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Sometimes you do not need a full-service video production team – or a world-class Toronto video production company to handle your project (and its intricacies and complexities). If you are working on a simple video idea and have done all the pre-production legwork needed to execute on the idea, and/or have an editing team (post-production team) in mind, all you need is an expert videographer in Toronto that can grab awesome raw footage for you. If this resembles the situation you are in and you are just in need of a top-notch Toronto videographer for a simple (or complex) video concept, we have a solution (elite videographer in Toronto) for you.

You can easily hire just a videographer (in Toronto) from Latent Productions based on half-day or full-day rates. We have a roster of the best videographers in Toronto, and our team can handle any type of videography work you need in Toronto. One of our top videographers (in Toronto) will film and send over all pieces of raw footage that you want (and need). Our Toronto videographers are experienced artists and will capture footage based on your vision, needs and ideas. We take your pre-production and planning (concept generation and brainstorming) into account when we capture footage (and do videography work for you in Toronto).

It does not matter where you are in Toronto or the GTA, we can send an elite Toronto videographer to you. We are the best videography company in Toronto.

Videography (in Toronto) is an important art form – across all levels of society. At some point in time – everyone (you included) will need videography work done. Videography (in Toronto) is that important, it permeates business and personal life. The power of video in ones personal life and the business world can not be stated enough. Videos are very powerful communicative tools. We use videos to tell personal stories – and we use them to spread our vision and ideas (hopefully for a better world) to the world. You can try and tell people about your idea, your vision, your company, your wedding day, your story or anything else with your words and through speaking with them. And, this might be powerful and effective if you are a good orator, but, it can also be complicated (and ineffective) if you have a hard time expressing yourself.

This is where videos and excellent videography comes in handy at any point in life. Whenever you need to showcase anything – or tell people something (and words just are not enough or you can not find the right words to explain it), you can use powerful videos to get across to them. To do exactly that – you need expert videography work (in Toronto) and an elite Toronto videographer.

In technical (and somewhat layman’s) terms, videography (in Toronto) is the visual documentation of an event, moment, person – or thing. But, we believe that true professional videography work in Toronto goes deeper than just pointing a camera at something and getting raw footage. It requires technical skill and the ability to tell visual stories. That is why you can not just take it upon yourself to do videography work (in Toronto). You can not just pick up your smartphone or a nice camera to get the job done for cheap. Although this can be effective for daily content and videos for personal social media accounts – it is not professional or effective for brand building purposes or proper documentation purposes.

If you are trying to build a great brand (personal or business), you need top level videography (in Toronto). And, if you are trying to capture and document an event or special moment in your life, you definitely need a professional Toronto videographer. A professional Toronto videographer is the only person (and professional) that can effectively capture beautiful moments (that you need) – from beautiful angles.

Call us today if you need to put together an awesome video. The videography for your project has to be immaculate and you have to capture perfect (or near perfect) pieces of raw footage – we will help you do that. For professional videography in Toronto, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Elementally, a Toronto videographer is the creative magician on your set (or at the location of your shoot – or event) that is there to capture all of the awesome footage you need for your project. It is up to your Toronto videographer to be in the perfect positions to capture pieces of awesome footage – and it is up to them to use their creativity and expertise to realize your visions for your project. Asides these core obligations, a top videographer in Toronto will do everything in his (or her) power to ensure your project runs smoothly and the process of capturing footage is as easy on you (as the video project director) as possible. This includes a whole host of activities, tasks and elements – such as making on camera personalities and personnel (actors, models, extras, mothers, babies, family members, cousins, employees, co-workers, bosses, and pretty much anyone else that may be required to be on camera for the shoot) as comfortable as possible during the shoot, asking the right questions to ensure no misunderstandings, being on top of the project schedule, educating you (as the project director) on any videography constraints that your project has and doing everything possible to make sure your dreams for your video come to a nice and beautiful reality.

The cost of videography work in Toronto is dependent on a combinations of three things; the type of videography work you need, the level of Toronto videographer you need (or choose) to hire to execute the type of work you want (or need) and how long you will need the videographer. Some extra costs may accrue if you choose to use their editing services or other services they offer.

