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A Whiteboard Animation Video Can Help You Hook Your Audience, Generate More Traffic, and Convert More Of Your Visitors Into Paying Customers – All At The Same Time.

A Whiteboard Animation Video Will Let You Provide Your Target Consumers All The Information They Need To Make Logical and Worry-Free Buying Decisions.

Whilst searching for or looking at different pieces of content online, consumers are looking for valuable information to devour. The only problem is – they do not often find these pieces of valuable information in easy to consume – or bite-sized chunks. Instead, most consumers run into lengthy articles and blogs, or worse yet, boring and long YouTube videos that are presented in a manner that makes them uninteresting and hard to digest. In turn – leaving these hungry potential buyers unsatisfied and still on the prowl for easy to consume information that will push them to purchase the solution they need. This could lead them to a competitor if you do not have a solution available on your website or other internet video platforms to deliver them the information they need efficiently – or it could lead them to you if you have a great video solution for delivering information like a WHITEBOARD ANIMATION VIDEO running across all target platforms.

A whiteboard animation video is the ideal solution for this problem and is simply awesome for marketing/branding/advertising (or any similar communication based initiative) – one of these entertaining and story-based videos will help you tell your story, provide more information to a potential consumer, educate your target consumers on their problem and present your solution to them in the best manner possible. With a carefully-crafted whiteboard animation video, your target audience will be hooked from the start and they will watch the video till the end because whiteboard animation videos (made by us) are designed and put together in a way that makes them each extremely unique, visually appealing, logical, fun, attention grabbing, and engaging.

Most YouTube viewers and consumers of video content do not run into whiteboard animation videos every day, so, they will be impressed – or at least intrigued – and therefore more willing to watch your video until the end.

Moreover, these videos are usually developed in a manner where a story is the central focus of the video – and everyone loves stories. That is why we watch 2-hour long movies. For the stories they tell. We will help you develop a story for your whiteboard animation video. Around this engaging and captivating story – we will develop your ideas and help you present your solution (be it a product or a service) in a way that naturally makes your target audience want to learn more. They will then be more inclined to visit and browse your website, call, or do anything you need them to do to find out more information. We call this the “WHITEBOARD ANIMATION VIDEO HOOK FORMULA”.

That is how a whiteboard animation video will help you get more visitors, email opt-ins, calls, leads – and ultimately skyrocket your sales. These awesome pieces of video content (whiteboard animation videos) are worth their weight in gold – call us to find out more about them.

Are You Ready To Tap Into The Marketing & Persuasion Powers Of Whiteboard Animation Video Storytelling?

Increase Conversions and Generate Incredible Returns On Your Investment With A Whiteboard Animation Video Today.

We can not reveal everything here on this page, so, get on a call with us today to find out about the whiteboard animation video creation experience and learn more about whiteboard animation videos.

Whiteboard Video Guide

Everything You Need to Know about Whiteboard Animation Production

How To Use This Potent Marketing Method to Create Affinity for Your Business, Increase Click-throughs and Improve Sales

If learning about animated whiteboard videos is your goal, you’re in the right place! Below you’ll learn everything you need to know about them, including how they’re produced and what they cost. More importantly, you’ll see why animated whiteboard videos are so popular and have become a leading marketing method in many industries. If learning Everything, You Need to Know about Whiteboard Animation Production is your goal today, read on!

Marketing and advertising today consist of various methods that aim to do one thing; catch the attention of a potential customer. Let’s face it; if potential customers aren’t paying attention to what you’re saying, your business won’t thrive and, possibly, won’t survive, either. It’s up to you to choose a marketing method that gets the word out, creates trust in your brand, and can push sales. That, in a nutshell, is what an animated whiteboard video can do for your business.

Animated whiteboard videos haven’t been around for a very long time; it’s true. (UPS made the first one back in 2007,) However, what is true is that they have a proven track record of success in a wide variety of industries. Animated whiteboard videos are recognized by marketing and advertising experts today, though, as a potent tool.

Interestingly, the first whiteboard videos created for advertising purposes were for the US company UPS (United Parcel Service) and American package delivery service provider. They did so well that, almost overnight, animated whiteboard videos were being produced everywhere.

Indeed, since their introduction, whiteboard videos have become a true driving force in many industries. Today, most Fortune 500 companies use them regularly, as well as entrepreneurs, start-ups, and even non-profit organizations. In short, animated whiteboard videos should be a part of every businesses’ comprehensive marketing program.

Animated whiteboard videos tend to confuse people because, well, the name is a bit of a tongue-twister. However, if you know what the term means, it’s much easier to understand exactly what they are.

