Videos Are Timeless Brand Assets

A great video will never lose value and the message and ideas contained within it will spread farther over time.

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  • We capture lightning ideas in a bottle – video

  • We bring your story to the world

  • We spearhead the amalgamation of your brand, story and ideas

  • We create priceless business assets that set you apart

I want to help businesses of all types and sizes tell their unique stories.

Baba Ajayi

CEO & Head Of Client Relations @ Latent Productions

Creative Video Production Facilitated By Branding & Marketing Specialists

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“We work with and have a team comprising of the best videographers and video production experts in Toronto. We engage with clients for all types of video content creation and/or video production projects. The best thing is, most would say, we knock their ideas out of the park – and only hit home-runs. We are video production nerds.”

Baba Ajayi

Co-founder & Marketing Muscle – Latent Productions

Video Production

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Increase Sales with Effective Videos

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Win The Minds & Hearts Of Consumers

Engage potential buyers and clients in a way that makes them want to connect with your company.

Marketing can be extremely challenging and daunting when done forcefully or without good intentions. As a marketer or propeller of a brand, you should be using creative devices that emancipate the imagination of your consumers.

Videos are the perfect devices for freeing the minds and hearts of consumers of all types and ages.

Influence people the way they want to be influenced – without knowing it. No one likes feeling like they are being influenced, enthralling videos go under the radar and influence people subconsciously. 

Not just another trendy term, but a guideline for building successful enterprises.

Videos go viral. This is a fact. You must find a way to consistently create videos and content that people want to share on their own if you want to grow your business far beyond what you thought was possible.

Supercharge your marketing

It does not matter what platform you are marketing on, Facebook or YouTube, fantastic videos will improves your conversions.


Optimize your Branding

Everybody loves a good story. And, if you can tell people your story in a clear, entertaining, engaging, and awesome manner, they will reward you for it.

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We Make Awesome Videos For Businesses.

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