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Eye-Popping, Professional and Comprehensive Video Production In Vancouver (And British Columbia) That Can Help You Generate SERIOUS MARKETING OR ADVERTISING ROI .

Awesome Video Production Solutions & Services We Provide Our Awesome Clients. 

Producing high-quality and professional video content that will help you communicate better or sell is at the core of all of our video prodruction services and solutions. 

1. Video Strategy & Plan

We understand that great marketing strategy and excellent planning are behind every video marketing success story, that is why we make them the driving force behind every project. 

2. Video Production

We do amazing, marketing driven, focused, and meticulous video production for businesses in Vancouver by producing captivating cinematic pieces. We produce all types of videos and work with experienced Vancouver video production experts.

3. Post-Production

A video will not come together without post-production and editing. We help you edit captured footage into a masterpiece that will help you motivate action and driven intended results.

4. Creative

Coming up with the right concepts, creating scripts and tying strategy into production might be hard for you. Luckily, we offer storyboarding, concept design and development and more to help you focus on the things that matter in your business, not scripts.

5. Video Marketing

You have a cool or kick-ass video, now what? Exactly. Instead of leaving you hanging like most Vancouver video production companies, if you do not know where and how to deploy your video for maximum impact, we can help you develop a plan to do just that.

6. Custom

We understand that sometimes, going over and beyond and thinking differently will help us solve your problems, that is why we tend to craft super-custom solutions for our clients. Our solutions (often times) are not limited by project scope or size because, at the end of the day, we are here to get your job done.

We Help Businesses In Vancouver

  • Raise awareness for products, causes, brands and anything else.

  • Sell more products, subscriptions, books, services and more.

  • Connect deeply and meaningfully with target audiences (on focus platforms).

Knowledge Center + FAQ Vancouver BC Video Production.

Companies and individuals (and other brands/businesses alike) need to have quality (promo and/or marketing) videos for their event or product/service advertisements. Video production in Vancouver is a service that is currently in demand due to the effectiveness of videos for marketing purposes. More and more people are seeking professional video production (in Vancouver) whenever they need video content.

With so many gadgets having a camera, you would think that demand for video production services would significantly reduce.

However, there is much more to production than pointing a camera towards something and taking an amateur video – businesses (and the smart people behind them) get this. They know they need awesome videos to stand out.

Additionally, end users and your consumers do not want to waste their precious time watching amateur videos. Everyone wants to watch videos that have the level of quality and professional production of TV shows (including those big budget docs) or movies you see on massive streaming platforms with major production houses on payroll. Therefore, people running businesses or in charge of marketing need to hire a video production company in Vancouver whenever they want (need) high-quality videos or video content. And, for the most part, a lot of businesses are already using video production in Vancouver to try and differentiate themselves, so, if you are a serious business person in the Vancouver area, you must begin doing the same.

What is Video Production (Vancouver based business owners are usually fast to this)?

Elementally, video production (in Vancouver) includes several activities that lead to the final product (high-quality video content that you can readily deploy to hungry consumers). The whole process from start to finish includes planning, setting up, shooting, and editing.

Furthermore, when it comes to video production in Vancouver, we find that although most professional Vancouver videographers have the skill to capture raw emotion and present a product or service in a positive light, it takes time to create an exciting video, and the time required to complete each project will differ depending on the video’s length and your Vancouver production company’s staff (size and skill).

Finally, the cost of video production (in Vancouver) depends on video project length, human resources required, and equipment (needed).

Side notes and lessons on Vancouver video production:

  • There are certain types of videos that require a high level of expertise (commercials, interviews, BTS) when compared to others (funny social media content, personal social media content, etc.).
  • Some videos, like music videos, require the input of a director and a producer.
  • Other types of videos, like event coverage or recap highlights, only require one or two videographers.
  • Each type of video production has different requirements and may use a different approach.

Call us today for help with any aspect or type of video production in Vancouver.

It may be tempting to do a DIY video shoot (and edit) using one of the many gadgets (your phone – perhaps) that has a camera that you own, however, unless you are a professional videographer or an experienced (and battle-tested) content creator, it will be hard to beat the quality work you get from professionals. A professional Vancouver production company most likely has years of experience producing quality videos – and qualified personnel for the job (creating your dream video). The company will also have insights on the latest trends in the industry and the video marketing devices that attract and influence the consumer profile and target market you are looking to influence. Professional videos (and professional video production in Vancouver) are a vital (and often much needed) investment for businesses.

