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We Create Awesome Animated Video or Explainer Video Content.

The biggest driving force with our animation video and explainer video operation is the burning desire of our creators to make beautiful and effective animated explainer videos that help business owners and operators explain their products (and services), educate their audiences – or achieve whatever they aim to achieve with a powerful explainer video or a series of amazing animated videos.

The Making Of Your Animation Explainer Video

Work with us, Latent Productions, a tried and tested demo or explainer video creation company.

Our animated explainer video creation team of experts knows how to use magnificent storytelling principles to effectively persuade audiences. We will help you explain your idea, product, or service, in such a manner that even a child can understand exactly what you do. If you do not want extreme simplification, we also know how to speak to your audience in a way that will click and turn on the light bulbs in their heads. We masterfully weave storytelling, effective communication, persuasion, art, music, and creativity together to give you a video that will pack a huge punch. Brace yourself, warn your audience, BE READY TO BE AMAZED.

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The Art Of Visual & Animated Storytelling.

Tap into the sheer power and effectiveness of animations and animated videos for storytelling and persuasion. 

For decades now, billion-dollar animations studios and movie studios have been using the power of animations to tell stories that have stuck with us for much of our lives. These companies and television networks have masterfully used beautiful visuals and animations to take over our imagination and minds. Everyone, adults and children, love animations – because they are magical. It is now time for you to unlock this power and use it to captivate your audience and customer base.

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Our Animated Video Explainer – Animations – Creation Process

We work to make sure the entire creation process of your animated explainer video is easy for you (as our client you matter most to us) – and everything is straightforward. Some animations and animated video explainer video creation companies do not walk you through their process, instead, they usually just go about it and deliver a final product or explainer video at some predetermined date. We are a different type of explainer video creation company. Although the inner workings of a top explainer video production company – and the entire process of creating an animated video, video animations or explainer video is extremely complex – and requires an immense amount of creativity from writers, producers, artists and other creatives, we make it look simple by bringing you along with us on the journey. The journey is fun. The magic is in YOU and the process we use to unearth a compelling story about your company. This magical process is often the best part – and we always want to make sure we capture the magic of your business and company. Although we do all the behind the scenes work, we are ultimately trying to capture the magic of your business and we do an effective job because our process allows us to do just that.

Initial Consultation + Brainstorming

This part of our process involves meeting with you virtually over an app or software product that you are comfortable with and discussing what it is that you want – and exactly what you want to achieve with your video or videos. We will then dig deeper to open up your creative engine and extract valuable ideas we can use in other phases of the production of the animated explainer video – or videos you need. It is that simple.

Video Strategy Development

From all of the information we gather from you during the initial consultation and brainstorming session, we will create an amazing video strategy that focuses on the story we want to tell and the message we want to convey – with your explainer video. Here is where we do research into your target audience, look at their purchasing patterns and needs – and focus on the psyche of the people you want to influence (sales psychology at its finest).

Production, Revision & Final Delivery

Finally, we have made it to the fun and magical part of the process. In this phase, we will take everything from the previous phases and use it to produce an explainer video that will wow anyone – and everyone. Even your competitors will be amazed and charmed by the video we create for you if you energetically and willingly follow us through our process. Whilst we aim for perfection the first time around, this is not always the case – so we will make revisions until you are happy with your video. And, then we will deliver the final product for you to launch to the world.

People Are Buying Your Magic, Not Your Product/Service…. Lets Create Some For You.

Different Kinds of Animated Videos We Make.

Animated videos can be used for unlimited purposes – you are only limited by your imagination and we are only limited by the ideas you give us. These amazing explainer videos can also be used across all industries to effectively convey messages. Check out some common types of animated videos – and get the wheels turning.

Simple Explainer Video
Startup (Pitch) Video
How-To Video
Training Video(s)
Corporate Video
Branding Video
Demo Video
Social Media
Non-Profit Explainer Video
Commercials or Advertising
Marketing OR Presentation Video
Creative or Personal

Do you have ideas for a cool animated explainer video or animated video in mind? Tell us and we will tell you what we can do.

