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Video content has a higher engagement level than written content and pictures. People like to watch videos on the internet or social media platforms. There are also many reasons why a person or company may need a professionally made video. Companies may need videos for marketing and branding purposes, while individuals need videos to remember important events.

It can be tempting to try and shoot a video with a smartphone or camera without professional assistance, however, you won’t achieve the highest quality or take the footage from the right angles – if you do not know what you are doing (and are an amateur). Despite the existence of many cameras (and tech products with cameras), professional video production still guarantees the highest quality footage. So, let’s dive in and learn more about professional video production (in New York) and why it is essential.

A video production company essentially “produces” or “makes” video content and/or videos that are high-quality and meet the goals of the client (clients) they are working for – on behalf of said client (clients).

Video production (in New York) includes planning, organizing, shooting, and editing.

Planning a video shoot ensures that we take into account what you (the client) want and find a way to achieve it.

There are many advantages to hiring a video production company in New York. First, it takes away the need to keep vetting video production companies whenever you need professional footage – and videos. You can (and will) always have a company with a team of professionals on standby – if you chose to engage a top video production company in New York the first time you need video production in New York.

If you are looking for a top production company to work with, look no further; because – we can be your go to video production company (in NYC).

Second of all, you can negotiate a (lower) flat rate if you regularly need videos. Also, it will be cheaper than setting up your own studio and hiring a permanent crew – in the long run.

Thirdly, you can enjoy the benefits of having different types of video content running across all channels – produced by the same company – ensuring uniformity in your brands message across all pieces of video content.

A top NYC video production company has videographers with a variety of skills.

The company you choose for video production in New York should (if they are amazing at video production) always recommend the best videographers for your specific content need or needs. Be careful when looking for one, and be even more careful in choosing one.

Video production (in New York or NYC) isn’t only for serious enterprise and big/small businesses. Individuals can use a video production company (in NYC or elsewhere) for the best results when they have a project that involves video production. There are many reasons why different clients of ours want different kinds of videos. Here are some of the clientele that use professional video production in New York.

  • Companies

Companies are the biggest consumers of commercial video production in New York. Many companies need commercials and advertising, branding, marketing, and interview videos – consistently and at a rapid rate/pace. Also, companies are beginning to create tons of longer form video content for their consumers in the wake of YouTubes’ information search domination. They benefit significantly from using a single production company (in New York) for their video projects because it guarantees consistencies in many important elements of video marketing/advertising. It also slashes costs – economies of scale.

  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Marketing and advertising agencies need videos in bulk – all throughout the year. Therefore, it is essential to have a video production company (in New York) on call and one phone call away – for the production phase – if you are an agency owner or marketing executive/marketer. The best agencies simply find it more convenient to keep a working relationship with a great NYC video production company.

Additionally, marketing and advertising agencies must use high-quality footage for their video marketing related projects. Hiring a video production company in New York ensures that all video projects are of the best quality – irrespective of size and scope.

  • Influencers

Influencers are using video sites and entertainment platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to engage their audiences and clients – on a different level. Professional production (in NYC) is crucial for developing the career of influencers for many reasons.

Primarily, since there are influencers for all types of products in the global marketplace (and you or anyone can be an influencer in just about any niche), standing out is hard and viewers are spoiled for choice. Having poor and low quality footage and videos on your platforms can discourage subscribers and internet users from watching videos made by you (and watch those by more serious influencers with an eye for quality) – and this can stop brands from engaging with you for promotional and marketing purposes.

Also, influencers (like you) can benefit from using the studio and equipment of a production company (in New York) at the start of their career – instead of setting up a personal studio.

Overall, video quality matters a lot for subscriber growth and growing a following online – so, video production (in NYC) is a must have and necessary investment.

  • Individuals

Individuals like to record momentous events (in life) like weddings, anniversaries, graduations, professional achievements and other milestones that they conquer successfully – or experience joyously. A professional video shoot or professional event coverage (by a professional NYC videographer or NYC production company) ensures that you get videos (pieces of footage) and content that capture the focal event(s) from different angles.

If you are a tad lucky, you will probably get a perfected final video (billed into your chosen package) that tells a story because your NYC videographer (if he/she is top tier) will edit the raw footage he/she captures at your event into a sensible video.

You can and will enjoy watching a professional video for years to come. The integrity and quality of production of the video will stay the same for decades to come. Whenever you want, you can view your memorable moments even when you are old and retired – with your children or grandchildren.

Capture amazing moments and videos with Latent Productions, call us today.

There are several types of videos that potential consumers appreciate and want to see nowadays, from short and funny videos to more lengthy kinds of videos. The contents of a video depend on the target audience and the goal of it (to tell a story or influence an audience). It is easiest to classify different types of professional videos depending on the end goal. Understanding the various types of video content available to you will help you identify the kind of video you want to use – to achieve what you want to achieve.

