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Eye-Popping, Professional and Comprehensive Video Production In Vancouver (And British Columbia) That Can Help You Generate SERIOUS MARKETING OR ADVERTISING ROI .

Awesome Video Production Solutions & Services We Provide Our Awesome Clients. 

Producing high-quality and professional video content that will help you communicate better or sell is at the core of all of our video prodruction services and solutions. 

1. Video Strategy & Plan

We understand that great marketing strategy and excellent planning are behind every video marketing success story, that is why we make them the driving force behind every project. 

2. Video Production

We do amazing, marketing driven, focused, and meticulous video production for businesses in Vancouver by producing captivating cinematic pieces. We produce all types of videos and work with experienced Vancouver video production experts.

3. Post-Production

A video will not come together without post-production and editing. We help you edit captured footage into a masterpiece that will help you motivate action and driven intended results.

4. Creative

Coming up with the right concepts, creating scripts and tying strategy into production might be hard for you. Luckily, we offer storyboarding, concept design and development and more to help you focus on the things that matter in your business, not scripts.

5. Video Marketing

You have a cool or kick-ass video, now what? Exactly. Instead of leaving you hanging like most Vancouver video production companies, if you do not know where and how to deploy your video for maximum impact, we can help you develop a plan to do just that.

6. Custom

We understand that sometimes, going over and beyond and thinking differently will help us solve your problems, that is why we tend to craft super-custom solutions for our clients. Our solutions (often times) are not limited by project scope or size because, at the end of the day, we are here to get your job done.

We Help Businesses In Vancouver

  • Raise awareness for products, causes, brands and anything else.

  • Sell more products, subscriptions, books, services and more.

  • Connect deeply and meaningfully with target audiences (on focus platforms).

Knowledge Center + FAQ Vancouver BC Video Production.

Are you a video marketer looking for an edge over the competition? Maybe you’re an aspiring social media influencer looking to gain more clout and a bigger following? Professional video production services (in Vancouver) can help you shine.

Sure, we get it, you have a video camera on your phone, and you think you have some videography skills. But would you try and operate on your pets if they got sick? Of course not; you would seek professional medical assistance.

So why try and complete one of the key marketing tasks for your business by yourself? You need a professional video production partner you can rely on for results. Latent Productions brings you a team of qualified, competent, and talented video production professionals.

We can handle every aspect of your video production requirements. We work with corporates, influencers, and charities to create any type of video for any project or campaign.

Whether your campaign or project is a single-camera or three-camera shoot, we have the skills, equipment, and experience you need to coordinate assets and get the results you desire.

We don’t waste your time or budget, giving you an efficient and effective video production service that reduces your costs.

Latent Productions takes everything to do with your project off your hands. We offer you a comprehensive production experience that takes the stress and hassle out of the situation. From pre-production to shooting and post-production, we cover every element of the process for you.

Our team utilizes the latest in camera technology, and we can shoot in 4K. Our top-quality production equipment gives you the best outcome, but it’s the talented videographers behind the lens that put this tech to work for outstanding results.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to get your project off the ground. Latent Productions has scriptwriters, producers, directors, casting directors, cinematographers, editors, location scouts, and makeup and hair artists.

We believe in offering our clients a world-class production service they can rely on for professional results.

Our team consists of talent from every media industry, including entertainment, broadcasting, announcing, color-commentary, documentary and film, music video production, and more. With Latent Productions behind your video marketing strategy, you have the best chance of going viral.

Latent Productions has thousands of hours of production time under our belt. Our experience extends from all fields of video production, including

  • TV commercials
  • Independent films
  • Documentaries
  • Title sequences
  • Movie trailers
  • Music videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Brand videos
  • Promo videos
  • Viral videos
  • Web commercials
  • Pitch videos
  • Concert visuals
  • And much more

Latent Productions also brings you a custom package video production service. We can assist with the following production tasks.

  • Motion graphics
  • 3D animation
  • Creative direction
  • Concept development
  • Camera crews
  • Video editing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Project management

If you want a world-class production team working on your next campaign, contact Latent Productions. We’ll show you what’s possible working with a professional video production service.

Latent Productions offers you a full-service video production agency. We run an in-house team to ensure total control over every aspect of the video production process.

We have everything you need for your next campaign, from concept creation and execution to filming and post-production. We promise you a client-focused video production experience where you have creative control, and we execute on your vision, bringing it to life.

