Are you searching for a video production partner in Sydney, Australia? Welcome to the website of Latent Productions, a world-leading video production company ready to assist you with your next project. We’re a team of professional videographers, directors, casting agents, and post-production specialists.

We can film anything you need for your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns. We work with the smallest and largest projects. From 1-minute teaser clips to full-length documentaries, Latent Productions does it all.

If you’re an influencer, eCommerce expert, small business owner, or a corporate, you can rely on Latent Productions to deliver top-rated video content for your strategy. We have the experience and skillset you need to send your video marketing and branding campaigns to the next level.

With Latent Productions, you get a remote team working on your projects. Even though we don’t have a studio in Sydney, we can communicate and work with you online. The age of technology makes it easy for us to stay in contact with you throughout the production process.

We give you feedback about your project at every step of production, and we hand over a video that blows away your expectations of our service.

Reach out to the Latent Productions team through the contact form on this site. We’ll have one of our production experts get back to you right away to set up a virtual meeting to unpack your ideas.



If you want your content to shine online, you need a professional video production partner. The reality is that competition is stiff in every market, and it’s challenging to stand out and make yourself heard in a noisy, social marketplace.

Latent Productions video content gives you the edge you need to get ahead of the competition and capture more market share. It’s typical for small business owners to try and do their video marketing and branding themselves.

Unfortunately, they soon find out there’s more to video production than turning on your cellphone camera. Sure, cellphones are good for closeups and headshots. However, they are terrible for wide shots. Using just your cellphone for your content production will not do justice to your marketing, branding, and awareness campaigns.

Sure, cellphones are useful for adding short videos where you’re talking directly to your customers. However, you need that professional touch to the rest of your video content if you want to make your content appealing to consumers.

With Latent Productions, you get a full-comprehensive video production team at your disposal. We handle every aspect of video production, giving you a hands-off experience to allow you to focus on other areas of your business and marketing strategy.

We bring a full range of services to you for your video production requirements.



  • Concept discussion and development
  • Pre-production assessment
  • Script creation and supervision
  • Storyboarding
  • Set design and execution
  • set and production design
  • Costume and wardrobe styling
  • Hair and makeup
  • Prop sourcing
  • Pre-visualization and masterful execution
  • Art direction


  • Sound stage design ad composition
  • Video encoding and color grading
  • Scoring and soundtrack development
  • Voiceovers and sound effects


  • Delivery of your video content in any format
  • Subtitles and captions
  • Storage and backup facilities


  • Time-lapse recording
  • Multi-camera specialized shoots
  • Live event coverage
  • DIT service and BTS production
  • Remote shoots


  • Location sourcing and permit applications
  • Casting direction
  • Scheduling and logistics
  • Production crew and equipment rental
  • Craft services and catering
  • Full insurance coverage

Sydney is the crown jewel of WA, and it has some of the most spectacular landscapes in the country and a city bustling with economic activity. Latent Productions will help you create video content that enables you to dominate the Australian and global markets.

Whether you’re a local business looking to gain more foot traffic to your store or a corporate looking to bolster your brand image, Latent Productions is ready to take your company into the realm of video marketing and branding.

Reach out to our team and speak with our team about your video production ideas. We’re ready to bring your business into the video era of marketing and branding. Change the way you market and get better results for your business.



When you work with Latent Productions, you get a team at the top of their game in video content production. Put your phone down and contact us. We’ll give you a professional, full-service video production team ready to turn your content ideas into reality.

The fact is that video is changing how we interact with each other and the market. In 2010, video content was still secondary to posting images and blogs. However, we’ve seen the introduction of 4G wireless and fiber networks over the last decade, increasing bandwidth and download speeds. As a result, it’s possible to watch the video without waiting for 15-minutes for it to buffer.

Now, anyone can watch videos on their mobile device, anywhere they go. The thinking is that marketers suffer from two problems. First, they are entrenched in using images and text, and they don’t feel they need to change their strategy to include video.

Second, they still don’t understand that video is now readily accessible to view online through a mobile device. It takes marketers some time to catch up to burgeoning industry trends. Still, you better believe that those ideas are changing, and marketers are starting to realize the benefits of including video in their strategy.

