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Why Real Estate Photography Or Videography in Toronto?
Do Toronto Home Buyers Nowadays Ever Buy Or Look At Homes Before (Or Without) Viewing Videos OR Photos (Of The Properties) First?

In today’s real estate market and digital era (a competitive Toronto real estate market and a modern era dominated by digital and social – and those that know how to navigate these things), photography and videography are perhaps the most important marketing tools. Primarily, homebuyers just don’t buy homes (or even come to look at homes) anymore without looking at pictures and videos of a property. Secondarily, professional and top-notch real estate videography and photography is one of the major items that sets agents apart. Finally, agents that are able to effectively market and sell properties get the best listings. Similarly, agents that are able to brand themselves effectively are able to win more listings and sell more properties. If you want to be able to market your listings better and brand yourself more effectively, video production and photography are key tools. Real estate photography in Toronto (or real estate videography in Toronto) will put you miles ahead of your competitors. By tapping into the persuasive and real powers of these tools, you will be able to sell more houses and win more listings.

At the core of the real estate industry is sales, and sales is controlled by your ability to sell emotions, a lifestyle and depict value. There is no better way to communicate value, depict a beautiful and sought after lifestyle, or portray powerful emotions than with real estate photography in Toronto (or real estate videography in Toronto if you want to blow the competition out of the water). Photos and videos of your listings and properties will do a far better job of selling a dream and lifestyle than you can over a phone or chat.

Some people think the quality of videos and photos (and other pieces of visual content) for property listings does not matter – but they could not be farther from the truth. They think that the qualities, features and look of the house will carry it. These underperforming agents think the extrinsic and intrinsic qualities of a house will find it a buyer, investor, resident or family – but they are sadly mistaken. The quality of the art work and pieces depicting your listings must match the tastes and preferences of your buyers. A smartphone video or facetime video chat is not going to do justice to a one of a kind property – with one of a kind amenities. Likewise, some crappy iPhone footage of a million-dollar (or multi-million dollar) property will likely not be able to sell such a property because this level of cheap footage will unlikely be able to properly tell the story of the property. You need awesome videos and photos (the ones you get from a top-notch Toronto real estate photographer or videographer) to tell the beautiful, rich and extensive stories of your properties.

If you want to be at the forefront of Toronto real estate marketing (or the whole Toronto real estate industry), you need to utilize real estate video production and photography as tools of persuasion. At any level (all levels to be honest) of the Toronto real estate industry or market, different players (like yourself) utilize effective Toronto real estate videography and/or photography to market offerings and services better – and more effectively. The best real estate agents (in the most competitive real estate markets in the world like New York and Toronto) depend on powerful and effective creatives (photos and videos) to sell their properties. This is because powerful videos and photos tell stories, and stories SELL. Also, property developers, investors, institutional entities, managers and other important players use video production (and photography) to communicate important stories, ideas and features (of a project, development or property) to potential buyers and investors.

Dominate Your Competitors And The Toronto Real Estate Market Today With Effective (and powerful) Toronto Real Estate Videography and Beautiful (and effective) Toronto Real Estate Photography.

Why Choose Latent Productions For Real Estate Videography In Toronto OR Toronto Real Estate Photography (Or BOTH)?

Listen up, your buyers and investors are online. As a savvy and prudent seller, agent or developer, you know this is a fact. And, the only way they are going to see your property is through the internet on a listing site, online portal or website somewhere. Therefore, you need to showcase your property (or properties) with effective videos and photos – if you want to stand out in an endless sea of properties. That is where we come in with awesome real estate videography and photography (in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton – or wherever else you need us to be).

We will help you showcase your house (or property listing) in the best light possible (haha). To do this, we will breathe some life into the amazing features and benefits of your listing by illuminating (and highlighting) them with awesome Toronto real estate videography or photography. This is extremely complex and very tough to do, so, do not just trust this to any photographer or videographer in Toronto (or Mississauga or Brampton). We are artists and creatives with ample experience showcasing properties all over Toronto and the GTA (Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, and more). Trust us to do your property justice. Trust us with your Toronto real estate videography or Toronto real estate photography work.

The story of each room, feature and property needs to be told with masterful class and sophisticated flair. You cannot force great Toronto real estate video production or photography, it has to beautifully unfold. You need a world-class Toronto real estate photographer or videographer by your side (behind or in front of you) helping you tell the story of the beautiful property you want to put on the market. Nothing beats the storytelling power of videography and photography in modern times – and media. You need to entrust these responsibilities and massive undertakings to the best. We are the best real estate video production and photography company in Toronto (hands down).