We take care of everything, providing you with a hands-off, end-to-end video production solution you can trust to deliver results. Our team has decades of combined experience in producing high-quality videos to international standards.

We’re a multi-national agency, with a thirst for creating all types of video content. Our skills are in high demand with corporate clients and private persons. Some of our clients include leading local canadian businesses, top national companies and social media influencers.

They rely on us to execute video production that delivers results to enhance their business outcomes and succeed with their marketing strategy. With Latent Productions handling your video marketing production, you have a leading team giving you near Hollywood-studio production.

With Latent Productions, you get a team that understands the video production process. All of our videos aim to encompass the following goals for your campaigns.



We produce strategic video media designed to get your prospects to take action on your message. Drive traffic to your website and landing pages and complement your customer journey with an audio-visual experience.


Capture the moment through an audio-visual experience designed to showcase the best of what your product, service, or organization has to offer.


Our videos express your brand identity, building awareness and authority in your online and offline reputation.


Latent Productions can tell your brand story through a visual experience that’s highly relatable to your clients, prospects, and target audience.


Our videos create emotion in your prospects and target audience. We use strategic placement of soundtracks and visuals to entice your viewer to take action.


Whether you need a video for your staff or your prospects, we can help you get more engagement from the viewer.

At Latent Productions, we believe in establishing a relationship with our clients. As your video production partner, we know you’re relying on us for results, and we aim to deliver to your expectations.

It’s our goal to give your organization a “wow” experience with our Vancouver video production services. A large portion of our business is from returning clients, and an even larger portion of our new business comes from client referrals.

We’re confident we’ll do as good a job for you as we have with all our clients. We understand that you’re nervous about entrusting a third-party provider with your video content production. However, if you decide to give us a shot, we’ll prove our worth to you on the first shoot.

From the moment we take control of your video production, you’ll notice the difference. We handle everything systematically, ensuring you get the best value for your budget. We don’t waste time, and we work with professionals that know how to handle a shoot and the team involved with the process.

Call us today if you need any type of video (professionally produced and edited), we will be able to accommodate you.

Latent Productions brings you a comprehensive range of video production services in Vancouver. We can handle anything to do with the video production process. Whether you need us for a full-house video production service or just an editing team to finish your projects, we’re available for assistance.



Latent Productions can help you launch virtual events from any platform. We have a ton of (easy to tap into) experience in running and managing virtual events for clients around the globe.

Our end-to-end conferencing and event solutions offer you a concept-to-completion service.

Latent Productions works with any video event platform. We specialize in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Digitell, Intrado, ON24, and many more.


Latent Productions built our reputation on providing our corporate clients with cinematic-quality videos for their website and portfolios. We’ll help you create a mesmerizing corporate video, regardless of the size or goals of your organization or company.

All our corporate video productions have a purposeful design. We aim to convey your brand message while focusing on specific calls to action that drive curiosity and attention in the viewer, spurring them to take action.

We have an in-house team managing every step of the production process. As a result, we can deliver consistency with our work, meeting quality requirements and publishing deadlines without delays or unexpected outcomes.

With Latent Productions, you get an effective, efficient video production service that delivers on your expectations. Over the years, we’ve created corporate videos for leading global Vancouver-based companies and some of the most awesome local brands.


The world economy is a flexible, dynamic, and ever-changing place. In the last five years, we’ve seen gravitation towards video marketing, with the introduction of vlogging and podcasting to the mainstream media.

Businesses need to capitalize on this format of communications to reach out to corporate partners of clients in the B2B space.

We aim to produce video content that [promotes your brand and organization with a specific B2B strategy. We’ll collaborate with your team to ensure we get the right voice and message across to the viewer.


Our business-to-customer video services in Vancouver give your organization or local business the chance to reach a laser-targeted audience.

Video content hosted on your company website or through social channels like YouTube can revolutionize how your company does business.

Video streaming is fast becoming the preferred way for consumers to research products and services. Marketers need to shift towards focusing on creating premium video content for their customers and industry partners.


If you’re selling products online, give your prospect a 360-degree view of the product. Research shows that listings with product videos have a 570% increase in conversions.

Think about it for a second. If you’re purchasing sneakers, aren’t you more likely to make the purchase if you’re staring at a 360-degree video of the shoe instead of some 2D photos?

This concept applies to any product. Creating a 360-degree representation of your product is the closest thing you can do to placing it in the prospect’s hands.

