it run smoothly without any hiccups. We’ll get you streaming live, and we’ll create recordings of your event to package for after-event sales. We can assist with launching virtual events from any platform, with years of experience in running and managing virtual events for our clients around the globe.

We bring you end-to-end event and conferencing solutions offering a concept-to-completion live event service for any industry. Latent Productions works your video event platform of choice, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Digitell, Intrado, ON24, and many more.


We do magic with virtual events, but we’re also available for filming of live events. With NYC pretty much always open to the world, conference centers and event spaces receive bookings at breakneck speed. We’re here to help you record and broadcast any live event in any industry.

Our professional teams are available on-site, and we’ll capture every moment that matters in your event. We’ll also record the event and package it with post-production clips like behind-the-scenes interviews and never-before-seen clips that intrigue your viewers.

We’ll assist with filming and editing and handle promotional video production in the weeks leading up to your live event. Let us create promotional videos for your event that sell more tickets and boost your attendance figures.


If your CEO wants to create an interview to drive more traffic to your organization’s website, give Latent Productions a call. Video content provides brands and companies a powerful method of connecting with their audience on a personal level. We pride ourselves on producing highly engaging video interview content that inspires action.

We have plenty of experience in filming interviews, and we know how to set up the shot to ensure the frame adds to your desired tone, strengthening the connection between the interviewee and the audience.

We have a range of video content services available for any social media marketing strategy. Our approach with creating striking videos and visual assets is to create a client-focused production through our time-tested methodology, giving you’re the best results possible.

We operate a highly motivated and trained production crew and a diverse roster of directors with international experience. You get all the video content services you need under one roof, with a focus on storytelling.

We’ll blend several production techniques to give you commercials that sell, promotions for your sponsorship partners, and branded visual assets that attract attention from your audience, cementing you as the leading authority in your niche.

Our internationally-acclaimed video content social media production services include the following.


Latent Productions gives you a complete range of (NYC) video production services to enhance your video marketing strategy on any social platform. You can rely on our team to provide you with high-quality videos that pop in front of your audience.

We’ll cement your reputation as the leader in your niche or give you the springboard you need to elevate you to mega-influencer status. Social media allows anyone with an internet connection and a mobile device to carve themselves a path in any industry, and we’re here to make it happen for you.

The Latent Productions team understands what you require to get attention on your profile and content in any market or niche. You might require short-form videos for Tik Tok and Instagram, or you might need longer-form content for YouTube – whatever you need, we have the team to get you the results you expect from your video marketing efforts.

We understand the purpose of your video and how it captures viewers’ eyeballs, and that’s what makes the difference working with Latent Productions for your video content requirements.

Today, people watch their social media content through their phones. We have the right tools and strategies to ensure full compatibility with mobile devices, allowing for a native-looking video. Leverage our experience to enhance your social media career; we know what works.


Short-form content that gets you attention, followers, likes, and shares.


Mid-length content that pushes your business and gets prospects to take action on your CTAs.


Longer-form content positioning you as an expert or authority in your industry and career.


Mid to long-form content designed to promote your channel and your sponsors.


Selling online is a great way to build a business and an income. Latent Productions can assist you with selling your products and services on any platform. Whether you’re an influencer pushing your sponsors, or an eCommerce entrepreneur looking to retail products, Latent Productions has the team you need to succeed online.


If you sell products online or offline, video content marketing your products can make a difference in growing your bottom line this year. If you’re marketing on social media, you need videos that catch attention and cause your prospects to take action on your offer.

Social media is on pace to become the world’s biggest marketplace. Chances are, the last time you bought something was through a link from Facebook or Instagram. If you’re looking to push your content into social media streams, it needs to have an edge that causes people to take action and click the product link in the video description.

We understand the power of digital marketing and the strategies required to get more conversions on your marketing efforts. Let us create powerful, effective social media marketing videos that bring you more click-throughs and higher conversion rates.