Knowledge Center + FAQ For (Animated) Explainer Videos

We live during a complex time where the attention spans of our target audiences are short and consumer expectations are ridiculously high. Your brand messaging must be clear and captivating to make a splash. Animated explainer videos can help to pass your message across concisely, precisely, and interestingly.

At Latent Productions, we specialize in explainer videos, product videos, and service explainers. We can help you introduce your brand with the biggest bang possible – with your budget. We can help you make the most compelling and lasting impression with your explainer video.

What is an explainer video?

72% of consumers nowadays prefer to watch videos about the things they consume – they love this medium of learning about products. Gone are the days where consumers only read about a product – before a purchase. Video sends the message (your message) home in the shortest time possible. A picture is worth a thousand words. But – nowadays you can have millions of words (instead of a thousand or a few thousand) because we have motion pictures (and videos) with sound and words.

On an elemental level, video has double the impact of words and/or pictures. What is explained in a 3-minute (explainer) video is content that can stretch dozens of blog posts.

In the simplest of terms, an explainer video is a short marketing clip that illustrates the features and usability of your product or service. When used in online marketing efforts, explainer videos perform the best at the point of purchase, such as a landing page. Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular. They can trigger increased conversion rates by as much as 144% – depending on the niche and target market.

What sets explainer videos apart?

Other than the format and technique, the following characteristics differentiate (our) explainer videos from regular videos. These are the features that make the cash register (or your phone) ring when you leverage the messaging powers of an explainer video:

Brevity and clarity: Like commercials on TV, explainer videos are brief and concise. The average and standard length for an explainer video is 3 minutes. They (marketers that leverage them) keep it short and sweet. They cut through the noise (in the industry) and deliver the message (your message) in an easily digestible and captivating manner.

Focused on a solution: When you click on an explainer video, one thing stands out from the first few seconds – someone is trying to address a problem. Brands use explainer videos to bring to light a common problem that consumers face, and then a solution, their product.

Superior production quality: Everything has to be perfected from animation to picture quality, to sound and messaging. This is the canonical truth of all explainer videos. It is what leads to the inspirational, attention-grabbing, and conversion capabilities of this type of content.

A call to action: After watching your presentation and explainer video, what should a person (or active consumer) do? Good explainer videos have a CTA.

What you can use an explainer video for?

An explainer video unlocks endless possibilities. You can use a single explainer video for Omni-channel Marketing. It can live on your home page or landing page, on your social media pages, or at your office/retail store as content for digital signage.

The functions of an explainer video vary. Some brands leverage the video content pieces to attract new customers, while others use them to introduce new products or gather up powerful mass support for worthy causes.

In all applications, explainer videos excel in winning people and have unmatched persuasiveness prowess. They get people in touch with their emotions.

The amount of pure uses for explainer videos is probably (to us it is seemingly) endless – but, here are a few that we drummed up.

Explore the many uses of an explainer video:

Sales or Investment pitch

Sales pitches are live or die situations. They are nerve-wracking, and entrepreneurs end up with sweaty palms because of the pressure of perfection associated with the presentation. An explainer video makes it easy.

You can have an explainer video ready on your phone for your next elevator pitch. You can even have it loaded on the presentation screen in the boardroom for investors (or buyers) – the next time you have to get someone on board.

Try this…

Start your next presentation with a short, exciting clip that demonstrates the value proposition of your idea or product. After 3 minutes of the video, your audience will be eager, receptive, and attentive.

The video ”wets their (investors or buyers) palates” and gives you time to compose and ready yourself for a powerful presentation. First impressions can last for months, according to psychologists. If you manage to successfully sell a few product features in the first few seconds of a sales pitch, you will have a clear advantage over the competition. An explainer video helps with that.

Quick presentation at a trade show

At trade shows, there is often competition (and competitors) everywhere. These conventions are super busy, and customers and investors are spoilt for choice. They are also short on time as there is much for them to explore.