You can easily tap into their expertise and experience.

You are unlikely to be able to equal the quality and visual appeal of professional production, editing, animation, and/or sound design, particularly if you have zero experience with production. And, going to school to acquire these skills is a stretch.

So, what are you to do when you need a high quality video in Vancouver and don’t have time to acquire top production skills? You hire those with those skills.

Hiring a specialist video production firm guarantees that you will produce quality work because it gives you direct access to talented experts with the skills to make your video a reality. Experts will help you get the most – with your money.

Bottom line

Companies and big firms cannot afford to have amateur footage on their websites, commercials, and corporate videos. So, it is imperative to have all video content done by a reputable production company (in Vancouver).

Online users expect a certain level of quality when it comes to corporate videos. And, poor-quality videos can lead users to fixate on – or worse – subconsciously disqualify your brand – and forget about the content (message, story or idea).

Besides, companies that require a lot of video content regularly have an advantage. They can negotiate for favorable fees because they are a source of long-term work.

We love companies that are dedicated to putting out great video content – and focused on providing their audiences with the best videos – here at Latent Productions. Consumers love companies like this even more. If this sounds like you, give us a call and we will help you with your video production (in Vancouver).

There are several stages of video production (in Vancouver) that must be carried out before you get a piece that smashes expectations – and get the final product. All the stages are essential to ensure that the video meets your requirements and outdoes its purpose. Each stage also requires deep collaborations between involved parties. Overall, it takes the unrelenting efforts of both the client and the production company for the production to be successful.

The four main stages of video production (in Vancouver) are:

Stage 1: Planning

The planning stage is critical, as the client (you) explains what they envision for their piece of video content during this stage. There may be some scripting for commercials and/or a discussion about the essential elements a client (you) wants – for advertising/marketing focused videos.

It may take only one meeting for a client to explain their vision – and for a good video production company (in Vancouver) to create a plan for the shoot. It can also be a bit more different than this.

More complex videos may require several meetings between the client and the production company so that all the essential details are covered at the beginning of the project.

At the planning stage, the production company (in Vancouver) can offer advice on things you can do to improve your video’s production quality or marketing effectiveness.

Step 2: Organizing & Setting Up

It takes some time to organize and set up all the equipment, props, and other essentials. It may take a longer duration of time to set up when the shoot takes place in different locations. The Vancouver video production company you pick needs to create a schedule for the production of the video. The schedule will act as a guideline to ensure that every step has adequate time devoted to it.

There is a lot of organizing for actors, transport (and transportation), equipment, a solid crew (shoot day workforce), and communicating with the client about the various production activities. Taking time to prep a set and preparing a production schedule ensures that the pros have all they need during the shoot. There won’t be any delays because someone forgot something or because an actor didn’t show up or is not in the right place.

Step 3: The Shoot

Once the video’s ideas are set in stone and everything is ready, it is time for the video shoot. The shoot is straight forward and mostly involves filming the video. A shoot aims to get as much raw footage as possible to make the video. Vancouver videographers must capture high-quality footage – and as many suitable frames as possible. The actual video shoot can take anywhere from a few hours to one or two days. Professional Vancouver videographers won’t stop until they are sure that they have high-quality footage for your video or videos.

Step 4: Editing

The final step involves putting together the raw footage and making a sensible (or exciting) video. The editing of a video will depend on the final use – whom and what the video is for. Some videos will require captions, extra graphics, or animations. There may be some back and forth about the edited footage as the client (you) decides whether or not all the essential parts are included – and if they like the direction of the video.

The production company will send edited footage to the client for approval and input until the client is happy with the edit. *There may be several changes to the footage and original edited video before the chosen Vancouver video production company submits the final copy (to you or your company).

We are video production masters (the ideal Vancouver video production company for agencies, brands and businesses in Vancouver)

Let us help you begin properly channeling and utilizing the great marketing and advertising powers of video and video content for your businesses (in Vancouver). We can help with any and all aspects of Vancouver video production as listed above – Give us a shout today.