Ecommerce entrepreneurs understand the power of images in their listings. However, it’s surprising how many of them don’t incorporate video marketing into their strategy. A 360-degree product video is the closest tactic you have to placing the product in your prospects’ hands – a key concept in selling.

Research shows you have a 570% better chance of converting your prospect by using 360-degree product videos over images in your listings. Digital marketers understand the importance of offering prospects a real-world experience in their marketing strategy, and it’s critical during the closing phase of your customer journey.

360-degree product videos showcase the benefits of your product, and you’ll benefit from increased click-throughs and conversions.


Every corporate, legal, or architecture firm understands the importance of case studies. They help you identify effective strategies, hire and train staff, and more.

With Latent Productions, you get a team that removes the traditional dynamic of text and images in your case studies, replacing them with video content that achieves better success rates.

With Latent Productions managing your video case study, you convey key elements of your project portfolio or client engagements with employees and prospects.


The online and offline marketing environment is incredibly competitive, and you need an edge to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re an eCommerce seller, an influencer or a corporate, branding is what makes people think of you when they pull the trigger on a purchase.

Branding videos need a focus on creativity while remaining as close to your sales strategy as possible. Branding helps you communicate your business’s core values to your market, giving you top-of-mind awareness in the market.


Content marketing is critical for any online business. It’s content that attracts the attention of your target audience, and you need unique content that stands out from the competition if you want more business and a better reputation in the market.

Companies utilizing branded content strategies in their marketing plan experience increased awareness, leading to higher sales volumes. Branded content offers you a non-invasive method of introducing your brand to other businesses, prospective customers, and the market as a whole.

Leave behind the traditional “selling” method of beating your prospects into submission using emails and other text-based tactics that lose your prospect, failing to capture their interest. Branded content videos are the next evolution in content marketing.

Latent Productions can show you how we can take your marketing to the next level with high-quality videos that deliver consistent video experiences, growing your audience.


Storytelling is the new selling, offering you a smoother, streamlined, and native method of reaching your audience without giving the feeling that you’re selling something. Latent Productions understands this concept. We’ll work with you to create a storyboard that sells you products or services without the prospect feeling like you’re intruding on their time.

More marketers and companies are starting to see the value in including storytelling as a method of promotion, education, and awareness in building their brand. Latent Productions has the experience you need to create amazing storytelling videos that get you the results you need to elevate you in your industry.

Storytelling is the oldest form of human communication, and that’s why it’s such an effective marketing tool for your business or brand. We’ll create masterful videos that surround your brand’s heritage, identity, and vision. With us doing the storytelling for you, you’ll get more engagement with your offers, promotions, and content.


As we move deeper into the digital age, people have more information at their fingertips. Gone are the days when people would see a product or service and take a chance on purchasing or using it without doing research first. Now, people can pull out their phones and look for social proof around your product or service.

They’ll read reviews, look through articles, and most importantly – check out videos pertaining to the product or service you’re selling.

Social proof is a powerful concept; it works off the principle that your prospect is likely to buy something if they can find evidence that other people bought it and have a good experience with it. We’ll help you create social proof videos that supercharge your sales, brand awareness, and credibility with your target market.

Video testimonials are tremendously powerful, speaking directly to your prospect. A video testimonial is the most powerful form of social proof. It puts your prospect in the shoes of the buyer that had a positive experience dealing with your company and its products or services.

Social proof videos build confidence in your product, brand, and company in the eyes of your target market and your prospects. It warms the buying temperature, making the prospect more likely to pull the trigger on your offer.

Think about it, when was the last time you made a significant purchase without asking friends about what they think about it or checking for more information online. Exactly, We understand the concept of social proof, and we build video content that sells your prospects on the idea that other people are loving your business, services, or products.


Interview videos bring you another method of providing social proof and brand building to your prospective audience. Build your authority and your recognition in the market through expertly crafted video content that promotes your business.

