Training Video Production

Corporate Training Video Production

If you’ve ever thought about why, exactly, companies make training videos, the answer is quite simple: they want to teach new and existing employees how to carry out specific tasks or perform a job properly the first time around. They want to prevent embarrassing mistakes from happening before they even happen.

For example, if your company deals with customers daily via phone support, you might need training videos that show all of your front-line representatives what actions should be taken in various situations.

This way, everyone will know exactly what to do whenever a customer calls for help. It’ll save each representative some time and headache since they no longer have to bother their supervisors with minor issues.

Training videos can benefit any business, whether with products or services. The more efficiently you can train your employees in the proper procedures, the better off your company will be in general.


What are Training Videos, and Why Do You Need Them?

At their very basic level, training videos are short clips that highlight how a task or job should be performed, and they can be distributed both in-person and online for maximum effect.

If you want to make sure all of your employees are on the same page regarding what needs to be done at work every day, you’ll need well-made training videos that explain everything thoroughly yet concisely.

Training videos are a vital part of any organization’s training program. They can help new employees learn the ropes and help experienced employees stay up-to-date on company policies and procedures.

In addition to teaching employees the basics, training videos can also provide more in-depth information on specific topics. For example, if your company is introducing a new software program, a training video could be created to show employees how to use it.

Another benefit of using training videos is that they can be accessed at any time, from any location. This makes them a convenient option for employees who cannot attend live training sessions. Videos can also be used as a refresher course for employees who have already attended a live session.

This multimedia format is popular because it’s easy for companies to use, and employees love it because they can be watched at their convenience and gain new knowledge.


What is Corporate Training Video Production?

Video production encompasses all aspects of video creation, from scriptwriting and storyboarding through editing and finalizing the video. Most businesses only need to worry about one or two steps in this process. It helps to know what each step entails when searching for a training video production company specializing in corporate training video production.

A professional videographer should be able to take your script and turn it into engaging visuals that convey the information you’re trying to convey with ease, regardless of how long you’d like the video to be.

If you choose a company skilled in corporate training video production, your finished product should include a script, storyboards, and a voiceover artist reading the lines from the script.


Here are some other steps that could be included in a compelling corporate training video:

Storyboarding: This is the first step of the actual videography process. Storyboards consist of sketches (time-sequenced pictures) showing how each scene will look once it’s filmed. The sketches usually follow the pre-determined shot list mentioned above.

Filming: Once all shots have been determined and storyboards created, filming can begin using a camera and microphone(s) equipment. A director directs actors during a scene, while a videographer is in charge of the footage being shot to be edited.

Editing: Depending on the intended use of the training video, it might need to go through various stages of editing such as initial rough Edit (to check if all clips are properly recorded), fine cut (editing out any unwanted content), and color grading (which may include levels adjustments).

Voiceovers: Roles in a corporate training video production can also include a voiceover artist reading the lines written for the video.


What Does Corporate Training Video Entail?

The following steps are standard practice when creating corporate training videos:


Step 1: Establish objectives

Objectives help make sure that your videos cover what you want them to cover and nothing else. They also ensure that both parties stay focused throughout the entire production process. It’s important to know that objectives aren’t set in stone.

If you feel like your video could benefit from additional scenes, that’s completely fine (though it should be discussed with the videographer first).

Step 2: Create a script

A detailed script is necessary for making sure actors or voiceover artists understand what they need to say. For corporate videos, an accurate script will ensure you get all of the information across without any extra “fluff” or filler content that doesn’t need to be there.

It’s also essential to have a finalized script before filming begins because this makes it easier for everyone involved to follow along instead of trying to ad-lib their way through each scene.

Step 3: Record video footage

If you plan on having actors in your video, they should be trained appropriately before hitting the record. Besides acting, voiceover artists need to tune with the script and deliver their lines as naturally and effortlessly as possible. A videographer records the footage sent to a director for additional criticism.

Step 4: Review footage

After reviewing all of the footage that has been recorded, a director will let you know which scenes need retakes and which ones didn’t come out as planned (if any). It’s also important to review any notes written by the videographer so you can get a better understanding of what went wrong or right during each scene.

Step 5: Add special effects if necessary

Depending on the type of corporate training video you are looking for, special effects might be needed to make the video stand out. You can let your videographer know or work it into the script beforehand.

Step 6: Add background music

Background music is used to set a certain mood in your corporate training videos. If you’re creating a serious instructional video, slow/soft tunes might be ideal, while upbeat background music will go well with an instructional comedy sketch.