There are many types of videos that a full-service video production company in Vancouver can provide (make or shoot) for clients. Each type of video serves a specific purpose, and understanding the different types of videos (and their separate purposes) will help you in choosing the right video for your audience. It will also help you handsomely (financially) to understand what service specific video production in Vancouver includes (you can use your knowledge to negotiate handsome and favourable deals). So, pay attention!

  • Commercials

Commercials (TV adverts or television advertisements) are an excellent way to create a buzz and boost awareness in the general public about a product or service. Commercials (video ads for TV) are the most popular types of videos that video production companies produce because companies worldwide use them to increase sales. Nowadays, you can reach the global community (in your industry) with commercials on global channels like YouTube (or sports channels/platforms).

It is essential to ensure that your company’s commercials have met the standards that customers expect to see – before launching them. Most channels show high-quality series, movies, or documentaries. Even reality TV has high-quality video content. Commercials need to have the same or higher quality than the content that viewers watch on the TV channels they love to watch – to stand out or at the very least blend in.

Commercial video production in Vancouver in very delicate. Let a professional Vancouver video production company like ours handle it.

  • Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos (for a product or service) are some of the things customers expect to find on a company website these days. Customers find it easy to follow instructions when watching a video than reading the instructions in a manual/book.

Companies should have tutorials on their websites and social media platforms to help clients understand a particular product.

Tutorials require captions and regular zooming in as you explain to your clients how to assemble or use a product. A professional video production company in Vancouver can assist you in making a seamless and easy to follow tutorial.

You can request additional graphics during edits to make the tutorial (or tutorials) clear and straight forward to follow.

Call us today for help with tutorial video production in Vancouver today….

  • Brand Videos

Branding is among the things that help companies get on the good (right) side of potential clients. Branding is an excellent way for companies to boost customer loyalty – and for you to convince new customers to buy your products. Consumers tend to buy from companies that they believe are trying to impact the community positively. You can have us produce a video showing your eco-friendly processes, donations to the less fortunate, your factory meeting new standards, or only showing your employees having fun at work- and push it out to the world. Professional video production (in Vancouver) can help your company capture all those raw emotions of joy, surprise, laughter, and gratitude – and beautifully export it to the world.

  • Event Videos

Events in Vancouver, British Columbia, are always pleasant and worthy memories for companies and individuals to keep a video record. Companies can record product launches, store openings, receiving awards, and anniversary events. Celebrating milestones is a terrific way to mark achievements and the progress a company makes over a period of time.

Individuals can hire a production company for baby showers, birthdays, graduations, and other family events. Keeping the precious memories of family life in video format makes it easy for parents and kids to share them with future generations. High quality videos make it possible to watch the footage for years to come – and it (the video or footage) will be in good shape for future members of the family years down the line.

  • Music Videos

Music video production is popular in Vancouver – as it is all over the world. There is a lot that goes into music video production (in Vancouver) from hiring vixens to finding the ideal location (and/or creating the right set).

Famous musicians from (in or around) Vancouver can opt for a producer and director for their music video if they hire us to help with music video production in Vancouver.

At the end of the day, music videos are meant to be (and are most effective) short and fun; and, it takes talent to create something that will capture a viewer’s attention instantly.

Overall, a lot is at stake during the production of a music video. An exciting video can get millions of views worldwide. This in return increases the income, commercial power and earning potential of a musician. Hiring a video production company for music video production is an excellent choice and investment for musicians who need multiple videos in any given year.

  • Social Media Ads

Social media ads are some of the best ads available to advertisers and companies today. When used properly, they can lead to a sales boom and bring in a lot of returns for the cost (ad spend and video budget or investment) and money that a business spends.

It can be tricky to make engaging social media ads since people use social media for entertainment – and are detached from the advertising and commercial side of it.

It takes a lot of talent (which we have here at Latent Productions) to create social media ads that are entertaining – and informative at the same time. However, you can opt for animations for ads or graphics to increase the advert’s appeal (or to ensure your production is a safe hit).

A production company can help you structure compelling ads for your social media platforms. Plus, professionals will be able to create content that can trend online.

Talk to one of our video production experts about our social media video (and corporate/commercial video production) solutions today.

