Real estate photography is an important tool for selling a house. The photographs can help to showcase the property and attract potential buyers. To make sure the house looks its best in photographs, here are some tips for preparing a house for real estate photography.

## Clean Up the Exterior

The outside of the house should be spotless. Clean up the garden area, power wash the exterior walls, and sweep away leaves and debris. Make sure to trim any overgrown bushes, cut the grass, and tidy up the driveway.

## Clear the Interior

Before the photographer arrives, it is important to clear out any personal items. This includes removing any family photographs, religious symbols, and other items that may not be appropriate. Put away any clutter, such as toys and pet supplies. Vacuum and dust the house, and make sure all surfaces are sparkling clean.

## Enhance the Lighting

Make sure to open all curtains and blinds to maximize the natural light in the house. For rooms that don’t get much natural light, try adding some lamps or other lighting solutions. You may need to replace some light bulbs with brighter ones as well.

## Create a Compelling Layout

Before the photographer arrives, rearrange the furniture and create a more interesting layout. Move any large furniture pieces out of the way and rearrange chairs and small tables to create a better flow throughout the house. Don’t forget to stage the bedroom and bathrooms, highlighting any unique points of interest.

By following these tips, you can help to create an attractive and inviting real estate photography shoot. Keep the house clean, enhance the lighting, and create a more compelling layout. This will help to make the house look its best and attract more potential buyers.


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