For that next exhibition you choose to attend, bring your ”A” game by using an explainer video to grab these busy customers and investors. It will help you effectively communicate the problem and explain your secret sauce.

An explainer video keeps things simple and concise and saves you from the brain freeze that results from presentation anxiety. You can have the video running on a loop on your presentation screen.

For this type of use, it would be best to have captions. Exhibition rooms tend to be noisy. Having captions will guarantee that everyone gets the message despite the noise.

In-store commercials and other promotions

In-store marketing involves advertising a product in a brick and mortar shop – whether it is yours or a major retailer. This type of marketing works well because it is directed at willing and receptive audiences. People at the supermarket are there to buy things. Playing an explainer video at one of the (in-store) screens inside the supermarket can help to drive additional purchases or impulse buys.

62% of shoppers can be influenced to make impulse purchases through in-store promotions. For example, if a consumer who’s never tried an electric toothbrush passes by a screen that demonstrates its value and usability – your chances to convert them (as an electric toothbrush company) is very high. By the end of the video, they will probably be eager – or at the very least curious – to buy it.

Also, explainer videos as in-store ads can serve as reminders. For example, lets take an ad campaign about a new product that has been running for a long time on social media platforms.

The customer would have probably seen it on Facebook or other platforms online – if the retailer is targeting them properly. At the point of purchase, the explainer video simply reinforces the value proposition of the product to get them to finally buy it.

Further, explainer videos can help in cross-promotions. These are campaigns that show how one product can work well in combination with a second product from the same brand or a partner company. It saves costs and boosts credibility greatly.

Email campaigns

Email marketing is the descendant of direct mail and door to door advertising. For marketers, this could be the hardest part of the job. Email messages don’t get opened, and when they are read, they are not responded to. If you are having no success on this side of things, try an explainer video.

Make it short and light. An explainer video for email marketing purposes should ideally be no longer than 2 minutes. Request the lightest video format so that your explainer can readily open when a user opens the email

The efficiency and efficacy of explainer videos in email marketing is evidence-based. Data shows that this type of email content increases open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65%.

It is easy to use an explainer video in your email blasts. The first option is to embed it as a link in your written email content. The written part gives context to your promotion, and then the explainer video re-emphasizes your proposition.

Another alternative is to rely on the explainer video as the pillar content for your email. Start the email with a salutation, follow that with a single sentence introduction, the video and then sign off.

Finally, you can use the explainer video as your email signature. Create the most visually captivating video thumbnail, with a live play link and embed it at the end of your emails. In a short amount of time, there will be a noticeable difference in the open rates and click-through rates of your email campaigns.

Digital signage

In complex buildings, people need to find directions. In banking halls, customers need to be entertained or informed as they wait in the queue. In offices, hospitals, and schools, people needed to be reminded about hygiene and hand washing. In all these instances, there is not a more perfect communication tool (in existence today) than explainer videos.

This content, when played on a screen in an office, can remind employees about the occupational hazards they need to watch out for. In hospital settings, an explainer video can help to explain how germs spread and ways to prevent illnesses. Difficult medical concepts get explained in an easy-to-understand manner by medical experts – for us regular folks. There is also context and relevance – which helps greatly with visitor compliance.

In a commercial setting, say a banking hall, explainer videos can educate customers on online banking and self-service capabilities as they wait to be served.

In a new survey, the Social Science Research Network found that 65% of people learn better through visuals. The repeatability and conciseness of this form of messaging will work well for you.

At the workplace, you get to minimize office injuries and claims. The safety precaution message will probably play on a screen – in a loop all day. No one will surely miss that – if they are diligent.

At the hospital, you empower patients and educate them on how to live a healthier life. You remind them to get the flu vaccine, to use protection when uh uhm (you know), or to schedule/keep their appointment with the dentist.

For banks or other businesses that have their customer service teams overwhelmed all the time (and all day), explainer videos can get people to embrace self-service via the companies phone app or web. That can lead to efficiency, cost savings (lean customer care teams), and happy customers (because of fast services).