Real Estate Photography & Real Estate Videography In Toronto, The GTA (Mississauga and Brampton), and Canada.

It does not matter whether you want to sell a house, an apartment, or a section of a commercial building, storytelling is important (you will not sell a property without properly telling and selling its story). And, we are the best storytellers. We tell the stories of all types of properties with real estate photography in Toronto (and/or real estate videography in Toronto). With years of experience telling stories with visual tools like videography and photography, we can create visual pieces (photos and videos) that will help you sell your property (or properties). And, it does not matter where your property is. We are not limited to Toronto or the GTA (Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, etc.). Wherever there is an awesome property in Canada that needs to be highlighted and shown beautifully, we can go (and get to). Primarily, we do real estate videography and real estate photography in Toronto (and the GTA). But for the right price, we can take our real estate photography and real estate videography skills (expertise) and services anywhere in Canada (Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington and Scarborough to name a few).

At the end of the day – we help homeowners, investors and real estate professionals sell homes with pictorial and video content. Our photos and videos get results. So, choose us whenever you are seeking real estate photography and/or videography services because it is one of things we do best here at Latent Productions.

Real estate photography (especially in a hard market like Toronto) is the cornerstone of real estate marketing at any level. Photos sell properties (houses and apartments) the best. Data, user behaviours and pure logic all show that photos are more persuasive than words. And, since photography is the medium (and tool) used to capture said photos, you need to hire the best.

People want and need amazing pictures of any property you are leasing or selling. No doubt about it. You can not avoid putting up pictures of rooms, features, and properties. You will either find it extremely difficult to sell your listings – or impossible – without great photos and real estate photography work that is beautiful (and that tells a story). So, in essence, real estate photography is necessary to facilitate the sale of a property.

Great real estate photography is not easy to do – or facilitate. It involves many moving parts, items, and checklists. With the photos you capture with real estate photography (at any level), you want to be able to convince anyone looking at the photos to purchase what you are selling (or offering). The offering could be a house, an apartment, or a commercial property, it does not really matter. The purpose is the same and that is why certain principles apply. With real estate photography you want to show off amazing pieces, features, and sections of a property – and blend everything together to seamlessly tell a story. This is not easy – so, you have to follow certain core principles. These core principles of real estate photography are as follows:

1) With every photo, you want to capture the essence of the property in its entirety. You want to create a general vibe, sell a lifestyle (especially if it is an expensive or luxury property or listing), and showcase the unique qualities of the property (and what makes the property special).

2) This next principle is intertwined with the primary principle of effective real estate photography. They work hand in hand. This is because the first principle is highlighted in the way you capture any room (and every room) you want to show off. Be it a kitchen, living room, dining room, guest room, or any room in the house or property. You have to make sure you capture photos that make the room you are capturing look large and spacious – while also selling its uniqueness. Capturing the best and most unique photos that capture the entirety of a room or section helps you create a vibe and sell a lifestyle.

3) The third and final principle is simple. You have to prepare each room to look its best for photos. This requires staging and pre photography work. This will ensure that the room’s features and essence are highlighted and maximized for marketing efficacy. You have to ensure the property is thoroughly cleaned and decluttered. And, you have to make sure the pieces in a room (bed, sofa, TV, chairs, etc.) are arranged in a manner that makes sense and in a way that makes the room look as spacious and beautiful as it can possibly look (be).

It is hard to do justice to all of these things, that is why we recommend and advise you to not try and take on the task of taking photos of your property (or listings) yourself. We recommend you use the services of a top real estate photographer to capture professional photos of your property or properties. A top real estate photographer in Toronto (or Mississauga or Brampton) will be able to help you stage and prep your property for beautiful photos, create a vibe and sell a lifestyle, and take beautiful photos.

Second to real estate photography is real estate videography. It does not matter where in or around Toronto (Mississauga or Brampton) your property or listing is, at the bare minimum, you need photos – but, if you want to succeed at an astronomical level, you need a video tour. Extremely high-level real estate videography work will take your marketing efforts (listings) to the next level – and it (beautiful real estate videography) will allow you to effortlessly sell any property. We provide real estate videography services that are second to none – and that will help you create an offer frenzy for your listings (or property). Videos of properties are extremely popular on real estate websites of all kinds (agent websites or massive aggregators) and platforms like YouTube – because when done right, they are extremely engaging and sell a desirable lifestyle. Very much like real estate photography, great real estate videography captures amazing footage of different rooms, sections, and features of a property – and blends them together into one cohesive, comprehensive, and persuasive piece (or different pieces that fit together in one cohesive unit) – that will sell the property (by showing it in the best light possible).

