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Web Video Production.

For a long time now, video has been considered one of the best forms of marketing. In this modern era, if you’re not using video marketing, then you might not be able to beat the competition. You’ll be left behind because most people are now aware of how beneficial it is. However, if you haven’t started yet, it’s never too late. You shouldn’t worry about getting started, it’s not so hard. It doesn’t matter whether you’re able to afford to hire an in-house video production team or not.

You have the option of getting the services you need from proficient website videos production companies. In this quick and easy web guide on the production of web videos, we’ll have a look at the process involved in web video production, and the services you should consider when choosing a company to do your video marketing. By the end, you’ll realize how efficient it is if you join the businesses that are already experiencing the ROI (Return On Investment) that video marketing offers.

What is a web video?

First things first, it’s important you know what a web video is. It’s a marketing, informational, and communications tool for a business that assists with giving out information on its features, facts, and/or products or services. Some particulars that can be featured on the web videos and productions include: stock footage, video content that’s custom-filmed, music, animation, or voice-over talent. Some of the typical features for business web videos include:

● Increasing web traffic and sending unique and hungry visitors (customers) to a business website.

● They have a single focus or a particular target audience.

● Mostly expected to be included in any modern website.

● They usually educate or motivate viewers to act on a particular call to action.

It’s vital for you to consider investing in web video production if your target audience needs constant or frequent information on the products or services you offer, or even your company.

There exists a variety of different types of formats or videos. However, sometimes, there’s no guarantee that the company you get services from will offer you all the services you’ll require (depending on the type of video or videos you want to create for your project). Nevertheless, Latent Productions covers you on everything you need when it comes to web video production. The following are some of the most common types of video production services you’ll come across.

Promotional Documentary Videos

These types of videos can last anywhere between 1 and 30 minutes. They utilize an interview-driven mode of storytelling. Some examples of videos that are in this category include travel videos, promotional videos, and infomercials.

Music Videos

The music video is typically what you already know, and that’s a musician creating a music video for their song by lip syncing. It’s possible for them to be used by different clients when the video doesn’t require a serious or professional tone (and is more fun and comical).

Corporate Videos

They include a variety of videos, from brand culture videos to lengthy training videos. They can last between 1 minute and an hour. Promotional videos can also be included in this category.

Event Videos

For these videos, the length can vary between 30 seconds and three hours. They can either be a multi-camera production, a teaser, or a recap of the event. Some of the events that use these services include: performances, lectures, sports, weddings, or meetings among others.

Educational Videos

These are videos used to teach different things, and they include: how-to-videos, explainer videos, tutorials, and PSAs. They can be brief, but for videos that tend to require a more in-depth approach, they may be longer.

Commercial/Advertising Videos

Commercial videos mostly don’t go beyond 90 seconds. They can be either animated, scripted, or docu-style. The production services (or package) you select (from your production company of choice) might have pre-roll, branded content, or sponsored content included among others.

In an effort to communicate your story, a video is a persuasive tool to use. It’s very efficient in convincing your audience to act, feel, or think in a particular way. It doesn’t matter what your area of expertise may be, what your business is (does) or what industry you work in, when you do a video well enough, it tends to significantly increase conversions. There are different categories (and stages) of web video production you’ll have to ensure are offered by a company that does it for you, or you can do yourself. They include:

1) Preproduction

For this level of web video production, the main issues included in the agenda and that are solved are creativity and planning centric. They include video production services like:

● Scriptwriting

● Getting the required permits from within your municipality.

● Storyboarding and outlining

● You hire subcontractors as required

● You formulate the budget

● Evaluating the objectives, which include the tone, target audience, and the audience

● If you need subcontractors you hire them

● Pitching and creative development

● Rentals and equipment preparation as required

● Casting

● Get a good location where you can record your videos (location scouting and set design/development)

● Shot lists creation (all the scenes you need to be featured in your video or web videos)

This is the first step in web videos production, and it’s probably also the most important part. It mainly happens behind the scenes, and it determines if you’ll accomplish the goals you’ve set for your video. You need to put in all the work at the beginning of the project, if you want it to end well. This is the point at which you start building your solid foundation to create your message. There are two different video production services, including creatives and logistics. For the creative part, it’s all about creating and polishing the concept you have for your video, storyboarding, and writing the script. It’s also important that you know what you need your viewers to pick up from a story, as well as the story you’re trying to tell through your video. Alternatively, when it comes to logistics, it’s all about the details that determine how your ideas end up being a polished video.

2) Production

The actual shooting of the video is what the production part of the video is made up of. Web video production involves some services, as well as staffing considerations used in the production of the video. The services are provided by:

The producer

The producer plays a major role in website video production. He/she is involved from the start in all the different phases of the production process until it’s over. Some of the activities a producer will juggle and balance includes supervising the project, ensuring you stay within the budget, dealing with the crafts and talents, among other activities.

The assistant camera operator

Their key role is helping out with creating a sync point between your video and the audio with the use of a clapper board. Other roles include ensuring the focus is correctly set in place, recording media, and changing batteries too.

The director of photography

This is the main camera operator. They work hand in hand with the director to achieve the goals they’ve set for the script. Their roles include ensuring the cameras and lighting are set perfectly, to create visuals that will bring out the story you’re trying to tell with your content.

The makeup artist

They’re responsible for making you (and/or your actors) look good in front of the camera. You should get a qualified makeup artist that knows and fully understands all techniques involved in applying makeup to the face and neck. If you decide that you want to change your appearance a little bit, then you can get the services of body makeup artists who can change how some parts of your body look.