First, let’s look at the word whiteboard. All this means is that the video being produced will be with an all-white background. The name “whiteboard” comes from the boards that teachers often use, which are white and made to be written on with erasable markers. It’s different than the traditional blackboard, which, if you’re of a certain age, you know, was written on with chalk. (Some also call this a chalkboard.) In any case, the term whiteboard refers to the fact that the background of the video will be white, nothing more.

The term animated is easy to understand, although many different types of animation can be used in an animated whiteboard video, which can be slightly confusing. So, for example, an animated whiteboard video could be one where words and pictures are “drawn” on the screen. It could also be animated characters with no written words but a traditional voiceover. It could also be a live person superimposed on a whiteboard, with animated words and characters on-screen. In short, any type of animation, as long as the background is white.

So the definition of an animated whiteboard video is a video created on a white background and uses any animation to deliver its message. Another description of an animated whiteboard video is this: it’s a potent, affordable, and profit-producing marketing method!

To look at most whiteboard videos, you wouldn’t think they work as well as they do. They can appear a bit plain sometimes and don’t have the “wow factor” of many other types of videos. But underneath that veneer of vanilla is a powerful psychological force that’s been around for time immemorial; humans love to watch cartoons.

Don’t believe us? Cave dwellers were drawing cartoons on walls hundred of thousands of years ago because we think visually. The human brain processes visual (sight) information much faster than audio (hearing) information. Indeed, cartoons have been used for millennia to illustrate points, make arguments and even change governments. That’s because you can understand a cartoon at a glance, with no need to read what’s underneath to understand what’s going on.

Today the same holds true, but the visual images are now on video rather than printed in a newspaper (or scribbled on a cave wall). Humans are still visual learners, and many prefer learning about something through watching rather than reading or listening to the same information. Animated whiteboard videos take full advantage of this fact. They combine the visual imagery of animation with good storytelling techniques to create a marketing message that engages, persuades, and produces excellent results.

At the end of the day, animated whiteboard videos do what few other marketing methods can do; They create awareness for your brand, catch the eyes of potential customers, increase public trust for your business and create affinity for it as well. Even better, they do all of those for a fraction of the budget of many other marketing and advertising methods.

OK, so now we know what an animated whiteboard video is, their history, and what they are. We also understand why they work so well and that many Fortune 500 companies, startups, and entrepreneurs use them to great success. Now the question is this; why does your company need an animated whiteboard video or several of them? Below we’ll take a look at all of the best reasons:

Consumers Will Stay On Your Website Longer to Watch an Animated Whiteboard Video

Study after study done over the last two decades shows conclusively that visitors stay substantially longer when you have a video on your website’s main page. How much longer? Well, the typical visitor stays about 15 seconds on a website with no video, give or take a few seconds. When there is an animated whiteboard video on the website’s main page, though, they stay closer to 1 minute and 15 seconds! That’s substantially longer, opening a window of opportunity for your business that’s hard to beat.

While potential customers watch your animated whiteboard video, they also look around longer at your website and learn about your company. Also, if you have a clever, engaging video on your website, viewers will immediately start to believe that your business is a “good” business. Make viewers smile, though, and the goodwill you generate for your business could be phenomenal!

Animated Whiteboard Videos are an Inexpensive but Potent Marketing Method

Marketing and advertising, no matter how you slice them, use an awful lot of your budget. Sure, if done well, they can deliver good results. But here’s the thing; if they don’t deliver a decent ROI, you still have to pay for them. The same goes for animated whiteboard videos, of course, except for one significant difference; animated whiteboard videos are very cost-effective to produce. Even better, hosting them on your business website costs almost nothing. You can post them on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media channels as well, and, again, the cost is virtually nothing.

On Facebook and YouTube, you can also promote your animated whiteboard videos for a very reasonable cost. More than that, they have powerful algorithms that allow your business to target your market segment precisely. Imagine being able to put your video in front of the exact people who fit your target market! That’s what you can do with an animated whiteboard video and for far less than many other marketing methods.

Animated Whiteboard Videos Work for you 24/7, 365 Days a Year

If you’re a business owner, imagine this; a salesperson who would work tirelessly for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One that would promote your products and services precisely every time someone was interested in them. A salesperson who never took a day off, never called out sick, and never, ever tried to take advantage of you in any way.

That, in a very neat nutshell, is what you get when you have an animated whiteboard video online, on your website, or local cable TV. A tireless salesperson who never complains and never talks negatively about the company: a salesperson who never needs a vacation, and best of all doesn’t need a weekly paycheck! No insurance fees and tax fees need to be paid for your loyal salesperson, either, saving you substantially over a flesh-and-blood salesperson.