Real estate videography is the secret sauce that can transform your operation and turn you into a top (one percent or world-class) realtor in Toronto (or Mississauga or Brampton).

Marketing is at the core of real estate sales. And, as was previously mentioned, photos and videos are the most important marketing tools for real estate because seeing is believing – and there is no better way to help people see and feel homes through the internet (and social media) than providing professional (clear and edited) videos (through awesome videography work) and beautiful photos (through awesome photography work). If you are a serious real estate agent in Toronto, Mississauga, or Brampton, you need a great videographer (and/or photographer) by your side.

We can do residential and/or commercial real estate photography in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and everywhere in or around Toronto. Everything from agent head shots to HD video tours and property films – we do. Call us or email us today with your inquiry or real estate photography or videography needs. We will be glad to help.

We help you do lifestyle real estate marketing better – with strategy backed and artistic lifestyle real estate photography and real estate videography.


Do you need real estate photography in Toronto? Contact Latent Productions for a professional showcase of your residential or commercial building. We work on all real estate, from upscale real estate to commercial properties, rentals, landscaping and construction projects.

We can document any property, and we work with homeowners, landlords, and real estate agents. We offer you a comprehensive service for real estate photography in Toronto. We’ll plan and stage your property, set up the lighting, direct the shoot, capture the best images or video possible, retouch the photos or video, and deliver it before your deadline.

We’re a team of professional photographers, and we know how to get the best out of your property with our expert techniques. Every project we commit to gets exceptional planning in the process of realizing your artistic vision for the shoot.

We promise you a stress-free and hassle-free process with fulfilling results that look great on your listing. Contact us at (204) 805-3188, and we’ll organize everything for you. Alternatively, book your shoot directly through our contact form on our site.


Around 96% of homebuyers do their prospecting and research for homes online?

86% of homebuyers agree photography is useful when deciding to view a property.

By hiring Latent Productions, you separate your listing from the thousands of options online. We’ll get you more clicks and appointments and a better chance of selling your property.


If you’re a homeowner or real estate agent looking to showcase a property, you need to make a powerful impression with your listing. With Latent Productions, you get a team of professionals working on your imagery.

Latent Productions is the key to making an impression that counts!

We specialize in interior, exterior, and architectural photography that makes your property shine in the spotlight, attracting attention to your listing. Call our studio at (204) 805-3188, and we’ll book your shoot today.

We utilize natural and artificial lighting when capturing your property on film. Our experienced team has the expertise and track record you need to get high-quality photos for your property. We’ve perfected the technical skills required to snap high-impact images.

In the digital age, real estate photos provide prospects with a connection to your listing and residential or commercial property.

When you hire Latent Productions, you can expect nothing but the best from your photoshoot.

Professional-grade DSLR camera equipment, digital retouching and editing.

Exterior and interior photography, including decks, pools, and terraces.

Online delivery of a finished product within two business days.

Elite real estate photography services are available anywhere in Toronto and the GTA.

We’ll take care of any residential shoot for properties around Toronto. Our team has extensive experience shooting or filming any property, from apartments and condos to single-family homes and estates.



Our team can assist with professional commercial property photography in Toronto. We have a portfolio of tons of satisfied clients, from guest houses to commercial buildings and office parks.



Latent Productions provides you with a professional photography experience for your apartment. We’ll create visually stunning photos and video tours of your apartment that accentuate its best features.

We take photos that grab the attention of prospects, getting more eyeballs on your listings. Photos are the number-one attraction for people viewing your listing. That’s the primary reason why you need to invest in the professional showcasing of your property.



Zillow is one of the largest online venues for real estate listings. Whether you’re a property owner or a real estate agent, we can work with you to create amazing 360º walkthrough tours of residential and commercial properties.

Our specialized 360º camera equipment captures every aspect of your property. Give your prospects a walkaround virtual tour of your home or building and make them feel like they’re walking through your property.



When it comes to attracting attention to your listing, twilight photography adds a sense of romance to your listing. Twilight photography makes your listing stand out from the competition, drawing more attention from serious buyers.