Hiring and human resource acquisition messages

It’s hard to find world class talent these days. Brands must be quick and creative to attract the right people before they are snatched and gobbled up by the competition. An explainer video can be a dependable hiring solution.

For starters, you can use the video to showcase company culture and the value (experience, perks and access to various opportunities) that a top candidate would get by choosing to work for you. Next, you can leverage a second video (or second section of one longer video) to explain the hiring process. How many interviews does it entail? Where should one submit their application if they are interested and qualified? These are some of the questions to answer in the video.

Finally, you can have a dos and don’ts element of the job post video that spells out the qualifications, skills, qualities and personalities required for the position. If your message is clear, you will successfully keep out unqualified applicants and save time and money.

Web pages and social media

Transform your landing pages with explainer videos. At that crucial point (after watching or seeing an advert), when a user must decide to buy or not to buy, don’t direct them to a long blog post (or hard to digest sales page). Win them over with an exciting and convincing animated explainer video.

A recent study shows that 78% of people watch online videos every week. Your online customers naturally expect video content. Provide an explainer video that shows how much you understand their pain points and how your product/ service can make their lives better.

Consider soundless video for online marketing (or advertising) purposes. Research shows that when watching videos on social media (and some other video platforms on the internet), 85% of people mute the sound. Use captions instead.

Whilst you can use an explainer video for just about any reason and one can serve many different purposes – here are some great purposes that our clients have deemed the purpose(s) of their explainer video.

Purpose of animated explainer videos

An amazing and well-crafted animated explainer video combines illustrations, drawings, video, motion, and audio to explain a product or service. The video provides a way to disseminate clear and comprehensive information without boring your audiences.

It helps them (your customers) to visualize

As mentioned before, the majority of people who will be consuming your services or products are visual learners. When you present your ideas, services, and products through visuals, you improve their comprehension levels.

In that regard, explainer videos can be used to clarify product features and differentiate your offerings from the competition.

Captivate minds and speak to the heart of your customers

This video content has an exciting format, the kind that keeps people glued on the screen from the start to the end. In most cases, an explainer video starts by introducing a pesky problem – then dives into a solution. This messaging appeals to the many emotions of consumers. This is important because according to psychologists, people buy things because of emotions and not rationale.

Offer real-life examples

Unless one sees how a product is usable in real life, believability in marketing will remain low. An explainer video helps you showcase the use of your product or service in people’s day to day lives.

By use of images, video, graphics, sound, and captions, the message is passed across straightforwardly. This type of content can save marketers from the ambiguity of text – and the detrimental effects it has on sales.

Coming soon…

People love movie trailers. An explainer video works in the same manner for prototypes and launches. It gets people excited and anticipating. By the time your product gets to the market, people will be ready for it. Let’s say you are about to introduce a new phone or smart TV with futuristic features. It can be hard to get people to visualize this through text. Because the product is non-existent at the moment, you cannot create a live-action video. This is one of the instances when an animated explainer video saves the day.

Reach out to everybody

If you are marketing a cybersecurity product or service, for instance, the technical jargon involved in that limits your audience to IT people. But everyone is at risk of data breaches, from the CEO a major multinational to a high school kid using a tablet.

Use an explainer video to simplify your message and cut through the jargon. This undoubtedly helps everyone. The high school student will get your message loud and clear. The CEO will click buy without needing further interpretation from the IT team. You get more sales from non-direct customers. Everyone wins.

Search engine optimization (the second largest search engine in the world is YouTube – a video platform)

Today, every search engine encourages content creators to use video. It is a ranking factor. Use explainer videos as part of your content optimization strategy – this can improve rankings and traffic flows greatly because it shows a breadth of content being offered on a page. Moreover, videos rank in their own section (that is usually untapped and gets a lot of traffic) – in major search engines.

Let your competitors keep pouring money into paid advertising online. Choose to be different. Use animated explainer videos to grow organically. Within a short time, you will easily rank better and sell more than the competition. By ranking videos or using videos in your overall SEO strategy, you will grow your traffic tremendously.