As we see video integration into more marketing and branding campaigns in the coming years, we expect marketers to add more video to their campaigns slowly. Fortunately, that’s good news for your company. By hiring Latent Productions to handle your video production requirements, you get an edge on the market.

By the time marketers start using video properly, you’re already ahead of the curve. With a first-mover advantage of adding video to your campaigns, you get ahead of the competition. Professional video production uplifts your marketing and branding campaigns, creating more engagement with your target market.

Reach out to our team, and we’ll discuss how we can send your video production to the stratosphere of success. Latent Productions is ready to assist you with anything you need in the realm of video production.

Latent Productions is not a fly-by-night company; we have years of experience producing top-rated video content for our clients. Our goal is to provide you with a service for your business that keeps you coming back for more. We’re confident that when you see the improvements to your strategy using our video productions, you’ll see us as a valuable component of your business.

We offer you a full-house video production service. From feature-length documentaries to teaser clip campaigns, we do it all. Our production process yields consistent results for our clients, and they understand the value they get from our work.

We can do anything you need on film. Whether you have footage you need us to clean up, edit, and add effects, or you need content from the ground up, we’re ready to assist. We offer video production services for the following industries.


Latent Productions offers video production services for corporates in Sydney, Australia. Whether you’re a top-rated company on the ASX or a smaller firm, we can handle any content request. Let us create videos to enthrall your investors and shareholders and promote your brand in the market. We can interview your CEO in the boardroom or film your next corporate event.


Corporations need to hire and retain great talent. When top candidates assess your company, they’ll watch any video material they can find on your organization. We’ll help you create videos that display your corporate culture to prospective employees. We can also assist with onboarding and training videos to improve your EX.


As a nonprofit, you worry about awareness and fundraising. The more people know about your organization, the bigger your fundraising efforts. Latent Productions can help you with video productions for your fundraising and awareness campaigns, putting your organization in the industry spotlight. We’ll help you get your message into the market and attract new donors to your fundraising campaigns. Choose Latent Productions to get your nonprofit more attention from your market.


If you have a recruiting, real estate, or professional agency, you need video production to promote your agency to your local area prospects. We have the skillset to put together videos promoting you as the authority in your region. We’ll get you more inquiries and keep your pipeline full.


Latent Productions offers video production services for B2B and B2C businesses. Let us handle your campaigns to attract new clients and build your brand. We work with hundreds of companies around the globe, and we know how to make your brand or organization look good on video.


Do you run a small business in Sydney? If so, you might think that video marketing and branding are a waste of time for your company. However, that’s not the case. Local video marketing can attract new feet into your store and increase sales and awareness of your business in the local community.


Are you a startup in Sydney? If so, you need video marketing and branding to present your company to investors. Sydney is home to some of the biggest VCs in the country. With the right video content, you have a new method to pitch potential investors and convince them that your company is the next unicorn.


Are you a hotel or restaurant owner in Sydney? Maybe you run an Airbnb or guest house or a bar down at the beach? Latent Productions can assist you with promoting your venue. We’ll use drone footage to showcase your establishment and POV action camera footage to give potential customers a walk through your business.


Latent Productions are experts at capturing the manufacturing process on film. Whether you’re making semi-conductor chips or canning food, we can showcase your manufacturing process for marketing and investment opportunities.


We can assist private and public educators, colleges, and schools with video production services. If you have a yoga studio and want to create an online course, call Latent Productions. If you’re a private college looking to develop online courses for your students or cut a promotional video for enrollment, we’re here to make it happen for you.


We work with medical providers across Sydney. If you run dentistry, doctor’s office, private gym, physiotherapy center, or anti-aging clinic, reach out to Latent Productions. We’ll produce a video for you that attracts more patients to your business and spreads awareness of your business in the community.


Are you planning a TV commercial for your company? Who is going to handle the filming? With Latent Productions producing your commercial, you get a professional set design and videography. We’ll ensure we use up every second of your airtime, capturing as much attention as possible with your commercial.


Are you planning a live event? Let Latent Productions capture the essence of the event and the reaction from your audience. We can film and broadcast your seminar, conference, or business summit. Our post-production team can create behind-the-scenes footage and highlight compilations to offer your subscribers or customers additional content after the event ends.


