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For most couples, their wedding day is one of their most special days. Being married to the person you love is a beautiful thing. Your wedding ceremony is the public display of your marriage vows, and the commitment that two loving people have made to one another. Therefore, it needs to be beautiful and memorable. Despite the words you say to each other to proclaim your love to the world, wedding videos are also an important part of your special day.

You need to have all the memories of that day put together in a way that can be treasured for a lifetime. A video, or wedding wedding videos are the perfect way to do that.

Most couples only focus on photography, but videography (and video documentation) is also important. That is why we offer our top notch editing skills to help. The videographer (maybe you, a loved one or a professional) you hire or select will capture significant moments that you wouldn’t be able to see, like your guests arriving, the time during which they enjoy cocktails, or as you take beautiful photos with your photographer. All the scenes, music, and people speaking preserve your memories differently. And, we will turn the captured footage into a beautiful piece (or many beautiful cinematic masterpieces).

You can play the video (videos) to family and friends, or simply watch them in the future to remind yourself how beautiful it was.

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Video Editing And Wedding Video Editing Services Like Ours

A wedding videographer films many aspects of the wedding day and later (he/she or a wedding video editing company like ours) edits the footage, which later leads to the creation of a wedding video. It’s simply a video production that’s made in order to document the different events that take place in your wedding. The finished product from what has been documented by the videographer is what’s called the wedding video, wedding film, or a wedding movie. The common styles when it comes to wedding videos vary between cinematic to journalistic. They include:

Concept videos

When you want an elaborate and artistic wedding video, then a concept wedding video will get the job done. It doesn’t merely flow freely, and it isn’t shot randomly. It’s scripted and requires significant preparation. Before the wedding happens, you have to go and do some photo shoots for the rehearsal, and to also prepare for what may happen on the actual wedding day. It also includes interviews with your guests and you as a couple. After all the preparation, planning and wedding day activities are complete, and you send captured footage, we will professionally edit (and deliver) your final (concept) wedding video.

Journalistic style

This is simply a documentary film of your wedding. The wedding video editor usually edits different scenes as they occur to maintain continuity. With this style, you get a beautiful documentation of your wedding as the day unfolds.

Drone shots

Drones have become popular in shooting wedding videos. They provide an aerial view for photography and videos.

Instagram videos

With how much people are using social media nowadays, short wedding videos have become popular. This is especially popular on Instagram; for the normal Instagram feed, the maximum video length is 60 seconds, but the IGTV option lets you upload longer videos.

Cinematic videos

A cinematic wedding video editing is referred to as a ‘filmy’ look. The aim of this style of wedding videos is to enhance the emotional aspect of the video. This is done through creative angles, saturated colors, dramatic music, slow motion, and transition effects.

It does not matter what style you are looking for, we have you covered. Call or contact us today to learn more about our wedding video editing service.

It’s an important step to decide you’ll have a wedding video shot by a professional wedding videographer (or loved one) and edited by a professional wedding video editor. With the video, you’ll be able to watch your big day over and over again in the future to experience its glory again. You’ll be able to see how everything you planned out for your big day came together and how your guests enjoyed it. The following are some reasons why you should consider getting wedding video editing services:

You’ll be able to relive the memories

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event for you and your significant other, but having a wedding video will allow you to always relive that special day. It’s important to hire a wedding video editor, so they can have your wedding on film to ensure your memories don’t fade. Celebrating your anniversaries can be extra special when you have a wedding video to show you where it all started. Unlike regular movies, you won’t get bored watching your wedding video over and over again.

You’ll discover moments you missed

As discussed earlier, you might not be able to see everything that’s going on around you on your wedding day. You’ll be busy, and at the same time, other things will be happening. However, when you have a wedding video videographer (or loved one) around, they’ll ensure they capture everything. And, we (superstar wedding video editors) will turn the captured footage into gold. You’ll simply need to focus on each other and pour out your love. After the wedding video editing is done, you’ll be able to see how everything was in your guests’ eyes. A reliable wedding videographer will act as your eyes and ears during your wedding.

People who didn’t attend the ceremony can see how amazing it was

It might be disappointing, but maybe some of your friends and family members will not be able to attend your wedding. It might be due to different reasons why they don’t make it. For those who choose to elope, there won’t be anyone present, apart from the person officiating the marriage. Therefore, having a wedding video editor create (re-create) the magic for you with their wedding video editing skills will be necessary for appeasing some sad friends or loved ones. Your loved ones will be able to appreciate what they missed out on. It will be more satisfying emotionally than what they would get from just looking at photos.

Things like music and your vows can’t be photographed for memories.

Photographs are fine for capturing moments, but videos do better in showing all the action. There is the emotional aspect that’s covered by a wedding video that will impact you every time you watch it. Listening to your partner’s vows all over again is definitely breathtaking. You’ll experience that one moment in time that couldn’t be possible with only photographs. All the toasts by your guests will also be included tastefully. The music is an important part of the wedding, it brings everything together perfectly. Again, you won’t hear the melodious sounds through photos; more reason to have a wedding video.

When all is said and done, you need an expert video production company (or top wedding video editing services provider) to work with. One of the best to choose when it comes to wedding video editing is Latent Productions (us). We create some pretty awesome and stunning wedding videos. And, it doesn’t matter what type of style or detail you want added to your wedding video, we got you covered.

We offer our wedding video editing services to anyone and everyone, and to all happy couples looking to celebrate their love forever.

Your wedding video needs to be beautiful, and all of the details should fall in place. Having a professional videography company like ours help you put things together makes everything much easier. You can be sure there’s nothing you’ll request that can’t be put in place.

Our wedding video editors are highly qualified and efficient to ensure only a superb job is done with your wedding video. The best software and adequate time will be utilized to edit and spent; to ensure the video and audio quality is top-notch. It doesn’t matter where your venue will be (or who will be present), your wedding video will be beautiful. Your beautiful wedding memories will be compiled into a beautiful film that will always feel so surreal from how terrific it is. Therefore, don’t look any further when it comes to wedding video editing services, trust Latent Productions to deliver the results you want from your wedding video. No stone will be left unturned when it comes to showcasing all of the important and special details going on regarding your special day.