Why animated explainer videos are a good option – Benefits over traditional video production

Low-cost option

Animated explainer videos are cheaper to produce than types and forms of traditional video content. There are no camera crews or heavy production gear. And, there is no shooting on location. Motion graphics and animations save the day – and save your budget.

Superior quality

Animated explainer videos are effective because of their innate clarity. This type of video content is not cluttered. It grabs attention and helps viewers to understand and remember most of what they see.


Traditional commercials can be exciting and captivating. But one hour after they are viewed, not many people may (will) remember them. Animated explainer videos have a better retention rate because things are explained, and solutions illustrated lucidly.


On TV and online, traditional video content pieces have a lackluster returns per dollar of advertising because they often get off course. They get into unimportant details. An explainer video focuses on describing two things, the problem and how your product is the solution. You can make a sale in record time with one because everything is laid out in a perfect manner.

Builds trust

With an explainer video, you get to connect to your audiences on a deeper level. When you identify a critical consumer problem and offer a solution to it, your brand stands out as reliable, credible and in tune with the needs of customers. This will build brand loyalty.


Animated explainer videos are more believable than traditional video because they have to be – to be taken seriously. No one is going to believe animations if the messaging behind them are sensational and unrealistic. This is why good ones stick to the basics – and are thus – more believable.


Animated video production offers a chance to breathe life into your product and show its benefits (in real life) – in a magical and out-of-worldly way. This increases conversion and sales greatly – sometimes to heights not previously thought possible.


You get your marketing videos delivered fast. We can crush these projects quickly because animated explainer videos often require the use of your existing branding and content assets – in a cool (new) way. You also don’t need to chase down actors or find a suitable location. Thus, production time is slashed in half.

Unlimited creativity

If you introduce magical unicorns in a live-action marketing video, you risk losing credibility. However, creativity and engaging the imagination of consumers is acceptable in animated explainer videos. You can transport people to the moon and back if you wish. It does not really matter what you want to try and do (in your animated explainer video) – we can make it happen is a cool way.

Why you should get an explainer video for your service or product ASAP

For consistent messaging

It can be hard to get or book the same actors every time you want to create a commercial. The costs can also be incredibly high – a popular brand ambassador is costly. With an explainer video, you can create one character for consistent use as your brand persona. Remember Popeye, the Sailor? Exactly! So, yes, consumers will remember your brand through the years in a similar fashion.

To help people understand your product.

When launching a new product, messaging must be clear to help consumers understand its features and applications. An animated explainer video can get them (valuable potential consumers of the product) up to speed in the shortest time possible – seconds or mere minutes.

They generate interest

Traditional videos can be boring. Animated explainer videos are upbeat and exciting. This type of content can help you capture and retain customer attention for a long time period – 20+ minutes if you want.

Reusable across platforms

You can use the same animated explainer video on your website, social media, and offline on (in-store) TV and digital signage. The versatile formatting of the video can empower you to leverage omni-channel marketing for increased revenue generation.

Higher engagement levels

Animated explainer videos make it possible to share a story in a manner that anyone can follow. There is better flow; there are compelling and descriptive visuals – and a clear call to action. An explainer video is what you need for effective brand messaging.

Sharable content

An explainer video is short and light. File sizes are small and easily sharable. Unlike live-action videos, animated explainer videos load fast – and do not slow down a site.

Types of animated explainer videos

There are different kinds of explainer videos, including live-action, screencast, animated cartoon style, and whiteboard explainer videos – that you can use to market your company. Usage varies.

Cartoon character explainer videos

This kind of animation video unbinds you from the confines of the real world. When you are selling software or drumming up investor support for your products/services/apps/features/protocols, animated explainer videos never disappoint. They help to market the intangible.

It is easier to get creative (and have some lighthearted fun) with an animated explainer video. You can showcase various features, even for a product or service that is still in the concept stage. Furthermore, you can quickly edit and update your presentation in the future without having to start from scratch.