  • Commercial Videos

Commercial videos are the exciting and fun advertisements you see on TV in between programs or during program breaks. Commercials aim to create awareness and urge consumers to purchase a product or service. The most popular commercials and ad videos are highly entertaining, which makes them easy to remember. Consumers expect commercials and ad videos to be bright, exciting, high-quality, and have great audio.

Using the help and skills of a top NYC commercial video production company and employing professional video production in New York guarantees that you will have a commercial or ad video that will appeal to your target market. Also, the production company can help you plan and organize the set in a manner that the target consumer (and perfect customer) will remember.

*The video will also be compatible with a variety of devices like TVs, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets – so you can use the commercial across all major video ad platforms.

  • Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are popularly known as tutorials. These videos explain how to use a product or put a product together fast. Tutorial videos ensure that a client understands the functionalities of a product. Sometimes, the videos have to zoom into components of a product to show a client/customer what to do in great detail. Also, you may need the videographer to include arrows that point to different parts of a product.

People tend to follow instructions easily when they are in the form of video (content) rather than in writing. However, customers will not watch a tutorial that is of poor quality. A production company can help you add captions to tutorial videos and make them more user-friendly. In the end, your target/main objective is to put out a video that a consumer can understand easily to ensure they know how to use a product appropriately.

  • Product Videos

Product videos mostly look to define how a particular product is better than what is in the market already. It entails showing the practical uses of a specific product and the benefits a consumer will enjoy. Product videos need to be captivating to remind potential consumers of the product long after watching the video – to take action. Also, you need to clearly show the exact problem that a product solves so that customers know when to buy the product.

Product videos require professional scripts to present a product in the best light – without sounding like a sales pitch. You also need a professional camera operator (or top NYC videographer) to shoot a product video and ensure the camera captures all the positive emotions associated with the product. For help making a product video, give us a call today.

  • Music Videos

Music videos usually include a lot of moving parts. It usually takes two or more setups to make a music video. And, the audio of music video footage should be on par with specific parts of the music video. It is a smart move for musicians to use a production company in New York for quality results. It takes professionals with a lot of experience to combine different pieces of raw footage into a story for a music video. Keep in mind that these videos are usually 3-5 minutes, which is a short duration of time for a complex storyline.

Exciting music videos set the trends in popular culture and attract millions of viewers on sites like YouTube. An amazing music video can skyrocket your career.

  • Event Videos

Event videos aim to capture memorable moments during events. Company events include product launches, stakeholder meetings, branch openings, and more. Capturing these beautiful moments in video is an excellent choice. Hiring a professional video production company in New York will guarantee that your videos are of the best quality and last for a long time (essentially immortalizing the events).

Personal memorable celebrations and functions include weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, farewell parties, and many more. You can watch your favorite moments in HD when you are older and share them with your family – if you employ a top NYC videographer. Production companies also edit the footage and ensure that all the special moments are captured and showcased brilliantly.

  • Interview Videos

Interview videos with various staff members and the management of a company can improve trust with a company’s best customers. Consumers nowadays want to know more about the brands they buy from and what prompted the founders of these brands to make a particular product. There are specific standards that consumers expect when a member of the senior management of a company is doing an interview. Having a team of professionals help you create the right ambiance will increase the commercial and branding success of the video.

Interviews are intimate, and consumers focus on the interviewee’s facial expressions to determine the truth and filter truly awesome brand stories from fake stories. Professionals can capture those emotions that are believable and convincing to consumers – and package them in one beautiful video.

  • Branding Videos

Branding is a critical activity for all types of businesses. Consumers can choose – or buy from – a brand over another depending on their perspectives of what the brands represent. For example, consumers won’t buy luxury goods from a store in a rundown neighborhood but will buy from technologically advanced stores with amazing experiences. That’s because consumers perceive that luxury goods should be sold inside expensive looking stores that scream excess.

Capturing the positive aspects of a brand in a video can be a powerful marketing tool. You can hire professionals to create behind-the-scenes videos to show what happens during the production of a product. You can also create short videos showing the charitable activities that a company partakes in and demonstrating involvement in neighboring communities.

There are many branding video opportunities out there – you just have to get creative.

  • Entertainment

The entertainment scene has evolved so much to the point that funny videos are now seemingly oscillating in a never ending trend. Producing short entertainment-focused videos is an in-thing – and may always be an in-thing. Comedians and actors have to create videos to keep internet users entertained – consistently. The clarity and quality of a video can determine the number of viewers an entertainer gets per day. Short videos are among the most shared type of videos, and they attract high amounts of traffic to websites and social media pages.

Both companies and influencers shoot entertainment videos to increase engagement on their pages. Professionally shot footage is clear and entertaining. It is also easy to share on a variety of platforms without losing integrity or quality. Start working on those funny scripts to take your brand to a whole new level.

  • Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are essential for businesses because they act as peer-to-peer reviews online. Potential clients want to hear (from previous and long-term users) about your products and services. Selecting some of your best customers and shooting testimonials can increase trust in your products and services. A professional team can help your satisfied clients give more convincing testimonials – and showcase your awesomeness – through a video. Also, a production company (in NYC) will set the right ambiance and make your clients comfortable when giving testimonies. It is easier to shoot compelling testimonials for products and services when using the expertise of a top-tier production company and employing professional video production in New York.

  • Live Stream Videos

Live streaming and live stream videos are popular because viewers see these videos as super authentic. There is no rehearsal or editing of the footage. Live stream videos online are in demand, as viewers prefer to watch raw footage of the action. You need a professional team to shoot live stream footage. Video production in New York includes the filming of live streams, and you can easily find a professional crew to help you shoot live stream content. A crew covers the setup, shooting the footage, and the technical aspects of streaming the footage.

The overall cost of producing a video (on average) is high in New York City because of the demand. You can choose to hire a videographer plus the necessary equipment – for essential videos. Otherwise, be ready to cough up a reasonable chunk of money to produce a video – or multiple videos. On the bright side, a high-quality marketing video can generate a lot of sales and income – so.. spending on quality is a great decision and investment.

The average all-inclusive cost of video production in New York City is $1,000-$1,200 per minute of video. It can be higher or lower, depending on several factors. You can opt to hire a videographer (plus equipment) for a cost of about $800-$1,000 for 3 hours. The fee doesn’t include combining and editing the raw footage. You can pay up to $10,000 to produce a 5-minute video when you include fancy equipment and machinery, a crew, post-production graphics, pre-production planning, and other services. Some of the core aspects and features that determine the cost of producing a video in New York Include:

Duration: The duration of a video will determine the number of working hours that our team (or a NYC videographer) will spend shooting the footage for it. Shorter and straightforward videos like interviews can take a shorter time to shoot. On the other hand, music videos require more time to shoot, which translates to an increase in overall production cost.

Equipment: The number of equipment you need for a shoot adds to the final amount (project cost) you will pay. You could need to rent HD cameras, lights, software, and other technical equipment for a video shoot – depend on the production company. You can also end up paying for the studio as the location for shooting your video – or any location that you do not own, lease, or work out of. When you are shooting in a different area, set, or location (that is not the studio of your production company), you will incur the cost of transporting the necessary equipment there.

Editing: Video production involves combining and editing raw footage to create a flow of sensible frames. Most of the time, editing services are not included in the video shooting charges. The average cost of professional editing in New York ranges from $50-$150 per hour, depending on the competence of the editor (off-course).

Workforce: The number of people you will need for video production will significantly factor into production costs. Hiring a single camera operator (or NYC videographer) is the cheapest option. When you add another cameraman, a director, producer, and professional actors, you will pay more. However, having a producer and director duo (working with professional models and actors) on your video production team can significantly improve the end product.

It can be overwhelming trying to find and/or trying to choose a video production company that meets your requirements and needs. There are thousands of video production companies in New York that claim to be the best. Thoroughly vetting multiple video production companies is the only way to determine the best company for your needs. There are a few things you must consider when selecting the ideal NYC video production company.

Experience and Diverse Talent

One reason for choosing to hire (and partner with) a top NYC production company is that you can request different types of videos (and quotes) from one company – pretty much any time you need one or multiple videos. A competent company will have a diverse pool of talent that can serve your needs. You just need to ask about the kind of videos the company produces and the experience level of various videographers.

*Ensure you choose companies (and a final partner company) with videographers that have an experience base of a few years (two) and above for bulk or very serious video production projects.


Consider the amount that you can afford to spend when producing a video – for whatever purpose. Production companies usually provide a budget for video production in NYC – when they are working with serious clients that have presented them with the project scope. You need to request quotes for the type of video you want and choose the one (company) that best fits your budget. Ensure the quotes you get from all production companies have a breakdown of the costs associated with the type of video you want. You can cancel or remove any services stated in the analysis that you do not (think or feel) need for the production of your video.

Past Projects

A close look at past projects will give you an idea of the capabilities of a video production company in New York. Request the raw footage and the final product for projects you like for comparison purposes. You can learn a lot about a company by looking at the starting raw footage they had and the last (final) video that a client got.

You can also ask for recommendations (and written testimonials) from previous clients. The experiences of past clients will tell you what to expect when working with a particular company.

We understand that finding reliable service providers for video production in New York can be a challenge. That is the main reason why we offer reasonable prices for high-quality videos (and other video production services) for companies and individuals.

We want to solve this problem for you – because (as business owners), we get it.

We can help you actualize your vision of a gorgeous brand or marketing video with our highly experienced team. We have a competent team that can assist you in creating a set, planning, scheduling, editing, shooting, adding powerful and relevant graphics, and completing anything else you need for your video + with video production (in New York).

We pride ourselves on being able to meet deadlines and provide exceptional work to/for our clients. You can talk with one of our representatives or book an appointment to discuss your video production project or projects.

You can rest easy knowing that your video production projects are in reliable hands. Call Latent Productions today.