All digital marketers understand the importance of giving as close to a real-world experience as possible, especially during the closing phase of the customer journey. With a 360-degree video showcasing the benefits of your product, you’re going to see a dramatic rise in conversions.


A time-lapse video is a great way to show a progression over time. For instance, if you’re a private equity firm investing in property deals, you might want to show a timelapse of the last construction project you financed.

A time-lapse is a creative way to pack a lot of information into a small time frame. It’s a stunningly creative process, with hours of videography compressing into just a few minutes. In contrast, the production process is intensive, but it’s extremely effective.

Latent Productions can put together a timelapse of any scenario. We’ll edit the footage professionally, adding a royalty-free soundtrack that improves the emotional response to the footage.


With Latent Productions managing your video production process, you get videos that connect with clients and consumers, showing your brand authenticity and values to your target market in a relatable manner they can engage with online.

We’ll create video content for your marketing and outreach programs that displays your brand story and the culture behind your organization.

Brand storytelling isn’t only for large national corporations. Influencers need to think of themselves as brands, and we can help you position yourself ahead of the competition in any market with our leading video production tactics.


At Latent Productions, our team has plenty of experience in producing commercials for all media formats. From social media channels to websites and traditional TV media, we can create you a commercial that sells any product or service.

We utilize innovative, creative strategies for capturing attention. Our storytelling techniques keep the viewer engaged with the content, and our execution means that your viewer takes the requested action at the right time in the process.

We have several styles and formats for commercials, and we integrate with your current marketing campaigns to provide consistency through your content on all platforms. Whether you need short or long-form video content for your commercials, the team at Latent Productions can accommodate your request.


If you’re hosting an event, make its impact timeless with a video production of the entire experience. If you’re hosting a marketing or informational conference, we’ll record the whole event and edit it into an exciting package for people that couldn’t attend the live event.

Give the viewers incentive to watch the new video or broadcast. Add behind-the-scenes footage and never-before-seen clips that capture attention and intrigue the viewer. We can assist you with filming and editing, and we also handle promotional video production for the weeks leading up to your event.

Our promo videos boost your ticket presales and attendance at your event. The team at Latent Productions has the equipment and the videography talent to make your next event special.



Latent Productions offers you a range of video production services outside of the traditional camera setup.

We have qualified drone pilots and personal filming equipment to help you create an intense in-person experience with your viewer.

We introduce new angles and perspectives to your content and the effect of your videos. Our editing team takes this action footage, curating it into a video that will blow the minds of your viewers.


Drones are fast becoming the new standard in filming. These devices make it possible to capture unique angles and perspectives we never thought possible, adding to the visual experience of any video production.

Our drone videographers have experience flying various platforms, and they’ll capture the best angle for any event. Talk to our team about what’s possible through the innovation of drone footage and its effects on your video production.


Video is about getting personal with the viewer, and you can’t get more personal than go pro footage. We’ll capture footage from angles you thought impossible, creating a personal touch to the footage that has a Hollywood-like effect.


Latent Productions brings you a comprehensive video production service to complement your video marketing strategy. You can rely on us to deliver a high-quality video production experience that exemplifies your brand or cements your status as a leading influencer in your niche.

Social media offers a new opportunity for people to create an audience and market online. However, it would help if you had the right team behind your video production to optimize your chance of experiencing success with your strategy.

Latent Productions has a team that understands what people want from their social media videos in different markets. Some prospects may require longer-form content, while others prefer short form. Understanding the purpose of your video and how it will capture your viewer’s eyeballs is what makes working with us special.

People watch most of their video content through social media, and Latent Productions will tailor your video content to suit your strategy on any platform. We know what works and what doesn’t, and you can leverage our experience to your benefit.

We have various video categories to suit your strategy when it comes to producing social media video content. Some of our internationally-acclaimed social media video production services include the following.



Social media is fast becoming the world’s biggest marketplace. How many times have you been browsing your Facebook feed only to find that a product you were thinking or talking about pops up onto your screen?

That’s the power of digital marketing. However, while you can get your product or service in front of prospects, that doesn’t mean they are going to take action and pull the trigger on the buy button. Your video marketing content is what makes the difference between a conversion and missing out on the sale.



If you’re a corporate or an influencer, video marketing can help to boost your industry credibility and your authority with your target audience.

Properly shot and edited videos give you a way to communicate your brand’s core values and what you stand for as an influencer.



Video media offers you a great way to explain your products or services to a core audience. Instead of repeating yourself, introduce your customers to an orientation video that assists them along the customer journey.