Short disclaimer: Just like any other service, videography work (in Toronto) is something you do not want to cheap out on. You will always get what you pay for. So, you have to be prepared to invest in a professional videographer (in Toronto). Here is what to expect and the breakdown of the cost of videography work and a videographer in Toronto:

In Toronto, a basic shoot session (by an average videographer) is going to require a video camera, lighting kit, multiple mics (potentially), lenses, tripod, and some other technical equipment (but it will not usually require more complex equipment than this, to be honest). And the usual time investment for a videography project is four to six hours (half-day) or eight to twelve hours (full-day). That is why an average Toronto videographer is going to charge a half-day rate of about $500 to $1000 (plus HST off course, don’t forget the taxman – CRA), or a full-day rate anywhere from $1000 to $1750 (plus HST) if you need them for the full day. This may seem like a lot for their services, but, you have to remember that they are charging for their learned (and acquired) skills, labour, and equipment. So, this is quite fair if you think about everything inclusively.

Regardless of the type of videography work you need in Toronto, an expert videographer with highly sought after skills and proven ability – is going to charge significantly more than the average rates provided above. An elite (top-level) videographer in Toronto is going to be picky with the types of clients they work with. And, they are going to be picky with the types of projects they take on. They need to filter out serious clients that value their work and know the direct arithmetical value they provide – from clients that necessarily do not care or know this value. They have a reputation to uphold. To ensure they deliver their best work and devote ample time to your project – and bring their A-GAME on the day of the shoot – they will charge more. It is the rule of the game. As a general rule of thumb, top videographers in Toronto charge $250+ per hour for their services. A top end does not exist so we can not tabulate direct day-rate and half-day rate averages. Just know that if you need an expert Toronto videographer, you will need to pay them adequately for the value and level of work they will undoubtedly provide you. Do not risk the success of your project and/or video by going with a cheap Toronto videographer. That is the best advice we will (and can) give you.

Editing services and other (pre or post) production services can cost anywhere from $25-$250 per hour – once again depending on the level of the Toronto videographer. And again, we will advice you not to cheap out because the end result of you video (how beautiful it is and the cinematic quality of it) is going to be dependent on the level of Toronto videographer (or videographers – if it is a large project) working on it (and the compensation they receive for their service or services).

Videography work in Toronto comes in various forms – and cuts across many industries. You can use videography as a tool for persuasion in any industry (healthcare, gaming, education, media, social, finance, food, hospitality, agriculture, public sector, information, tech, private sector, arts and entertainment, construction, transportation, mining, real estate, professional, retail, etc), the startup world, your personal life, corporate arena – and just about any area of life.

Here are some types of videography work you may need or use:

Event Videography In Toronto

Event videography is perhaps the most popular form of videography in Toronto. At any point in time, there are lots of people (like you) that want to document the memories and fun from their (or an event they are putting on) event at some level. This makes event videography in Toronto extremely unique in the challenges it presents and the value it provides. It involves balancing the chaos of the event with the awesome memories being created. However, when done right event videography in Toronto will capture all the awesome moments that you experienced – or did not experience – and gives you the opportunity and privilege to enjoy them again whenever you want. Isn’t that amazing.

If you want to capture any event in Toronto, give us a call today. We can help you document a concert, wedding, birthday, graduation, corporate event, night out, club event, school event, and pretty much any event you want – with awesome videography work in Toronto. You will not find a better videographer elsewhere. Call today!

Corporate Videography In Toronto

Corporations and businesses need videography (in Toronto) work for various reasons. The primary reason why a business (and a business owner or proprietor like you) needs videography work is for a corporate event. Businesses (like humans) celebrate awesome milestones and events that need to be recorded properly for future enjoyment and reminiscing. In order to get awesome footage to create beautiful (breathtaking and clear) videos of events like a grand opening, major industry expo, support effort, charity event, or corporate event of major significance – you need the help of a top Toronto videographer. Call us today for help with corporate videography in Toronto. We offer all the videography and video production services you need (and will ever need) for putting out awesome video content.

Drone Videography In Toronto

Drone videography in Toronto is quite modern, but, it entails capturing breathtaking pieces of aerial footage that will leave anyone speechless. If you want to take your videos to the next level, you need drone videography in Toronto. Hands down. The effect it creates and the impact it has on viewers of the final video product is nothing short of amazing. We know this as a top videography company in Toronto

Reach out to us today for help with any kind of videography work you need in Toronto.