  • Live Stream Videos

Live Stream Videos appeal to the general public because they show uncut footage of interviews, tutorials, and/or speeches. Viewers consider live stream videos to be the most authentic type of video content because they happen in real time. Streaming short live videos of about 30 seconds (to a few minutes) from a phone is possible, however, it can get a little tricky when one is trying to do a live stream for over 30 seconds. Usually, most live stream hosts encounter lighting and technical issues in the middle of streaming. A production company (in Vancouver) can provide an ideal space for live streams – and/or a team to ensure everything goes well. It is a small sacrifice (and/or investment) to make to ensure that all your live stream sessions go off without a hitch.

  • Entertainment

Entertainment videos are becoming a lucrative source of followers, and entertainers can use the platforms they build for advertising purposes (personal or business). Entertainment videos are usually shorter than 2 minutes and get a lot of shares on social media platforms. Entertainers have come to realize that the quality of videos can affect their number of viewers across the board. It is crucial to have high-quality videos that are easy to share on different channels.

Hiring a production company ensures that you have top-notch video content on all platforms. It can also reduce the overall production cost – if or when you use one company for the long-term production of videos (or when starting your professional career).

  • Wedding Videos

Weddings are beautiful, and most couples like to have a video of the ceremony. A wedding video is something you will want to watch for a long time (especially when down). You can share the memory with your grandchildren – if you want (and in due time).

A production company can help you capture all the beautiful activities of the day.

You can request several videographers that will capture the event from different angles. You can also choose a package that will cover only the hours of the ceremony – and nothing else – or a full day package.

*Note that video production packages are cheaper (and will get you more) than paying per final edited video minute most times. So, request a day rate and edited video package or an all inclusive solution.

  • Testimonials and Interviews

Testimonials from customers and interviews with company staff members/personnel can give potential clients insights into a company or product. They act as viable video reviews (and trust building bombs) for new clients (and smart companies).

A video production company in Vancouver (such as ours) can assist you in capturing all the convincing emotions of real people (customers or employees).

People look at facial expressions to determine whether someone is telling the truth or not. Testimonials and interviews need to show people’s emotions for a product, service, or company.

Call us today if you need any type of video (professionally produced and edited), we will be able to accommodate you.

Four significant players need video production in Vancouver – serious and active companies, vloggers, individuals, and advertising agencies. Each one of these players needs a production company to ensure the continuity of their business or to help immortalize and document events.

Videos are essential communications, marketing and advertising devices that you must begin (or continue) employing for your organization or company. Give us a call today is you have a video project you need help with.

  • Companies

A lot of companies need videos for commercial advertisements, social media ads, and tutorials for their customers. Videos have a high engagement level, and companies can even commission some for entertainment purposes. Companies need to have a video production company in Vancouver that creates videos whenever the need for them arises. Having a reputable company on the payroll (or rolodex) reduces the time it takes to commission a new video. It eliminates the vetting process, and the production company can simply get down to business with the company or business owner (you) when needed (now).

  • Vloggers

Vloggers make a living by posting exciting videos on platforms like YouTube. Vloggers need to use a production company for quality purposes. And, It is economical (and wise) for a vlogger, in the long run, to have a video production company in Vancouver work with he/she.

Vloggers can (and must) post as regularly as once a day – and this can be a lot of content to single-handedly produce to satisfy audiences. The amount of video content that a vlogger or influencer will need to be successful will need a small crew to produce at a reasonable price.

We are your small crew.

The overall cost (of video production) for beginners (and creators new to vlogging and content creation) will be lower than hiring a permanent crew and buying the necessary equipment. You will also save on the space and equipment you need to set up a personal studio.

So, if you are an influencer or vlogger, call us today.

  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Marketing and advertising agencies can benefit from hiring a video production company (in Vancouver). Most of the time, the best agencies have different video content types that they need done on behalf of clients. A video production company in Vancouver can provide videographers with different fields of specialization, all under one roof. That is essentially the reason why/how the different agencies can get different types of video content from just one company. Having a long-term contract with a reputable company for video production in Vancouver can (and will) eliminate the vetting process every time an agency needs a new video.

Agency partners can give us a call any time – we love partnering up with marketing or advertising agencies.