The Latent Productions team has the skills to create authentic video content that speaks to your audience on their level. We’ll bring you videos that pull on your prospect’s emotions through interactions that make an impact.

We’ll film the footage and edit it into a format that is easy to digest, giving your prospect everything they need to make a decision right there. Our professional post-production team will add post effects that keep viewers’ attention while increasing their confidence in your company or brand.


Latent Productions offers you a select range of specialized video production services. We have the latest filming technologies, and we understand how to use them to create awesome video content. We bring you advanced drone filming techniques with qualified, licensed drone pilots.

Create a POV experience for your viewers with on-person camera techniques that create a thrilling, intense viewing experience for any production. Give your viewers new angles they never thought possible, drawing them into the shot for a mesmerizing effect that’s simply breathtaking.


Drone technology changed the game for video content production. In the past, crews would have to go to the expense of hiring film crews and helicopters to get the same results that are now possible with a drone and a talented, experienced drone pilot.

A drone can film from any angle, creating amazing sweeping shots and perspectives that accentuate your stage, enhancing the value of your content production. At Latent Productions, we utilize the latest in 4K drone camera technology and advanced flight systems to create dramatic effects with your video content.

Our drone pilots have all the credentials and licenses required to fly around New York’s protected airspace. We’ll ensure that you get the shot you need and the video content that blows your audience away. It takes talent to fly a drone and get the right footage, and our team has the experience you need to make an outstanding aerial video experience that is nothing short of mesmerizing.


Video content is about getting into a personal space with your viewer. With GoPro technology reaching new heights of resolution and quality, you get a POV experience that leaves your viewer feeling like they are in the video.

Filming action sports events, POV sequences, and onboard videos are our specialty. We know how to position the camera, capture the moment, and edit the content to perfection to give your viewers a thrilling experience.

Our GoPro video content doesn’t come with grainy, impersonal shots; it looks like a professional film crew planned and shot the footage, thanks to our talented post-production team.


Podcasting is becoming a popular content format that’s sweeping the world by storm. Podcasts give people a chance to spread their message to a global audience through a variety of platforms. However, there’s a lot of production value in the best podcasts.

The last thing you need is to publish a podcast with minimal production value. Sure, that was fine in 2010, but the market expects more in 2021 and beyond. Today’s top-rated podcasts have top-level production value, with lighting, 4K cameras, and expert direction and camera play.

Latent Productions has the team and the equipment to create an outstanding podcast. We’ll ensure you get the best production quality possible for your audience, with superior staging, lighting, and filming to your competition. Grow your audience fast with Latent Productions managing your podcast filming experience.


Animation provides you with a video medium that exceeds anything possible in the physical world. Animations are one of the most effective storytelling models available, and we have several animation methods to make your content shine.

From simple whiteboard video animations to advanced 3D modeling videos with PIXAR-level quality, we do it all. Animated videos do well in many different markets and applications, and they are great for attracting the attention of the younger generation.

Latent Productions brings you an in-house animation team that can create astounding 3D and virtual animations using CGI and advanced graphics to make your video content simply superb. We specialize in stop motion graphics, CGI, 2D, and 3D animation, Visual FX, and more.

Add animation to your real-world videos through the use of titles and effects, or create wholly animated videos to suit your marketing or storytelling requirements. Speak to our animation team, and we’ll develop a customized solution for your video content strategy.


A time-lapse of the sun rising over the New York skyline is an impressive video intro. We offer time-lapse photography condensing hours of filming in a few short minutes or seconds. We have the technology and the post-production expertise to create effective time-lapses in any situation.

For instance, if you’re a construction group, you can use a time-lapse to show the development of your last project from start to finish in just a few short minutes. Time lapses are a stunningly creative method of compressing time into a non-linear model that gets eyeballs glued to your content.

We’ll take the video, edit it to your requirements, add an emotional, royalty-free soundtrack and wrap everything up in a professional package.