Your schedule might not allow us to create a twilight stage for your property, or the weather might get in the way on the shoot day. That’s not a problem for Latent Productions. We can arrange a virtual twilight shoot with our talented post-production team.



The professional staging of your property makes a massive difference in the success of your shoot. The virtual stage provides prospective buyers with the opportunity to visualize your property virtually. If we can’t stage your home manually, virtual staging offers an excellent alternative.



Photos are a fantastic way to boost interest in your property – but videos are even better! Latent Productions brings you a real estate video production service that captures your property on film for prospective buyers.

A video offers out-of-town buyers the opportunity to get a walkthrough of your home without the need to be on-site. It’s a great way to capture foreign investors. Our videos feature the highest production value available, and they’re ideal for uploading to YouTube, Instagram Stories, and other video media platforms.



Taking a video from ground level is an effective method for marketing any property. However, taking video from the air offers buyers a completely new perspective. Our drone photography services will capture the surroundings of your home or building from a different point of view that enthralls buyers.

Our drone pilots are fully licensed to fly in the Toronto area, offering you high-quality results for your listings. Our pilots hold all the required licenses to fly in any part of Toronto, producing cinematic videos shot in 4K resolution for a mesmerizing effect.

Video tours are becoming an increasingly popular way for real estate agents to showcase their properties.

A video tour will often have the agent walk around the property in a leisurely manner, talking about features and answering any questions that may come up.

The reason that video tours are so popular is that they allow people to see an entire property without having to physically visit it in person.

This is especially helpful for people who live far away, investors or who cannot make it out to see the property themselves.

What exactly is a real estate video tour

A real estate video tour is a video that is used to show the potential buyer what the property looks like. Video tours are becoming more popular because they can give people a clearer idea of what they will be getting.

The video usually starts with an aerial view of the property and then zooms in on specific parts of the property. The tour can also include footage of people walking around the space, giving potential buyers a clear idea of how big it is.

There are many benefits to using video tours when trying to sell your property. It’s easier for people who are not in your area to get a good sense of what your home looks like without having to fly out there just to see it in person. Video tours can also help you get more offers on your home because they allow for the perfect viewing experience outside of a physical visit – and anyone can see them from any corner of the earth.

Closing thoughts

Video tours are becoming increasingly popular among real estate agents. They provide a more immersive experience for potential buyers and give them the opportunity to see the house before they decide to purchase it.

The video should be able to show off the best features of the house and highlight any that might need some work. It should not be too long or too short, but just enough time for viewers to get an idea of what they’re buying. The video tour should also include information about the neighborhood, schools, and other important features that potential buyers might want to know about.

We create awesome real estate video tours for realtors and home sellers in Toronto, call today for a free consultation.

People are visual creatures and they respond to visuals more than words. Photos and videos of your property will help you sell it faster and for a higher price.

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true. When selling your property, the quality of the photos you use can make all the difference.

There are many reasons why people are drawn to photos over other forms of media when buying or renting property. Photos are much more engaging than text-based content, which is why they work so well for real estate marketing purposes. Photos make the home feel more like a home rather than just an address on a piece of paper, which in turn makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living there too.

Sell your properties faster

Real estate agents can use great photos and videos to sell their property faster. Photos and videos are powerful tools that can be used to attract buyers.

Selling power of great real estate photos and video is the ability for real estate agents to sell their property faster with the use of pictures or videos.

The power is too great to ignore

Images, videos, and virtual tours are the most powerful tools to sell property.

It’s not just an old wives’ tale that a picture is worth a thousand words. The right photo or video can convey more than you could ever say in words alone.

When it comes to selling your property, the power of images and video can’t be underestimated.

When you choose Latent Productions to handle your real estate photography in Toronto, you get a team of professionals with all the experience we need to make your property stand out from the crowd.

We offer you mind-blowing cinematic videography, 3D modelling, aerial photography and filming, and virtual staging to take your property listing to the next level.

Our unique approach to composition using studio lightning turns your photos and videos into art-quality listings, making them more appealing to prospects. Our work speaks for itself; just check out our showcase to see what we can do for your property.



Every member of the Latent Productions team has extensive experience in the industry. Our photographers and post-production team have a strong relationship, working together for years to deliver our clients the best real estate photography and video experience in Toronto.



Many homeowners and agents make the mistake of doing the photos for their property by themselves using their cellphone. While the latest handsets have amazing cameras offering high-quality resolution, they are not the best choice for creating your listing.