Now, sure, animated whiteboard videos can’t actually interact with potential clients. They can’t answer specific questions or give a customer more advice than in the actual video. That being said, if they’re well-made, an animated whiteboard video can answer enough questions to help a potential client become a client. At the very least, they can persuade a potential customer to take the next step in the sales process, both of which are a win for your business!

Consumers Love Watching Animated Whiteboard Videos

We said it before, and we’ll say it again; today’s consumers, no matter if B2C or B2B, love to watch videos when searching for goods and services! With so much going on today, they simply don’t have the time to read all the information that you’ve stuffed onto your website or landing page! But, if you give them an animated video to watch and teach them about what you’re selling, they’ll stop and watch it, giving you more precious seconds to convince them to stay, look around, give you their contact information or leave a comment. (They may even make a purchase.)

Of course, like any form of entertainment, you have to make sure your videos are entertaining. They have to be engaging, with a well-written script that uses words in a completely understandable way. They can’t be boring, dull, or slow, or viewers will click away faster than you can say, “Where’d they go?!” Plus, you can never, ever speak down to people. Friendly, helpful, and loaded with great information is a solid recipe for any successful animated whiteboard video.

Lastly, the quality has to be high all around, including the animation, voiceovers, and production values. Let’s face it, today’s consumer is used to mind-blowing special effects and graphics. If your animated whiteboard video looks like the local high school produced it, viewers will be none too pleased with your business. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to hire a video production company that specializes in animated whiteboard videos.

Animated Whiteboard Videos are an Excellent way to Build Public Trust

It used to be that any company that was “seen on TV” was immediately trusted. The same thing went for businesses that used newspapers, magazines, and the radio to advertise. If they were there, most consumers instantly believed that they were trustworthy and their products were suitable for them. The fact is, today’s savvy, comparison-shopping, online review reading consumer looks nothing like the consumers of old. They can smell a brand that doesn’t live up to its promises a mile away!

With an animated whiteboard video, though, you have the perfect opportunity to build trust among consumers. For 30, 60, 90, or more seconds, you can grab their attention, change their opinion, make them laugh, or tell them something they find helpful. Below are a few animated whiteboard video ideas that can help your business build trust among the buying public:

  • Have an animated whiteboard created that tells the story of your business and how it got started.
  • Present information that is helpful in some way for your target audience. “How To” whiteboard videos are extremely popular.
  • Show how to fix or improve something in a way that’s helpful to your customer base.
  • Present ideas in a way that makes your products or services accessible to more people.
  • Explain a complicated process or technique in a way that makes it more transparent and understandable.
When it comes to the cost of having an animated whiteboard video produced, the good news, as we’ve already seen, is that they’re pretty reasonably priced. Indeed, because of their very nature, whiteboard videos are one of the least expensive types of videos that can be made for marketing purposes.

The question about what animated whiteboard videos cost, though, depends on several factors. Typically, prices start at about $2500.00 per minute, including the animation, production, and voiceover. That can go up to as much as $35,000.00 per minute if you get all the “bells and whistles” but, again, having an engaging animated whiteboard video created on a budget is possible. Below are a few of the factors that can increase, or decrease, the price:

The Overall Quality of Your Video

A very high-quality animated whiteboard video uses more animation techniques, top voiceover actors, and more details than a basic animated whiteboard video. Do higher quality animation and other factors make these videos better? Maybe, but a basic video is still enough to get started if you’re a startup or new to your particular industry. Once your business starts taking off and making profits, you can go from basic to medium-quality and, down the line, top-quality animated whiteboard videos. Some of the differences include:

  • Lots of motion as opposed to static illustrations and photos.
  • Higher-quality graphics, photos, and video clips.
  • More, and better, Special effects.
  • Smoother transitions between scenes.
The Length of Your Video

One of the most significant factors determining the cost of an animated whiteboard video is the length of the video. If, for example, you desire a 30-second video, that’s going to cost substantially less than a 2, 3, or 4-minute video (or longer). The reason is simple; more animation, more voiceover work, a longer script, and more hours to create the video all increase the overall cost. In short, longer animated whiteboard videos cost more than shorter videos, just like 2 gallons of maple syrup cost more than 1 gallon.

By the way, longer isn’t always better when it comes to animated whiteboard videos. There are many examples of 30 and 45-second videos delivering a much higher ROI than longer videos. In other words, don’t equate length to overall success. In many cases, a shorter, more engaging, and more concise video will perform better.

The Style of Your Video

Style, in this context, refers to the type of animation that’s being used to create your animated whiteboard video. For example, if the characters in your video are static (meaning that they don’t move but stay still on the screen), the cost is going to be less. If, however, your characters move, dance, run and otherwise interact on-screen, the cost will be more because the time and energy to animate the video will be much more involved.