There was a time when big-budget Hollywood movie studios were the sole users of green screen technology. However, dramatic reductions in costs and technological advancement mean that this tech is now available for the average video production shoot. Not only that, but the use of a green screen can dramatically reduce your filming costs.

Today, everyone from YouTuber’s to real estate agents can benefit from using green screen technology in their business., Latent Productions has a fully-equipped studio, and we offer remote location green screens and filming to enhance any shoot. Combining green screen projects with animation and post-production after effects gives you an amazing combination of outstanding visual effects.

Using a green screen the right way takes expertise and skill, and Latent Productions has both. We’ll achieve the right look with lighting and backgrounds to suit the theme of your video content. Our creative team and production crew work in synergy to bring you results that exceed your expectations.

Latent Productions can use green screen tech incorporated with visual after-effects and CGI animations for various production scenarios, from corporate interviews to large branded content shoots. We’ll utilize motion graphics, animated brand logos, and specialized kinetic transitions between your scenes to make your videos pop.


Latent Productions brings you a full house of video production services; there is nothing we can’t do to create amazing videos that promote your business, organization, or branding strategy.

We have a selection of video production categories available on request. Contact our studio on (204) 805-3188 for any of the following services, and we’ll make it happen for you.

  • Automobile/Car-Motorcycle Promotional/Walkaround Video Production
  • Car Dealership Promotional Video Production
  • Case Study Video Production
  • Product or Service Explainer Video Production
  • Family Video Production
  • Fashion Video Production
  • Health, Fitness, and Wellness Video Production
  • Highlight Reel Production
  • Hotel Video Production
  • How-To Video Production
  • Infomercial Production
  • Product Launch Video Production
  • Promotional Video Production
  • PSA Video Production
  • Real Estate Video Production
  • Sizzle Reel Production
  • Training Video Production
  • Web Commercial Production
Latent Productions offers you a comprehensive video production service encompassing all elements from start to finish.

You get a hands-off production process that delivers results beyond your wildest expectations. We offer you a streamlined and effective production process, and we handle everything from inception to realization of the finished project.

Our customized and personalized production process means that we don’t work with cookie-cutter templates. You get an authentic original production that matches your strategy and goals, giving you the desired outcome for your projects.

Creative Concepting

We’ll work with you to understand your artistic vision and bring it to life. We know every project is unique, and we take that concept into the production process.

Production Crew

Our talented and experienced production crew have all the licenses and insurance required to work in the state of New York and NYC.

Background Extras

We’ll hire the right extras for your project, giving your production more drama and pop on screen. We also source the props required for your shoot.

Stock Footage

We have a huge library of royalty-free stock footage we collected over years of expert filmmaking. From images to B-roll footage, we have something to suit your project.

Scripting & Voiceover

We’ll manage the scripting of your video per your requests. We also arrange voiceovers for animated projects.


If you need actors working on your project, we have a stable of talented and experienced actors on call that are ready to work on your shoot.


Our in-studio animation team has the talent and skill to offer you everything from the most simple to the most advanced animations. We’re masters in the arts of CGI and VFX.


We’ll plan your storyboard per your requests and run it by you for approval before we start shooting.


Post-production is where the magic happens in your project. Our after-effects and editing are world-class, and we’re confident you won’t get better results with any other studio.

Studio and Set Locations

We source locations in studios and sets to meet your project requirements. We have a network of industry contacts ready to assist us with your shoot.

STEP 1 – Video Strategy Development

The first stage of our production process involves brainstorming your project ideas so we can get on the same page with your requirements. We take the time to understand your artistic vision, and we bring it to life. We’ll run everything past you before we decide to take it to pre-production planning. Our team schedules the shoot in accordance with your guidelines, budget, and deadlines.

STEP 2 – Pre-Production Planning

The pre-production phase involves the hiring of actors and extras to suit your video production requirements. We’ll also scout shooting locations around NYC and arrange the necessary permits to get your production up and running as fast as possible. We have contacts that provide us with the right licenses, and there will never be delays in the production process. We stay on top of everything.