Sydney is a vibrant city, and we can translate that local vibe into your videos. Whether you’re marketing locally or internationally, professionally produced video content from Latent Productions will make a huge impact on the success of your campaigns.

While we don’t have offices in Sydney, we can work with you over the internet. We conduct consultations with you through Zoom or Skype, and we update you on every step of the production. We’re confident you’ll find our remote production services as easy to work with as if we were your private in-house production team.

We have clients from around the globe, in all markets, using our services. We invite you to put us to the test; we’re ready to deliver for your company, business directives, and goals.


Are you marketing on social media? If not, you’re leaving lost revenue on the table. Most businesses and corporates know that they need to leverage social media, but they don’t know how to do it properly. They end up talking at the market instead of listening to it to formulate their content strategy.

Latent Productions knows what sells your brand, reputation, and products or services online. We don’t make the classic mistake of producing video content that no one wants to see. Every video you get from us comes primed for engagement.

You’ll get more views, better engagement, and plenty of shares throughout your prospect’s social networks, extending your reach.

In today’s marketplace, social media is an invaluable tool for boosting your brand awareness and recognition in the market. With the right video campaigns, you attract more eyeballs and attention to your content and what you have to say.

From Facebook to Twitter and Tik Tok or Instagram, social media platforms changed how we communicate. Social media is a fantastic example of how video is taking over content production. When Twitter launched, people were excited to share their thoughts with the world in 140-characters or less.

Then Instagram came along and blew Twitter out of the water. The app allowed us to share images with our network. The thing is that human beings are visual creatures, and seeing the user growth on Instagram explode isn’t surprising.

So, it doesn’t come as a shock that Tik Tok is the new leader of the social media movement. Tik Tok reached the 1-billion user mark in 2021, and three years previously, it had less than 100-million.

As people started engaging with the platform, it spread like wildfire throughout the internet. Today, it’s the most popular social media site, and that’s all thanks to the power of video content.

Latent Productions offers you professional video production for all social media sites. We know the native characteristics of content on these platforms, and we keep your content consistent with the look and feel of the content available on any platform.

Reach out to our team, and we’ll have a consultant call you right back to talk about your video production requirements.


Sydney is one of the largest capital cities in Australia, and it’s an influencer hub for the western side of the country.

Choose Latent Productions as your partner in video content production. Sure, you can drop videos with your phone, but now and again, you can use our professional services to give your audience a piece of masterclass content.

If you’re a YouTuber with no editing skills, let us handle it for you. Send us your raw footage, and we’ll compile your video, add sound and effects, and return it to you ready for upload to your YouTube channel. Give your audience the viewing experience they deserve with professionally-produced content.

We’ll help you put your brand at the forefront of the market. Reach out to the Latent Productions team to see how we can add value to your influencer strategy.


Short-form content.


Short to long-term content.


Long-form content.


Mid-length to long-form content.


The eCommerce market continues to grow. With more people choosing to stay home and order online, retail stores are taking a hit in sales. The reality is that this trend is not going to reverse, and we’ll continue to see brick-and-mortar retailers struggle in the coming years while the eCommerce industry thrives.

If you’re an eCommerce professional, what results are you getting with your marketing and branding campaigns? Are you using video content in your strategy? If not, you’re missing out on a great way to generate more qualified leads and fill your sales funnel.

Video marketing creates six times the engagement of images and text, and it’s no wonder why more eCommerce professionals are starting to add it to their campaigns. Video marketing can revolutionize your business, boosting your conversion rate.

Keep your company ahead of the curve by using video marketing. Latent Productions can assist with 360-degree product videos, filming your product catalog, and cutting promotional material for our social media marketing campaigns.

We have professional product stylists on set and directors that know the best tactics for filming products. Put your products and services in the hands of your customers with our video marketing services.


A 360-degree product video is the best way of presenting your products to prospects. A 360-degree view gives your prospect the chance to examine the product from all angles. It’s a much more effective marketing tool than using images in your listings. 360-degree product videos are the closest tactic to getting your products into your prospects’ hands, boosting your conversion rate. 360-degree product videos are the top method for marketing products online right now. Let us show you what’s possible when you incorporate it into your listings.