  • Basic animated whiteboard videos have static characters and scenes.
  • Mid-range style videos add more color, some movement, and more scene changes.
  • Top-quality style videos have many similar traits to a TV commercial, with colorful graphics, fully animated characters, many different sceneries, and more background changes.
How Quickly You Need Your Video Produced

This is one factor that can often cause the budget for an animated whiteboard video to increase or decrease. The truth is, like many other types of service, creating an animated whiteboard video takes time, skill, and effort. The time factor can be increased or decreased, but the same skill and effort are needed. That’s why, if you need your video quickly, it may cost more. (Artists, animators, voiceover artists, and more need to be paid, of course, and if they’re working overtime, that pay increases substantially.)

Conversely, if you have the extra time to wait, it behooves you to do so as the cost of your video will be lower. For example, if you’re a start-up and haven’t opened your doors yet (whether brick-and-mortar or virtual), now is a great time to have your animated whiteboard video produced. That way, you can wait a little longer while it’s being created since it’s not needed yet. Are you launching a product in 6 months? That’s perfect! Get your animated whiteboard video project started now so that, on launch day, it’s ready to go!

Suppose you’re looking to have an animated whiteboard video created for your business, organization, or start-up. In that case, you may be wondering how long it takes and what the production process looks like. Frankly, it’s not a complex process. Still, there are multiple steps that animated whiteboard video producers must take to ensure an excellent video that delivers an ever better ROI. Below is a breakdown of the typical production schedule on this type of video:

Week 1- Information Gathering and Brainstorming Ideas

This is a critical step. Before a video production company can create an animated whiteboard video, the producer needs to know what it will be about, more or less. That includes the style, message, video length, video tone, and many other factors. Also, this is when you, your team, and the video production company brainstorm ideas. Input from both sides can be constructive and leads to a better overall outcome.

Week 2- Approving the Script

One of the vitally important parts of any animated whiteboard video is the script. These are the words that producers will use to convey the message you wish to tell the public, and your target market. A great script can take even a low-budget video and turn it into a profit-producing powerhouse for your company or organization. Conversely, a well-made, high-quality video can be sunk by a poorly written script. In short, the script needs to be stellar (and approved by you) before any animation can begin.

Week 3- The First Draft With Style Frames is Created

At this juncture, your video producer should have a basic draft of the video with the style frames inserted so that you can get an idea of how the finished video will look and sound. Typically, these will be rough sketches that convey a sense of how the video will progress from start to finish and the story that it will tell viewers. Once you’re happy with the first draft, the video production studio will move on to the next step.

Week 4- A Complete Storyboard is Created

This next step takes the first draft and fleshes it out, so to speak so that the details are more apparent and the story more specific. If you were happy with the first draft, the complete storyboard should make you happy as well. Once approved, the video production company moves on to the last step.

Week 5- Delivery of your Animated Whiteboard Video

Ta-da! Your shiny new animated whiteboard video is complete and ready to shout out your business, startup, or organization to the entire world! It can be posted to your website, YouTube, Facebook, and more or used as an in-house video for employees and staff.

If you’ve been reading along up until now, you know why an animated whiteboard video is an excellent investment. (We gave you all the clues!) Below, however, is a brief synopsis:

  1. They sell your products and services 24/7, 365 days a year on your website, YouTube, and other online locations. (And they never ask for a raise!)
  2. They create trust among consumers looking to make a purchase.
  3. They can create affinity (goodwill) among the public.
  4. When someone visits your website, they will stay longer, and thus be more likely to purchase, if an animated whiteboard video is there to greet them and give them interesting information.
  5. They’re very cost-effective, with an excellent ROI.
  6. Your business or organization can use animated whiteboard videos for weeks, months, and even years, selling your products and services and increasing your company’s stature in the public eye.
Congrats on making it through our information-packed guide; we know it’s a lot to digest! We’re Latent productions, Toronto’s premier video production company. We’ve been making animated whiteboard videos for some time now with excellent results and many satisfied clients. Below are a few of the best reasons to choose our production company for your next (or first) animated whiteboard video:


The team here at latent Productions has tons of animated whiteboard video production experience. We can advise you on every facet of the process so that the results are excellent and deliver a high ROI. (Return on Investment, which is very important.)

A Top-Notch Production Team

You will have top scriptwriters, voiceover actors, artists, creatives and producers working on your project. No matter your message or the concept you imagine for your animated whiteboard video, we can make it happen!

We have the technology, know-how, and equipment to make your products or services look and sound genuinely extraordinary with a whiteboard video or multiple whiteboard animation videos!

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed this detailed look at how and why animated whiteboard videos are produced. If you have questions or would like to arrange a meeting to talk about your next video, please leave your name and contact information for us on here. One of our friendly, knowledgeable staffers will get back to you in less than 24 hours!