Product explainer videos answer questions your target market asks during the sales process, allowing you to create confidence in your prospect and elevate their buying temperature.



Every corporate understands the importance of using case studies to bolster the reasons why prospective clients should engage in your services. However, most companies and organizations rely on images and text for their case study.

A well-thought-out video on your case study gives a fresh dynamic to a tiring practice. With Latent Productions managing your video case study, you get to convey the key elements of your project portfolio in an engaging manner that lands you more clients.



This new era of marketing strategy involves producing video content for advertising and marketing purposes. Companies utilizing branded content videos in their process notice an increase in sales and awareness of their business.

Your organization or brand can interact and engage with your target market through non-invasive methods with branded content. Do away with the video content’s traditional “selling” method by introducing branded content videos; you create a special connection between the video brand and the viewer, leading to more followers and prospects taking action on your offers.

There’s no need to be the loudest voice in your space. As long as you’re delivering a consistent video experience, you’ll continue to grow your audience.



Most top companies and marketers understand the power of brand storytelling in their campaigns. Storytelling is a powerful tactic, giving your prospects and viewers something they can relate to that’s personable in their life.

Storytelling is the oldest form of human interaction and communication. Videos that tell a story surrounding your brand’s identity, heritage, and vision improve engagement and interaction with your offers.



In the digital era, people have instant access to a world of information right at their fingertips. With everything being so hyper-connected, people can now draw social proof from all areas with just a few clicks on their device’s screen.

Digital marketers need to understand the switch of social proof from traditional comments and testimonials to social media videos. Video testimonials are incredibly powerful, and they speak directly to your prospect.

A video testimonial puts the prospect in the shoes of your client, allowing them to experience what the client experiences. As a result, the candidate experiences an increase in their buying confidence, and there’s more chance they’ll take action on your CTAs.

Social proof videos offer your company or brand a way to capture your brand authority and credibility in a video designed to get you more business. When your prospects see that other people use your services and buy your products, they are more likely to purchase from you.

A video clip of a real client talking about how they love your product is way more valuable for your marketing strategy than a simple Twitter clip.

  • With social proof videos, you create an atmosphere of “seeing is believing.”
  • Your social proof videos act as tangible evidence of the results of using your product or service.
  • Social proof videos will increase trust in your brand, products, and services.
  • Social proof videos help to elevate your industry status and cement your authority as an industry leader.

As a leading Vancouver video production company, we understand the importance of social proof and how it affects your business.

We’re confident we can build your reputation and authority with proven video production techniques that deliver results.



Interview videos offer you another form of social proof and authority building. Our team has experience setting up interviews to look authentic, creating the most emotional impact with your prospects.

We collect footage and edit it to perfection, encapsulating everything your prospect needs to know about using your product or service.

With Latent Productions, you get a professional post-production team working on your testimonials and interview videos.



Podcasts are becoming more popular, with thousands of new broadcasts popping up each month. Look at the top podcasts, and you’ll see that they all have a visual component to the experience.

If you want to make the biggest impact possible on the podcasting world, you need great production. After all, what is Joe Rogan without Jamie Vernon?

Latent Productions offers you a full-house podcast production service. We’ll film your podcasts and edit them into clips for your channel to promote your content. With Latent productions, you get a podcast partner you can rely on for your video production requirements.



Many companies and brands are moving towards using animated videos for their storytelling purposes. Animated videos do well in specific markets, and they are especially effective for anything related to kids.

Latent Productions has an awesome animation team that brings your brand, products, and services to life. We’ll produce animated videos with 2D or 3D graphics, and we have tons of experience in using motion graphics techniques in video production.



Our range of professional video editing services includes the following. We also have a range of custom videography services available on request. Contact us, and we’ll work with you to accommodate any video content request.

  • Automobile/Car-Motorcycle Promotional/Walkaround Video Production
  • Car Dealership Promotional Video Production
  • Case Study Video Production
  • Product or Service Explainer Video Production
  • Family Video Production
  • Fashion Video Production
  • Health, Fitness, and Wellness Video Production
  • Highlight Reel Production
  • Hotel Video Production
  • How-To Video Production
  • Infomercial Production
  • Product Launch Video Production
  • Promotional Video Production
  • PSA Video Production
  • Real Estate Video Production
  • Sizzle Reel Production
  • Training Video Production
  • Web Commercial Production

Latent Productions takes care of the entire video production process from inception to realization and the finished product.

