Documentary Production

Documentary Video Production Team

Documentaries are awesome communications and storytelling tools that corporations and individuals can start using to influence and motivate action today.

Short or long, a documentary is arguably one of the best form of media content to help you get your idea or project out there. People love watching documentaries. On every major video platform, documentaries are extremely popular and get consumed at a ridiculous rate.

Did you know that with our help you can get your own documentary produced? Yea, that is right, we can help you produce your own documentary – give us a call today to find out more.

Storytelling with documentaries.

Documentary film making (making documentaries) and storytelling are intricate art forms that must be handled with care. Here at Latent Productions, we work with you to determine and define the problem or message you are trying to highlight with your documentary – and help you create a platform to spread this message to your audience (or the masses).

Personal Documentary Production.

We want to help you push boundaries, entertain and inspire your audience with your story. With a well-crafted and well-produced personal documentary, anyone (even you – yes, you) can tell their unique and powerful story to the world – in a visual manner that is clear and easy to digest (and follow). Anyone – musicians, comedians, internet celebrities, entertainers, professionals (dentists, lawyers, etc.), politicians, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives, and/or just about anyone with a powerful story to tell (or a beautiful and pure message to share) – can use the power of the documentary format to grab and capture the attention of mass or niche audiences.

Corporate Documentary Production.

Businesses and corporations seriously underutilize the immense mass communications powers of documentaries – and that is shame because documentaries are incredibly effective pieces of long form content that communicate stories, ideas and problems extremely well (thoroughly and in an entertaining manner). Any institution – universities, schools, charities, – can use the storytelling power of a documentary to motivate audiences about ideas and stories that they think will change the world. We are genuinely here to help you do just that. Let us help you start your journey towards changing the world and creating massive impact by helping you produce a beautiful documentary today – call or email us now.

We want to help corporations and businesses like yours tell your story, or a story that matters to you – because we know doing so can have massive transformative effects on your business.

Knowledge Centre + Frequently Asked Questions About Documentary Production

When it comes to our documentary production process, it is not that much different than that of other documentary production companies.

1) Story design and development – Before anything else, we sit down with you to listen to and dissect your story or idea to unearth its most beautiful and pure elements.

2) Research – Since great people and great ideas (even within small organizations and groups) are often not in plain sight, we will do deep research into your story, your company, your background, your idea, your message and the subject of the documentary to find the right people to help us tell your story – and the right way to tell your story.

3) Planning – We will plan out everything about your documentary. The structure, style, primary characters, focus subjects, introduction and how we will hook viewers, how the best elements of your story can be woven into the documentary, and many more things – will be planned out in this phase.

4) Shot list setup – We will determine all of the pieces of footage and interviews we need to tell your story effectively.

5) Shoot – We will go out and capture everything we need to make an awesome documentary.

6) Script – Once we have gathered everything we need, we will create a captivating and compelling script that allows us to highlight and showcase all of the important elements of your story in a manner that flows and leads viewers to the conclusion we want them to arrive at.

7) Post-production – We will edit everything together to create your documentary.

The process is that simple and easy – we make it look and feel that way because we understand video production at a deep level.

This depends on way too many factors – so we cannot give you an accurate representation of costs and/or a budget breakdown that will satisfy your specific situation on this page. What we can offer are ranges that we find fit into a spectrum that can help you visualize the potential cost of production of your documentary and the budget you will need.

Lower end and conservative – $1000 to $2000 per finished minute or $60000+ for a one hour documentary.

Mid tier documentary – $2000 to $10000 (or more) per finished minute or $120000-$600000+ for a one hour documentary.

Higher end documentary – $10000+ per finished minute or high six figures to over $1 million for a one hour documentary.

At the end of the day, the final cost of your documentary or the documentary production budget you will need to provide will mainly depend on these four factors – the quality of the documentary (how good things flow and look), the magnitude, scope and scale of your story (how many locations, does it require travelling, etc.), staffing and crew requirement (2 man crew, 3 person crew, etc.), the amount of third-party content sourced and used, and finally, post-production quality and delivery speed.

If you want a quote on how much documentary production will cost you if you choose us over other documentary production companies, give us a shout today.

There are many reasons to choose us over other documentary production companies. Here are a few of the best ones in our humble opinions.

Quality – We only create quality video content for our clients. Quality is non-negotiable for us – and we will never compromise on quality.

Equipment – We have all of the tools needed for end-to-end film production – pre-production to post-production.

Experience – Telling stories – using short and long form video content – is what we do.

Set yourself apart from others in your field today – utilize our documentary production expertise to create your documentary.