There are many websites where you can find royalty-free songs to use in your videos, so you don’t have to worry about royalties being charged after each play.

Step 7: Combine video footage with voiceover audio

Once all of the retakes have been done and any notes reviewed by both parties, the final video footage and audio will be combined in video editing software.


The Cost of Creating Corporate Training Videos

The cost of training video production varies depending on the type of company that needs it and what kind of end product they want to have made.

For example, if you need a quick training video that merely explains how to use a piece of equipment, your costs might be kept down since you’re probably not going to spend much time or money getting the script written or hiring actors to star in the piece.

On the other hand, if you need a more complex corporate training video with multiple scenes, effects, and a longer run-time, your costs will go up. Naturally, more complex training videos will also benefit your employees, but that doesn’t mean you should go overboard if you don’t think your workers will genuinely benefit from it.

Let’s take a look at some general corporate training video pricing around the Internet:

A breakdown of all costs mentioned above:

  • Item Fee Notes Video Production $580
  • Two videographers, equipment rental, overhead lighting Voiceover Talent $500
  • One voiceover artist, 15 hours of studio time Edit Work $350
  • Three rounds of editing, Distribution to Internal Employees Free Company, provided YouTube account, Uploading to External Sources, Free YouTube Partner Program account, Total Cost for Boot Camp Training Demo $3072


Why Training Video Production is a Good Investment?

It’s a good investment because video is one of the most effective mediums for training and communication.

According to a study, companies that use video as a training tool see an average of 351% return on investment. That’s because video is much more engaging than text or audio alone, and it helps learners retain information better.

Training videos are a great way to communicate with employees or customers because they can educate and entertain at the same time. Instead of reading an article or listening to an audio file, watching a video clip gives them visuals that complement what they need to know instead of just hearing it.

For example, if your office just rolled out a new software program you want all employees to use, producing training videos would be beneficial for everyone involved.

Employees who need to learn how to use the software program, managers who need to monitor progress and answer questions as they come up, and upper management need updates on how everything is going (if applicable).

It also allows employees to learn new skills and procedures without taking time away from their job duties. It can be difficult to find the time for employees to attend training seminars in a busy workplace. With a training video, employees can watch it at their convenience and learn new skills quickly and easily.

Another benefit of training videos is that they are an effective way to communicate safety procedures. Employees can learn how to safely operate machinery or perform other tasks that may be dangerous if done incorrectly by watching a video.

A well-produced training video will keep employees informed about company policies and procedures, which can help to reduce the number of accidents in the workplace.

In addition to being an effective training tool, video can also be used for marketing, communication, and recruitment purposes. So if you’re looking for a way to make your training or communications initiatives more effective, investing in video production may be the right move for you.


Why Hire Latent Productions for Corporate Training Video Production?

With our vast experience in corporate training video production, we can guarantee your videos will be put together properly. We have worked with many companies before, and the most common things we hear from our clients are: “Our previous training videos did not go over well at all,” and “We want to get this right this time around.”

From industry experts that know what they’re doing to quality assurance checkpoints along the way, there’s no reason why you should settle for anything less than the best when it comes to training video production.

Latent Productions is Your Best Bet at Producing an Effective Training Video (Or Videos)

One-Stop-Shop Approach: Latent Productions can provide almost every part of your corporate training video production from start to finish with several videographers and editors on hand. This means less coordination and time between departments for you, which means a more streamlined process.

High-Quality Training Videos: We make sure that all of our corporate training videos look amazing before they are ever released. This includes smooth editing effects, high-quality lighting during filming sessions, and clean background music.

Variety of Training Video Styles: Whether you’re looking for serious “how-to” videos or comedic sketches, we have the resources needed to produce any corporate training video you may need.

Tons of Experience with All Kinds of Corporate Training Videos: We’ve tackled it all within the training video genre, from office safety topics to customer service/sales training.

Your Satisfaction is Our Number One Priority: At Latent Productions, we believe you should only pay for the services that add value to your overall business and experience. We will work with you in any way possible to ensure your complete satisfaction, so there will be no question of cost at the end of your project.

If you want a professional corporate training video produced for your business, contact us today! Our team will go over everything from start to finish and give you an idea of exactly what costs will look like by the time it’s done.

With our affordable rates and commitment to top-notch quality, there’s no reason why productions such as these shouldn’t be on your To-Do list.