Our streamlined production process ensures you get a video production partner that brings you a customized, personalized experience that matches the goals of your strategy and your desired outcomes.


STEP 1 – Strategy Development

We brainstorm video ideas with you to understand the creative concepts you want to bring to life. We schedule every step of the production process, working with your content deadlines.


STEP 2 – Video Pre-Production

We’ll cast your talent, scout shooting locations, build your call sheets and storyboard your video and script. We prepare every pre-production element, ensuring your video gets the best result on set and in post-production.


STEP 3 – Editing and Post-Production

Our team reviews and edits your footage. Our team has decades of combined editing experience, and we work with all the leading editing platforms. We’ll create content for you in any format.

Whether you need cinematic footage for a special event or a 1-minute Tik Tok video for mobile, we’ll ensure you get the right result.

Why should you rely on Latent Productions as your content partner in video production in Vancouver?

We take every project with one goal in mind – Making your brand, organization, or business look good in the eyes of your target market. We utilize proven processes and videography strategies to make your video content as appealing as possible.

We bring eyeballs to your brand message, your products, and your business. We’ll help you deliver your target market an audio-visual experience that connects with them, drawing them to your CTAs and your offers.

When you hire a video production team, you need a team of experts that deliver on their promises. Hiring the wrong company to handle your video production strategy can cost you time and your marketing budget.

Our team has decades of combined experience waiting to handle your next videography project. Contact us right now, and we’ll make it happen for you.

Ask yourself, “what do Fortune 500 companies all have in common in their marketing strategy?

The answer?

They trust their video production partner to deliver results that bring them more qualified traffic to their website, landing pages, and social accounts. With Latent Productions managing the charge of your video production process, you get guaranteed results you need to grow your brand, business, or organization.

We understand how to work under pressure. Our teams work with your content guidelines to ensure you meet your publishing schedule.


We understand that you have a budget in mind when planning your video production. Latent Productions will work with you to enhance every cent of your budget, getting you top-tier content that you can distribute on any platform.

If your company or organization needs video production skills, we offer you an outsourcing partner you can rely on to deliver results. Our professional video production team has the experience and qualifications you need to make your video content strategy shine.

We’ll remove the responsibility for your video content strategy off your plate. We’ll help you increase your productivity, freeing your time to focus on other areas of your marketing strategy while our team does the hard work for you. Let us lighten the workload, and we’ll show you how we shine at what we do.

We understand deciding on the right video content partner for your business or organization is a critical choice. Our goal is to promote your reputation and brand identity, building your authority in the market.

Contact our team today and find out how we can supercharge your video content production process.


We understand that video production is a complex subject. There’s a lot more work involved in producing a 30-minute special than a 1-minute Tik Tok video. We want to work with you to understand your strategy and your production needs. Our team works with the smallest content creators to large firms.

It’s time to get the content partner you deserve. Let us show you what’s possible with our team at your side. Reach out to us directly through our contact form, and we’ll have a consultant get in touch to discuss your video production needs.


When you work with Latent Productions, you’re getting access to a team that delivers world-class results with your video production. To create the perfect video, you need more than just creativity and vision.

We understand what works in the world of marketing. After all, if you’re an influencer trying to reach a bigger audience or a corporate trying to land a client, you have the same goal. You need high-quality video production your audience finds engaging and exciting.

Our talented production team understands how to integrate marketing principles into videography, producing videos that sell. What are we selling? Your story, your brand, your message, and your vision. We capture eyeballs to your products and branding, giving you a new dynamic to reach your market.

Our direction gives your company, brand, or organization an approach inspired by your unique story.


Are you ready to take a hands-off approach to your video production process? Hire Latent Productions to handle the entire production for you. Whether you need us to provide a comprehensive or partial video production experience, we’re ready to assist with anything you need.

If you’re frustrated by the high cost of custom video production, it’s time to contact Latent Productions. We offer you a professional video production partner at an affordable price point. We’ll work with your video content and your budget to get you the results you need.

With Latent Productions, you get a transparent and ethical video production partner. We won’t include any hidden charges with our invoice, and you can expect a favorable quote that beats anything you get from the competition.

If you have a big production in mind, we understand you need to speak to someone about your needs. Contact the team at Latent Productions, and we’ll listen to your production requirements. We believe in offering you the intersection of professional service, reasonable pricing, and expert technical advice.

Invest in your video production and hire Latent Productions to handle every aspect of your video production strategy.