The team behind the lens is as important, if not more important, than the type of camera capturing the images. Latent Productions has tons of in-field experience in staging properties and taking photos from the right angles with the best lighting.

When a prospect sees the difference in the image quality, it impacts how they view the listing. Our dedication to high-quality photography and videography is what makes the difference for your listing.



Our team consists of players with different roles in bringing you the best possible imagery of your property. You get a comprehensive range of experts working on your photos and videos, from our staging managers to photographers and post-production teams.

The result? A showcase of your property that looks fit for the silver screen. We’ll ensure you get the best photos and videos to make your listing pop.



Our team has plenty of experience, and we know what we have to do to capture the essence of your property. We know how to work in any residential or commercial real estate setting, with efficient and effective photography that won’t take up your time.

We understand that time is money for real estate agents and property owners, and we won’t take a second more than is necessary to wrap up your shoot. We offer you a fast photo and video experience, with an even quicker turnaround time to get your listings up before your deadline.



We understand that you don’t want promises; you want results. We’re fully aware that the only thing that matters to you is getting more qualified leads interested in your property, and that’s our goal for the shoot.



We invite you to view our showcase of past real estate shoots for residential and commercial properties. The proof is in the pudding, and you’ll find that our portfolio is nothing short of outstanding.

Toronto is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the world, and we know what it takes to get your listing to stand out from the competition. View our showcase and experience the Latent Productions difference for yourself.



If you’re a real estate agent, you know the hassle involved with handling prospects. Qualifying them for the property requires a lot of work, and many times it results in subpar results.

With a professional photo or video shoot of the properties in your portfolio, you get better-quality leads and more interest from qualified buyers.

  • Take your leads from the black list to your guest list and break through the market noise, getting your listing qualified prospects.
  • Lower your stress levels and the hassle of registering your listings with Latent Productions delivering your shoot before your upload deadline.
  • Impress your clients and get more referrals from other sellers.
  • Make your listing shine with HDR photos and videos that make the property pop.
  • Become the agent of choice in your neighborhood with clients referring your new business.
  • Never lose another listing to another agent or firm.

Starting the process with Latent Productions is effortless. You have the option of phoning in your request to our studio on (204) 805-3188. Or you can save yourself some time by booking through our convenient online portal.

After placing your order, we’ll send you a confirmation email stating your appointment date and time. You have the option of rescheduling your shoot; just give us 48-hours’ notice. We’ll also take any special requests you have for the shoot; just let us know over the phone or through the contact form on our site when booking your shoot.

You have the option of sending us sample photos of other properties you like and a mood board of what you want your shoot to look like after we finish the post-production work. The more information you send us, the better!



The day before the scheduled shoot, our team will send you a reminder of your appointment and the time we’ll arrive on-site. We’ll also give you the contact details of the team leader to let you keep in touch.



Before we arrive, you have the opportunity to run through our checklist on how to prep your property to save time on the shoot. Run through the checklist to make sure you have everything ready to go when we arrive.

We take photos or videos that cover every room inside the property and the exterior of the venue. Everything you need to know is in the booking form on our website when purchasing your photo or video package.



Our shoot could take anywhere from 30-minutes to 90-minutes to complete. It depends on the size of the property and your custom requirements. After we wrap up, you’ll have your photos delivered, ready for upload to your platform in 24 to 72-hours, depending on the work required for the project.


Our photographers use the latest DSLR technology to capture HDReal® images of your property in the best possible format and lighting. Our HDReal® processing involves 25-proprietary enhancement algorithms designed to bring the best out of every shot.

We utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to correct any lens distortion, colour saturation, contrast, visual tonality, and more — designed to produce high-quality images for proven results.



Latent Productions understands your expectations for your shoot. We have experience working with lots of residential and commercial property owners and real estate agents. We run all our photos and videos through a careful quality-management process to ensure you get the best results possible from our work.



When you book your appointment with Latent Productions, we’ll schedule a time for the soot that suits your schedule – we work on your time, not ours. We value your time, and we’ll arrive punctually for the appointment, with our team ready to get to work.



You get a fast turnaround time on your shoot. Depending on the size of the project and the photo or video work involved, we offer you a turnaround time of one to three days. Your listing will be ready to go live before your deadline. Speak to our team about your publishing requirements and deadlines, and we’ll make it happen for you.