The production assistant

All the communication between all the different production departments is done through the production assistant. They also manage lockups.

The grip, gaffer, and drone operator

The grip helps you develop as well as build the set for your video, commercial, movie, or even television show. The grips are in charge of managing all the equipment that supports the lighting and cameras. The gaffer, comparatively, is the one in charge of the lighting department. They manage the design of the lighting plan being used. Finally, the drone camera operator simply operates the drone cameras, just as the name suggests.

3) Post-production

This is the process that begins after your video has been filmed. It basically covers everything else after the filming of your website video is complete. The services that are included in this stage of web video production include:

● Color grading

● File management and delivering files


● Animation (motion graphics)

● Video editing

● Audio mastering

Web videos production can help you and/or your business with increasing traffic from multiple search engines by as much as 157%. The production services you select should align with the best practices for SEO. This helps with increasing the visibility of your video in the organic search results. The following are some of the web video production elements and processes that help with the optimization of your video content for search.

1) Creating a Well-Built Video Marketing Strategy

Your video plays an important role in the sales and marketing sections of your business since they’re a worthwhile SEO strategy. Therefore, getting the services of a website video production company can be valuable in creating videos that will boost your business. To create a complete marketing plan, you need to include video into your marketing strategy. The video strategy should boost the quality of results you get from the video. A strong video marketing strategy puts you in a much better position to have videos that will rank well in organic search engine results. The following steps will help you ensure you get a strong video marketing strategy developed and going.

Create goals you want to achieve from your videos

Before anything else, it’s important to first all come up with the accomplishments you’re expecting from your videos. The goals you set should correspond with the different steps within your marketing funnel, including awareness, decision, and consideration.

Focus on your target audience

It always makes more sense when you mainly focus on your target audience when you create your video, after you know what your goals are. You should understand and completely be familiar with who your services and products are meant for. You should also know where you can find them, and the action they should take after they view your video.

Know what story you want to tell

The content in any video should tell a complete story. It must include these different factors: a main character (this will be your physical representation of your target audience), a conflict (the paint point of your audience), the search for a solution to the existing conflict (i.e your product or services), and a resolution (how your services or product will help make a difference).

Don’t go beyond your timeline

It’s important to always come up with a timeline for the different parts of your web video production. You should also have one that includes all other different timelines involved. You should always be aware of the fact that things do happen, and changes applied to the scripting or messaging will lead to delays in getting any reviews or feedback. It also leads to delaying the implementation of any types of change that can push your timeline out of order. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself when coming up with a timeline in order to keep things on track.

Stick to your budget

Sometimes when you’re seeking the services of a production company to help with your video production, the budget can go up a bit when creating a high-quality video. Even when you’re creating a video in-house, you still need to come up with a budget. Don’t go beyond the budget you have, as this may affect the whole production process.

2) Have Transcripts Created for Your Videos

Transcripts play a major role when it comes to SEO. You can (and should) write your own transcripts if the web video production company doesn’t offer them. You shouldn’t only depend on the auto-generated transcripts to help you, you should write them. The auto-generated ones are not always as accurate as they should be. You might be wondering why transcripts are so important in video production. They’re fantastic, since they play a major role in determining if your content is more accessible. This increases the number of people you’re able to reach. Other benefits they offer include: making your content more scrapable by search bots, they work as more indexable page content.

3) Enhance the Titles of Your Videos

The video titles need to be fully optimized to help with SEO. Even if you don’t get those services from a production company you’re working with, you should still ensure the titles are optimized. The keywords that describe your video’s content should be used in the creation of the title. They help with getting the attention of the readers much quicker. You should know that viewers are more aware of click bait titles, hence they’re very cautious. Therefore, insure the title corresponds to the content in your video, so the viewers get what they clicked for.

4) Optimize Your Website

It’s possible to increase your ranking in search engine results when you optimize your website. It can also increase conversions – among other useful things. You should check the pages that are highest-earning or most economically important, and ask your web video production company to add your videos to those pages if they aren’t there already. This will enable your content to reach a much bigger audience.

5) Promote Your Video (And Content)

When using video production for SEO, promotion is important. How high search engines rank your video (on YouTube and on Google search) depends on how many people click and view your video. Promoting your video increases engagement, which leads to Google and other search engines to increasing your rankings. This is a cycle, because the increased rankings will also increase engagement – in turn, increasing other metrics (and so on, and so forth).

We offer you expert services, and you can expect a high quality web video that will enhance and ignite your marketing strategy. In addition to this, we help you tell your story in a way that best engages your prospects.

Our customer service is unmatched, as well as all our equipment and crew. You’ll have a video that will leave you with no regrets, no matter what type it is, be it a personal video or a commercial video. Whatever you describe to us is what we will deliver.

Quality is our middle name, and working with us will be one of the best business decisions you have ever made. Contact us today for all your website video production services needs.

Quality web video production services aren’t excessively expensive, because one video can be used in many ways. When it comes to marketing your products or services, one video can be used on your social media, website, as well as email marketing. Your investment in the web video production services and ROI can be maximized by using one video across different platforms for marketing.

Overall, website video production is crucial, as we’ve realized through this guide. A video will help you tell your story and make you stand out from other brands. You’ll be able to keep viewers on your website longer through a video because it gets their attention (and will keep it).

Give us a call today if you are looking for a quote on your web video production project or if you are looking to get more information about website video production today.