We can create a video catalog of your products, presenting them to your customers in a professional manner. We can catalog a few items or thousands, depending on your business model. Prospects prefer watching videos of product promotions more than reading articles or looking at images. Video content shows the prospect how they will enjoy the product when they receive it, giving them a physical representation of people enjoying the benefits of their purchase.


If you’re a brand looking to extend your influence and reach in the market, Latent Productions will help you with brand authority videos to cement your reputation. Branding is critical to separate yourself from other vendors in your market. Latent Productions adds branding to your videos. We keep your branding consistent across all your social media platforms, ensuring the market recognizes your branding when they see it.


When prospects consider your product for purchase, they look around to see who else is using it. This “social proof” helps them finalize their purchase decision. After all, if other people in their network are using the product, it must benefit them too. Latent Productions will interview your customers and capture video testimonials from your clients to enhance your social proof in the market.


The world of video production continues to advance in technology and results. The digital age brought with it many new technologies, not just the smartphone.

Animation software gets more intuitive and powerful every year. Action cameras and drones changed how we shoot film, allowing for impressive aerial shots and POV videos.

Latent Productions invites you to leverage the skillset of our post-production and in-studio FX team. Let us give your video campaigns an edge that leapfrogs you ahead of your competitors.


The drone replaced the need for helicopters in the filming process. A drone offers you a vastly more affordable method of obtaining aerial shots. The last decade saw drone tech take leaps forward, entering the consumer market. We use qualified drone pilots and secure all the licenses and permits we need to fly in any city. Drone footage is a great choice for realtors showcasing premium homes or for businesses that want aerial shots of their business or town in their video content.


The action camera offers you a way to give your viewers a POV experience. Use it for a walk-around of your business or to show the intensity of extreme sports. There are many uses for action cameras, and we know the best way to introduce POV footage to your videos. Let Latent Productions give your viewers a personal experience with your content production.


Podcasting is gaining momentum. With thousands of podcasts entering the space every month, you need an edge over the rest of the market to capture more viewers. Podcasting is changing; it’s come a long way over the last five years. Now, podcasting sets look more like TV studios. Latent Productions can advise you on the best podcasting setup, and we can handle the editing and production of your podcast.


Latent Productions has an in-house animations team ready to take on your projects. Our animators are at the top of their game, and they can do anything from whiteboard videos to advanced graphics and CGI. An animation is a powerful form of communication with your market. Unpack concepts or create a dazzling visual display.


Filming a time-lapse is a great way to show the progression of your projects. If you’re a construction firm, a time-lapse of your latest building being built from the ground up could make for a fantastic video. If you’re an angler, a time-lapse of your cleaning and filleting a fish is a great use of the tech. Time-lapse videography can help you condense a lot of content into a few short minutes or seconds.


The green screen is a Hollywood marvel. Previously, this tech was only available for the richest production studios. However, the advancements in tech over the last five years make green screen tech available at an affordable cost. Latent Productions can assist with green screen shoots, and we can place any images or background you want onto the screen.


Latent Productions are experts at every stage of the production process. Filming is just one component of the Latent Productions experience. After we finish the shoot, we hand over the raw footage to the post-production team for editing.

You get access to talented editors and FX artists, turning your video into a masterpiece of content. The post-production side of the process is where we add the magic to your videos, from incorporating visual and sound FX to CGI, animations, and more. We can insert CTAs into your videos and cards, spurring your viewer to take action.

We have a complete post-production team in-house, from greenscreen productions to animations, and we don’t outsource anything. If you already have footage, send it to us. Our edition and effects team will cut your raw footage and add the required effects to your instructions.

At Latent Productions, we rely on our proven process to deliver results for our clients. We follow the same routine with every project we take, which makes us the professional production partner you can trust to deliver results for your campaigns.

Some of the elements involved with the Latent Productions process involve the following.

Creative Concepting with You

We start the process by working out the details with you over a call. We work with Zoom and Skype, allowing you to meet the team behind the magic. We’ll flesh out the ideas for your videos and give you our best recommendations to enhance your suggestions.

Storyboarding Your Vision

After we conclude the introductions and preliminaries, it’s time to get to work. We’ll storyboard your video concept to give our team a clear indication of the direction we want to take with your video. We’ll keep you in the loop and ensure we get approval for the storyboard before filming.