STEP 4 – The Shoot

We’ll take all the elements of the first two steps in the process and bring them to life on film. Filming is the easy part; it’s where we excel. The challenge is getting to understand your needs in the first two steps of the process. We work efficiently and within your budget, ensuring we stay on track to meet your deadlines and accommodate your budget.

STEP 5 – Post-Production and Editing

After we wrap up the shoot, we’ll review and edit your footage. Our talented post-production team takes your instructions, adds effects and soundtracks before finalizing the video in your required formats, ready to upload to any platform.

We designed our proprietary five-step production process to deliver you the highest value for your production.

The results of your video content matter as much to us as it does to you, and we’ll always deliver a world-class product. Our reputation relies on every project we take, and we want to produce the best results possible for you and your business.

Our process gives you a cinematic video aligned with your expectations and your budget., We don’t run over budget, and we always deliver on time to meet your deadline. From virtual events, conferences to corporate meetings, we take care of the entire pre-planning process for a truly hands-off video content production.


Understanding your goals with the project helps us frame your requirements and understand the task at hand. To us, it’s the most important part of the creative process, and we want to ensure we see eye-to-eye with you. After we get your guidelines, the rest is up to us; just sit back and watch us work our magic.


During the creative process, we’ll unpack the visual selection process so you can give us ideas on the best themes that support your brand and organizational theme. This information gives us what we need to understand the desired tone and the creative awareness of the project. We’ll take this information and start crafting your video storyline.


We understand that your budget is probably the most crucial aspect of the process other than receiving a top-quality product at the end. We ensure that we have an understanding of your budget, and we’ll work with those costs. You can rely on us to stay on track and within your budget while delivering you the highest-quality project possible.


We understand that you don’t know the first thing about video production or how to go about filming a shoot. That’s okay; we know everything you need to get the best shoot possible for your video content. We work with tons of clients every year across our multi-national company, and we run into frequent concerns with our clients. Here are the top issues we receive and workaround to give you the project you deserve.


We work to your deadline. We’ll sort that out with you in the pre-planning process, and we will ensure that we deliver before your expected deadline.


We’ll walk you through the entire planning process, calculating your budget costs using a transparent billing process. We believe in offering you’re an ethical and honest billing process with no hidden charges.


Don’t worry about finding the right location; we’ll handle that for you per your requests. We have a network of locations and location managers ready to get us the permits we need to shoot anywhere in the Empire State.


We edit the footage and package it in a world-class video content production that meets your requirements. We’ve yet to have a (reasonable) client that wasn’t thrilled with our work.

So, why should you trust and rely on Latent Productions as your preferred partner in video production in New York? We take your project seriously, and we have the goal of elevating the status of your brand, company, or organization in the eyes of your audience and target market.

We use proven processes and production strategies to ensure that you get the outcome you want from the project. Our professional video content will draw eyeballs to your offering and your business, spreading your message in the market.

Our productions will increase the engagement and awareness of your brand or business, driving traffic to your website, offers, or offline business. When you work with Latent Productions, you’re getting a team that understands your needs and delivers on our promises to you.

Sure, you have the option of working with any one of the hundreds of video production services in NYC. Still, we doubt you’ll get the same professional service and reliable, consistent outcome that you get with us.

We have the experience and talent you need to make your video enthralling to your audience. If you look at all the top Fortune 500 companies, they have something in common with their video content production. They all work with top-drawer video production partners that deliver them the results they need for their projects.

We’re here to make that a reality for you. Contact our studio at (204) 805-3188 and discuss your needs; we’ll work something out for you that meets and exceeds your expectations. When you work with Latent Productions, you get a team that amplifies the ROI of your marketing budget.


If you’re an organization, company, non-profit, or influencer looking for the best video production company in New York, it’s time to give us a call at (204) 805-3188.