  • Individuals

Individuals need high-quality videos, mini docs and mini films to capture memorable times in their lives. Having a reputable video production company come in ensures that you do not (and will not – digitally – through video) miss any precious moment of an event. It also pretty much guarantees that you will be gifted with a beautiful (full event re-cap) video that you can watch many (unlimited) times – for years to come.

Talk to us if you need a video done in Vancouver today, we can help you work something out.

Shorter Requisition Process: Companies can enjoy a shorter requisition process whenever they need new video content. It really helps to have a reputable production company (in Vancouver) on call. You will always have a go-to company whenever there is a need for professional video production (in Vancouver or elsewhere in British Columbia or Canada).

Access to Quality Equipment: Full-service production companies (in Vancouver) tend to have the latest equipment to ensure that clients and their targets enjoy the best quality work. Things like HD cameras, microphones, and the latest technical equipment significantly impact the overall quality of videos. You can hire a top (professional) production company (in Vancouver) to eliminate the hassle of finding a crew with the latest equipment.

Professionalism: Full-service production companies (in Vancouver) are serious businesses that consistently take projects from top brands and clients – with huge demands. You can expect to be treated with courtesy, and for projects to be completed within a reasonable timeline.

You can always rely on a production company (in Vancouver) like ours and expect the best results from our video production professionals.

The average cost of producing a video (in Vancouver) depends on many factors – so it is hard to quantify. However, understanding how much video production normally costs in Vancouver can help you budget for a video you want to create, so, we will do our best to explain it.

A basic video of around 1 minute of content that doesn’t require scripting can cost around $1000 (on the low end of professional video production in Vancouver). However, a 1-minute video that needs scripting, shots in many different locations, and other graphics can run up to $10,000+ per minute of content.

The amount of energy, effort, and overall creative (and technical production) work that is put into the video production will determine the price of the project and what you pay.

You can opt to go for a package (if your chosen Vancouver video production company offers packages) that includes pre-production preparation, shooting, and post-production work. The lowest price for a corporate package (for a corporate video) from a reputable and professional production company in Vancouver is around $5,000. The cost of such a package can vary depending on the time it takes to shoot the video concept in the shoot package, the length of the script, technical equipment and technology requirements, actors and crew requirements, the shoot location (or locations), and more.

Finally, a commercial or video advert can cost anywhere from $10,000-$50,000 – for up to a 5-minute video if commissioned as a project.

Side lesson: The more work you need your production company to do during post-production, greater is the amount of money you will part with for the video. However, it is worth paying the price (whatever it may be) in exchange for high-quality video content that you will use to generate significantly more income than you will put into promoting it.

There are simple things that you can do to guarantee success when looking for (or securing) production services (and service providers) for video production in Vancouver. Here are some:

Request a Meeting: Having a meeting to discuss your video production needs allows you to learn about the Vancouver production company you want to hire. You can also ask for a quote for the project you want to hire the Vancouver production company to do. If you do this more than once with multiple Vancouver production companies, you can compare the quote (from the Vancouver production company you want to hire – your first choice) with others from the other Vancouver production companies that you are vetting.

Ask to See Previous Pieces of Work: Looking at a Vancouver video production company’s previous work pieces will give you an idea of what you will get when you hire the company. It will also tell you whether their skills and style are compatible with your tastes.

Check out Online Reviews: Any reputable video production company in Vancouver will have positive online reviews. Most satisfied clients tend to say what they liked or disliked about the select Vancouver video production company on Google and media services review platforms. All in all, look for companies that have a high Google and/or Clutch rating online.

Like we said earlier, there are simple things you can do to guarantee success when hiring a Vancouver video production company. And now, you have them all. So, put them to use. Dive deeper into us – learn more about us, our work and what we can do for you today. Browse this page for more information on our Vancouver video production services and how we do video production in Vancouver.

We are a full-service production company with a team of professionals ready to serve you and meet your needs. You can get fantastic customer service, brilliant video production services, skilled technicians, post-production services, etc – under one roof. You will enjoy the benefits of a video production company in Vancouver (without any of the typical hassles that comes with this) when you hire us.

Furthermore, we are strict with deadlines; so, you can rest easy knowing that you will receive the final cut before the deadline.

In the end, we aim to ensure you receive the highest quality of work – to ensure you come back for more in the future. We look forward to hearing from you. So, go ahead and book your consultation today.