Preparation is key for any successful photo shoot. While we have extensive practice in staging any shoot, there are things you can do before we arrive to make the process run as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Follow this checklist to get the best results possible from your shoot.

  • Remove the vehicles from the driveway and the front of the property.
  • Place trash cans out of sight.
  • Call the gardening service to prepare the front and rear yard.
  • Clean the windows.
  • Organize your deck furniture, open the patio umbrella and uncover the grill.
  • Pressure wash the deck, patio, and driveway if necessary.
  • Remove clutter like kids’ and pets’ toys from the yard.


  • Replace lightbulbs and keep the lighting at an even colour temperature.
  • Remove the clutter from all rooms.
  • Remove any rugs and mats hiding hardwood floors or tiles.
  • Remove any evidence of pets on the property.
  • Open blinds and fixed window coverings to let in the natural light.
  • Turn off the ceiling fans and TV/screens.
  • Conceal all power cables.
  • Remove clothing and shoes from rooms.
  • Make the beds and straighten any picture frames.
  • Remove identifiable personal information from rooms.
  • Clear the counters and anything that might distract from the visual appearance of the kitchen.
  • Clear all magnets and paperwork from the fridge.
  • Clean your appliances.
  • Move the trash can out of sight.
  • Clear and clean the sink and put away dishes.
  • Remove dish soap and cloths.
  • Remove calendars that could date your listing.
  • Straighten tables and chairs.
  • Put the toilet seats down.
  • Clear counters of toothbrushes, clothes, and other items.
  • Clean the mirrors.
  • Open the shower door or curtain.
  • Remove all sundries and cleaning products from view.
  • Remove the toilet brush from sight.
  • Place a fresh toilet roll in the holder.


  • We invite you to do a walkthrough with our photographer and videographer.
  • Don’t follow our team around during the shoot.
  • Keep pets away from home or kennel them for the day.
  • Please don’t rush the photographer or videographer; we’ll make sure we finish on time per our schedule.

Q: Do you need me to be present on location for the real estate photo/ video shoot?

A: As long as we have access to your property, you will not need to be on site.


Q: How do I prepare my property for the shoot?

A: Follow our pre-shoot checklist mentioned above and prepare your property for the best results with your photography or videography experience.


Q: Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

A: We understand that life can get in the way of your plans. Contact us 48-hours before your appointment to reschedule your shoot.


Q: Will Latent Productions stage my property?

A: Yes, we handle the light staging of your properties, such as fluffing pillows, straightening linen and pictures, and other small tasks. We recommend you follow our pre-shoot checklist for the best results and the fastest shooting times before we arrive for your appointment.


Q: Does Latent Productions use professional photographers? Will I get the same kind of quality photos and videos that I see in your showcase?

A: Our professional photographers and videographers have extensive experience working on all types of properties, from residences to commercial buildings. You can expect us to deliver photos and videos that meet and exceed your expectations.


Q: How long does it take for Latent Productions to finish the shoot?

A: Our photography and videography team could take anywhere from 30 to 90-minutes to finish your shoot. It depends on the size of the property and your required specifications for the shoot.


Q: Can I preview my photos and videos?

A: We take the best shots and upload them to an online gallery for viewing. You have the chance to accept the photos or make requests for touchups before we deliver the final collection to you for upload to your platform.


Q: Does Latent Productions offer touchup services for my real estate photos?

A: Our post-production team can create any aftereffect you want in the photo or video. Our talented team understands what it takes to put the finishing touches on any project, and we think you’ll find the results more than satisfactory. We can do anything you want with your photos and videos; our team has extensive experience editing any photo or video for your project.


We’re changing the landscape of real estate photography in Toronto. We’re one of the few companies offering you a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our work. You can expect the following when hiring Latent Productions to shoot your property.

  • Each professional videographer, photographer, lighting expert, and staging manager has extensive industry experience with a proven track record.
  • Our photographers know what it takes to snap fantastic photos that sell your property.
  • Our editors ensure you get the touchups you request for your photos and videos.
  • Our production team ensures you get your photos and videos before your deadline.

Our post-production team ensures that you get photos and videos that go beyond your expectations. We’ll be shocked if you don’t find everything to your liking, but we’re ready to assist if you have any concerns with the quality of our work. We want you to get the best real estate photography in Toronto.

Order your custom real estate photography and videography experience with latent Productions today! Contact our studio at (204) 805-3188, or book your appointment through our convenient online portal right now.