An Elite Production Crew

The Latent Productions team consists of some of the most talented videographers, directors, casting executives, and post-production specialists in the world. We know how to command and control a set and how to get what we want out of the talent we work with on your shoot. We’ll stay on budget and on schedule for your publishing deadline.

Hiring Actors and Background Extras

We’ll hire actors and extras for your videos. We work with a deep talent pool, and we can hire the right talent for your videos that exemplifies your brand values. We only work with professionals that know how to conduct themselves on camera.

Stock Video B-Roll Footage

Our library of stock footage includes shots of Sydney and other Australian cities. We can incorporate them into your transitions in the video, filling the gaps in your content. Our B-roll footage catalog is extensive, and we have all types of content in all categories available for your videos.

Animation and Effects

Latent Productions has a talented team of in-house animators for your videos. Our team can handle any animation work. From loading simple video cards and CTAs to your videos to incorporating CGI and FX, we have total mastery over digital video content production.

Scripting & Voiceovers

If you’re using animated videos or filming a documentary, Latent Productions will source your voice talents. Whether you need an actor to voice an animated character or a narrator for your documentary, we have the right voice talent for your videos.

Studio and Set Locations

Latent Productions organizes on-location shoots throughout Sydney and the globe. We can manage and coordinate all assets and acquire the permits and licenses we need to shoot anywhere in Sydney.

STEP 1 – Unpacking Your Vision

We start the Latent Productions process with a consultation. In this session, we unpack your vision to understand the goals and objectives you have in mind for your video. We value this step as the most important in the process. We’ll listen to your plans and add our input to ensure that we’re on the same page with what we have in mind for the production.

STEP 2 – Pre-Production Planning Phase

After we clearly understand what you want from the video, we start allocating the right resources for the project. Planning is essential for top-quality production, and we don’t cut corners. We secure licenses and permits, hire actors, extras, and voice talent, and prepare the camera equipment for the shoot. We calculate the budget and send you a quote to ensure we’re within the cost of what you had in mind for the project.

STEP 3 – The Video Shoot

After we finished the planning, we put things in motion. We work with talented videographers and directors that know all the nuances of high-level video production. We work to a tight schedule, ensuring we make the most of your budget while keeping production costs as low as possible.

STEP 4 – Editing and Post-Production

After finishing the shoot, we turn everything over to the post-production team. Our editors cut your video, and the FX specialists add any visual or audio effects that you need for your video. When we have a finished product, we convert it to the right formats for easy upload to your social media accounts and website.

So, why should you choose Latent Productions for your video production in Sydney, Australia? What’s stopping you from picking another company in the search results? When you work with Latent Productions, we operate around your schedule, ensuring that we deliver your project on time while exceeding your expectations with the production.

The quality of your video production will matter to your audience. With Latent Productions handling your video content production, you’ll get more engagement from your market. That equates to more likes, comments, and shares on your social media posts and improved awareness of your company, products, and services in your target market.

Latent Productions brings you a team of professional video production specialists that add value to your marketing, branding, or awareness campaigns.

We provide a WOW experience to your video production and content. Latent Productions want you as our next success story. Whether you need an influencer, corporate, or eCommerce video marketing campaign, Latent Productions will deliver a premium production service that exceeds your expectations. Reach out to our team right now; we want to hear the details of your next video campaign.

Video is the way that the world is moving. If you’re not using it in your marketing and brand building, you’re leaving money on the table. Get more engagement from your viewers, grow your following, and increase your conversions with professional video content that helps you achieve your business directives and goals.

While we can sing praises of video marketing and how it can revolutionize your strategy, we can’t force you to take action – that’s up to you. If you want to supercharge your marketing, branding, and awareness projects, reach out to the team at the Latent Productions production company.

We offer you a free consultation with us to see if we’re the right fit for you. We’ll discuss your project, and there’s no pressure on you to choose your preferred partner; we’re confident you’ll find our services the best in the industry.

Our goal is to provide your company or influencer brand with a top-level video production that benefits your business. We believe in establishing relationships with our clients. We want you to think of us as your preferred production partner when you need a video.

Why waste your time trying to produce video content yourself? Hire Latent Productions, and we’ll make your vision into reality. We have the team, skills, and experience we need to turn your campaigns into cash cows.

Contact our team right now for a free consultation on your video project. We’re ready to listen to your ideas.