Whiteboard explainer videos

Whiteboard videos were the first type of explainer videos that brought explainer videos in general into the marketing limelight. Images are drawn on and erased on a whiteboard as the story of your presentation unfolds. The sequence of images is accompanied by narration – and sometimes energetic music.

You can use whiteboard videos to break down complex concepts and product features. Engagement levels are high with this type of explainer video. Find out more about whiteboard explainer videos here.

Screencast explainer videos

In this type of explainer video, you record and narrate tasks on a computer screen. Let’s say you just released a new software product and are keen on providing a tutorial for this new and rich accounting software, screencast videos can help you take users through the features and functions of the software on your screen easily – and everything can be tied together with your (or a voice actor’s) voice in the background explaining how to use the solution – or the solution itself.

Screencast explainer videos are usually more long form and allow you to dive deeper into explanations. The other advantage is the cost-savings associated with one (a screencast video). Screencast explainer videos are often the cheapest to produce – of all the different explainer video types. This is because after a screencast video is recorded, all you have to do is add a few graphics and animations (alongside the audio) and you are often god to go.

Animated infographics (in video format)

Even business savvy investors struggle to pay attention in AGMs when everything is in static graphs and charts. An animated graphic makes your presentation come to life. Numbers, tables, and charts are animated and made to move. The presentation may be accompanied by narration. It becomes easier to follow complex statistics and arithmetical information.

You can use a diverse range of infographic shapes, color, and motion effects. The resultant animated content is shareable and highly precise. Its moving elements capture attention and enliven abstract ideas.

Motion graphics

In simple terms, motion graphics is graphic design in motion. It is dancing texts and spinning images or logos. It is moving shapes, colors, and everything in between that helps you tell a compelling brand story.

If utilized with the help of expert designers and explainer video creators, motion graphics can set you apart from the competition. It is a visual flair that can get audiences excited and receptive to your offerings.

Just like other types of animated explainer videos, motion graphics will save you time. You can afford to be economical with words and other items (without the need for real-life inclusions of sometimes expensive gadgets or things you don’t have access to) – and still get people to understand your ideas and offerings.

How much animated explainer videos usually cost

The cost or price of an animated video depends on wide-ranging factors. These include the type of production agency, the type of video, and the level of sophistication required in production – that you want or need.

On average, the lowest price you can expect to pay for an animated explainer video is $600. The highest quote you will get is probably closer to $80,000 n the lower end of the spectrum (and maybe just a bit north of $80,000 on the higher end). When you request an animated video, be sure to get a comprehensive breakdown of costs. The production agency you choose should supply you with all the pricing details before they begin work. Watch out for agencies that add extra charges to the bill down the line.

ROI is another consideration when budgeting for explainer videos – or your hit explainer video. If you spend $80,000 on an explainer video, be sure that the final deployed video can generate a worthwhile return. The general rule of thumb (given to us by expert advertisers) is to cap your advertising spend (including material production costs like video production) at 8% of expected revenue.

We are the best. But, really, here are some reasons why you should work with us.

Plenty of videos completed

We intimately understand the nuances of animated explainer video production. We have done plenty of videos for our clients, and they have all led to impactful marketing.

Endless styles

There are so many cookie-cutter approaches in the marketing world. We can create something new for you. Our creative peoples are all experienced persons in their fields. From 3D animation to motion graphics and multi-format approaches, we will help you stand out.


The technical bit is a small part of the process of explainer video production. The majority of our time goes into scripting and deciding on elements that can send your message straight to the subconscious minds of your audiences.

Clear and fixed work + pricing

Our services are transparent with fixed pricing and clear timelines. Furthermore, we are flexible enough to respond to your requests for quotations on unique tasks and projects. We can also make any amendments to design and format that may be needed to suit your needs.

We make your goals our own

We are in business because of clients like you. Our business is growing your revenue and profitability with the power of video marketing or advertising. We work our fingers to the bone to do this.

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