We offer you a video outsourcing partner you can rely on for results. Why go to the expense and hassle of trying to do it yourself when you have us in your corner? Our team has the skillset and the experience you need to produce masterful, engaging videos that elevate your business.

We’ll take the responsibility of producing your video content off the table with a full-house service that delivers the best results in the industry. From the smallest projects to the largest, we’re ready to assist you with any video content you need – it’s our passion.


We understand that video content production might be an intimidating aspect of your marketing strategy. However, it’s literally all we do, and we spent (and devoted) tons of time in developing our reputation by delivering high-quality projects to our clients.

We want you to be our next success story. However, it all starts with you. Reach out, and we’ll organize a meeting to discuss your project needs and get the ball rolling. We’re confident that you’ll have a clear idea of the production process and how we intend to move it forward by the time you finish your brief with us.


When you choose Latent Productions as your video content partner, you’re getting a competent team that delivers results. We have the qualifications, experience, and past results to prove to you that we’re the partner you need.

To create amazing video content, you need more than a vision and a camera. You need a team that understands every aspect of the production process, from start to finish. We know what works in the world of video content marketing and production.

Whether you’re planning on shooting a 3-hour documentary, or a 2-minute Tik Tok video, you’ll find our expertise invaluable. Reach out to our studio right now, and we’ll discuss your project and your expected outcome. With Latent Productions, you get a no-nonsense team that’s passionate about one thing – making high-quality videos that blow away your audience with a production value that’s like nothing else available in New York.

We look for those psychological drivers in producing our video content that generates momentum in your audience, inspiring them to take action. Reach out right now, and we’ll show you what’s possible in the world of video content production in New York.


Are you ready to receive the best video production in New York? Contact our studio right now at (204) 805-3188. Alternatively, fill out the request form on our suite, and we’ll have as consultant get back to you to arrange a meet where we can discuss your needs.

However, it’s up to you to take action and make the first move; that’s the only part of the process we can’t handle for you. Before we sign off, we want to ask you a simple question – what is world-class video production worth to you? How could it change the way you operate or do business? How could it shoot you to superstardom in the influencer space?

We have the answer because we’ve seen it happen to so many of our clients. With Latent Productions, you get a transparent and ethical video production partner and a team that brings results to your video content strategy. Regardless of your needs, industry, or requirements, we have a team that will make it happen for you.

Contact our studio right now on (204) 805-3188 and take the first step.

Knowledge Center + FAQ Video Production In NYC.

Video content has a higher engagement level than written content and pictures. People like to watch videos on the internet or social media platforms. There are also many reasons why a person or company may need a professionally made video. Companies may need videos for marketing and branding purposes, while individuals need videos to remember important events.

It can be tempting to try and shoot a video with a smartphone or camera without professional assistance, however, you won’t achieve the highest quality or take the footage from the right angles – if you do not know what you are doing (and are an amateur). Despite the existence of many cameras (and tech products with cameras), professional video production still guarantees the highest quality footage. So, let’s dive in and learn more about professional video production (in New York) and why it is essential.

Excellent video production can be extensive, however, we have boiled down effective video production in NYC into a pure system and science. This means that we can deliver effective and high-quality video and video content to you in record (lightning-fast) time. 

Like all other services, there is a massive range that is dependent on the market and service providers. Video production can cost anywhere from $500/minute on the ultra low end or as high as $100 000 (plus) per minute of production on the high end. This is dependent on a wide range of factors too extensive to fully list here. Let us know your ideas and thoughts and we will give you answers and the best plan of attack.

Depending on the complexities of your project and how involved you want to be in the process, what you need to do could range from simply giving us a call or emailing us your project details and letting us do our magic, to being involved throughout the process. It is all up to you. 

We understand that making the video (with our help) is going to be the easy part. Luckily, we also have expert knowledge and experience with video distribution across multiple high-performance channels. Call or email us for video marketing and distribution expertise in NYC today.